The 3 Best Rug Pads For Laminate Floors

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Best Rug Pads For Laminate Floors

Believe it or not, the best rug pads for laminate floors differ a lot from the best rug pads for other flooring types to avoid damage. While shopping for the right rug pad, make sure the material is safe for laminate and is the right size to suit your needs. Unlike wood or tile, which consists of one primary material, laminate floors are a hybrid (usually made from a mix of particleboard, image layers, and protective coatings), so they require extra special care.

First, know that your material choice for use on laminate matters more than for almost any other flooring type. Why? Yes, laminate floors are known for their physical durability, but they're also prone to chemical reactions and discoloration if not allowed to breathe. As a result, you should generally avoid rubber and latex materials and instead opt for felt or ventilated PVC. Also, you'll want to make sure that the product is specifically marketed as safe for laminate flooring — laminate is sensitive to moisture, so anything waterproof that traps water in may end up damaging your floors.

Next, consider the intended purpose. The phrase "rug pad" means different things to different people. To some, it's a matter of comfort — a soft, thick material to improve cushioning, especially for thin or low-pile rugs. For others, it's about safety; rug pads can also make a rug more slip-resistant against hard, slippery flooring. Before you add anything to your cart, decide whether you're looking for the former, the latter, or both.

Finally, make sure that your rug pad of choice fits the rug with which you plan on using it. Luckily, these three top picks are versatile, offered in tons of sizes, and can be trimmed to the ideal shape — and, of course, they're all laminate-friendly to avoid damaging your floors.

1. The Best Rug Pad For Comfort

As previously discussed, rubber or latex materials can often cause laminate floors to undergo a chemical reaction, resulting in staining and discoloration — but luckily, this rug pad from RUGPADUSA skips both of those materials. Instead, it's made from 100% felt to thicken and cushion your rug. It's also good for warmth and noise reduction, though it likely won't prevent your rug from slipping. You can get it in a huge range of sizes (and reviewers haven't had any problem cutting them for further customization). Plus, they even come in three thicknesses: 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch, and 3/8 inch.

  • Available sizes: 4' by 6', 5' round, 5' by 5', 5' by 7', 5' by 8', 6' round, 6' by 6', 6' by 9', 7' round, 7' by 7', 7' by 9', 7' by 10', 7'10" by 9'10", 8' round, 8' by 8', 8' by 10', 8' by 11', 8' by 12', 9' round, 9' by 9', 9' by 11', 9' by 12', 9' by 13', 10' round, 10' by 10', 10' by 12', 10' by 13', 10' by 14', 10' by 16', 11' by 13', 12' by 12', 12' by 15', 12' by 18', 12' by 20'

One reviewer wrote: "We have floating 'hardwood' laminate flooring in our basement and we had purchased a 9x12 rug for pretty cheap on Wayfair. Laying and playing with our boys on that floor was so uncomfortable! We finally caved and bought this - game changer! Wished we had done this sooner. Would buy again!"

3. The Best Budget Rug Pad

If you're looking for both some nonslip tread and a bit of foot-cushioning comfort, this rug pad from Ninja is the way to go — especially for the price. It's made from ventilated PVC instead of rubber or latex, and it's marketed as safe for laminate floors. Because it lines the entire rug with its open-weave design, it keeps the rug in place while also improving the texture (though not as much as the first pick). Finally, it's offered in over a dozen different sizes, all of which can be trimmed down or shaped with a pair of scissors.

  • Available sizes: 2' by 3', 2' by 4', 2' by 8', 2' by 10', 2.5' by 9', 3' by 5', 4' by 6', 5' by 7', 5' by 8', 6' by 9', 7' by 10', 8' by 10', 8' by 11', 9' by 12'

One reviewer wrote: "Works perfectly! Amazing what this little piece of something can do! Bought a runner rug for my kitchen and it slid all around on the laminate flooring. Put this under it, and it's like it's frozen in place. Love it!"

3. The Best Nonslip Rug Pad

To keep your rug anchored and slip-free on your floors, there's the TRU Lite extra-strong grip pad. Because it's made from PVC foam and is non-scratch, free from adhesives, and breathes well, the brand says that it's safe for any type of flooring, including laminate. It also comes in a wide range of sizes and can be easily cut to your ideal size.

  • Available sizes: 2' by 4', 2' by 8', 3' by 5', 4 by 6', 5' by 8', 8' by 10'

One reviewer wrote: "It has not left any marks on our vinyl laminate flooring." Another wrote, "Works like it should and [holds] rug securely in place."

Also Great: The Best Nonslip Rug Grippers

These sticky pads from X-Protector are marketed as safe and effective for all types of hard flooring, including laminate. Unlike traditional pads, which line the whole underside, these have a damage-resistant double-sided adhesive strip that secures the corners of the rug to the floor. As a result, they keep your rugs from rolling and sliding while remaining breathable, and they can be used alongside any type or size. They won't add any further cushioning, but in terms of nonslip solutions, this is one of the best (and most affordable) options.

One reviewer wrote: "Easy to install. So far so good. We have a rug in our entryway that slips and curls. With laminate flooring, I was concerned about damage from the adhesive. So far it not only works, but the laminate is intact."