The 10 Best Toys For Bengal Cats, According To Pet Owners

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by Masha Vapnitchnaia

Because the breed is known for being intelligent, curious, and playful, the best toys for Bengal cats have an interactive component that feeds their need to explore and allows them to be on the move. And since Bengal cats are also incredibly social and attached to their humans, they’ll be grateful for toys you can engage with together. There are also toys that require no effort on your part, though you’ll want to supervise playtime if the toy features string, feathers, or small pieces.

For solo play, you’ll find several types of toys that are good to have on hand when you can supervise but not participate. First, there are moving options with battery-powered motors that will keep your cat on the chase. You can also look for toys with a puzzle component or nooks and crannies to explore, keeping boredom at bay. Additionally, a multi-level playground with lots of interactive components can satisfy a Bengal’s need to perch high up.

If you’re playing together, bouncy springs are a fun way to teach your Bengal to fetch or simply have fun. And wands with lures are also a good way for your kitty to work off some energy.

You’ll probably want to invest in a variety of options so your feline never gets bored — and since cats are notoriously finicky, you might want to try a few to see what they like best. Luckily, many of the best toys for Bengal cats below are very affordable, so you can stock up on some favorites — or even get a set of 24 toys — without breaking the bank.

1. This Realistic Flopping Fish

This plush fish has a built-in motion sensor that triggers it to start flopping around when kitty is near. It’s available in four designs of different fish species and comes with a pouch of catnip that you can place inside the fish. The toy charges with the included USB cable, and depending on how often your Bengal plays, one charge can last up to a week. It’s a popular cat toy, earning more than 15,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.

One cat owner’s take: “The best part of this toy is that it pauses flopping after not being moved. So my Bengal walks over, taps it like it’s checking to see if it’s alive, it starts flopping, and then he goes to town. He definitely does flips.”

2. An Interactive Cat Track

Featuring three levels of tracks and three colorful spinning balls, this interactive toy will keep your feline happily occupied. The tower has a nonslip base and a safety bar on the top to prevent kitty’s paws from getting caught. This model has earned more than 35,000 five-star reviews, and it also comes in seven other styles than the one shown above.

One cat owner’s take: “My two Bengal cats love this. Their favorite toy that they don’t tire of. It’s been two weeks now and they’re batting away still at it, daily. A reliable, colorful product! It stays put as well on my hardwood floors.”

3. The $3 Fan-Favorite Cat Dancer Toy

Earning more than 19,000 five-star ratings, this Cat Dancer toy is a hit with cats and their owners — and it only costs $3. The simple toy consists of a bouncy spring steel wire and rolled-up cardboard “bait” that’s irresistible for Bengals that like to jump. Your cat can swipe at the dancing cardboard while you bond during interactive playtime.

One cat owner’s take: “It blows my mind how much my cats love this toy. They go absolutely crazy when it comes out of the drawer [...] My Bengal will play with it until she almost passes out from exertion.”

4. A 24-Piece Toy Set That Includes A Tunnel

This assortment of cat toys is a great way to get to know your feline’s play preferences and provide them with a ton of variety. The set includes a collapsible cat tunnel, a teaser wand, an interactive feather toy, balls, springs, and fluffy mice. It’s no surprise that it’s earned more than 26,000 five-star reviews from cat lovers on Amazon.

One cat owner’s take: “The various toy choices are great for Bengals who get bored quickly. After she got tired with 1, there were plenty of others to keep her busy! The toy quality was good too - all of them are still intact.”

5. This Multi-Level Cat Playground

With lots of levels and perching posts, this cat playground is a Bengal’s dream. The playground has sisal scratching poles, two condo hideouts, and an interactive busy box. There are also other play elements, including plush balls on strings and springs and a feathery prey toy. This model is 69 inches tall with a 19.7-by-19.7-inch base. It comes in two colors and has earned more than 3,000 five-star reviews, but the brand makes an additional 34 playgrounds of different sizes.

One cat owner’s take: “This is the best cat tower I've ever seen. It has several toys that dangle, and the box is a favorite for my cats. It was easy to put together and has great quality parts. Plenty of ways for them to climb up and not get bored with. It feels really sturdy too.”

6. A Pack Of Colorful Spirals With A Near-Perfect Rating

Made from BPA-free plastic that’s safer for cats and kittens, these colorful springs bounce and roll unpredictably, sending cats into a frenzy. This 60-pack includes blue, yellow, and red spirals — enough to last through many play sessions and great if you have multiple cats. The set has earned an impressive 4.9-star overall rating after more than 3,000 reviews.

One cat owner’s take: “My bengal loves playing fetch and these springs are his favorite toy! I have hardwood floor[s] and it helps out with the springs going everywhere as he plays.”

7. This 3-Way Tunnel For Bengal Kittens

This collapsible, three-way tunnel has a steel frame that’s strong enough for active Bengal kittens. It has a tear-resistant polyester cover, a hanging ball to swat at one of the exits, and a peephole. Each tunnel is around 10 inches tall and 17 inches deep, so full-grown Bengal cats might find it a bit too small. It’s available in two color options and folds down for easy storage.

One cat owner’s take: “The cats love it. Easy to store when not in use, but it will never happen. The design will ensure the tunnels won’t deform over time. For the price, this is a must have for cat lovers.”

8. A Motorized Feather Toy For Interactive Solo Play

Two motors inside this interactive toy work independently, which allows it to change directions unpredictably, keeping your kitty on its toes. The moving toy has a built-in sensor that lets it change direction when it hits an obstacle, ensuring that it never gets stuck, and it has LED lights that change colors. The toy works just as well on wood, tile, and carpeted floor and has a USB-rechargeable battery (charging cord not included). You’ll get a full charge in three hours, and the battery can run for eight hours.

It automatically shuts off after 10 minutes and restarts after an hour and a half, so it’s a perfect toy for keeping your Bengal entertained when you can’t play. But because of the toy’s motorized design and feather, you’ll still want to keep an eye on kitty during playtime.

One cat owner’s take: “My cats get bored very easily, but with this thing they just GO nuts. It's literally the best toy I have gotten them. It's durable and strong, fast and fun for them. And I love that it's USB charged.”

9. A Toy Mat That Taps Into Hunting Instincts

The Hot Pursuit cat toy engages your cat’s hunting instincts with moving lights and a hidden wand that mimics the movements of prey. The battery-operated toy has various speed settings to keep your cat entertained, and it’s backed by over 11,000 five-star reviews.

One cat owner’s take: “This interactive toy is absolutely perfect for my two active Bengals! They love pouncing on the arm as it moves around under the covering. They prefer the faster setting. The material is durable and easy enough to flip back over.”

10. This Vibrant Cat Charmer

This simple wand toy has earned a 4.8-star overall rating after more than 16,000 reviews. The polycarbonate wand can withstand 28 pounds and flexes easily without breaking. The rainbow fabric is also colorfast, so will keep its brightness over time.

One cat owner’s take: “Bought for my sister's Bengal kitty that quickly destroys toys she likes. She loved this toy! And is still playing with it. Seems to be holding up well and she gets a lot of entertainment and exercise out of it.”