The 4 Best Shower Curtains For Clawfoot Tubs

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Best Shower Curtains For A Clawfoot Tub
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When it comes to your clawfoot tub, the average shower curtain just won't cut it. Yes, it should be made from a durable, waterproof material that you like the look of (just like any other shower curtain), but it also needs to be larger, heavier, and more secure to wrap around and stay put. As a result, when you're shopping for the best shower curtains for a clawfoot tub, you'll need to consider the size as well as the mechanisms that keep it in place — both on the top by the rod and on the bottom inside the tub.

Since clawfoot tubs are free-standing, when turned into a shower, your tub will need a curtain that's wide enough to wrap all the way around. It should also be the right height; too short, and the shower curtain might billow out of the tub; too long, and you'll have to trim it down, which might include trimming off the magnets or suction cups which help keep it anchored. Typically, a curtain that's designed for a clawfoot tub will measure about 180 inches wide by 70 inches long.

One of the biggest complaints people have about showers in a clawfoot tub is that the curtain billows inward and sticks to them while they're showering. That's because the temperature inside is much warmer than the temperature outside, which causes the air to move. To stop this, you'll need two things: a larger number of grommets and hooks on the top to accommodate the larger curtain and rod (most best-selling options come with more 30, as opposed to the standard 12) and some kind of system to ensure that the curtain stays in place (whether that's magnets, suction cups, or especially heavy fabric).

These four options meet all of the necessary criteria for a clawfoot tub, plus they're well-rated, durable, and stylish.

1. The Overall Best Shower Curtain For A Clawfoot Tub

This waffle-weave shower curtain from Barossa Design has more than 11,000 reviews and a 4.7-star overall rating. It's easily one of the most popular options because it's extra-wide to wrap all the way around your tub, as well as made from water-resistant, washable, heavy-weigh fabric. Each one comes with 36 metal hooks, plus there's a wide selection of colors and comes in a clawfoot tub-approved 180 by 70 inch size (as well as many other sizes for other tub styles). Last but not least, reviewers love the textured diamond pattern and the reinforced metal grommets for extra durability. However, they do not have weighted magnets at the bottom though most reviewers report that the weight of the curtain keeps it in place.

  • Material: Polyester

One reviewer wrote: "I love our clawfoot tub but my husband wanted to get rid of it because the shower curtain we had before closed in on us. Purchasing this shower curtain is a game-changer. It hangs down without trying to close in on us. Now we are keeping our tub!"

2. The Best Budget Option

Since it's waterproof, nontoxic, odorless, and durable, this shower curtain from Mrs Awesome can be used as a liner or the curtain itself and measures 180 by 70 inches. It's also clear, so it'll go with any aesthetic, and it has weighted magnets on the bottom to keep it secured to the tub — all for a budget-friendly price of less than $40. The reinforced top is made with 32 rust-resistant metal grommets, so you can easily secure the included 36 metal hooks.

  • Material: PEVA

One reviewer wrote: "Fantastic shower curtain liner for the price! The heavier weight of the shower curtain and the six magnets keep the curtain liner stuck to the tub so I can shower without being accosted by wet plastic."

3. A Stylish Shower Curtain That's Easy To Wash

Made from a heavyweight blend of polyester and cotton, this two-in-one curtain has a luxurious waffle-knit feel that mimics those in high-end hotels. It also has a snap-off design for easy removal when it's time to throw it in the washing machine, above which there's a sheer window valance to let light in. At the very top, you'll find 32 metal (rust-resistant) grommets that work alongside the 36 included metal hooks, and on the bottom, you have 12 built-in magnets to keep the 180-by-70-inch curtain in place. While this one's definitely on the more expensive side, reviewers have reported that it's "very much worth the money" for its "durability," "quality," and "convenience."

  • Material: Polyester and cotton

One reviewer wrote: "Love this, very pretty. Nice, heavy, hotel quality. Seems easy to clean by unbuttoning the inner layer. Exactly what I was looking for. I like the light allowed in the shower. The magnets on the inner lining [adhere] to the tub better than any plastic liner I've owned."

4. A Fun & Colorful Option

If you're looking for something more eye-catching, opt for a shower curtain from Riyidecor. This brand offers a wide selection of gorgeous, colorful designs — like the watercolor peacock one featured above — in a clawfoot-friendly size. They're all waterproof, machine-washable, and come with hooks. You can also choose from a floral print, herringbone patterns, or a faux-marble texture if that's more your style. However, the brand doesn't specify if there are magnets or anchors.

  • Material: Polyester

One reviewer wrote: "So beautiful [...] I love that this product came in extra long lengths. A great selection of longer curtains made this choice easy to match my decor! Excellent quality and value. Do not hesitate to order."