The 5 Best Silent Alarm Clocks For A Quieter Morning

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If you dread the sound of your alarm every morning or simply need a quieter alternative, a silent alarm clock is an excellent option. The best silent alarm clocks emit vibrations or light to wake you up without any jarringly loud noises. They also come in wearable or tabletop designs, depending on the type of alarm they use.

Across both wearable and tabletop designs, silent alarm clocks typically include common clock features like easy-to-read digital screens and snooze buttons, as well as audible alarm settings in case you ever want that option. Pricier silent alarm clocks sometimes include bonus features like touch screens, dimmable displays, USB ports to charge your devices while you sleep, radio functionality, smartphone connectivity, colorful night lights, and even sleep tracking features. Some even offer backup batteries, which allows them to function normally and save your memory settings in the event of a power outage.

To help narrow down your search, consider what type of silent alarm clock you think would work best for you. If you’re a heavy sleeper, a vibrating silent alarm clock — which is typically worn on your wrist or placed under your pillow or mattress — can quite literally shake you out of your slumber. Alternatively, if you prefer something more subtle, consider a model that uses light to mimic the sunrise. Or, if you’re shopping for a little one, consider a kid-friendly silent alarm clock that has multicolored lights.

Here are the best silent alarm clocks you can find on Amazon, from a pocket-sized, wallet-friendly find to a tech-savvy pick with cellphone charging capabilities.

1. The Best Silent Alarm Clock Under $20

Alarm type: Vibrating

The compact Shake-N-Wake clocks in at less than $20 and offers both vibrating and audible alarm options. Wear it around your wrist or place it under your pillow at night, or attach it to your belt buckle with the included clip to use it for daytime alarms and reminders. Activate the backlight on the LCD screen the touch of a button to make it even easier to tell the time even in the dark. To snooze your alarm, just tap the “Start/Stop” button. Although the required AAA battery isn’t included, you can easily buy some online.

Promising Amazon review: “This is a great silent alarm. I get up early to workout and don't want to wake up my wife or 10 month old daughter. This gets the job done and given the size and price point that it’s at, this is a bargain.”

2. The Best Silent Alarm Clock That Uses Light

Alarm type: Light

Philips's SmartSleep Wake-Up Light gradually wakes you up with light that imitates a sunrise. Use the touch controls to adjust your settings, and tap the face of the clock to snooze the alarm. Bonus features include an FM radio and 20 different brightness options that range from shades of orange to yellow to white. Plug the light into the included power cord and you’ll be good to go. (The silent option is just one setting — you can choose from five soothing, nature-inspired alarm sounds, too.)

Promising Amazon review: “I’ve had this for 4 years now, and the light is still going strong (I’ll use it for hours a day). I set the alarm to silent and just use the light to wake up. It is a must have now. Waking up (especially during the dark winter mornings) is SO much easier with this thing. Much less jarring. Your body feels like it naturally woke up, not like it was surprised by some loud alarm.”

3. The Best Silent Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers

Alarm type: Vibrating

This tabletop alarm clock comes with a puck-shaped bed-shaker that you can slide under your pillow, or even under your mattress. According to one reviewer, the “vibrating feature will wake up anyone, I mean anyone.” You can slide the switch on the back of the alarm clock to adjust the brightness. Plus, you can toggle the optional nightlight between seven different colors. It also features an optional sound alarm, which makes a buzzing noise instead of a traditional ringing sound.

While there are similar models out there, few of them are as efficiently designed as this one: The nightlight button doubles as a snooze button, while the USB ports can charge two devices simultaneously. The clock comes with an AC power cord, but you can also back up the clock with two AAA batteries (which you can buy here) so that your memory settings are automatically saved if the power goes out or you need to move the clock to another outlet.

Promising Amazon review: “I like to options for alarm clock settings, audio, vibrating or both. Using the vibrating feature enables a quiet alarm when sleeping with your partner. Display offers large numbers with dimming capability for required brightness. USB charging ports provides convivence for phone charging when you pack it in for the evening. All in all, fantastic.”

4. The Best Silent Alarm Clock For Kids

Alarm type: Light

This LittleHippo alarm clock comes in four colors and was designed with little ones in mind. Thirty minutes before it’s time to wake up, the alarm clock glows yellow; then, once it’s time to get up, the color changes to green. The light can also double as a nightlight — while you can't dim the brightness of the nightlight when it’s on, you can choose from one of six colors. To snooze the alarm, kids just have to tap the top of the clock.

It has a silent alarm setting, as well as three alarm sounds at five different volume levels. It comes with a USB charging cord and an adapter to plug it into a power outlet — while it needs to be plugged in to work, the clock will save your memory settings for the next time you use it if the power goes out.

Promising Amazon review: “This clock is amazing! My child is learning how to tell time and is excited about it! Plus the silent alarm is incredible on the weekends! My son can tell by the light indicator when he can get up, which saves from him having to come and ask a bunch if can get up yet.”

5. The Best Sleep-Tracking Wearable With A Silent Alarm Clock

Alarm type: Vibrating

The compact Fitbit Charge 4 has racked up more than 25,000 positive ratings on Amazon and is a super-versatile device. Not only is it a watch and GPS-enabled fitness tracker, but it also has other sleep-savvy features like a silent vibrating alarm clock. Even better, the smartwatch can track how well you slept and provide insights into your sleep patterns for you to review in the corresponding mobile app. One fan wrote, “The sleep tracking has been extremely beneficial, as have the customizable alarms that wake you up from light sleep so that it’s easier to get up in the morning.”

This Fitbit is available in three colors, each of which includes a charging cable and two wristband sizes. However, if you’re looking for a more affordable option and could go without the clock face, consider setting your vibrating alarm on the Fitbit Flex instead.

Promising Amazon review: “I’ve really enjoyed this little device so far. It gives me good insights into my sleep and activity, and makes for a good wake up alarm that doesn’t disturb anyone else.”