The 8 Best Moscow Mule Mugs That Keep Your Cocktails Crisp & Fizzy

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Moscow mule cocktail with lime, mint and cucumber

Let’s be honest, it’s not a Moscow mule without the fancy mug. In fact, legend has it that the refreshing beverage — a combination of vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice — was created in part to highlight the allure of the vessel itself. The best Moscow mule mugs blend style and function, thanks to their sturdy handles and 100% copper construction, which works to keep your cocktail cooler for longer, and the ginger beer extra-fizzy — though copper-plated mugs lined in stainless steel are available as a more budget-friendly option, as well.

The original Moscow mule mug, created in the 1940s, was made of pure, smooth copper with a riveted handle, according to Moscow Copper. Since then, the iconic style has taken on a hammered look, but you can also find them with artfully embossed filigree, contrast-color handles, and in a wide array of capacities, ranging from shot glass to pitcher-sized.

As for the material itself, there was some controversy a few years back about whether drinking a highly acidic drink (like a Moscow mule) from a copper vessel could lead to chemical leaching, and then to copper poisoning. However, this has since been deemed highly unlikely — you would need to drink a lot of the beverage (as in, more than a liter) after letting it sit in copper for several hours. But if you’re still not convinced, opt for a copper-plated, stainless steel-lined option, which also tend to be less pricey than their pure copper counterparts. Keep in mind, however, that stainless steel isn’t as effective a temperature conductor as copper, so your drink may not stay icy-cold as long in a lined mug.

Either way, every pick on this list will provide you with the full sensory experience of sipping this zingy, fizzy drink. From single-serving mugs to full mixology sets and beyond, scroll on to shop eight of the best Moscow mule mugs you can get on Amazon.


The Overall Best Moscow Mule Mugs

With over 3,800 five-star ratings, this Moscow mule set is the most-loved pick on Amazon. And it’s not hard to see why: It comes equipped with all the necessary tools you need to whip up a Moscow mule. Each set includes four, 16-ounce mugs, four straws, a shot glass, a straw-cleaning brush, a mixing spoon, and four coasters. Constructed of pure copper, each handmade piece is hammered by artisans for extra durability, then coated in a food-grade lacquer to add shine and resist tarnish.


The Best Bargain

If you’re shopping on a budget, opt for this set of two Moscow mule mugs that costs just $14 on Amazon (though you can also grab the brand’s set of four mugs for a reasonable $23). Each 16-ounce mug is made from hammered, copper-plated stainless steel and finished with a stylish, contrasting handle. You’ll get two matching straws, too. These should be hand washed to preserve the copper coating.


The Best Single Moscow Mule Mug

Only in the market for a single Moscow mule mug? Go with this fan-favorite, which has earned an average 4.4-star rating on Amazon. Made from pure copper, this heavy gauge mug is handcrafted and hammered by artisans, glazed with a food-safe lacquer coating, and finished with an elegantly curved, soldered handle. Although it doesn’t come with any extra bells and whistles, you can always get a pack of copper straws separately, if you find yourself missing them. But as a major bonus, this order comes with an ebook filled with Moscow mule recipes.


The Best Design

Engraved with a pretty floral filigree design, these Moscow mule mugs double as decor when displayed on your bar cart. Made from pure copper with a protective, tarnish-resistant coating, each piece is handcrafted by artisans in India “with a hammer and small tools” rather than a machine, according to the brand. With this order, you’ll get two 16-ounce mugs and coordinating straws, as well as a downloadable recipe book — on top of a seriously chic addition to your barware collection.


The Best All-In-One Set

Get a little more bang for your buck with this all-in-one Moscow mule set, which has everything you need to make Moscow mules and an array of other drinks. In here, you get four mugs (19.5 ounces each — a little bigger than the standard, 16-ounce Moscow mule mug), four picks, four straws, four coasters, a cocktail shaker, jigger, straw cleaner, muddler, stirrer, strainer, and ice tongs. (Got all that?) Note that these mugs aren’t pure copper — rather, they’re made of stainless steel with copper plating — but they’re hammered for a traditional look, and finished with contrasting handles and a lacquer coating.


The Best Moscow Mule Pitcher

It’s not recommended that you actually drink a cocktail this big (this clocks in at 166.4 ounces). But this pitcher is perfect for serving Moscow mules, or for use an ice bucket. It boasts the traditional Moscow mule mug’s iconic hammered finish and contrasting welded handle, and it’s handmade from solid copper. This would be such a fun addition to your bar cart if you entertain often, or if you’re simply a Moscow mule fanatic.


The Best Mini Moscow Mule Mugs

Though a two-ounce cocktail may not get you very far, these mini Moscow mule mugs are a cheeky take on the basic shot glass (though they also work as jiggers). Each mug in this 4-piece set is made from non-reactive stainless steel that resists tarnishing with age, and coated in a smooth, lacquered copper plating. The tiny brass handles finish off these adorable vessels.


The Best Stein-Style Mug For Moscow Mules, Beer, & More

Who says Moscow mule mugs have to be mug-shaped? This non-traditional pick boasts elements of the classic style — including a solid copper, heavy-gauge construction with welded copper handle — but it’s in the shape of a beer stein, so you can use it to keep any number of large beverages cooler for longer. This 18-ounce tankard is finished with a food-safe protective coating for longevity.