The 8 Best Water Bottles For The Gym

With these, staying hydrated is no sweat.

Written by Debbie Lee
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A reusable water bottle is a crucial piece of equipment for any gym-goer, and there is no shortage of options on the market. But what makes a good bottle? This largely comes down to your particular preferences for form and function. The best water bottles for the gym are the right size and shape for your needs and have design features that compel you to use them regularly.

What To Look For In The Best Water Bottles For The Gym

The first consideration when buying a water bottle is capacity. The options below range from 20 to 74 ounces. A smaller bottle is convenient if you want to stash it in the cup holder of your car or on a piece of gym equipment. However, a large jug will save you multiple trips to a faucet or fountain.

Next, decide which material you prefer. Stainless steel water bottles often have a double-walled, vacuum-insulated design, which not only keeps your beverage cold for extended periods of time but helps eliminate condensation on the outside. If you prefer something more lightweight or budget-friendly, consider plastic. Water bottles made specifically with Tritan plastic are durable and impact-resistant — valuable features if you’re using them during workouts. A third option is glass; it’s the most fragile of the three options, but the trade-off is a good-looking, earth-friendly, and easy-to-clean alternative to plastic.

You may also want to check out a water bottle’s care instructions before making a purchase. Some bottles can be tossed in the top rack of a dishwasher while others must be washed by hand. If you plan to hand-wash your water bottle, you may want to invest in a bottle brush for effective cleaning.

Everything else comes down to personal preference. Sports water bottles can have a variety of openings, including narrow spouts, wide mouths, and lids with built-in straws. One bottle on the list even comes with three different lids so you can choose which works best for you. If you want to infuse your water, there are bottles with built-in strainers, and if you want to keep track of your intake, there are designs with volume markers. Some bottles have carrying straps for portability and others come with protective sleeves for insulation and extra durability.

If you’re ready to find a model that works for your needs, scroll down to see the best water bottles for the gym — all of which are available on Amazon.

Shop The Best Water Bottles For The Gym

In a hurry? These are the top picks:

  1. A Stainless Steel Water Bottle With Nearly 100,000 Five-Star Ratings: Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle
  2. A Workout Water Bottle That’s Budget-Friendly: Opard Sports Water Bottle
  3. A Large-Capacity Water Bottle With A Handy Storage Compartment: H2O Capsule Half-Gallon Water Bottle
  4. A Popular Water Bottle With A Wide-Mouth Straw Lid: Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Reusable Water Bottle
  5. A Glass Water Bottle With A Silicone Sleeve: Ello Syndicate Glass Water Bottle
  6. A Durable Plastic Water Bottle With A Spill-Proof Lid: Hydracy Water Bottle
  7. A Minimalist Water Bottle Made From Recycled Plastic: CamelBak Chute Mag Water Bottle
  8. A Reusable Water Bottle With A Unique Profile: MoChic Flat Water Bottle


A Stainless Steel Water Bottle With Over 100,000 Fans

Highlights: Sweat-free exterior; comes with three lids

With more than 93,000 five-star ratings, this stainless steel water bottle is a top seller in its category on Amazon. Double wall insulation prevents condensation so the bottle won’t slip out of your hands or leave a pool of water wherever you place it. More importantly, it helps keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours.

The bottle includes three lids: a straw lid (two reusable straws are included), a plastic flip-top lid, and a stainless steel lid. It comes in six different sizes, and the powder-coated exterior comes in 28 colors, making it the most customizable bottle on the list. Note that hand-washing with warm, soapy water is required, but as one happy reviewer wrote, “that wouldn’t stop me from purchasing.”

One fan raved: “This water bottle is one of my favorites I’ve owned!! It never leaks and keeps my water cold even when I sit in the sauna for an extended period of time. Forget it in the car on a hot day? The outside may be hot but the water inside remains cold.”

Material: stainless steel | Capacity: 22 ounces (also available in 14, 18, 32, 40, and 64 ounces) | Available colors: 28


A Workout Water Bottle That’s Budget-Friendly

Highlights: Removable strainer allows for infused water; volume markers help keep track of consumption

This budget-friendly water bottle has a lot of useful features for its price. Made of durable Tritan plastic, it has a wide mouth for easy cleaning and a removable strainer for making tea or other flavor-infused water (recipes are even included in case you need some inspiration). The flip-top lid includes a handy carrying loop, and the plastic drinking spout is wide enough to accommodate straws.

This pick comes in a range of bright colors, with volume markers printed on the exterior to help keep track of your water consumption. The bottle must be washed by hand, but the extra work will ensure that it lasts through many gym sessions.

One fan raved: “I got my first one a few months ago and it’s been perfect so I had to have another one for my husband. I use mine every day for gym and hiking. It does not leak. It has safety latch so it won’t open accidentally in my gym bag. It fits the cup holder in my car and the equipment at the gym. The wide mouth easily accepts ice cubes. It hasn’t cracked when I’ve dropped it on our hard tile flooring. It’s simply the best in every way.”

Material: Tritan plastic | Capacity: 20 ounces | Available colors: 11


A Large-Capacity Water Bottle With A Handy Storage Compartment

Highlights: Protective sleeve doubles as storage; shoulder strap included for convenient carrying

This half-gallon plastic water jug will keep you adequately hydrated without multiple trips to a water source. A neoprene sleeve insulates your beverage and doubles as a storage pocket, while a shoulder strap and handle make the vessel easy to carry. The dust-proof cover pops back at the touch of a button, revealing a silicone mouthpiece for sipping. It attaches to a removable straw, and a narrow wire brush is even included to help with cleaning. Although the bottle isn't safe for dishwashers, its wide mouth makes it easy to clean between uses.

