The 6 Best Ways To Store Spices For Every Budget & Space

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If someone went into your pantry in search of a spice, would they be able to find the cinnamon shaker without turning everything upside down? It may seem like a small thing, but proper storage for your spices not only looks better, it makes cooking faster and easier. I’ve rounded up a few of the best ways to store spices so you can clearly see what you have and how much you have of it — so you can grab a teaspoon of that oregano or garlic powder it in a flash.

Depending on the size of your space and how many spices you tend to have on hand, there is an option below that can satisfy your spice stash, from 10 jars up to 100 jars.

  • Pull-out Spice Organizer: If you're an experimental cook who collects a lot of spices, the best spice organizational solution for you may be a pull-out spice organizer that can accommodate a larger number of jars and can be seamlessly integrated into your kitchen's decor. The nice thing about this storage option is that you can place your store-bought spices on it without transferring them over into separate jars. Depending on the size of a pull-out rack or drawer you can expect to fit between 10 and 30 spice jars, though some (including my pick) have tiered shelves with wider bases to accommodate even more spices.
  • Traditional Spice Rack: Providing an aesthetically pleasing way to display all of your spices on your shelf or inside of your pantry, a traditional rack accommodates both store-bought spices and ready-to-fill jars. Some of these options can even be mounted to a wall. Racks are usually tiered and can typically hold between 20 to 24 spice jars.
  • Caddy Spice Rack: If you're someone who just sticks to the basics when it comes to spices, a smaller, simpler organizer will work. Countertop spice racks that rotate are ideal for holding 10 to 15 spices that you use frequently. You can keep them right by your stovetop for easy access while you cook. One thing to keep in mind is that most of these racks require that you transfer spices over from store-bought bottles to jars (which are usually included).
  • Magnetized & Gripper Options: A less expensive option for someone with a smaller spice collection (and/or kitchen) is a spice gripper rack that attaches to the inside of a cabinet door and allows you to stack spices in a kitchen cabinet so that you can see all of the labels at once while freeing up counter space. You can attach store-bought spices right onto these grippers. For a more creative and fun approach to spice storage, a magnetized spice organizer comes with magnetic jars that you use to transfer spices from store-bought containers. You can then artfully position the jars on your fridge or other appliances or mount them to a wall by purchasing a separate steel wall base. Your spices will always be within arm's reach when you're cooking and they'll add flair to your kitchen.

Whether you're an occasional cook who dabbles with spices or a spice fanatic, this list includes spice storage options in all price points that bring order to your pantry, countertop, and cabinets.

1. An Ultra-Convenient Revolving Countertop Organizer

You can use this rotating spice organizer as your primary storage solution on your counter so that your most-used spices are always on hand, or put it away out of sight in a pantry. The BPA-free glass and stainless steel jars come with twist caps that make refills a breeze. The rack's compact size still is able to house the 12 included jars, all of which have three shake options to ensure you add the perfect amount of spice to your meals. Do note, however, that the spices themselves are not included.

Helpful Review: “I started with two, then ordered a third one. These are a great space saver for someone with a lot of herbs and spices like me. The racks are slimmer than other similar ones, so all three fit perfectly in my spice cabinet. I ordered labels and organized them alphabetically. The lids let you 'dial' to shake or pour as needed, and the spices look beautiful on display in the clear glass jars. No more clutter and no more accidental duplicates. Great value for the price, too!”

2. An Inexpensive Way To Store Spices Inside Of Cabinet Doors

If you want your spices off of your kitchen counter and out of sight, these budget-friendly spice grippers can't be beat. The plastic clips sit in rows of five, but can be broken apart to smaller sections. The self-adhesive clips stick to the inside of your cabinet (or right on a wall) and your spices snap right in, allowing you to organize them in a way that works best for your space. They hold a variety of container sizes and reviewers noted that most of their traditional spices fit perfectly. The grippers come with screws for extra security. One pack includes 36 grippers.

Helpful Review: “The racks are simple and easy to install. I cleaned the door off with rubbing alcohol to get off any cooking grease. I was able to reposition a few just after putting them up because I wasn’t able to close my cupboard door. I reposition and the adhesive stuck again really well. I’ve been able to fit almost all of my spice bottles into the openings. Now I have room and can see everything I have.Nice, sturdy and inexpensive way to organize my spices."

