The 5 Best Stovetop Waffle Makers

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Dreaming of delicious waffle breakfasts, but don’t have the counter space for yet another appliance? The best stovetop waffle irons are made from cast iron or aluminum, and are compatible with multiple cooktops.

As the name implies, these waffle makers are designed to be put directly on your stovetop, and they usually work on gas and electric cooktops, as well as camping stoves or open fires. The two most common materials for stovetop waffles irons are cast iron and cast aluminum, because both materials distribute heat well to evenly cook waffles. Cast iron waffle irons are more durable and are naturally nonstick, but they do need to be seasoned before you cook with them. Cast aluminum waffle irons come with a nonstick coating that doesn’t require maintenance, but they shouldn’t be used with metal utensils as this can cause the coating to wear off over time. Whichever material you choose, stovetop waffle irons should be washed by hand after each use.

Beyond material, you’ll also want to consider the waffle maker’s construction. Some irons have a hinged-top design and can be flipped over to cook waffles on both sides, while others have a griddle design that cooks on one side and requires you to flip waffles over with a spatula. A hinged iron tends to give waffles better pockets on both sides, but griddle irons have less surface area to clean and take up less storage space.

If you’re a waffle purist, you’ll likely prefer a hinged waffle iron with an old-fashioned design that makes classic waffles. However, if you want to bring a bit more fun to your mornings, look for irons that make different shapes, such as bubble, silver dollar, or heart-shaped waffles.

I created a detailed list of the best stovetop waffle irons on Amazon, so you won’t need to waste time waffling over which one is right for you.

1. The Best Cast Iron Pick

If you’re a fan of classic waffles, there’s no need to look any further — this traditional stovetop waffle iron is the pick for you. It has a round shape and a 6.8-inch diameter with classic square pockets and a hinged design, so you can easily get a golden brown crisp on both sides. This waffle iron is only an inch tall, which allows it to cook waffles quickly, and it imprints marks on your waffles to help you cut or pull them into quarters. Made from cast iron, it’s naturally nonstick, and although it is not dishwasher-friendly, it can be separated into two parts for easier cleaning.

One fan raved: “Now that I've had this for nearly a year, I figured I'd give a review. I seasoned it well when I first received it and continue to grease well with every use. I've never had a problem with it sticking. Make sure it's throughly heated and greased before using and you are set! Definitely my favorite kitchen and camping tool. Fun to use, compact and beautiful!”

2. The Best Cast Aluminum Pick

For thicker waffles, this cast aluminum Belgian waffle iron can’t be beat. It makes four waffles per batch and is 2 inches tall to create deep pockets that are perfect for pooling syrup. Like the previous pick, this one has a hinged design that cooks on both sides, and the two pieces can be separated for easier hand-washing. This iron is made from cast aluminum with heat-resistant handles and a nonstick PFOA-free coating, so it’s easy to slide your waffles out when they’re done.

One fan raved: “This is a really great pan to make waffles in. I make sourdough pancakes all the time and thought it would be fun to make waffles. I found this cast-iron pan on Amazon and ordered it. A few days later I was making waffles every day instead of pancakes. You just put the batter in cook it on one side and then flip it over to cook on the other. The waffle pops right out of the pan I never had any problem with things sticking and it’s so easy to clean.

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3. The Best Mini Waffle Griddle

If you prefer your waffles in a miniature size, this silver dollar waffle griddle is a great way to make tiny, perfect waffles every time. It can make seven silver dollar sized waffles per batch, and even though it has an open griddle design, you can still get pockets on both sides of your waffles by flipping each one with a spatula and pressing down on it as it cooks. This option is crafted from cast aluminum with a PFOA-free nonstick finish, and it should be washed by hand. The lightweight design makes it easy to store this iron, whether you’re putting it in your cabinet with other pans or hanging it with the convenient handle hole.

One fan raved: “I use this thing so much. It's so easy to use. It makes perfect waffles. It cleans up easily. It stores easily! It just checks off all my wants. I have used both a silicone brush and oil spray when cooking. A spray has worked just fine for me, and is a bit quicker than brushing oil on the iron.”

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4. The Best Heart-Shaped Waffle Iron

It’s hard not to fall in love with this cute waffle iron, which can make five heart-shaped waffles per batch. It has a hinged design to help you get an even cook on both sides, and 3.5-inch cavities that create thicker waffles. Like the other NordicWare irons, it is made from cast aluminum with a nonstick coating and has a plastic handle. For easier cleaning by hand, this waffle iron can be broken down into two pieces by unhooking the hinge.

One fan raved: “I cooked the waffles on my gas stove at medium/low heat for 1:45 seconds per side. I used a waffle recipe from This works so much better than the countertop waffle maker I'd been using that took forever to heat up and cook. Unless the handles break I should have this wafflemaker for decades.”

5. The Best Bubble Waffle Iron

If you’re looking for an alternative to Belgium-style waffles, try this bubble waffle iron instead. Also known as egg waffles, bubble waffles are a popular treat in Hong Kong and can not only be eaten for breakfast, but can easily be turned into an ice cream cone. This waffle iron is made from cast aluminum with a PFOA-free nonstick coating and can be used on gas and electric stoves. It has a hinged design that cooks bubble waffles with crispy exteriors and fluffy insides. It also has a heat-resistant handle to make flipping easier, and the handle has a convenient hole for hanging on pot racks. When breakfast is finished, allow this pan to cool completely before washing it by hand to maintain the nonstick coating.

One fan raved: “I bought this for my boyfriend, because he always talks about the egg waffle he had in Boston a few years ago. He LOVED this. It works so well. I have a gas stove, and it works wonderful! I got a recipe for the egg waffle online, and they were so good. This pan is so easy to use, and super easy to clean! I would recommend!!!”