The 50 Best Ways To Upgrade Your Home For Less Than $35

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You don't have to completely overhaul your home to make it feel luxurious. Odds are there are plenty of small upgrades you can consider that would make a world of a difference. Some of these small fixes have low upfront costs, but can actually end up saving you money in the end. From changing a faucet to making your home “smarter,” Amazon is home to plenty of budget-friendly products that will elevate your home. Here are the 49 best ways to upgrade your home for less than $35.

There are plenty of low-cost home improvements you can make that will instantly make your home feel nicer. I’ve included lots of kitchen upgrades like an adjustable bamboo drawer organizer for your utensils, a protective liner for your cabinet and shelves, and a wood-finished knife bar that clears off counter space. These quick fixes, all under $35, are both practical and stylish choices. On this list, you’ll find other highly rated and reviewed products for your plants, your closet, and your bathroom.

Sometimes the biggest upgrades are the ones that make your house feel bigger by making your clutter smaller. I’ve included lots of storage solutions such as a wall-mounted broom holder, a decorative ottoman that doubles as a place to store toys, and a laundry basket set that is labeled “light” and “dark” to make laundry easier. Tidying up is the most budget-conscious way to reinvent your home.

These products prove that you don’t have to spend a lot to make your home function well and look beautiful. Get started with these 49 upgrades today.


The Smart Light Bulbs That You Can Control With An App

Making your home “smart” is a major upgrade — you can turn your lights on, off, or dim them via your phone even when you're not home — but it can be pricey. For much less, replace your current lights with these smart bulbs. They’re super easy to set up — just screw in a bulb, download the app, and your home will immediately feel more modern. If you have Alexa or Google Home, you can control these bulbs with your voice.


This $20 LED Light Strip That Syncs To Music

Transform your home and get it party-ready with this app-controlled light strip that costs less than you probably think. The color-changing lights come in two sizes, 50 or 100 feet, and can be dimmed or set to schedules, from an app or a remote. Install them anywhere — from your bedroom to your porch — to add ambiance for just $20. They even sync up to music to impress your guests without breaking the bank.


An Affordable Doorbell You Can Easily Install

Upgrade your old, worn-out doorbell with this easy-to-install doorbell that’s affordable, too. The receiver will work as long as it’s within 1000 feet of the doorbell. Select from 52 different chimes and five-volume levels for your preferred ring. The gadget also lights up green when the bell is rung. This doorbell is waterproof, plus they can withstand extreme temperatures between -4 and 140-degrees Fahrenheit.


This Cheap Wallpaper That Looks Like Expensive Marble

Add a touch of luxury to any surface with this surprisingly inexpensive peel-and-stick marble wallpaper. The PVC material is self-adhesive and is smooth and easy to clean. Add it to countertops, cabinets, drawers, doors, and, of course, walls. It provides an inexpensive way to update your space — plus it’s a breeze to remove if you ever change your mind.


The Garage Door Magnets That Add Curb Appeal

Looking for some added curb appeal that won’t bust the budget? Level up the exterior of your home by adding these faux magnetic windows to your garage. You won't need any tools since these magnetic windows are made of lightweight vinyl and adhere to metal doors. Choose packs for one-car, two-car, four-pane, or six-pane garages, so you have enough pieces to spruce up your outdoor space. Consider this one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add character to your home and improve your curb appeal.


This Kitchen Faucet Head That Is Customizable

Make washing dishes a lot easier by adding this budget-friendly kitchen faucet head. The adjustable head has three modes: pulse, shower, and pulse + shower. It also rotates 360-degrees, making it easier to rinse dishes or fill up water glasses. This #1 bestseller has earned nearly 10,000 reviews because it’s just $9 and is super easy to install. It fits on a ton of different faucet types to make your kitchen more efficient and convenient. This faucet is available in eight different finishes like rose gold, white, and brass.


These Solar-Powered Lights That Are A Steal

Add extra security to your home by installing these solar lights that are less than $25. This four-pack includes 400 lumens waterproof lights that are ideal for mounting to your garage, front steps, or back patio. The LED lights automatically charge all day, thanks to the sun, so they can be powered at night without any additional costs. The lights are motion-activated (up to 16 feet) and shine light in a 125-degrees range. This budget upgrade will you give a sense of security without spending a ton of money.


