The 3 Best Robot Vacuums For Carpets 

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Robotic vacuum cleaner on carpet  in cozy living room with navy blue sofa and wooden table

If you’d rather not drag out a vacuum to clean up every time there’s a spill or tracked-in dirt, the best robot vacuums for carpets will do the job for you, and, in some cases, even empty themselves. The robotic vacuum category has gotten rather crowded in recent years, so to help you sort through your options, here are a few things to keep in mind as you shop for this innovative appliance, namely suction power.

When it comes to cleaning carpet fibers, your vacuum’s suction needs to be powerful enough to dislodge and remove dirt, hair, and other debris. The way manufacturers measure suction varies, but it’s commonly listed in pascals (Pa), a unit of pressure. A vacuum’s suction power is only as good as its rolling mechanism, though, so look for a vacuum that can adjust between flooring surfaces and won’t get stuck on your carpet’s border. Slim models are great if you have low furniture like coffee tables or couches.

For the most flexibility, look for a vacuum that can be programmed to run at a time that’s convenient for you, whether via a remote or a wireless app. This will allow you to set it to clean while you sleep, or at various points throughout the day. Depending on the model, some vacuums can map and memorize the layout of your home to work more efficiently.

Whichever model you choose, the best robot vacuums for carpets will save you time, and are a hands-free way to keep your high-traffic carpets clean.

1. The Overall Best Robot Vacuum For Carpets

iRobot, the brand behind this best-selling Roomba 675, manufactures a range of smart robot vacuums for cleaning almost every surface in your home. If you have carpets, this particular model is a great pick because it combine’s iRobot’s three-stage cleaning system and multi-surface brushes that adapt to dislodge and remove dirt from low- and medium-pile carpets. Built-in sensors help the vacuum navigate around furniture and near stairs, so it won’t get stuck or fall.

While there are more powerful robot vacuums on this list (the Roomba 675 has a maximum suction power of 600 Pa's), this vacuum gives you the best wireless capabilities for your buck. This vacuum will clean your home in a specific pattern based on its layout, and can be controlled via iRobot’s mobile app, so you can command it to run even if you’re not home. At home, you can also direct it to clean using your preferred voice assistant, making it truly hands-free. With a runtime of 90 minutes, the Roomba 675 will automatically dock in the including charging station when it’s running low or finished cleaning.

According to one reviewer: "I will buy this over and over again. Cleans excellent and you can monitor it through the app. If you have a carpet in your house you should definitely get this. Nothing removes the dust better than this."

2. The Runner-Up

Eufy’s RoboVac is another great choice for busy people who want to deep clean their low- to medium-pile carpets, as well as other surfaces in the home. The RoboVac is loaded with eufy’s BoostIQ technology, which increases suction power when extra strength is needed to dislodge debris or dirt in carpeting, giving it a maximum suction power of 1,300 Pa's. Large wheels on the base of the vacuum can navigate over carpet edges, and the RoboVac’s three-point cleaning system helps it adapt to your home’s layout and furnishings. This vacuum also has a shorter frame than the others on this list, with a 2.85-inch-tall design that can easily fit under short pieces of furniture for a complete clean of your carpeted areas.

The vacuum will return to its charging base when the battery is running low, and, depending on the suction power and pile of your carpet, can operate for up to 60 continuous minutes. Though the RoboVac doesn’t have wireless capability, its cleaning schedule can be predetermined and altered using the including remote, which also allows you to choose from one of four cleaning modes, including auto-clean.

According to one reviewer: "This little guy is a work horse and when he is finished doing his job, the carpets are beautiful. Great buy, very happy with product."

3. The Best Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum For Carpets

Also hailing from iRobot, the Roomba i7 is a serious upgrade to most robot vacuums. It has many of the same features as the 675, but boasts 10 times the suction power. It has a maximum suction power of 1,800 Pa's, making it far and away the most powerful on this list. Perhaps the most impressive difference, however, is that the Roomba i7’s charging dock has the capability to empty the vacuum’s dustbin for up to 60 days. Dirt, dust, dander, and hair are transferred from the vacuum to an AllergenLock bag that traps 99% of pollen and mold, making the Roomba i7 an excellent choice for people who have sensitivities to common allergens.

iRobot’s Dirt Detect technology can recognize areas of dirt, so the vacuum will spend extra time cleaning these spots in your home. The vacuum’s multi-surface rubber brushes grip pet hair without getting tangled in the rolling mechanism, and the brushes adjust and flex to stay in contact with your flooring surfaces, including carpeting, to clean deeply and efficiently. [[App?]] One note: Some reviewers with high-pile carpets say this isn't the best pick.

According to one reviewer: "I love my roomba! I was unsure how it would handle the carpet with 2 long haired cats but it works great! Also love the self empty bin. This isn't cheap but well worth it for the time I get back for not having to vacuum or having to empty the bin all the time."