The 4 Best Smart Water Bottles To Remind You To Keep Hydrated

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Proper hydration is vital to your health, and a water bottle can help you meet your hydration goals. The best smart water bottles incorporate Bluetooth technology to connect to your smart device. Most, though not all, can help you track water intake, but that isn't the only handy feature. Some bottles can light up to remind you to take a sip, while others feature speakers that enable you to play music and hydrate at the same time.

The best option for you is a matter of what you’re hoping to get out of your smart water bottle. If you’re hoping to track your water intake, you can choose from plastic, steel, or glass options. In general, plastic is a good choice if you’re looking for a bottle that’s durable yet relatively lightweight. Stainless steel can be a bit heavier, but it’s typically the longest-lasting material of the three options — and insulated steel bottles have the added bonus of keeping your water cold longer. While the most fragile, glass can be a good option if you’re looking for a naturally non-porous material that won’t impart unwanted flavors to your water even over time. Additionally, below I’ve included a fan-favorite smart water bottle that can remind you to drink water and features an attachable Bluetooth speaker. Its multifunctional design can be particularly handy for socializing, traveling, or working out.

Scroll down to see the best smart bottles you can snag on Amazon — plus, a hydration reminder device you can attach to any bottle and a low-tech bottle that you can use to manually track your water intake.

1. The Best Overall Smart Bottle For Tracking Hydration

Described by Amazon reviewers as the "best smart water bottle," this HidrateSpark bottle incorporates some pretty cool tech into a visually sleek package. It features a smart sensor puck that screws onto the bottom and syncs with the free iOS and Android Hidrate app via Bluetooth. Once synced, the bottle tracks water intake as you drink throughout the day. You can set the puck to light up at regular intervals or when you fall behind your hydration goals — and you can choose from six glow colors. Unlike many other smart water bottles out there, the battery on this bottle is rechargeable, and it comes with a charging cable.

Weighing just over a pound, the vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottle is designed to keep water cold for up to 24 hours — but keep in mind that it's not designed for hot beverages. It features a loop to make it easier to carry. The lid is dishwasher-safe, but you have to hand wash the body of the bottle. (And don't wash the sensor puck! The manufacturer recommends wiping it with a damp cloth to clean it.) You can snag the 21-ounce version pictured, or a smaller 17-ounce one. And it can come with a straw lid like this one or a chug lid. It's available in seven colors and patterns, including this marble design.

One reviewer wrote: “I can’t recommend this water bottle enough. Since using this bottle, I have stopped drinking soda (something I never thought was possible). It appeals to my tech side and my competitive nature. This bottle never leaves my side, and I have never been so hydrated. I put cool filtered water in mine, and the steel canister does not add any bad taste and water stays cool the entire day. This is probably my favorite purchase this year. The battery charge lasts about 2 weeks. I mostly use my Apple Watch to keep track. Note: the glowing part is the least necessary feature for me. I just really like the tracking feature.”

2. The Most Lightweight Smart Bottle For Tracking Water Intake

Another option from HidrateSpark, this plastic smart water bottle also tracks your water intake, but it's built from BPA-free, food-safe Tritan and polypropylene plastic. Similar to the stainless steel option above, the HidrateSpark 3 bottle syncs with the Hidrate app and has a sensor to log your water intake and lights that can be customized to remind you to sip. Instead of a puck, though, it has a sensor stick that stands upright inside the bottle.

This water bottle doesn't feature insulation, but it does have a soft silicone sleeve to give you extra grip in case the bottle sweats. While the battery isn't rechargeable, it is replaceable — plus, it can “last months,” according to HydrateSpark. To prevent damage to the sensor, this bottle shouldn't be used with hot drinks. The lid and bottom ring are dishwasher-safe, but the bottle itself needs to be washed by hand. Its shipping weight clocks in at less than a pound, it comes in two eye-catching colors, and you can try it for 30 days and return it for free if you aren’t satisfied.

One reviewer wrote: “I have purchased 4 total bottles for my family and we love them. Tracking my kids intake has been very helpful and they love the glow reminders and the competitive nature of reaching their goals. [...] The bottles are easy to clean, have no plastic smells and are comfortable to drink from and carry. I highly recommend this product for all ages.”

3. The Best Smart Water Bottle With A Bluetooth Speaker

The ICEWATER stainless steel water bottle features a removable Bluetooth speaker built into its base with lights you can set to flash every hour as a reminder to drink water. Or, toggle the settings to have the lights flash along to music. The speaker itself features 360-degree sound and a rechargeable battery.

