The 3 Best Vacuums For Wool Rugs

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Best Vacuums For Wool Rugs

Typically, the more powerful a vacuum, the better it is — but not when it comes to the best vacuums for wool rugs. While wool pile is often resilient and holds up well to washing and traffic, long or tufted fibers may break if vacuumed too vigorously. As a result, when shopping for a vacuum, you'll need to consider the suction, the beater bar, and any additional features that are especially wool-friendy.

"Dyson and Shark vacuums are very popular, but both of these brands tend to have too much suction for wool products," according to rug expert and owner of Artifacts BJan Djahanbani, in a story with W Design Collective. Instead, find a balance when it comes to suction power. Look for an option that can get dirt, dust, and hair out from between the fibers, but won't damage them in the process. Or, for a versatile option, choose a vacuum with a wide range of suction power settings, so you can choose a lower one for your wool carpet.

Next, consider the beater bar, which is the long, spinning mechanism that loosens up dirt and debris. Most of the time, the beater bar has stiff bristles or hard fingers, but for wool carpet, the softer, the better. The best-selling options for delicate rugs will use ultra-soft bristles on their beater bars, and they may even be adjustable so you can customize the height (and to a large extent the intensity) of the bristles.

Last but not least, consider what additional features or accessories would be an asset in your home. This could be special interchangeable tools, jam protection, or even sonic vibrations that dislodge dirt with less damage. Keep reading to see the three best vacuums for wool rugs.

1. The Best Upright Vacuum

The Soniclean upright vacuum is specifically designed for soft, delicate carpets like wool. That's because, instead of overly damaging suction, it uses sonic technology that produces 200 vibrations per second, which loosens up the dirt that's been deeply embedded in the fibers. It also has a beater bar with extremely soft bristles, not to mention an adjustable vent system that helps you more effortlessly move the vacuum across soft carpets. Last but not least, the HEPA filter helps capture 99.97% of tiny particles and allergens, and the optional fragrance-dispensing system allows you to insert pods that make your home smell incredible. This vacuum is best-suited for rugs with piles under an inch in height.

One reviewer wrote: "This vacuum was purchased primarily to clean new wool carpet. In the short time we have used the vacuum it has met all of our expectations. It is compact and easy to move around, it cleans well without 'pilling' the wool carpet, and has been effective also on our wood floors."

2. The Best Handheld Vacuum — & The Most Affordable

Not everyone wants to drop a few hundred dollars on a vacuum. In that case (and as long as you don't mind bending down), the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser is a gentle and affordable pick. This handheld vacuum uses a cordless, rechargeable battery that runs for up to 17 minutes on a single charge. It also has three levels of filtration to pick up dirt, hair, and allergens — but despite its powerful cleaning abilities, it's still gentle enough for wool. It comes with three interchangeable tools, one of which is designed especially for upholstery and other delicate materials, so it won't damage the fibers.

One reviewer wrote: "This hand vac has excellent suction, long battery life and large bin so I can tidy up and get all the loose dog hair between vacuuming. I LOVE the motorized brush head which really picks up the hair off my wool rugs the first pass!"

3. The Best Canister Vacuum

Canister vacuums are typically more powerful than upright or handheld vacuums, because (since all the technology is located in a canister that rolls along behind you), there's no limit on the engine's size. As previously discussed, more power isn't always a good thing for wool rugs, but the Miele Complete C3 vacuum is the exception. First, it's specifically designed for use on soft rugs because it has a gentle-gliding beater bar with five adjustable heights for various piles. Second, it has six different suction settings as well as a mode for soft carpet, and third, the HEPA AirClean filter gets fine particles like dust and allergens. Thanks to the additional interchangeable tools, you can also use this one on hard floors and all around the house, making it a versatile tool that's still safe for your delicate wool rugs.

One reviewer wrote: "Most powerful, quiet, and versatile vacuum. [...] One rug is wool and after cleaning it looks like the color saturation and contrast had been restored to it in Photoshop! The airflow and suction power is impressive. Now on to the hard floors."