The 4 Best Resistance Bands For Your Glutes

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No matter where you're working out, the best resistance bands for your glutes can instantly upgrade a leg and booty day, making it easier to activate and build muscle with minimal equipment. That said, there are generally two types of resistance bands used for glute workouts: classic resistance bands that can be worn around your thighs or calves, or band systems that enable you to do glute exercises like kickbacks.

Regardless of which type you're looking for (or if you'd like both), whichever bands you go with need to be made from tough, durable materials — the last thing you want is to snap a band when you're in the middle of a workout. Latex resistance bands are always a good pick, as long as they're thick enough to stay put and comfortable. Since latex bands are particularly prone to snapping or rolling, reading reviews is an extremely helpful way to determine which options are actually worth your money. (I have you covered here.) You may also want to consider fabric resistance bands, which are designed with a fabric exterior surrounding a latex band, making them less likely to snap and often more comfortable (though this largely comes down to your personal preference).

Which brings me to another point: Any resistance band set you go with should include a variety of weights. It's important to look at which weights are included in any set and choose bands that will challenge you over a period of time and work across different exercises. That said, you also don't want to go too heavy, or you won't be able to use the entire set. One notable exception to this rule is if you're shopping for a resistance band system that could act as a substitute for a cable machine when you're away from the gym. These usually come in just one resistance level, so you'll want to be sure you're buying the right one for you. (Not sure? Here's a helpful guide on how to choose the right resistance level for you.)

When it comes to building muscle, getting the best resistance bands for your glutes can be tricky. Here are a few excellent options to choose from to make things easier:

1. The Best Starter Set

  • Resistance levels: Light (10 - 12 pounds), Medium (15 - 20 pounds), Heavy (25 - 30 pounds), X-Heavy (30 - 35 pounds)

Over 6,000 reviewers swear by these Peach Bands, which come in a set of four, with weights ranging from light to extra heavy. That said, even the lightest band still adds up to 12 pounds of resistance, making it a great starter that's still challenging. The medium band adds up to 20 pounds, the heavy band adds 30 pounds, and the heaviest option adds up to 35 pounds of resistance. Plus, all four bands are made from high-quality latex that won't snap or break, so you can use this set for a long time to come. Reviewers rave that these are surprisingly comfortable, all things considered.

According to one reviewer: "These bands are effective to give a good workout for legs and glutes. The bands never fold and stay in place."

2. The Best Higher-Resistance Latex Bands

  • Resistance levels: Level I (45-60 pounds), Level II (60-80 pounds), Level III (80-100 pounds)

If you're ready for a challenge, look no further than these heavyweight bands. They come in a set of three, and each band is made of premium natural latex that's thick and durable. Not only will these bands stay put, but they also add on a ton of resistance. The "lightest" band in this set adds up to 60 pounds of resistance, the mid-weight band adds up to 80 pounds, and the heaviest adds a whopping 100 pounds.

According to one reviewer: "If you need a really heavy resistance mini-band for a challenging workout, this one is for you. it doesn't slip or roll during a workout and is perfect for a glute and thigh focused workout."

3. The Best Fabric Loop Resistance Bands

  • Resistance levels: 15 - 25 pounds, 25 - 35 pounds, 35 - 50 pounds

Not only are these fabric resistance bands super durable, but they'll give you a good workout, too. Each of the three bands is made from a soft fabric blend with stretchy natural latex built in to keep you comfortable while still providing plenty of resistance. These bands are also the thickest bands, width wise, on this list, which helps prevent them from rolling when you're mid-squat. Plus, they come in multiple resistance levels so you can find your perfect level. Resistance-wise, these fall squarely in between the two latex sets above, so they offer plenty of versatility for both lighter and more intense workouts.

According to one reviewer: "These are great quality material and the colors are really cute. I've used these during every single leg/glute day for a little over a month now and they have not stretched out or lost their elasticity."

4. The Best For Kickbacks

  • Available in resistances: Medium (50 pounds), Heavy (70 pounds), X-Heavy (100 pounds)

This innovative cable system makes it easy to work out anywhere. Here's how it works: The set comes with two anti-snap cables and flexible ankle cuffs. To use, place the cuffs around your ankles, anchor the cables to your door, and get to work. With these cables, you can preform weighted kickbacks anywhere. When you're finished, it's super simple to toss them in your bag and go. Linked here is the "heavy" resistance level, which offers 70 pounds of resistance. But, if you know you'll want to take on a lighter or heavier workout, you can opt for the "medium" or "x-heavy" options which offer 50 and 100 pounds of resistance, respectively. This is a pricier option, to be sure, but they can be adjusted to fit anywhere on your door for a wide range of arm, leg, and glute exercises.

According to one reviewer: "So far I have only used this product for legs, but I am really enjoying it for glute kickbacks, as well as working the adductors and abductors. I have recommended this product to several people and they have since purchased it and are enjoying it as well. Want to start using it for upper body and core next."