The 20-ounce bottle has a double-wall vacuum-insulated body made of food-grade stainless steel, and it can keep water cold for up to 24 hours. You can also use this bottle for hot beverages — and it can keep them hot for up to 12 hours. It weighs less than a pound, and users have attested that it’s not only great for everyday use but also for travel and working out. It comes in 3 colors, as well as a Tritan plastic version.

One reviewer wrote: “I just received my Icewater bottle and it is great. The water bottle worked immediately; I did not have to charge it at all. This product did everything that was stated in the description prior to my purchase. The packaging was good, the water bottle looks beautiful and well-made. The light does flash to remind you that it’s time to drink. I am taking new medication which requires me to drink a lot of water so that was the attraction; this water bottle is perfect for me. The sound is clear. I turned up the volume and the sound remained clear. It was very easy to Bluetooth to my phone.”

4. The Easiest-To-Clean Glass Bottle For Tracking Water Intake

This smart water bottle is constructed of borosilicate glass with Tritan plastic parts, plus a silicone grip. It has a modular design that makes it easy to take it apart to clean, and everything except for the bottom of the bottle, which has the tracking sensors, is safe to run through the dishwasher. The bottle’s sensors track water intake after you shake it — so, when you want to sync your progress, open the Bellabeat app and shake the bottle. One user explained that you can sync it whenever you want, as you “[don’t] have to sync after every empty bottle.”

The bottle itself doesn’t have any lights to catch your attention, but you can set reminders via Bellabeat's app (which is compatible with both Android and iOS). The Bellabeat's Spring bottle weighs under 1 pound, but its capacity (16 ounces) is smaller than the above options. You can put any liquid in the bottle as long as it's not too hot or cold, as extreme temperatures can affect the tracking sensors in the base. The bottle features a replaceable battery can last up to six months, and comes with a one-year warranty.

While this bottle has mixed reviews, it's an undeniably cool-looking smart water bottle and the best available option with a glass body. Some reviewers don't love that it has a screw-top lid, isn't insulated, and can't be used with ice-cold water. Other reviewers think the shake technology is cumbersome and the data isn’t always super accurate. Plus, access to all the features in the Bellabeat app requires an add-on subscription — with that in mind, this bottle is a great fit for anyone who already has a Leaf or other Bellabeat device and app subscription.

One reviewer wrote: “I have always struggled with drinking enough water. I have tried everything under the sun but always forget or get distracted. What I like most is that I can keep track of my water intake using this product. I use my phone for loads of other things and love the fact that I can be reminded to take a sip/drink more water! Reminders are key! I like the design and the fact that it is made with BPA-free glass and non-toxic plastic-that's important for me. I eat organic foods as much as possible and like to make sure I don't use products with toxic chemicals if I can help it. The design is lovely and I take it with me everywhere. Highly recommended. I know my friends and family would love it.”

Also Great: This Little Device That Reminds You To Drink Water

When drinking more water is your goal, sometimes all it takes is a reminder to keep you on track. Just wrap the stretchy silicone band of this little ULLA device around any bottle (it even works with drinking glasses!), and watch it light up. It has sensors that can tell when you're nearby and if you haven't taken a sip in 30 to 40 minutes, at which point it will light up to remind you. It automatically shuts off in the dark or after you miss a few cycles, according to reviewers. It runs on a replaceable battery, which can run it for up to six months. The best part? It doesn't require an app to work.

One reviewer wrote: “I took it out of the box put it on my water bottle and started using it right away. I purposefully waited to drink water to see what would happen. It’s a bright LED white light that blinks rapidly to alert you that it’s been 30 to 40 minutes since the last time you had a drink. When you take a drink the light blinks slow and low, one time. I think this will work well as long as the bottle is in front of me but if I leave it\go out of the room I obviously wouldn’t be able to see the reminder.”

A Low-Tech Option: This Hydration-Tracking Bottle

If you're looking for a low-tech option for tracking how much water you drink throughout the day, consider the popular Joseph Joseph Dot hydration-tracking bottle. It has racked up nearly 3,000 ratings on Amazon and 4.4 stars overall. What sets this apart from a plain bottle are its four little dots in the lid that you can manually turn to track how many bottles you’ve had each day. The bottle is made from Tritan plastic that's dishwasher-safe — just make sure to wash the leakproof lid by hand. Snag the bottle in this 20-ounce version or a slightly larger 25-ounce one, and choose from a few colors.

One reviewer wrote: “There is something so satisfying about clicking the lid and seeing the dots add up over the day! I've always been struggling drinking enough water and nothing has worked in the past - logs, phone apps, check lists, every type of water bottle size, multiple water bottles that I had to drink before the days was over, etc. I've tried it all - this works! Finally! Brilliantly simple! Add a reward when you get the four dots and you're golden! A+ Product.”