A Modern Toilet Paper Holder With A Shelf

Who wouldn’t appreciate a shelf, perfectly sized for your phone, in the bathroom? This toilet paper holder is an easy and inexpensive improvement that your family and guests will love. The unit holds and dispenses one toilet roll and features a shelf with a ledge that helps prevent your phone from falling off. Made of matte stainless steel, this design is waterproof, rustproof, and resistant to corrosion.


This High-Pressure Shower Head That’s Only $20

Swapping out your cheap shower head for this luxurious high-pressure shower head will elevate your traditional shower. Pamper yourself by turning your standard bathroom into a rejuvenating, spa-like environment. It’s made of stainless steel and has 90 silicone nozzles that are easy to clean and provide a wide, powerful rainfall shower. The price is hard to beat, and with more than 8,700 reviews (and a $20 price tag), you can feel confident “adding to cart.”


A Budget-Friendly Smart Light Switch You’ll Love

Converting your home to a smart home seems one of those projects that would be a hefty expense, but these $14 wifi light switches are game-changers. Now you can upgrade your ordinary light switches with these affordable ones that connect to your wifi and smart devices so you can control them from anywhere. This little switch allows you to set timers, schedules, or enable “away mode” to keep your home safer (and smarter) without spending a fortune.


The Outlet Extender That Streamlines Cords

Sometimes your home just needs a bit of tidying to make it feel more high-end and luxurious. That’s why this outlet extender is a must-have. It makes it possible to hide unsightly cords or bulky surge protectors by offering four AC outlets for your appliances and lights, as well as three USB ports, and a USB-C port for charging devices. The unique three-sided power strip frees up other outlets in your home for less than $20.


These Cable Clips To Upgrade Your Home Office

While you’re organizing cords, your home office probably has a few that could be de-cluttered. This pack of cable clips is the much-needed upgrade your home office deserves and you’ll be shocked at what an impact they make. This pack comes with 16 clips, each one with a strong adhesive that easily and securely mounts to desks or walls without compromising these surfaces. This pack has earned nearly 40,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating.


A Slim Bidet That Makes Your Toilet Fancy For $30

You’ll feel like you live in a fancy hotel when you upgrade your ordinary toilet into a bidet with this ultra-slim bidet toilet attachment that’s super affordable. It’s easy to install and features two nozzles for rear or front cleaning, as well as adjustable pressure settings. The bidet itself provides support, keeping the toilet seat level. You’ll even save money and the environment by having to buy less toilet paper thanks to this sanitary toilet improvement.


This Pot And Pan Organizer That Frees Up Space

Revamp your kitchen storage and free up some space for cheap with this durable pan rack. The layered unit can be used on its side or standing up to accommodate your cabinet size and store five pans at once. The adjustable design makes it ideal for stashing baking dishes, serving trays, griddles, and more. It’s quick to install and you can’t beat that price.


These Transparent, Airtight Food Containers

Storing your snacks in uniform containers will make your pantry Instagram-worthy, while keeping foods fresher for longer, and this set of seven airtight storage containers is a low-cost option. The set comes with several sizes of jars to accommodate all your favorite snacks fresh — from coffee beans to noodles or candy. Their BPA-free plastic design won’t break and the set includes labels and a liquid chalk marker so you can more effectively organize your kitchen.


A Magnetic Knife Bar To Clear Your Countertops

Clear off your countertops by adding this magnetic knife bar to your cart. Designed from strong stainless steel, it's easy to mount to any wall and offers an alternative to butcher blocks that take up space and look bulky. Plus it’s wrapped in teak wood so it looks warm and blends with your decor. Use it in the kitchen or in the garage to organize your tools.


