The 6 Best Universal Wine Glasses That Let Every Grape Shine

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When you’re in the mood for a glass of wine — whether it’s a bold red, light-bodied white, or refreshing rosé — it’s helpful to have a glass that complements the flavor of whatever you’re drinking. But having a glass for every varietal gets expensive fast (and takes up tons of space). That’s where the the best universal wine glasses come in. They're mid-range in size and shaped to bring out the flavor and aroma of your wine of choice — no matter the varietal — and they feel lightweight and well-balanced in your hand. Also great: Many of these glasses are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

A quick overview: Different types of glasses enhance the flavors of different varietals. In general, whites and rosés are served in glasses with smaller bowls to preserve acidity and delicate aromas, while helping to maintain cooler temperatures. Reds, on the other hand, do well in big bowls that allow for aeration, which can help tame bitterness caused by tannins, so you get a smoother sipping experience. Universal wine glasses fall somewhere in the middle — they have mid-size bowls that allow vino to breathe and tapered rims to focus delicate aromas, so your wine has a chance to shine, no matter the varietal. Most universal glasses also have well-proportioned stems that are comfortable to hold and which also prevent your hand from warming the wine (which can happen if you grasp the bowl) — but if you like the stem-free look and you’re less concerned with wine temperature, you can also opt for a versatile stemless wine glass set.

As far as materials, you have a choice between lead-free crystal and glass. Usually the pricier choice, crystal refracts light for an eye-catching sparkle, and it’s thin while still maintaining durability. Glass is also durable, but it's usually thicker, which picky wine drinkers may not prefer. On the upside — it tends to be more affordable.

Having one all-purpose stemware set is economical, convenient, and saves major cabinet space, and these are the best universal wine glasses on Amazon that’ll help you enjoy whichever type of wine strikes your fancy.

1. The Overall Best

With more than 1,000 five-star reviews, a relatively affordable price, and an elegant design, the Schott Zwiesel universal wine glass set checks all the boxes for most wine enthusiasts. The set is made from durable Tritan crystal glass, which is resistant to chips, scratches, and breaks, so it's perfect for wine drinkers who are all thumbs. Plus, the moderate stem height provides the perfect balance for every sip, and the thin, beveled rims serve your wine drinking well.

  • Capacity: 18.6 ounces
  • Dishwasher safe: yes
  • Available in sets of 2, 4, and 6

According to a wine enthusiast: “I saw these in a nice restaurant in San Francisco and loved them immediately - they have nice weight to them, a clean shape, and are clearly high-quality glass … They are a nice size and while not big and bulbous like a "typical" red wine glass I use them for red and white and they are fabulous.”

2. The Best Budget Glasses

If you want to spend a little less, these all-purpose wine glasses are an affordable and timeless choice. The glasses have classic rounded bowls that'll move seamlessly from your weeknight dinner table to more formal celebrations, and the mid-range size works equally well for reds and whites. Made from Libbey’s signature ClearFire glass, they feature relatively thin walls for clarity and strength and laser-cut, chip-resistant rims. And if you prefer, Libbey also offers a stemless option with a classic bowl shape that's similar to these stemmed glasses.

  • Capacity: 16 ounces
  • Dishwasher-safe: yes
  • Available in sets of 4

According to a wine enthusiast: “Excellent, all around wine glasses. [...] I couldn't be happier with them. They have a nice amount of weight to them but a thin rim and a pleasing grip. The shape is pretty good, if not perfect, for most the aromatics of most wines to come through.”

3. A Cult-Favorite Splurge

Zalto wine glasses are a bit of a cult favorite, earning high praise from wine experts like Marissa Ross for their lightweight and well-balanced design and, according to reviewers, they legitimately elevate the sipping experience. Zalto wine glasses are handblown from European crystal and feature medium bowls, slim stems, and ultra-thin lips. Perhaps most notably, each glass is specifically angled to create "cosmic parallels" in accordance with the tilt angles of earth, which — supposedly — enhances the flavor and aroma of wine. (If you're intrigued, by this, you'll definitely want to read into biodynamic wine practices.) And while these crystal wine glasses are delicate, Zalto actually recommends washing them in the dishwasher to avoid breaking them during overzealous hand-washing.

  • Capacity: 18 ounces
  • Dishwasher-safe: yes
  • Available in sets of 1, 2, and 6

According to a wine enthusiast: “I bought a set for my best friend's wedding. We subsequently did some taste tests with various wines and various wine glasses. We were very surprised to find that we enjoyed the wine more in the Zalto - it really is worth the hype! Definitely a splurge, but a great gift for a wine aficionado.”

4. The Best For Decanting

If you want a glass designed to strike a balance between big wines like Bordeaux blends and Napa reds, as well as delicate white varietals like sauvignon blanc, opt for these crystal wine glasses. Each glass features a broad base and curved shape to help aerate bold reds, but since the opening is still relatively narrow, it’s great for maintaining cool temperatures and showcasing the subtle aromas of whites and sparkling wines. The glasses are crafted from machine-made Austrian crystal that’s both sturdy and elegant, and one reviewer reported that the lips are relatively thin, but not quite as thin as Zalto glasses.

  • Capacity: 8 ounces
  • Dishwasher-safe: yes
  • Available in sets of 1, 2, 6, and 24

According to a wine enthusiast: “We first found these glasses at a local champagne bar, and I bought these as a gift for my husband.They are beautiful and very functional - great all purpose wine glasses. We use them for champagne, red wine, white wine. Classy looking on a table.”

5. The Best Universal Stemless Wine Glasses

If you’re partial to stemless wine glasses, this affordable set features wide bowls that do a great job of showing off reds, as well as big whites like chardonnay and Viognier. Even better, the set also works well for cocktails, so you can use these for Old Fashioneds, too. They’re made from shatter-resistant glass with a base that’s less likely to tip over than stemmed wine glasses, so there’s less risk of spilling. However, if you’re worried about temperature affecting your wine’s taste, these may not be the best choice because your hand will warm the glass as you drink.

The set of four glasses arrives in gift-ready packaging, but one note: If you tend to to favor more light-bodied whites like pinot grigio and sauvignon blanc, it might be worth considering Libbey's classic stemless wine glasses, which have smaller bowls.

  • Capacity: 15 ounces
  • Dishwasher-safe: yes
  • Available in sets of 4

According to a wine enthusiast: “They hold a generous amount of wine and with the flat bottom are very sturdy. The shape lends itself to either red or white wine so you don't have to worry about picking the right glass."

6. A Style-Savvy Set Made From Hammered Glass

For a twist on a classic, check out these unique stemless wine glasses made with hammered glass. Although there a touch thicker than other options, the textured glasses refract light, so they'll sparkle on your table, and they'll also give hands a firm grip when you take a drink. The mid-sized glasses do well with any varietal, but if you prefer, you can opt for narrower glasses that'll let delicate whites and sparkling wines shine even more.

  • Capacity: 17.75 ounces
  • Dishwasher-safe: yes
  • Available in sets of 8

According to a wine enthusiast: "This is a more 'robust' wine glass, The unique design of the base gives it great character. Good for reds (allows for breathing) and whites as well."