The 5 Best Whipped Cream Dispensers

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There’s nothing like a dollop of fresh whipped cream to put the perfect finishing touch on your coffee or dessert. The best whipped cream dispensers are made with durable, easy-to-clean materials, and they'll make plenty of whipped cream for delightful, restaurant-worthy drinks and sweets. With whipped cream dispensers, there are three primary materials to choose from: stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic. Here are the pros and cons of each:

  • Stainless steel dispensers are durable and also the most versatile option, since you can usually use them to make warm foods like soups and other savory items in addition to chilled whipped cream. Some stainless steel dispensers are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning, too.
  • Aluminum dispensers are another durable choice, but they can only be used with cold liquids, and they’re not typically dishwasher-safe.
  • Plastic dispensers are an affordable, dishwasher-safe option, but they may not hold up as well as stainless steel or aluminum dispensers in the long run.

Size is another consideration. Most dispenser have a 1-pint capacity, which yields about 2 liters of whipped cream, but for smaller batches, opt for a half-pint or 15-ounce dispenser. Whichever size you choose, leftover whipped cream can be refrigerated inside the dispenser for a few days, so nothing has to go to waste.

Most whipped cream makers use nitrous oxide chargers to quickly create a thick, fluffy cream, which in most cases you have to buy separately. But if you prefer to forego chargers altogether, you can buy a manual dispenser to pump the cream yourself with a little elbow grease. Other than that, it all depends on how fancy you want to get — some dispensers come with injectors and multiple decorating tips to fill pastries and create different whipped cream designs.

With all that in mind, these are the best whipped cream dispensers on Amazon that’ll take your coffee, hot cocoa, desserts, and more to the next level.

1. The Overall Best Stainless Steel

This stainless steel whipped cream dispenser works with both hot and cold liquids — so you can make a warm aerated soup for dinner, followed by whipped cream for your dessert. Plus, this is one of the few dishwasher-safe options on the list, making it a great choice if you dread cleanup time. The bottle, head, and charger holder are all made from stainless steel, and thanks to the two stainless steel decorator tips (straight and bullet-style), you can decorate your culinary creation like a pro. The 1-pint dispenser makes up to 2 liters of whipped cream, which you can store in the fridge for up to 14 days.

According to a fan: “Overall, I am very pleased with the product and would recommend it to others looking for a durable, easy to clean whipped cream maker/dispenser that delivers delicious whipped cream and coconut foam.”

2. The Overall Best Aluminum

If you want to spend a little less and only need to make cold whipped cream, mousses, and foams, this best-selling, 1-pint aluminum whipped cream maker has you covered. The durable, lightweight dispenser features an aluminum canister with a black satin finish and an aluminum head with a silicone grip for easy opening and closing. Three plastic decorating tips, a spare charger holder, a cleaning brush, and a mesh storage bag are included. Plus, this dispenser comes with recipes for classic whipped cream, coconut whipped cream, and chocolate mousse. It makes up to 2 liters of whipped cream, and hand-washing is recommended. It's also available in a stainless steel option, although it'll cost more than the top stainless steel pick.

According to a fan: “I love this whipped cream dispenser. It is easy to assemble, made of quality materials and produces wonderful results. It is so much easier than whipping cream in my food processor and putting in a pastry bag.”

3. The Best Half-Pint Dispenser

For something smaller, opt for this half-pint whipped cream dispenser that makes about 1 pint of whipped cream at a time. Made from aluminum, this pick is great for making cold whipped cream and foams, and — big bonus — comes with 24 nitrous oxide chargers, so all you’ll need is some whipping cream to start making sweet treats. However, only one dispensing tip is included, so you can’t get quite as creative when you’re decorating. Hand-washing is recommended.

According to a fan: “Dispenser was in excellent condition....loved the ease of use, not disappointed at all. I highly recommend this product.”

4. The Best For Decorating & Filled Desserts

With three decorating tips and four injector nozzles, this 1-pint whipped cream dispenser is the best choice for decorating and filling desserts. The dispenser is made from durable stainless steel and comes with six colored silicone bands that make the top easy to grip. A charger holder and cleaning brush are also included, but you'll have to buy the chargers separately. Hand-washing is recommended.

According to a fan: “Smooth flow and a smooth trigger, the decorating tips are amazing, especially the injectors. Built for the serious professional and so easy for home use.”

5. The Best Manual Dispenser

Although it requires a bit more elbow grease, this manual whipped cream dispenser is super affordable and doesn’t require nitrous oxide chargers at all — just place cold whipping cream inside and pump the plunger for about one minute to create a thick, frothy cream. It’s made from sturdy plastic and silicone, and it’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. The 15-ounce dispenser makes 2 cups of whipped cream at a time.

According to a fan: “Works great. Once the cream in whipped the rubber bottom is used as a lid. Don't over fill. Easy to use, easy to clean.”

Important To Have: A Set of Whipped Cream Chargers

If the non-manual dispenser you're buying doesn't come with chargers, you'll want to pick up this set of professional-grade whipped cream chargers. Compatible with most dispensers, the nitrous oxide chargers will aerate your cream and more to give it just the right amount of fluff. Get 24 in a box.