The 3D Adhesive Tiles That Look Real But Costs Less

Give your kitchen a custom yet affordable upgrade with these peel-and-stick tiles, which save you the enormous expense of a typical renovation. This vinyl paper has a three-dimensional look that mimics real tile laid in a subway-style pattern; with the adhesive back, you can peel and stick them on any flat surface. They’re resistant to heat and moisture (perfect for kitchens and bathrooms) and clean easily with just a few wipes of a sponge or paper towel. Choose among six colors and patterns


These Push Lights That Illuminate Your Home For Less

These battery-powered push lights are Amazon bestsellers for how easy they are to use and install in your home. They instantly upgrade your lighting without forcing you to spend a fortune. This five-pack is available in warm white or cool white lighting, with different finishes as well. Stick them anywhere with their strong adhesive backs.


The Broom Holder That Clears Your Floors

Sometimes a little organization is all a room needs to feel instantly nicer. Get your mops and brooms off the floor and organize them on this wall-mounted holder. It will hold up to five tools and has six additional hooks for hanging towels, scrubbers, and smaller accessories. At this price, you’ll want a second one to store your sporting equipment or tools.


This Toilet Paper Holder That Has An Additional Shelf

Your guests will love this sleek yet practical toilet paper stand. It holds three rolls at a time and has a convenient shelf to secure your phone, wipes, or tissues. The stable organizer is easy to assemble — you won’t need any tools. It’s made of metal with a smooth coating that prevents rust and looks modern in any bathroom.


These Hanging Storage Bags That Are Decorative

Running out of storage? Try these wall-hanging storage bags that are perfect for bathrooms, kids’ rooms, or mudrooms. The linen fabric bags have three pockets for holding extra toilet paper, toys, or art supplies. You can hang it over the back of a door, or from the twine loop on the hanging bag. This pack comes with three waterproof bags that disguise clutter so your home can be both functional and stylish.


The Blackout Curtains That Won’t Break The Bank

These blackout curtains feature three thick layers of fabric that keep rooms dark (even during the day) and can also reduce noise for a quieter nap or sleep. The curtains come in 16 sizes and 24 colors. This pack has earned more than 9,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating.


A Fuzzy Area Rug That Feels Luxurious For Just $25

This cozy area rug is ideal for a kid’s bedroom, a family living room, or a playroom. It’s plush, thick, and fuzzy so babies and pets alike will love crawling around on it. The soft material is luxurious looking and comes in nine colors and four sizes. It has an anti-slip base that keeps it in place, even on slippery floors. Plus it can be vacuumed, spot-cleaned, hand-washed, or washed in the machine.


The Decorative Garage Accents That Look Expensive

Give your home’s exterior a refresh for less than $20 with this magnetic decorative garage hardware. This pack comes with four hinges and two handles, enough for a one-car garage. Using magnets, they stick to your garage door to add character and custom detail that’s impactful without being expensive.


This Pillow Case Two-Pack For Less Than $15

This two-pack of 18x18-inch pillow covers will revamp your living room or bedroom decor for less than $15. Made of smooth velvet, they're soft, cozy, and feature an invisible zipper that securely holds the inner pillow (not included) in place. They are available in 26 colors, such as burnt orange, lilac, and light pink, so you can mix and match as you wish. And at this price, you can refresh for every season.


An Essential Oil Diffuser That’s App-Controlled

This essential oil diffuser is designed so beautifully it looks like art. It has a faux wood base and a soft white top that blends in on a table and accents your other trinkets. It quietly fills your home with calming, delicious-smelling oils while keeping the air moist. It has two buttons to control the mist modes and seven LED colors. When full, the 300ml tank can run for up to 10 hours.


A Decorative Storage Ottoman That’s Practical

This storage ottoman combines functionality and style, all for a reasonable price. This is your go-to piece for storing everything from toys to towels and it has a classic design with fastening buttons on top that fits right in with any home decor. The storage cube can support up to 350 pounds and works as a footrest, stool, or decorative storage unit.


This Unique Corner Shelf For Making A House A Home

This unique wall-mounted corner shelf is the perfect place to display your favorite plants, family photos, or other decorative pieces to dress up your home. The five-tier unit easily mounts to the wall with the included hardware. It comes in seven finishes to match your space. One of the more than 14,000 reviews noted, “ I installed it under an hour. Looks outstanding and the product is very nice looking and doesn’t look cheap. For the money this is an ideal product to display lots of things, I ended up purchasing 2 of them.”


