The 3 Best Pool Skimmers 

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by Andrea Hannah

To keep your pool debris-free, the best pool skimmers quickly remove any leaves or dirt from your water. But, since there are both automatic and manual skimmers and some skimmers are designed for specific types of pools (in-ground versus above-ground), you'll want to do your research first.

So what makes an excellent pool skimmer? There are perks to both manual and automatic pool skimmers. Manual pool skimmers are more affordable and can be used with any type of pool or hot tub. And since they're pretty simple, they tend to last a long time without breaking down. On the other hand, you'll have to actually go out and skim the topwater frequently — sometimes every day during peak leaf season.

If you'd rather skip the extra chore, an automatic pool skimmer may be your best bet. But automatic skimmers for in-ground pools are few and far between (most people upgrade to a pool vacuum for in-ground pools), so these are a better solution for above-ground pools. And, since automatic skimmers are hands-free and have a lot of moving parts, you'll want to be sure to check in on them every once in a while to make sure they're working.

There are tons of options for high-quality pool skimmers out there, and it's not always easy to tell which one will work best for you. To help you out, here's a round-up of some of highly rated options for any type of pool.

1. Best Manual Skimmer

Thousands of Amazon reviewers swear by this manual pool skimmer to clean things up in a snap. For one, it features a wide opening so you can cover more area in fewer swipes. The professional-grade frame is made of strong aluminum alloy that won't bend or break, and the handle is long enough to comfortably use on an in-ground or above-ground pool. Plus, the bag is made with double-stitched nylon that can handle up to 50 pounds of debris. And if something does happen to this skimmer, ProTuff offers a lifetime warranty. You can get this one of three widths, to find the perfect one for you and your space. Note: This skimmer only comes with the net, so you'll need to buy the pole separately here.

According to one reviewer: "It picks up every single thing in its path and makes quick work of a skimming the top or the bottom. I love everything about the net. I don’t really have any large leaves but I get tons of small debris and junk that blows into the pool daily. This net allows me to completely clean the pool from top to bottom in just a few minutes with very minimal effort."

2. Best Automatic Skimmer For Above-Ground Pools

This automatic pool skimmer is excellent at quickly clearing debris in your above-ground pool. It features an adjustable bracket that hooks to the frame of your pool with minimal installation. Just snap it onto the frame, attach the tube to your pool filter, and you're good to go. This skimmer draws dirt, leaves, and other debris into it before it can settle at the bottom so your pool is pretty much always spotless. On top of that, the strainer basket is super easy to clean out, making this one of the easiest, most hands-off skimmers to use.

According to one reviewer: "This Skimmer is The One. I was skeptical that this would actually work, but HOLY CRAP this thing is amazing! I mean, it's cheap and it works like a charm - what more do you want?"

3. Also Great: A Skimmer Tool That Collects Leaves & Debris

This handy skimmer connects to your pool's drain to direct leaves and debris into one area, making it a breeze to scoop up dirt. It's super easy to install: Just clip it to your pool's drain and watch as it catches all dirt in its path. While this skimmer can't be used on it's own (most reviewers use this in combination with a manual skimmer), it's a super helpful to device to have around for in-ground pools.

According to one reviewer: "This thing works great sweeping off all leaves and dog hair. This is a must for any pool owner. I just wish we had bought this 6 years ago when we installed our pool."