The 5 Best Mops For Vinyl Floors

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Best Mops For Vinyl Floors
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In a lot of ways, the best mops for vinyl floors are the best mops for any type of floor; they're versatile, easy to use, and effective. That said, for vinyl flooring in particular, your mop of choice should be extra soft and have some form of moisture-level control so you don't have pooling that could damage your floors.

Different vinyl floors have different thicknesses of wear layers (the top-most material that protects against scratches and damage), so no matter what type of mop you choose, it's important that it helps to preserve that. More durable and newer models of vinyl floors can take a lot more damage before showing any wear, but just to be safe, you'll probably want to choose an extra-soft material for the head of your mop. Most best-selling options are made from microfiber, which is usually absorbent, washable, and scratch-resistant.

Since vinyl flooring is water-resistant, it's perfectly fine to use ample moisture (or even steam) to get a deep clean — but you don't necessarily want to saturate your floor, either. Even if it's a matter of convenience, most buyers tend to prefer mops that give them some control over moisture levels. That may be a built-in sprayer to apply controlled amounts of water, a removable head that's easy to wring out, or an adjustable steam output but either way, cleaning your vinyl floors is often easier and safer when you have these features.

According to the brands that sell them, these mops are approved for vinyl flooring — and according to the reviewers who love them, they make cleaning much easier without damage.

1. The Best Microfiber Mop For Vinyl Floors

If you're looking for a vinyl floor mop that's affordable, low-hassle, easy to use both wet or dry, and really reviewed, the Turbo floor cleaning system has nearly 10,000 ratings and 4.7-stars overall for several reasons: For one, its velcro-microfiber pad handles dust, dirt, and moisture without scratching the floors, and for another, it's removable, easy to wring, and washable. Plus, the telescoping handle is made from lightweight but durable aluminum, while the connector swivels 360 degrees for under-furniture cleaning and hard-to-reach corners. It comes with two microfiber pads that are great for almost any hard floor type, including vinyl, but it also comes with two scrubbing pads that might be a little harsh on more delicate surfaces like vinyl or laminate but would be great for tile or stone.

One reviewer wrote: "Purchased this for new vinyl plank flooring. [...] This is very well designed and executed. Easy assembly and works as advertised. Nice that it has a low profile and can go under just about anything, including closed closet doors and any bed. Is very sturdy and easy to maneuver, can turn on a dime. I can dry mop the downstairs in just a few minutes."

2. The Best Spray Mop

This Bona spray mop has a flat head and a machine-washable microfiber pad — but it also has a built-in sprayer with streak-free floor cleaner that you can later fill with water and your choice of vinyl-safe floor cleaner. You then simply squeeze the trigger up by the handle to dispense as little or as much mist as needed to clean stubborn messes. It's durable, lightweight, easy to refill, and cleans quickly without a lot of hassle. This one in particular is formulated for linoleum, stone, and vinyl, but you can also get one for hardwood floors.

One reviewer wrote: "Love the Bona mop. Was recommended by a superintendent in our newly constructed neighborhood. Said it’s what they use when they clean the houses after being built. We have loved it so far. Very flexible and easy to use. Makes cleaning our vinyl floors quick!"

3. The Best Traditional Mop With A Spin Bucket

For a more traditional mopping experience, there's the O-Cedar mop and bucket set. Its string mophead is a lot like a standard mop, which makes it well-suited for big messes and high-moisture cleanings, but there are also plenty of things about this pick that set it apart: First of all, the head is triangular to reach into corners, machine-washable, and made from absorbent, scratch-resistant microfiber that works wet or dry. Second, the easy-to-transport bucket has a built-in foot pedal, so you can wring the mop without even getting your hands wet. You get two mopheads with each order.

One reviewer wrote: "No hands in dirty water. Mop heads change out easily. Foot pedal for spinner worked great. Used this mop system for vinyl wood plank floors. I could control how much water is left in the mop head so that I did not saturate the floors. Also controlling the amount of water allows for quicker dry time."

4. The Best Steam Mop For Vinyl Floors

I recently bought this PurSteam mop cleaner, and personally, I use it for everything: steaming my rugs, sanitizing my dog's bed, deep-cleaning my shower, getting the wrinkles out of fabrics, the list goes one. Because of its microfiber pads, three adjustable settings, upright design, and simple steam-output knob, however, it's also safe on most floors, including vinyl. The reservoir lasts for up to 25 minutes on the lowest setting while the actual steamer comes out for handheld use. Each order includes tons of attachments like a window squeegee, straight nozzle, and bent nozzle, so you can tackle a wide range of household jobs.

One reviewer wrote: "I LOVE this product. No assembly required besides attaching all the cool attachments. I have vinyl plank flooring and this took the frantic back and forth mopping and made it a thing of the past. The product is light and you just slowly go over the floor and let the steam lift all the yuck off the floor!"

5. The Best Powered Mop

Last but not least, if you're really looking to minimize the amount of elbow grease needed to get your floors sparkling, there's the BISSELL Spinwave mop. Its dual microfiber pads spin to break up tough messes, while its water tank can be filled with the included multi-surface formula that dispenses on command. According to the brand, it's safe for a wide range of floor types, including vinyl. It comes with two soft pads and two scrubbing ones, but the former are safer for vinyl. It weighs 11 pounds which is the heaviest out of this list, but isn't so heavy that it's difficult to move and use.

One reviewer wrote: "What used to be an exhausting and messy (but necessary) chore is now super easy and actually enjoyable. This mop doesn't require as much liquid to clean as a traditional mop does so the floor dries very quickly which is great - first half is cleaned and dried before I have finished the second half. I have used this on vinyl tile and on bath tile both with success."