The 5 Best Thermometers For Candle Making

A must-have for all candlemakers.

by Lauren Moison
Prisca Laguna/Shutterstock
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If you’ve decided to delve into the world of candle making, having a good thermometer is essential to the process. The best thermometers for candle making report temperatures quickly on an easy-to-read display, and they’re easy to clean when you’re done. They can also boast convenient features, like pot clips and auto on and off functions, that make them simple to use.

What To Consider When Choosing A Thermometer For Candle Making

When shopping for thermometers, there are three main options to choose from. Keep in mind that candle-making waxes have different pouring temperatures, with the highest being 180 degrees Fahrenheit — the thermometers on this list easily cover this range.

  • Digital probe thermometers are inserted into the wax and display a temperature reading in as little as two seconds. Some also have pivoting probes that may make it easier to hold them at a comfortable angle.
  • Dial thermometers provide non-digital readings on a classic dial face and let you clearly see how your wax is heating or cooling. They don’t require batteries, and the one on this list features an extra-long probe that makes it easier to reach the bottom of deep pots.
  • Digital infrared thermometers are contactless and allow you to simply point the thermometer at the wax and obtain a lightning-fast reading. They’re mess-free, but they may only read the surface temperature of the wax, which could be slightly different than the temperature in the middle of the pot.

As for cleaning, candle-making thermometers are usually wiped down before washing with hot, soapy water. Most of the digital options on this list have a water resistance rating of at least IPX5, meaning they can be rinsed under lightly running water without worry.

Lastly, consider if there are any additional features that might come in handy. Some thermometers have alarm functions that glow red when you’ve reached a pre-set temperature, while others boast rotating displays that’ll automatically show the temperature right side up no matter which way it’s held — an especially nice feature for left-handed people.

Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced candlemaker looking for an upgrade, scroll on to check out the best thermometers for candle making on Amazon.

1. The Overall Best Digital Thermometer For Candle Making


  • Alarm function when desired temperature is met
  • Clips onto the side of your pot
  • Adjustable display can be rotated up or down for optimal viewing


  • Most expensive option on the list

While this digital thermometer is one of the pricier options on this list, it has a few really convenient features that make it well worth it. First, the included pot clip and 8-inch probe mean you’ll get ongoing readings to follow the progression of your wax. Additionally, the backlit display will flash when your candle wax (or anything else, for that matter) reaches your desired temperature. The LCD display also rotates and can be tilted up or down for optimal viewing, and it has a temperature range between -58 and 572 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, it’ll automatically shut off after 10 minutes of inactivity. An IPX5 rating means it can withstand light splashes when cleaning the probe, and you can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit as needed.

One reviewer wrote: “This thermometer was not cheap, but it is worth every penny. It is digital and very easy to read. It has a clip so it stays put on the side of your vessel. And the best part, you can set it to notify you when a certain temperature is reached; this means that you can actually turn your back on the stove while you have something cooking! Just set it for a few degrees under what you want to reach to be safe! Wow! It cleans very easily under running water, and the housing is sturdy and durable. I have used it several times and have not been unhappy with it or disappointed yet!”

Temperature range: -58 — 572 degrees Fahrenheit | Response time: 5 seconds | Water resistance rating: IPX5 | Probe length: 8 inches | Battery: 1 AAA, included

2. The Best Dial Thermometer For Candle Making


  • Clamp for attaching to the side of the pot
  • Displays Fahrenheit and Celsius at the same time
  • No batteries to replace
  • Cheapest option on the list


  • Not an instant reading
  • Has the smallest temperature range on the list

If you prefer a battery-free option, this dial thermometer is a great pick. It features a 12-inch stainless steel probe and a convenient clip that keeps it securely attached to the side of your pot. Blue, red, and green temperature ranges help indicate the ideal zones for candle wax, and this thermometer can display temperatures ranging between 0 and 220 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s also a recalibration nut under the dial that lets you manually calibrate it if necessary. And because there are no batteries, you can easily wash it without worrying about damage.

One reviewer wrote: “This really is the best thermometer for candle making. I love that it clips on to the side and I love that I don’t have to keep turning it on.”

Temperature range: 0 — 220 degrees Fahrenheit | Response time: n/a | Water resistance rating: Not listed | Probe length: 12 inches | Battery: n/a

3. An Under $15 Digital Thermometer That’s Highly Water-Resistant


  • Can be washed under water
  • Less than $15


  • Doesn’t have a swiveling probe, magnetic back, or alarm function

Candle-making can get messy, and if you’re looking for a digital option that can be easily cleaned after use, this waterproof thermometer has an IPX7 rating that allows you to place the entire unit under running water to clean it. The thermometer can read temperatures ranging between -58 and 572 degrees Fahrenheit and can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit as needed. What’s more, the 5-inch stainless steel probe provides a reading within three seconds, and the thermometer has a convenient auto-off feature that’ll turn the unit off after 10 minutes to save the included battery. And it does all that for under $12.

One reviewer wrote: “I used this for taking the temperature of the wax in making candles and it worked terrifically! Easy to clean and to use.”

Temperature range: -58 — 572 degrees Fahrenheit | Response time: 2 — 3 seconds | Water resistance rating: IPX7 | Probe length: 5 inches | Battery: 1 LR44, included

4. A Digital Thermometer That Folds For Compact Storage


  • Probe folds down when not in use
  • Rotating display is good for left-handed users
  • Motion sensor auto on/off
  • Magnetic back


  • The 4.3-inch probe is the shortest on the list

This popular thermometer on Amazon has earned over 23,000 five-star ratings from shoppers who love its convenient features and easy-to-use design, with one reviewer writing, “It is accurate, well made, and has some really practical features that make it simple to use.” It has a 4.3-inch probe that folds for compact storage, and a built-in motion sensor provides sleep mode, auto-on, and auto-off features. In addition, the backlit, rotating display shows your readings right side up no matter which way you’re holding it, making it a great option for left-handed candlemakers. A magnetic backing is useful for hanging and storing on metal surfaces, and it has a temperature range of -58 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. With an IP65 rating, it can be washed under running water, and it’s dustproof. The thermometer also comes with the AAA battery needed for use.

One reviewer wrote: “I use this specifically for making my soy candles. I love that this shows the temp right side up when holding with either your left or right hand and it's so quick to show the temp. Definitely buying more for my kitchen!”

Temperature range: -58 — 572 degrees Fahrenheit | Response time: 3 — 4 seconds | Water resistance rating: IP65 | Probe length: 4.3 inches | Battery: 1 AAA, included

5. The Best Infrared Thermometer


  • Quickly offers no-touch, mess-free readings


  • Measures surface temperature of the wax, not the inside/middle

For an instant, mess-free reading, this infrared thermometer is easy to use and doesn’t require contact with your candle wax. Simply point the infrared laser at your wax and press the trigger to get a reading. It has a huge temp range of -58 to 716 degrees Fahrenheit, so there’s no question it’ll work for your wax, and has a backlit LCD screen to clearly display the reading. You can choose to save the most recent temperature with the data hold option, and you have the option to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius as needed. The 9-volt battery required for use is included in the thermometer handle, and you can choose from blue, orange, or yellow options. While this thermometer won’t give you the internal temp of your wax, it’s a good way to get a general temperature reading and is well-suited for use with shallow containers.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought this to measure the temperature of wax for my candle making endeavor. It is so easy to handle since it doesn't actually touch the wax, and the display is bright and easy to read.”

Temperature range: -58 — 716 degrees Fahrenheit | Response time: Less than 0.5 seconds | Water resistance rating: Not waterproof | Probe length: n/a | Battery: 1 9-volt, included