The 4 Best Vacuum/Mop Combos For Cleaning Every Surface

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by Andrea Hannah

When it comes to multifunctional products, a vacuum/mop combo makes cleaning hard floors a breeze. They're able to quickly pick up pet dander, dust, and dirt, while mopping up your surfaces so they're like new — and all this without taking up a lot of space in your closet. But, the best vacuum/mop combo for you will depend on whether you'd like a corded or cordless model, how much you are willing to spend, and if you're looking for a carpet-safe option.

Something you'll discover as you research the options out there? There are a ton of different high-quality vacuum/mop combos on the market, but one of the biggest difference between them is the cord. Some are cordless, some have a cord, and there are perks and downfalls to both. If you go with a cordless vacuum, you have tons of freedom to move about your entire house. That said, if you're cleaning a larger space, you may need to pause to recharge it. On the other hand, you won't need to stop to charge corded vacuum, but you won't have quite as much freedom to move around while you clean. However, thanks to their reliance on electricity versus batteries, corded vacuums do tend to be more powerful for the money.

You also want to consider what you need to clean. While all of these models below function as a vacuum and a mop in one, some of them will work on carpets while others are best saved for hard floors. By their design, some vacuum and mop combinations simultaneously mop and vacuum, which means your carpet will be mopped in the process.

Still aren't sure how to find the best vacuum/mop combo? Here are a few options to help you get started.

1. The Overall Best Cordless Vacuum/Mop Combo

With a cordless frame and a super affordable price tag, this vacuum/mop combination has won over thousands of Amazon reviewers. For one, it features strong suction powered by an 110-volt battery, as well as a row of LED lights along the front so you can steer this vacuum into tight spots and see what you're sucking up. Dirt and debris is trapped in a compartment that attaches to the thick disposable mop pad. The mop pad trails behind, mopping up your newly dirt-free floors. Then, when you're done, you can easily release the pad with a click of a button, releasing both the contents of the vacuum and the mop pad straight into your trash. One note: This vacuum/mop is better for hard surfaces, as the mop pad trails the vacuum. If you're looking for one that's safe for carpet, keep scrolling.

According to one reviewer: "Absolutely love this product. Great suction power and pick up ability! My floors look awesome in half the time versus sweeping and mopping!"

2. The Overall Best Corded Vacuum/Mop Combo

This corded vacuum and steam mop features multiple controls so you can choose to vacuum, steam, or do both at the same time. With a cyclonic vacuum, this appliance sucks up pet hair and pieces of debris, while the steam mop function eliminates over 99% of germs, according to manufacturers, simultaneously cleaning and sanitizing your floors. It features a dry tank technology that keeps the debris tank moisture-free, so it's easy to empty when you're done. While the manufacturer does not specify this works on carpets, reviewers have used this option with success on hard floors and to clean up small carpet spills.

According to one reviewer: "Throw your mop away. Throw out your mop, your broom, your husband, everything!!!! It picks up EVERYTHING while steam mopping. I shattered glass because I was going nuts with this thing and I kid you not, it sucked up every big and little piece on the floor."

3. The Best For Carpets & Hard Floors

Not only does this splurge-worthy corded vacuum/mop clean your tile and hardwood, but it can tackle your rugs, too. It features a unique microfiber roller brush that both pulls up debris and cleans your floors at the same time so it takes only a single pass. On top of that, this vacuum/mop has two separate tanks — one for clean water and one for dirty water — so you know that you aren't just spreading around dirty water while you clean. More than 7,000 five-star reviews on Amazon speak for themselves. Many reviewers use this on all manner of flooring (even carpets), and rave.

According to one reviewer: "This vacuum is amazing. It makes cleaning my floors so easy and convenient. I have a toddler and an infant and dark hard wood floors... not the best combo. But my house has never been cleaner now that I have this vacuum. It is the closest thing to a good hand and knees scrub."

4. The Best Vacuum/Mop Robot Vacuum

It doesn't get much easier to clean your floors than with a robot vacuum and mop. First, you can use the included remote control to set it to glide over your entire floor, sucking up dirt and debris. This robot has an open port, which means there's no roller brush. When it's finished vacuuming, just fill the 300-milliliter tank and let it mop on its own. This vacuum/mop comes with a device called the ElectroWall that sets parameters for where it can't go, so you won't have to worry about it trying to mop your carpets, or falling down stairs. You can set this genius little device to auto clean, spot clean, deep clean, or to clean around the edges. This will work on many different types of flooring, but reviewers with high-pile rugs warn that it's better suited for low-pile carpets.

According to one reviewer: "I absolutely love this thing. It’s fantastic. Super easy to use. The battery life lasts so long. Everything came in the package that I could need they even provide me with batteries. I love that it’s sweeps and mops for me I come home to a nice clean floor every day, I love it!"