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100 Best Instagram Captions For Keepings Things Short & Sweet

Sometimes you gotta let your thirst trap do the talking.

These are the best short Instagram captions for photo dumps, group pics, and more.
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Posting on Instagram isn’t just a fun way to clear some space in your camera roll — it also helps you stay connected to others, and keeps your followers informed on any major life updates. Sometimes, though, posting on the ‘Gram can feel like a chore, especially when you’re writing a caption. When that happens, a caption that gets straight to the point is the way to go.

Still, coming up with a concise yet clever, attention-grabbing description is easier said than done. On top of that, you might prefer a caption that is not only relevant to your post, but showcases your personality as well. Not to mention, a caption that makes you seem mysterious is always a plus, but you don’t want to come across as cold or cryptic, either. To put it simply, there is a lot to consider when crafting a short Instagram caption.

Thankfully, this list of 100 short Instagram captions has you covered for every occasion, so you can spend less time agonizing over a description, and more time getting the crop on your pics just right. From selfies and thirst traps to weddings and anniversaries, keep things short and sweet with these caption suggestions.

The Best Short Captions For Selfies

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  1. “Another day, another slay.”
  2. “Fire emoji personified.”
  3. “Feeling myself.”
  4. “Main character energy.”
  5. “Face card never declines.”

The Best Short Captions For Group Pics

Carlos Barquero/Moment/Getty Images
  1. “Say cheese!”
  2. “Love my peeps.”
  3. “The best.”
  4. “My clique.”
  5. “My ride or dies.”

The Best Short Captions For OOTDs

Olga Rolenko/Moment/Getty Images
  1. “How do I look?”
  2. “Pinterest could never.”
  3. “Outfit on fleek.”
  4. “Fit check.”
  5. “Today was a slay.”

The Best Short Captions For Birthdays

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  1. “HBD BFF ILY!”
  2. “It’s [his/her/their/my] birthday!”
  3. “Birthday [boy/girl]!”
  4. “Another year older.”
  5. “Sending you birthday hugs.”

The Best Short Travel Captions

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  1. “OOO.”
  2. “Adventure awaits.”
  3. “Don’t text.”
  4. “Next stop: [insert destination].”
  5. “Keep calm and travel on.”

The Best Short Captions For Vacations

Patchareeporn Sakoolchai/Moment/Getty Images
  1. “Living the life.”
  2. “OOO.”
  3. “Don’t text.”
  4. “On island time.”
  5. “Adventure is out there.”

The Best Short Captions For Weddings

Klaus Vedfelt/DigitalVision/Getty Images
  1. “Congrats, you crazy kids!”
  2. “Couple of the year.”
  3. “Best. Wedding. Ever.”
  4. “Such a beautiful night.”
  5. “I love your love.”

The Best Short Captions For Anniversaries

skynesher/E+/Getty Images
  1. “XOXO”
  2. “Another year down.”
  3. “Happy anniversary my love.”
  4. “The first of many.”
  5. “Best year yet.”

The Best Short Captions For Holidays

svetikd/E+/Getty Images
  1. “‘Tis the season!”
  2. “Cozy season: activated.”
  3. “Happy spooky season!”
  4. “Pumpkin spice and everything nice.”
  5. “Feeling thankful.”

The Best Short Funny Captions

martin-dm/E+/Getty Images
  1. “Stop staring.”
  2. “Like and subscribe!”
  3. “Sorry for the FOMO.”
  4. “What’re you looking at?”
  5. “My camera roll hates me.”

The Best Short Captions For Thirst Traps

Daniel de la Hoz/Moment/Getty Images
  1. “Like what you see?”
  2. “Felt cute.”
  3. “I woke up like this.”
  4. “You’re welcome.”
  5. “Text back incoming.”

The Best Short Captions For Photo Dumps

IsiMS/E+/Getty Images
  1. “My lovely photo dumps.”
  2. “Highlight reel.”
  3. “Life lately.”
  4. “Digital junk drawer.”
  5. “Core memories.”

The Best Short Captions For Nature Pics

JulPo/E+/Getty Images
  1. “Nature walks >>>”
  2. “Can’t beat this view.”
  3. “One with nature.”
  4. “Sunshine state of mind.”
  5. “Chasing waterfalls.”

The Best Short Captions For Throwbacks

LordHenriVoton/E+/Getty Images
  1. “TBT.”
  2. “The good old days.”
  3. “Miss these days.”
  4. “Always been cute.”
  5. “Just wanna go back.”

The Best Short Captions For Pet Pics

Bevan Goldswain/E+/Getty Images
  1. “My fur baby.”
  2. “Who saved who?”
  3. “LOML”
  4. “Pet hair, don’t care.”
  5. “Puppy love.”

The Best Short Brunch Captions

LeoPatrizi/E+/Getty Images
  1. “Brunch with the best.”
  2. “On Sundays, we brunch.”
  3. “Phone ate first.”
  4. “More mimosas, please.”
  5. “Brunch besties.”

The Best Short Captions For A Night Out

pixdeluxe/E+/Getty Images
  1. “You had to be there.”
  2. “Last night was a blur.”
  3. “Girl’s night!”
  4. “Nights like this.”
  5. “Late night antics.”

The Best Short Workout Captions

Hirurg/E+/Getty Images
  1. “Rise and grind.”
  2. “My morning routine.”
  3. “The grind never stops.”
  4. “Work hard, play hard.”
  5. “Gym rat.”

The Best Short Motivational Captions

SrdjanPav/E+/Getty Images
  1. “Just keep swimming.”
  2. “She who dares, wins.”
  3. “Tomorrow will be better.”
  4. “Reminder: you got this.”
  5. “Success is better than revenge.”

The Best Short Lazy Day Captions

Westend61/Westend61/Getty Images
  1. “Lazy Sunday.”
  2. “Will be here all day.”
  3. “It’s a bed rot day.”
  4. “No plans, just vibes.”
  5. “Recharging.”