The Large, $6 Bedside Caddy To Keep You Organized

Clear off that clutter and keep your phone, TV remote, or glasses in this large bedside caddy that’s affordable and will help you stay organized. It slides under your couch cushions or mattress, so you can store your bedtime essentials neatly in one place. It has three mesh pockets for smaller items and a larger pocket for books, magazines, or your tablet. It’s a steal of a deal and will make a huge difference — especially for this price — it’s only $6.


This Drawer Organizer That Expands To Fit Perfectly

No matter the size of your drawers, this expandable organizer will fit. It’s made of bamboo and extends from 13 to 19.6 inches to accommodate all of your utensils. The sturdy piece has between six and eight compartments for serving spoons, salad tongs, or everyday silverware. If you love it, buy one for your office or bathroom — who says you can only use it to organize utensils?


The LED Backlights That Upgrade Movie Night

Create the most enjoyable viewing experience with these affordable LED backlights that elevate your movie night for cheap. They have adhesive backs, wrap around the back of your television (or computer), and can make the colors on your screen richer — while protecting your eyes. You can adjust these to your preferred level of brightness. Plus, they’re only $17.


These Space-Saving Hangers For Storing Pants

Tired of folding your pants only for them to end up in a mess, shoved into a drawer? Try these S-type clothes hangers that are designed to hold pants, scarves, or other clothing that’s usually too difficult to hang. These stainless steel hangers can hold five pairs of pants at a time while only occupying one hanger’s space in your closet. Upgrade your closet and get this pack of three for just $20.


This Magnetic Screen Door That Keeps Bugs Out

Attach this magnetic screen door to your current door and you’ll be amazed at how well it traps out bugs like mosquitoes and flies. Designed with a Velcro strip, the door simply attaches to your door frame and features a sturdy polyester mesh fabric that bugs can’t penetrate.


A Smart Outdoor Plug That Connects To An App

Control your outdoor lighting with this one smart outlet switch that connects to your wifi and is compatible with an app on your phone. For just $34, this waterproof outdoor power strip can significantly streamline your home maintenance. You can mount the power strip to the wall or leave it on the ground. It has three ports for holiday lights, outdoor fans, and more. It connects to an app that allows you to schedule timers or turn switches on or off with the click of a button. It even syncs up with your voice-controlled devices so you can just ask Alexa to “turn on the outside lights.”


An Adjustable Plant Stand That Expands

Reviewers can’t get enough of this adjustable plant stand that’s designed to accommodate plants and pots between 8 and 12 inches — so you won’t have to buy new when you change your mind on where your plants should go. The bamboo stand expands by loosening the base’s screw. The mid-century modern design is classic and an easy way to upgrade your plant display. You can even flip the stand upside down if you want the pot to sit further off the ground.


These Mini Globes That Self-Water Your Plants

If you tend to forget to water your plants, these mini watering globes are for you. This set comes with three globes, each about 8-inches tall. You fill the globes with water and then place them into your plant’s soil so that the plant can pull water whenever it’s thirsty. This helps to avoid over-watering while keeping your plants hydrated, even if you forget to manually water them. The hand-blown glass globes are a beautiful, decorative way to keep your plants happy.


The Macrame Hangers For Decorating With Plants

Hang your plants in the window where they can get all the sun they want with this three-pack of macrame plant hangers. The cotton rope hangers come with indoor hooks that you can screw into the ceiling or wall and the pack comes with three differently sized plant hangers to accommodate a variety of pot sizes. This set has earned more than 18,000 reviews, including one that noted, “They’re made sturdy. As described. Super cute. And worked for everything I needed to keep my special plants safe all winter.”


This Vintage Light Bulb For A Cozy Atmosphere

Swap out your boring ordinary light bulbs for this vintage LED Edison bulb that has loads of character… and won’t bust the budget. The $10 bulb is dimmable, has a medium base, and is made with amber glass for a cool, vintage effect. The warm white light is cozy and long-lasting and will surely make an impression in a chandelier, sconce, or any light fixture.


A Magnetic Poster Frame That’s Only $5

If you have an art print or concert poster that you’ve been hoping to hang in your home, but would rather not purchase an expensive frame, this $5 magnetic poster frame is the perfect alternative. Clamp the print between the magnetic wooden frame, at the top and the bottom. These strong magnets will hold prints up to 8-inches wide. The frame is made of rustic teak that looks much more expensive than it really is.