3. This Pull-Out Spice Organizer For Large Spice Collections

This pull-out spice organizer is perfect for anyone who has a large collection of spices or needs extra space in their kitchen. The price reflects the quality and ease of installation, according to reviewers. It comes in three different sizes: 5-, 6-, and 8-inch base widths to accommodate your kitchen. The storage unit has three adjustable shelves that slide in and out with ease. This organizer is designed for full-height cabinets and comes with everything you'll need to install it. The natural maple wood and chrome finishes are clean and modern to complement any space. You will need to have a narrow cabinet or space in your kitchen to add this, and if the maple isn't your style, the cabinets are made of real wood — so you can paint it to make it fit your kitchen decor. Just keep in mind that this organizer does not come with any spice jars.

Helpful Review: "[...] we loaded this with all our spices in glass mason jars, you need to be careful as it doesn't have a slow or self close, but we don't find the need to slam it closed as there is weight behind it. To us it is worth every penny, it's sturdy, useful and solved a space issue perfectly!"

4. These Pretty Magnetic Jars For Keeping Spices At Your Fingertips

These magnetic spice organizers look like culinary art. When you fill them, the color of each spice shines, adding a beautiful touch to this functional design. The hexagon-shaped glass containers have high-quality magnets on the lids that can be stuck to your fridge or adhered to a steel wall plate base that is sold separately and can be mounted to a wall. Reviewers mention that these spice jars hold less than traditional containers, but the plastic-free jars and airtight lids keep your spices fresher for longer. This pack also includes 72 washable spice label stickers that you can add to organize your collection. The pack featured here comes with 10 jars, but it is also available in larger sets: like this 12 large-sized jars, or 24 large-sized jars.

Helpful Review: “These turned my clutter into art. I've been collecting spices to dabble in making my own curry, so I had a LOT of clutter. These are beautiful. My guests can't help but compliment me on these. The kids like to rearrange them and make different designs on my fridge, so I guess it's an ever changing piece of art. They are easy to get to when I'm cooking, which I love. I was concerned that they don't have the shaker ability, but that hasn't once come up as an issue. Measuring spoons fit easily into the jar. I've had these for several months and literally have no complaints.”

5. This Budget-Friendly Tiered Shelf To Maximize Space

If you're looking for an inexpensive option that will help keep your spices organized, this three-tier shelf spice organizer is a great option. The 15-inch organizer features non-skid pads on each of the steps that keep the spices from shifting or slipping. The durable plastic is easy to clean between uses. Reviewers noted they could fit about 20 spices on the rack. The stair steps make it easier to find the spice you're looking for and there's nothing to assemble; for less than $10, this organizer is not fancy, but will notably improve your cabinet or pantry space.

Helpful Review: “If I knew the impact using this product, I would have done it years ago! [...] Pros: The product holds 24 average sized spices.The spacing between the tiers is perfect to be able to see what's on every level. The tiers are quite wide, allowing a large bottle of spices. Cons: I [didn't] buy it sooner."

6. A Tidy Storage Solution With Labels For All Your Spices

This spice organization pack has everything you'll need to transfer, organize, and display your spices. It includes 24 glass bottles to hold spices, as well as 396 spice labels (340 preprinted and 56 blank), a chalk marker for labeling, and a funnel specifically design for spices. The black wire rack is clean and modern-looking and holds spices so the labels face out — making it easy to quickly find what you're looking for. For less than $50, this pack is high quality and has all of the pieces you need to jump-start your kitchen organization. Reviewers love how easy the labels are to use, saying they are washable, reusable, and easy to adjust. The set comes with mounting hardware if you prefer hanging it rather than letting it sit on a counter or shelf.

Helpful Review: “OMG! I LOVE this spice rack! I love the fact that the 24 jars are square, glass AND empty so I can add the spices I actually use. It comes with 340 preprinted labels of every imaginable spice known to man plus several blank ones with a chalk pen. The lids are metal and it also comes with a separate plastic shaker lid that clips easily on the bottle. This truly is the BEST spice rack system I have found and I did a lot of research and had a lot of trial and error in the past. You won’t regret getting this one!”