The 7 Best Purse Hooks For Tables

Keep your bag clean and safe.

Written by Jenny White
The 7 Best Purse Hooks For Tables
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Whether you’re out for coffee, drinks, or dinner, the last thing you want to do is put your bag on the dirty floor or the back of your chair where it could easily slip off. The best purse hooks are easily portable but strong enough to hold the weight of your bag, with features that ensure they’ll stay firmly in place. You’ll want to think about how heavy your favorite purse is; the weight capacity for purse hooks varies widely. A final consideration is the size of the purse hook itself; some fold up, taking up next-to-no space in your bag, and one pick even doubles as a bracelet.

What To Look For When Shopping For The Best Purse Hooks For Tables

Consider these factors to choose the best purse hook:

  • Weight Capacity: Some purse hooks are designed to hold more weight than others, so note this spec when choosing the right one for your bag — particularly if you bring a lot. Weight capacities range anywhere from almost seven pounds up to an impressive 40 pounds.
  • Secure Hanging: A purse hook that constantly falls off a table is useless, so it’s important to go with one that has features to ensure it’ll stay put on surfaces. Most purse hooks have a rubbery, non-slip grip on the back for this, though some take it a step further with suction or even a screw-on clamp for added security (note that this is a more long-term solution for your home).
  • Table Thickness: This stat varies widely, but larger is generally better to accommodate a variety of tables. Hooks are generally designed to accommodate a standard table, but it’s worth choosing one with a higher table thickness capacity if your favorite coffee shop or restaurant has ultra-thick tabletops.
  • Aesthetics: From sparkly to metallic and minimalist (and everything in between), there are 87 colors, patterns, and finishes between all of the picks on this list.

Shop The Best Purse Hooks For Tables

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for the best purse hooks for tables:

  1. A Fan-Favorite Pack Of Folding Purse Hooks: Lizimandu Purse Hook Set
  2. A Suction Purse Hook That Doubles As A Phone Stand: KeySmart BagHang Plus
  3. A Cult-Favorite Purse Clip That Doubles As A Bracelet: Clipa2 The Instant Bag Hanger
  4. An Under $10 Purse Hook In More Than 40 Patterns: ROFLYER Purse Hook
  5. A Chic Magnetic Purse Hook Set: kwmobile Handbag Hooks
  6. A Sparkly Folding Purse Hook: TANOSII Foldable Purse Hook
  7. A Wine-Themed Purse Hook That Can Hold 40 Pounds: Chris's Stuff Wine Lover's Purse Hook

Get your bag off the ground with the help of these seven purse hooks. There are tons of design, pattern, and color options to choose from — and they all cost less than $20!

1. A Fan-Favorite Pack Of Folding Purse Hooks

These folding purse hooks get lots of love on Amazon. They boast a solid 4.4-star rating overall after 2,000 reviews, and that’s likely because they’re a really good deal (for just $15 you get four of them) and reviewers report they work well. The purse hooks have a grippy, non-slip bottom that ensures they stay firmly in place on a table (the hook extends to 3.6 inches long). When not in use, the hook folds down to a compact size — less than two inches across — and magnetizes shut so it won’t accidentally open up in your bag.

Choose from packs with two, four, or eight purse hooks, as well as different designs like florals, gems, and famous paintings.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Great Product. Pretty and Functional. [...] They are small and will fit in my purse perfectly. The design is very nice and it’ll be fun to interchange them. Most importantly, they work! The rubber backing holds the hanger snugly in place and the hook can handle any type purse I put on it.”

Max Weight Capacity: 30 pounds | Max Table Thickness: Not listed, but reviewers noted it works on thick tables | Available Colors: 7

2. A Suction Purse Hook That Doubles As A Phone Stand

For added security, this stainless steel purse hook from KeySmart suctions directly onto tables — allowing it to hold bags that are up to 33 pounds. This pick also functions as a stand for your phone in horizontal and vertical positions. When not in use, you can hang the multi-functional tool from your purse’s strap using the convenient carabiner key chain, and with its compact size (3.3 by 1.3 by 0.6 inches), you can also easily stash it inside your bag.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I love this thing! [...] I have a GINORMOUS bag and it holds it up no problem! I also use it for a phone stand and it’s great! It’s so small you can throw it in your purse and forget about it.”