This Decorative Throw Blanket That’s Ultra Cozy

Searching for a cozy blanket that looks as good as it feels? This woven chenille throw blanket fits the bill. It features fringe on two sides and has a cozy knit design that adds texture to your home, whether you’re curled up for movie night or have it tossed over the arm of a chair. Choose from six colors and two sizes.


The Three-Tier Propagation Station That’s Art

Calling all plant parents who are running out of places to keep their propagated plants. This wall-hanging terrarium features three wooden shelves that each hold five small propagation tubes. Place your clippings in the tubes and hang them on the wall for decor that has multiple functions. This rustic decor is hard to turn down, especially at this price.


A Decorative Doormat To Add Personality To Your Porch

Welcome guests to your home with this stylish and practical doormat. The hand-woven indoor/outdoor rug is perfect for layering under a mat with a cheeky saying. It’s made of high-quality cotton that’s soft to the touch and features a bold buffalo plaid pattern. It’s easy to clean — just vacuum it to eliminate dirt. For or a deeper clean, you can hand or machine wash it.


These Budget Pillar Candles That Won’t Drip

Looking for candles that will make an impression without making a mess? Try these reasonably priced candles that are unscented, dripless, and smokeless. They offer the ambiance of a flickering candle without the clean-up. They’re made of high-quality wax and have a pure cotton wick, which keeps them from dripping. This pack includes 12 and is also available in red.


The Protective Shelf Liner That’s Less Than $10

Protect your shelves from spills, crumbs, and dust with this easy-to-install and low-priced shelf liner. The non-slip liner wipes clean and keeps your cabinets or shelves looking cleaner and more stylish — since it’s available in seven colors.


These Flameless, Remote-Controlled Candles For $35

Set the mood, while staying on budget, with these LED flickering candles. Choose from two glow modes: flickering or a steady glow, and set timers to automatically turn off the candles at two, four, six, or eight hours. The wick-less candle lights are remote-controlled, dimmable, and run on AA batteries (which are not included) that will last for up to 150 hours of continuous use.


The Budget-Friendly Abstract Art Prints

Add some personality to an otherwise empty wall with these bold, yet affordable abstract art prints. This set of four comes with 10-by-10-inch wooden frames, and matted prints in trendy colors like teal, burnt orange, and mauve. This pack is easy to hang and you can arrange them however you’d like — all together, two and two, or use them individually.


These Laundry Baskets Labeled For Dark And Light

Make your life simpler by separating the laundry as it gets dirty with these tall, slim laundry baskets that are worth the money. This two-pack comes with large labels on each side that read “dark” and “light” so you can toss your dirty clothes into their corresponding basket and wash them more easily. Each basket is tall and narrow, which means even with two, you aren’t giving up much floor space. They have extended handles and can be completely collapsed to lay flat when not in use.


The $30 Mug Warmer That Keeps Your Coffee Hot

Stop microwaving your coffee 100 times just so you can enjoy it warm, and instead treat yourself to this affordable, innovative mug warmer. The 19-watt warmer has a built-in gravity induction switch so it turns on when you place the mug on it. The thermal conductive glass is waterproof so you won’t have to worry about any spills. Keep one at your desk to enjoy warm coffee all day.


These Upscale Wooden Hangers That Only Cost $33

Swapping out your mismatched or old plastic hangers for these sturdy, wooden hangers will take your closet to the next level, for less than you’d expect. This pack of 20 is just $33 and these hangers are lightweight and have a 360-degree rotating head. Each hanger features notches for sleeves and a non-slip surface to keep your clothes from sliding off. This pack has earned nearly 6,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating.


An Echo Dot Smart Speaker With Voice Commands

The Echo Dot smart speaker is compact, delivers amazing sound quality, and allows you to find and stream music and podcasts from sources like Apple Music and Spotify using nothing more than simple voice commands. The little genius gadget is also perfect for making and taking phone calls, turning on lights and appliances, and connecting with compatible Echo devices in every room of your home. Snag one for just $25 and see for yourself why it has more than 774,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating.