The 5 Best Needlepoint Kits For Beginners

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Needlepointing is great if you’re looking to dip your toes into sewing and embroidery crafts, and kits make it easy to get started. The best needlepoint kits for beginners come with everything you need to make a completed project: mono canvas to stitch on, a needle, threads, and stitching guides.

Needlepoint projects use stiff fabric called mono canvas, which is filled with small holes for you to weave through. Since mono canvas holds its shape, it doesn’t require an embroidery hoop to stay taut while you're stitching. If you want to display your needlepoint once you’re finished, you can purchase stretcher bars that act as a frame for your artwork. More elaborate designs usually come with silk threads, but regular yarn is a cost-effective way for beginners to get the feel for needlepointing.

When looking at patterns or kits to start your own needlepoint projects, it’s a good idea to also look at how many holes are in the included embroidery fabric. The higher the number of holes per inch (or count), the more detail a pattern can include in the piece. Mono canvas with a lower count is a good place to start for a beginner, as it will be easier to find the next stitch in the design without getting lost.

Another feature you may want to consider is how the pattern is indicated to the needlepoint user. Some patterns are stamped directly onto the canvas, which makes it easier to see where to switch colors without referencing a separate sheet of paper. However, some needlepoint enthusiasts find that it can be hard to stick to painted or stamped patterns if they’re misaligned, and prefer having a separate sheet to look at.

Ready to get started on your first (or next) needlepoint project? Here are the best kits you can buy on Amazon — and they're all great for beginners.

1. An Easy-To-Follow Kit That Anyone Can Use

  • Pattern: stamped
  • Size: 6 x 6 inches
  • Thread: yard

This beginner-friendly kit from Sozo is perfect for anyone who wants an easy intro to needlepointing. It comes with a pre-stamped canvas, colorful yarn, a needle, and a cardboard display frame for the finished piece. Sozo’s needlepoint kit uses a canvas that has large holes, so it’s simple for the user to see where to weave the thread. Reviewers noted that the kit doesn’t come with a ton of written instructions, but Sozo makes it easy to follow their video instructions as a guide.

Everything in the kit comes in eco-friendly packaging that can double as a display once you’re finished with the design, but you could also frame the canvas with stretcher bars if you prefer. There are more than 20 patterns to choose from, so you can buy several of these kits to share with friends, or to give yourself more needlepoint practice.

One reviewer wrote: “Everything was included and was perfectly organized! Bought it for my niece who is just learning to needlepoint and it was perfect! Colors are just as imaged.”

2. A Simple Pillow Kit That Even First-Timers Can Finish

  • Pattern : stamped
  • Size: 12.75 x 11 inches
  • Thread: yarn

This pillow cushion kit comes with everything you need to finish a needlepoint pillow project, and has a simple pattern that absolute beginners can follow. The kit comes in five different animal patterns, including a sloth, a unicorn, and a teddy bear. The pattern is stamped onto the canvas, so it’s super easy to see where to transition to a different stitch or color. There are some instructions included in the box, but reviewers commented that watching Sozo’s video tutorial is also helpful in learning how to follow the needlepoint pattern on the canvas.

Once you’re done stitching the needlepoint design, use the kit's included pillow backing fabric and stuffing to complete your pillow. Reviewers love how easy it is to put this kit together, and how accessible it is for needlepoint enthusiasts of all ages.

One reviewer wrote: “This has been the most relaxing activity I’ve done in a while! So much fun to create the beautiful design..highly recommended!”

3. A Needlepoint Kit That Pays Tribute To A Feminist Icon

  • Pattern: stamped
  • Size: 5 x 5 inches
  • Thread: silk

This detailed needlepoint portrait is a gorgeous tribute to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The pattern is stamped on the mono canvas, which makes it easy to see where each color and stitch goes. The kit comes with everything you need from high quality silk threads to a needle and stitch chart to help you get started, so it's great for ambitious beginners. The 18-count canvas is fairly detailed, and the 5-by-5-inch pattern is stamped on an 8-by-8-inch canvas, so it's easy to hold in your hand with plenty of extra fabric along the edges.

One reviewer wrote: “Love My RGB Needlepoint Kit. Very good quality. Looks exactly as pictured. Would definitely buy from this seller again. Thank you for a great shopping experience.”

4. A Van Gogh-Inspired Needlepoint Pillow Kit For Ambitious Learners

  • Pattern: printed
  • Size: 16 x 16 inches
  • Thread: yarn

If you’re ready to try a more advanced needlepoint project that you can display as part of your home decor, this pillow kit is a great place to start. It comes with printed mono canvas, a tapestry needle, and high-quality acrylic yarn, and you can choose between [8 eight] beautiful patterns inspired by some of Vincent Van Gogh’s most famous paintings.

The canvas included in this kit is eight-count, meaning there are eight holes per inch of fabric. Eight-count fabric is great for both beginners and more intermediate needlepoint stitchers, since the holes to stitch through are easier to follow. You’ll need to purchase both pillow backing and padding separately if you want to have a complete cushion, or you can simply buy a frame to display your finished needlepoint on a wall.

One reviewer wrote: “I had a great time stitching [Starry Night] The only "trouble" at first was sorting and distinguishing all the "blues", (7 blues!) But once they started blending together in the picture, I saw why it could only have been painted by a MASTER.”

5. An Adorable Kitten Kit For Absolute Beginners

  • Pattern: painted
  • Size: 6 x 6 inches
  • Thread: yarn

This easy-to-follow needlepoint kit from Colorbok is kid-friendly, making it great for total beginners. It comes with yarn, canvas, and a plastic frame to display your pattern once you’ve finished it. Reviewers noted that this needlepoint kit is perfect for newer sewing enthusiasts and that the holes of the canvas are forgiving and allow you to undo stitching mistakes. The design isn’t super intricate, but is engaging enough to keep yourself entertained. The finished design is 6 by 6 inches, and you can display it in the included frame or purchase one separately.

One reviewer wrote: “I did this with my 6-year old grandson and he did such a fabulous job. Instructions were easy and the size of plastic canvas was perfect. I will get another one to try it with my 5-year old granddaughter if I find a different pattern.”