The 3 Best Ring Lights For Zoom

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by Yoona Wagener
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For adjustable LED lighting to ensure a bright, sharp image, the best ring lights for Zoom come with dimmable light settings, as well as height and angle adjustability so you have lots of control. First-rate ring lights are also flexible enough to work with multiple devices (even digital cameras) and can be easily moved, whether you're Zooming on a smartphone or staying put at your desk. From tripod setups to clip-on lights, these make finding your best light a snap.

A great way to ensure a well-lit video conference is to use a model with several lighting levels that are adjustable via a knob or Bluetooth remote. Some options even come with ring filters or lighting modes that help you control the color temperature.

Many lights also come with an adjustable stand that contains a dedicated holder for a smartphone and plugs either into a computer port or wall outlet. If you’ll be using your mobile device, just be sure that your phone will fit inside the holder (check out the manufacturer’s dimension requirements before you buy). But top ring lights with a stand (and smartphone holder) don’t require you to use a smartphone and are versatile enough to place on your desktop or on the floor beside your desk and adjust to the right height and angle. The ideal height range depends on the surface as well as personal preference, but models with a 180- or even 360-degree range offer the most flexibility. If you prefer to eliminate cords, want to use it on the go, or usually have briefer meetings throughout the day, consider a portable clip-on selfie light with a rechargeable battery instead of a full-sized plug-in light.

Whatever your budget or preferred setup, these ring lights can help create bright, close-up-ready video quality for your Zoom calls.

1. The Overall Best Ring Light For Zoom

Backed by over 32,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.7-star rating overall, the Neewer Pro 18-inch LED ring light kit is a versatile fan-favorite. While the manufacturer aims this product mostly at photo or video professionals, many pleased Amazon reviewers report that this ring light is great for Zoom meetings, too. A mount inside the ring light is compatible with most smartphones up to 3.9-inches wide, but if you'd rather use your laptop for your meeting, just position the stand behind your screen. You can adjust the ring light stand between 19 and 59 inches in height to make sure it's level with your face, and a soft gooseneck tube attachment can be used to get that perfect angle (it rotates 180 degrees).

With an 18-inch diameter, this is a large ring light that definitely requires some space (and a power outlet!) to operate, but it also comes with a lot of flexibility. Two filters (white and orange) can be placed over the ring to adjust lighting warmth, and brightness levels are also fully controllable from 1% to 100% via a handy dial. If you like to shoot photo or video when you're not taking calls, the light also works with most DSLRs — and comes with a convenient Bluetooth remote for taking selfies.

According to one Amazon reviewer: “It serves me well in my home workspace where I use it all day to light my desk as I work on the computer or take Zoom meetings. It adequately lights up my space and works to eliminate the graininess that can sometimes be problematic if there isn’t enough light during virtual meetings. The light is adjustable which allows me to move the fixture left to right front to back, etc.. A quick turn of the knob has allowed me relative ease to dim the light up and down as needed. This light is bigger than other ring lights that I’ve owned...but it fits nicely in my space and I’m totally satisfied. It also works well for the occasional selfie.”

2. A Smaller Selfie Ring With A Tripod & Remote

For a slightly smaller selfie ring with a tripod and smartphone holder, this 10-inch UBeesize ring light is a popular pick on Amazon, with more than 27,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.4-star rating overall. The kit includes a 10-inch LED ring with three lighting modes (white, natural, and warm) and 10 brightness levels each — and a convenient Bluetooth remote for cycling through these options. The provided stand is suitable for table or floor use with a range between 16.5 inches to 50 inches tall.

This UBeesize ring light requires a computer USB port to operate and can be set behind a computer to light up a Zoom call, though it also has a cradle that fits most smartphones. Though the manufacturer doesn’t specify the dimensions of the phone mount, most Amazon reviewers suggest that it's adjustable to fit most phones and super sturdy. Once you have this set up where you want it, the light can be angled and titled 360 degrees by using the tripod handle to position it just so. If you run into trouble with this ring light, you can fall back on lifetime product support and 3-year replacement service.

According to one Amazon reviewer: “I got this ring light since I have been leading Zoom meetings into the evening hours. It provides a very consistent light in two different shades. It is easy to use and I love the many options for adjusting height and angle.”

3. A Budget-Friendly Clip-On Selfie Ring Light

This clip-on selfie ring light could be the solution for you if you switch between your smartphone and laptop for Zoom calls or want a small and simple solution that's easy to tote. Rather than requiring a wall outlet or USB port to use, this clip-on light just needs to be charged ahead of time using the provided micro-USB cord. The manufacturer suggests that it will take about 40 to 60 minutes to charge, and you'll know when it's ready to go when the battery indicator turns from red to green. Once it's charged, simply clip it on to your laptop or smartphone — this light fits most models and can be used with either rear- or front-facing cameras.

Since it’s billed as a selfie ring light, closer ranges are optimal for better lighting performance, but here are three lighting modes to cycle through by pressing the power button on the light. Most Amazon reviewers report experiencing some dimming after an hour of use while others suggest it lasts more than an hour (and up to 3 or 4 hours) and can be charged (in a laptop USB port) while using — for longer meetings. This portable light has attracted a generally happy fan base with over 9,000 Amazon reviews and an overall rating of 4.3 stars, but if you experience issues with charging, it does come with a 12-month warranty.

According to one Amazon reviewer: “I got this light for my Zoom meetings. I needed something very small for my cramped quarters. This little light did the trick! I just clipped it onto my computer (right next to my camera). It has 3 levels of brightness & boy! Does it put out the light! All I needed was the level 2 setting. The light lasted up to about 3 hours of Zoom meetings before I needed to recharge it & then, it didn't take long at all to recharge.”