The 10 Best Spice Racks To Organize Your Kitchen In A Pinch

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You reach into the cabinet to grab the oregano or rosemary only to confront chaos. These are the moments when a spice rack will change your life. Whether you’re a cooking minimalist who needs a rack for 10 spices or you’re searching for a larger model to hold your growing spice collection, the best spice racks make it easy to see and grab what you need in a flash — and they’ll come in a design that suits your space.

There’s a wide range of spice rack solutions — all with pros and cons. Here’s what you need to know about each:

  • Tiered Shelf: This design allows spices to sit on their own level instead of a messy pile. The one drawback is you might have a hard time discerning the labels on your bottles.
  • Countertop Spice Racks: This pick lets you see what you have on hand and give you fast access to spices, which is ideal if you’re constantly cooking. But be sure you have sufficient counter space to spare.
  • Wall-Mounted Design: There are a few ways to utilize that handy wall space, including mounting spice racks with screws, using magnetic refrigerator models, or adhering grips inside cabinets that let you store spices wherever there’s vertical space. Some of these options are more permanent though and you may have to transfer spices into magnetic spice containers.
  • In-Drawer Racks: Though these racks take up an entire drawer in some cases, they allow you to clearly see every spice jar, making cooking and baking a breeze. Plus, they keep spices out of sight when not in use.

There’s a spice rack size and model on this list for everyone’s needs — including an affordable pick with more than 14,000 reviews that will save you major space.

1. A Tiered Spice Rack That Expands

For maximum ease of use, this three-tiered spice rack includes two separate shelves (one large and one medium) that slide together in a way that can be expanded to accommodate the specific dimensions of your cabinet. Made of sturdy steel mesh with a small ledge to prevent spices from falling, the shelves are able to hold up to 36 average-sized spice jars, allowing you to easily access a considerable collection without taking up too much space.

Helpful Review: “I've searched high and low for the perfect spice organizer and I’m happy to say I've found it. I ordered two because I have so many spices. They are expandable and have different tiers to fit huge bottles of spices along with short stubby spice jars. The tiers aspect allows you to see them all at once and because each tier has a guard you won't knock any over when you reach to pull spices from the back tier. This spice rack is amazing!!!”

2. A Revolving Rack That Comes With Spices

This sleek revolving spice rack is an incredible deal. Not only are you supplied up front with 20 commonly used spices with clearly labeled caps, but five years of free spice refills are included. This polished stainless steel rack comes in three different capacities (12, 16, or the 20 jars shown here). Its vertical caddy design saves valuable countertop space on top of letting you easily see and access spices. This popular pick has more than 11,000 reviews on Amazon.

Helpful Review: “I am so happy with this purchase! I love the look of it, it’s got a mid-century modern type feel which is perfect for my decor. Not only is it pretty but the spices are top notch!! I’m an avid cook and love all of them. Such a great bundle of spices and at an awesome price. Highly recommended.”

3. Or, A More Affordable Rotating Spice Rack Without Spices

If you don’t need spices and just require a rack, this stainless steel rotating spice rack takes full advantage of vertical space and is more affordable than the above pick. The revolving carousel design allows you to clearly see exactly what you have on hand and access it quickly. The rack comes in a capacity of 16 jars, as well as round or square jars. Transfer spices into the jars and make your spice collection look neat and organized using the included customizable and reusable labels.

Helpful Review: “We have been looking for a spice rack that could hold a decent amount of spices. We are spice snobs so we wanted one that didn't come already pre-filled. It was hard to find but this one was perfect. Holds a lot of spices and you can write on the lids so we were able to put whatever we want in them!”

4. A Criss-Cross Countertop Spice Rack Made Of Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Pop your spice jars into this criss-cross designed spice rack and see your kitchen transformed into an organized cooking oasis. With an 18-jar capacity (note that spice jars are not included), you can rest this rack horizontally or vertically or buy a few and stack multiple units on top of one another for even more storage. Made from eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo, this rack is not only durable but a great choice for the environment.

Helpful Review: “I love the simple and sleek look of this product. The bamboo assembly is good quality and looks durable and will last a long time! Easy to clean and maintain with no small or moving parts. Looks nice on the counter.”

5. The Magnetic Spice Rack That Sticks To Appliances

These magnetic spice tins make great use of that often under-utilized storage space: the fridge and other appliances. The set includes 12 empty magnetic tins, each with a clear lid so you can see the spices within, in addition to 144 chalkboard spice labels and 128 stickers that feature the most common spice names, as well as eight blank stickers. One neat feature includes the sift and pour design of each tin, which allows you to either shake or pour out your spice depending on your needs. This pick has more than 6,000 reviews.