Max Weight Capacity: 33 pounds | Max Table Thickness: Not listed, but reviewers noted it works on standard tables | Available Colors: 1

3. A Cult-Favorite Purse Clip That Doubles As A Bracelet

The Clipa2 is a wildly popular bag clip that works on tables, over bathroom stall doors, and on car seat headrests. It comes in a range of matte and polished metal finishes and the matte hematite color has more than 8,000 five-star reviews. The minimalist design means you can even wear this as a bracelet or attach it to the strap of your bag until you need it. It can be opened and attached with one hand, allowing you to hang your purse from tables up to three inches thick, according to Amazon reviewers. The soft grip pads protect the hanging surface, and the clip itself is made from a metal alloy that won’t tarnish.

One Reviewer Wrote: “The ring is perfect I have used it to hang my work bags off of the side of my desk, on coat hooks, on the side of tables in restaurants, and even in airport restrooms. I never realized how often I am looking for places to hang my bag, and now I feel like the opportunities are endless. Will need to purchase more so I have them on a variety of my bags. The ring feels like it can last forever!”

Max Weight Capacity: 33 pounds | Max Table Thickness: Reviewers estimate approximately 2.5 inches or less | Available Colors: 8

4. An Under $10 Purse Hook In More Than 40 Patterns

This purse hook from ROFLYER comes in 40-plus design options including abstracts, butterflies, birds, florals, and more — so you’ll definitely find one (or more!) that you love. The purse hook features a non-slip rubber backing to secure your handbag. It doesn’t fold or break down, but it does come with a velvet carrying pouch for storage — also making it a great gift.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Recently went to lunch with friends and I was happy that my purse was safely hung right next to me, not stuffed in my lap, or on the floor of the restaurant by my feet. I like the storage bag it comes in too. It feels velvety and is easy to find, by touch, in your purse. The hook folds flat and doesn't take up much room.”

Max Weight Capacity: 22 pounds | Max Table Thickness: 2.5 inches or less | Available Colors: 42

5. A Chic Magnetic Purse Hook Set

Stylish purses deserve a chic purse hook. And that’s precisely what you’ll get with this minimalist set of magnetic purse hooks. The two-pack of purse hooks comes in various metal finishes — like black, gold, rose gold, bronze, and more — for an expensive vibe at a budget-friendly price. Looks aside, these purse hooks are incredibly practical. They have a non-slip bottom for hanging and they fold up and magnetize shut so they can be tossed in your bag. The maximum weight capacity is under seven pounds, so this pick is better suited for smaller and lighter bags.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This’s just amazing, it holds any purse no matter how it weighs. Super convenient when there isn’t a right and secure place for your stuff when dining, hanging out, etc.”

Max Weight Capacity: 6.6 pounds | Max Table Thickness: Not listed | Available Colors: 13

6. A Sparkly Folding Purse Hook

This night-out-worthy hook shines thanks to the rhinestone crystals in the middle. From a functionality standpoint, reviewers reported that this purse hook works well. It has an anti-slip rubber backing to keep it in place on flat surfaces, and the hook extends to 2.7 inches in length. When not in use, it folds down to less than two inches in size, taking up minimal real estate in your bag.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This little gem is very pretty in person. It's very sturdy and holds a lot of weight...big purses. Perfect gem to keep my purse off the floor or out of my chair. I love it!”

Max Weight Capacity: 11 pounds | Max Table Thickness: 1.97 inches or less | Available Colors: 12

7. A Wine-Themed Purse Hook That Can Hold 40 Pounds

This purse hook is shaped like a wine glass and it features rhinestones for added glitz. It features a non-slip backing so it can be securely hung on tables and other surfaces. And the included velvety pouch allows you to stow it in your bag in between uses. It’s available in the red color shown, a pink rosé color, and a white wine option.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I may get this for all my friends. It's cute (I got the red wine shape) and it works, and it's handy to have. I was always taught it's bad luck to put your purse on the floor. This prevents that.”

Max Weight Capacity: 40 pounds | Max Table Thickness: Not listed | Available Colors: 3

Also Consider: A Secure Clamping Purse Hook

A more long-term hanging solution for your home or office, this purse hook actually clamps onto a table (just tighten the screw) — so it’s stable and secure, even with multiple items like a backpack, purse, or gaming controller hung on the dual hooks. The rubber cushioning on the back protects the hanging surface. Choose from packs with either one or two hooks.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I bought this to keep my bag of the floor at work. There are no hooks and I didn't want to place my bag on the floor. It works as expected and keeps my bag off the ground.”

Max Weight Capacity: 20 pounds | Max Table Thickness: 1.25 inches or less | Available Colors: 1