The 4 Best Rug Grippers To Keep Your Carpets From Sliding

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by Andrea Hannah

A constantly shifting rug is a true pain, and can force you to unnecessarily have to readjust it after moving furniture or when the pets run in. Thankfully, the best rug grippers are made with either adhesive or non-adhesive designs that tightly hold your carpet in place on your floors so you'll never have to look at a rug out of place again. But, when shopping, there's a few things to keep in mind.

The main difference between the rug grippers out there is whether or not they attach adhesively to the back of your rug, or simply work as a buffer between your carpet and floor. Depending on how expensive your rug is, you may want to invest in a non-adhesive option. While most quality adhesive rug grippers are designed to be damage-free and don't leave behind glue on the reverse side of your rug, you can never be too careful with a pricey area rug you've invested in. For rugs that don't have traditional corners, you'll want to ensure you go with a customizable option that can be shaped to the edges of your rug or trimmed down to fit.

Choosing the best rug gripper for your situation can be tricky, so here's a roundup of some excellent options to help you get started.

1. The Best Non-Adhesive Gripper

More than 22,000 reviewers have invested in this convenient non-adhesive rug gripper. Not only does it come in more than 20 different sizes (including round, rectangular, and square options), but it's also the perfect thickness that it can grip your rug well without raising it off the floor too much. Best yet, this rug gripper can be trimmed around the edges so you can customize it to any shape rug you have. Simply clean your floors, put the gripper down, and place your rug over it, and you're good to go.

According to one reviewer: "Nice for keeping a heavy rug in place at our kitchen entry door. Movement of the rug is minimal even with the high traffic of everyday use."

2. The Best Adhesive Gripper

These adhesive rug grippers are simple to use and they come in a pack of four or eight that can be applied to each corner of your rug to help keep it in place. The adhesive sticks easily to the back of your rug, but when you're ready to take off these grippers, the adhesive comes with them instead of staying on the back of your rug. The grippers themselves feature tiny pores that create a suction-like seal, preventing your rug from budging while the grippers are in place. While these probably suit classic square or rectangular rugs best, you could use them on a circular rug, placing them along the edges a few centimeters in.

According to one reviewer: "My bathroom rug was extremely difficult to keep in place. I am glad that these grippers have turned that situation around. They’re very easy to attach and seem durable as well. I think I will have to buy a few more of these to use around the house."

3. The Best For Rugs That Curl Up

For rectangular rugs that tend to curl up, corner grippers like these are the way to go. These grippers feature a unique "V" shape that holds both side of them down and adds a little structure and weight to the corner of the rug, so it's less likely to curl. The adhesive is also really strong, so once you apply these grippers, you don't have to adjust them. On top of that, these grippers are weatherproof, so you can use them on your outdoor rugs, too. One note: These aren't as easily repositioned as other options on this list, so be mindful when applying them.

According to one reviewer: "I am SO glad I discovered these! I only have a few rugs in my house, but it is amazing how often those darn corners want to curl up. Anyway, these just WORK. The attachments stick firmly to the corners of your rug and weigh it down just enough to prevent it from curling."

4. The Best For Odd-Shaped Rugs

This carpet tape is perfect for rugs of all shapes and sizes. It is 2 inches wide and has 10 yards in a single roll so you can easily treat multiple rugs. It also features strong adhesive that sticks to just about any rug, and when you're ready to remove it, this tape promises to come off residue-free. Plus, you can cut and shape this tape to fit circular or oddly-shaped rugs, making this tape one of the most versatile grippers on the market.

According to one reviewer: "I have runner rugs on carpet, have tried heavy duty Velcro and other things to keep them from sliding around. Up until now nothing kept them in place for more than a few hours. I've had this on there for about a week and it hasn't slipped at all."