Helpful Review: “My family cooks a lot and we had two drawers jammed full of spices and it was always a pain to find them. These magnetic spice tins are amazing. We have them stuck to the side of our fridge and it's such a nice, colorful, off-the-counter way to store them. I don't have to dig through drawers anymore to find what I'm looking for, and it makes me remember that we have spices when I'm cooking something without a specific recipe.”

6. An In-Drawer Spice Rack For Keeping Spices At-Hand But Out Of Sight

One of the best solutions to a spice-pocalypse situation, a spice drawer organizer lets you clearly see and quickly access your spices. This spice rack — which can fit up to 32 spice jars and measures 16.5 x 13.25 x 1.5 inches [[we use “by” instead of “x” when it appears in copy]] in the large size featured here — is made of sturdy and durable alloy steel and comes with four tiers with ample room to stack your jars in an organized fashion. It’s also available in three other sizes to fit a range of drawers and many reviewers comment that the drawer height clearance is no problem.

Helpful Review: “This unit is really a no-brainer, if you're tired of having a crowded, disorganized, impossible-to-find-anything spice ‘section’ of your kitchen, just get a set of these. You will not be disappointed, all sorts of size jars fit in the rack and the fact that they're at an angle lets you easily read what's in what jar. This spice organization unit is fantastic, well worth the money.”

7. This Wall-Mounted Spice Rack You Can Customize

Mount this set of four single-tier spice racks to the wall using screws (all hanging hardware is included) in any arrangement that suits you, from one on top of the other to side-by-side. Each iron rack fits up to six spice jars for a total capacity of 24 jars. Choose between a chrome or black finish depending on your decor.

Helpful Review: “This is great product that looks elegantly unobtrusive and gives flexibility on how to install. I’m so happy to have our spices out of a jumbled mess in our cabinet.”

8. A Concealed Spice Rack That Looks Sleek On Countertops

If you’re looking to keep those spices super organized but also keep them well-hidden, this spice rack does a great job of satisfying both needs. Accommodating up to 24 spice jars, the compact plastic rack includes adjustable dividers so you can customize the shelving space to fit any combination of short or tall spice jars. Three drop-down drawers make it easy to see what you have on hand, and 100 labels are included to keep spices organized. This pick comes in six sizes, including options for 18 and 30 spice jars.

Helpful Review: “The drawers open smoothly and if you pull them all the way out they bend down so you can see clearly what is there. I like that the spices are contained in something, and not out in the open like our previous rack, getting dirty from food splatters.”

9. These Space-Saving Spice Grippers With A Cult Following

These spice grippers are versatile enough to take advantage of different kinds of vertical space, including the inside of cabinets. Each set comes with four strips with pre-applied adhesive (strong 3M tape), and each strip contains five grips that hold tightly and securely onto round spice jars, giving you a total storage capacity of 20 jars. As a special feature, the strip can break into individual grips for extra customization. With nearly 14,000 ratings on Amazon, these spice grips are both a popular and affordable spice storage solution.

Helpful Review: “Love, love, love this! I have old narrow cabinets and not nearly enough of them so I desperately needed a new way to organize all my herbs and spices. [...] I didn't even have to screw them into my cabinets. If you follow the directions and let them cure 24 hours, the self-adhesive works great!”

10. A Luxe Wooden Spice Rack That Holds 60 Spices

If you are the curator of a serious spice collection (and maybe the next Top Chef), this large spice rack should keep your prized compilation neat, organized, and easily accessible. Designed to sit on the countertop, it comes with 60 included empty glass spice jars as well as 315 pre-printed labels. Constructed of solid wood, this is the type of luxe piece that is practical, beautiful, and you’ll own it forever. Choose between five different finishes, including bamboo and cherry stain, to suit your kitchen’s decor. It has a nearly perfect 4.8-star rating and also comes in a 30-jar option.

A Fan Says: “This is worth every penny. The wood is cabinet grade quality and truly beautiful. The simplicity of design does not add visual clutter to the counter top. All you really see is the perfect alignment of the lids with professional labels, framed by the rich wood. The lids are blank when shipped but included are preprinted labels that identify almost any commonly available spice. You can also have the company create additional labels if you need some for custom spices. The jars fit fully into the wooden box so you don't see them. This is a high end spice rack and worth every penny.”