One fan raved: “With this being 74oz it helps me guarantee I hit my minimum water intake and then some w/o having to constantly run to the water tank to refill or carry a ginormous jug and feel like it's never going to be empty. I love the sleeve and it does a great job keeping it cool. The handle makes holding it while drinking so nice, the straps options are great. [...] This bottle is over all perfect for the gym goer, place for keys, phone/ID, and the sleeve to keep cool is just what I need. I'm hoping I don't ever have to replace this because it checks off all my boxes.”

Material: plastic | Capacity: 74 ounces | Available colors: 31


A Popular Water Bottle With A Wide-Mouth Straw Lid

Highlights: Wide mouth straw lid makes for easy sipping; dishwasher safe

If dishwashing is your least favorite chore, this easy-to-clean water bottle may be a wise investment. It's made of vacuum-insulated stainless steel and retains a chill on your cold drink for up to 24 hours. A wide mouth opening makes it easy to add ice, while an insulated screw cap has a pop-up flex straw for easy sipping. The powder-coated exterior comes in a ton of colors, none of which will scratch off after a trip through the dishwasher. The bottle is available in three sizes — 24, 32, and 40 ounces — and they all include a carrying loop for portability.

One fan raved: “Great water bottle. It does not leak when I throw it into my gym bag. I take it to many of my activities. [...] If I'm running errands and leave it in a hot car, it still keeps the water cold for many hours.”

Material: stainless steel | Capacity: 32 ounces (also available in 24 and 40 ounces) | Available colors: 9


A Glass Water Bottle With A Silicone Sleeve

Highlights: Glass body and mouth eliminates contact with plastic while drinking; silicone sleeve minimizes the chance of breakage

This glass water bottle is a great option for those seeking an alternative to plastic. A slender silhouette makes it compatible with most cupholders, and a one-touch flip lid reveals a glass mouth so your lips never come into contact with plastic (if that’s a material you prefer to avoid). A protective sleeve made of silicone minimizes the risk of cracks and chips, while a convenient carrying loop makes it easy to tote.

All parts of this bottle are dishwasher-safe too — you can simply throw it in the top rack without having to remove the sleeve. Multiple Amazon reviewers wrote that they’ve invested in several of these bottles so that there's always one within reach while the other is being cleaned.

One fan raved: “I like that this bottle is glass and has a nice protective covering, but mostly, I LOVE the lock feature. I’ve dropped my water bottle into my gym bag (sideways, upside down, etc.) & not a single leak! I just bought a second one after such a good experience so far with this one.”

Material: glass | Capacity: 20 ounces | Available colors: 7


A Durable Plastic Water Bottle With A Spill-Proof Lid

Highlights: Time markers help keep track of water consumption; protective neoprene sleeve prevents condensation

If you want all the bells and whistles, this colorful gym water bottle is a great option. It's made of Tritan plastic for durability and has a flip-top lid that is leak-proof, according to the brand. A removable straw attaches to the cap while a pop-up silicone spout prevents water from splashing while you sip. Time markings remind you to stay hydrated throughout the day, and a detachable strap makes it convenient to carry. A neoprene sleeve is also included, insulating your drink and eliminating pesky condensation.

One fan raved: “The bottle itself is a smooth, matte finish - which I am IN LOVE with! The spout makes it easy to drink water on-the-go (biking, at the gym, jogging, etc), the cap isn't an annoying screw off/on - which is a PLUS! It also offers a lock feature, so you don't accidentally pop open the lid while it's in your bag/purse. [...] All in all, I'd recommend this bottle to anyone looking to buy a water bottle. I'm happy I went with this bottle, instead of the other ones that I've been looking at on Amazon.”

Material: Tritan plastic | Capacity: 32 ounces | Available colors: 14


A Minimalist Water Bottle Made From Recycled Plastic

Highlights: Made with 50% recycled plastic; magnetic cap offers added security

This recycled plastic water bottle is a practical and feel-good option for staying hydrated during your workout. It's made with Tritan Renew, a lightweight, durable material made with as much as 50% recycled plastic. A wide mouth makes it easy to clean or add ice, and the screw-on cap with a carrying loop has a magnetic mechanism that keeps the cover away from your face as you drink. The bottle is available in four sizes and a dozen colors, and multiple Amazon reviewers wrote that both parts are top-rack dishwasher-safe.

One fan raved: “I always buy this brand. It wears like iron. I take it travelling and to the gym. I drop it all the time. It just takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Buy quality like CamelBak and be rewarded with long-lasting durability. [...] This bottle is awesome!”

Material: Tritan plastic | Capacity: 50 ounces (also available in 20, 25, and 32 ounces) | Available colors: 12


A Reusable Water Bottle With A Unique Profile

Highlights: Unique flat shape makes it easy to fit in bags and pockets; soft plastic padding provides a nonslip grip

This slim portable water bottle is a standout for its book-shaped silhouette. Made with clear Tritan plastic, it has a simple screw cap with a silicone lining for a leak-free seal. TPU plastic on the edges provide a soft grip and protective padding, and a leather wrist strap makes it easy to carry. With a 13-ounce capacity, it's the smallest bottle on the list, but multiple Amazon reviewers endorsed its looks and durability in equal measure.

One fan raved: “My husband hates carrying a bottle around the gym. This holds just under 2 cups of his Sports Drink & fits in his cargo pants pocket. Problem solved & he's not losing or having to hunt down his bottle, Yeah !!!”

Material: Tritan plastic | Capacity: 13 ounces | Available colors: 6

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