The 11 Best Pool Loungers To Help You Unwind

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When your plans include a day of sun and swimming, a comfy pool lounger is a must. The best pool loungers offer a variety of ways to relax — whether you want to stretch out for a nap or sit up and sip a beverage while you float. Plus, they come in both inflatable and non-inflatable options, as well as tons of fun styles to brighten your summer.

Choosing the best pool float is mainly about how you want to while away the afternoon. You can float fully on the surface of the pool if you want to mostly stay dry, or you can choose a float that will keep you partially submerged in the water. And there are more than a few styles to choose from including hammock loungers, donut-shaped tubes, pool chair floats, recliners, and mattresses that glide on the surface of the water — it all depends on what’s comfiest for you and your fellow pool-goers. And to really upgrade the relaxation vibes, consider extra features like headrests, built-in cup holders, or loungers made with a velvety soft material so you feel like you're in a real bed.

Whether you want a straightforward raft or a novelty pizza- or pineapple-shaped float, these are the best pool loungers on Amazon that’ll help you enjoy a day of fun in the sun.

1. A Ridiculously Comfortable Recliner

If you want to kick back and enjoy a cold drink while you float, this contoured, inflatable pool lounge is perfect. It boosts you a couple inches above the water, so you can stay (relatively) dry, and the elevated design means you can recline without having to lie all the way down. Even better — there’s a handy built-in cup holder.

According to a fan: “I was able to read a book with a beer in the cup holder, floating around my pool. My book and beer (and me) stayed completely dry.”

2. An Affordable 4-In-1 Hammock Float

This inflatable hammock pool float submerges you in the water, so it’s perfect for a hot day in the outdoors. It has two floaties on each end of the mesh hammock, so you can use it as a lounger, chair, or drifter, making this a versatile choice that’ll keep you comfy all day. It's very affordable, one of Amazon’s best-selling options, and you don't even have to blow up the floaties. You can also opt for two-in-one or three-in-one styles, and it comes in 11 colors, including navy blue, sunshine yellow, and hot pink.

According to a fan: “I was looking for something perfect for drifting around a Lazy River (which we did around 100 times over the past week of vacation! LOL) and these fit the bill. They are very easy to use, incredibly versatile and really well made! They did their job and did it well.”

3. A Set Of 2 Colorful Floats For You & Your Best Bud

Sold in a set of two, these pool loungers with headrests are a great way to spend the afternoon with your pool buddy. Each inflatable float has a colorful interior, supportive headrests and armrests, and a built-in cup holder. Plus, the cutout at the bottom means you can dip your feet in the water now and then. The set includes a pearlescent blue and silver float, as well as a couple of rubber duckies for an extra dash of fun.

According to a fan: “Love the design of these floats. Easy to get on to by putting your feet in the hole and sitting back. Comfortable and durable.”

4. An Easy Chair Float

Sit back and relax in this inflatable pool chair that lets your feet rest in the water to keep cool. The chair features a contoured backrest and armrests, plus a knee bolster to ensure you don't slip off. Most importantly, there are two cup holders, so you can sip from a can of rosé and stay hydrated with water, too.

According to a fan: “I fell asleep in mine the first day I used it. Comfortable head rest, plenty of arm room and wide seating.”

5. A Pineapple Pool Float That's Ready For Maui

For tropical pool party vibes, it doesn’t get better than this pineapple pool inflatable. The playful pool lounger is made from durable vinyl and is roomy, so you can comfortably drift for hours. The large valves make it easy to inflate and deflate in no time, so you can get to that piña colada after an afternoon in the sun.

According to a fan: “A fun summer pool float with a tropical theme! Fun, decorative, and perfect for a lazy afternoon floating in the pool! Big enough to float comfortably not overwhelmingly sized to be a challenge on a windy day.”

6. An Oversize Lounger That's Soft & Velvety

Getting some R&R should be a breeze on this soft pool lounger. Made with a water-resistant suede-like material, the lounger has a velvety surface and contoured design that’s perfect for reclining with a drink. There’s also a built-in cup holder, so you can keep that refreshing beverage securely on board. Choose from single- and double-sized options in three colors: sapphire, raspberry, and lime.

According to a fan: “I like to go out to my pool around noon, and get around 20 minutes of sun a day for Vitamin D. I like that this float is comfortable and keeps me dry.”

7. A Durable Foam Mattress You Don't Have To Inflate

This foam pool mattress requires no inflation, so it’s ready to float as soon as you are. It’s made from 1.75 inches of thick, buoyant foam with a waterproof vinyl coating and has a built-in roll pillow for added comfort. And while it's on the pricey side, there's no risk of punctures, so it'll last for many years to come. It’s available in five colors including bright white, coral, and blue.

According to a fan: “Love this float. Second one we have bought. It is durable enough for the smaller kids to play on it and the thickness keeps a larger adult afloat (partially submerged, but still mostly out of the water).”

8. These Snacktastic Floats That Come In 8 Styles

It’s a fact: Snack-themed floats are just plain fun. This pool inflatable comes in eight delicious styles — pizza pie, pizza slice, watermelon, orange, kiwi, popsicle, and strawberry or blueberry donut. It's almost impossible to pick a favorite, so you might want to grab a few for your friends and have yourselves a feast.

According to a fan: “Great floaty, fun for children and adults.”

9. A Float With A Built-In Tub For Cooling Off

There’s plenty of room to stretch out and relax in this inflatable tub float that has a built-in pillow for extra comfort. And here's the best part: You can add water to the vinyl tub on hot days to help you cool off while you drift. Nowhere near a body of water? You can also fill the inflatable with water and use it to relax in the sun — no pool required.

According to a fan: “This is by far the best float I have ever bought. It's very comfortable and you could definitely fall asleep in your pool.”

10. A Cushy Floating Mattress For Two

With evenly spaced cutouts across the surface, this comfy two-person pool mattress keeps you feeling cool while you lie back and drift. The soft, inflatable float is covered in a velvety suede-like material, and there are removable pillows for added comfort. It’s available in lime, raspberry, and sapphire, and there’s a smaller single-person version, too.

According to a fan: “This mat is so comfortable to lay out on without sticking or being flipped over easily.”

11. A Must-Have Float For Avocado Fans

Not only is this avocado pool float adorable, but the avocado "pit" doubles as an inflatable beach ball, so you can relax and have a little competitive fun at the same time. The durable float has a soft matte finish, and the large valves help it inflate and deflate quickly.

According to a fan: “This is by far the most popular float in our pool thus far! It is a decent size so it will hold a full adult. It was easy to inflate thanks to the multiple option/large inflate tube that other floats don’t have!”

Great To Have: An Air Pump

If you opt for an inflatable float, save your breath and use this electric air pump to blow it up. The highly rated pump comes with two adapters, so you can plug it into the wall or your car's power source. It comes with three nozzles to tackle valves of different sizes, and it also has a deflate setting, so you can pack up the inflatable and be on your way at the end of your floating session.