The 5 Best Whiskey Stones For Chilled, Undiluted Drinks

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Stones for cooling whiskey and glases tulup on light wooden background

Kicking back with a glass of whiskey is super relaxing, but chilling your booze with ice cubes will leave it tasting diluted. Not only will the best whiskey stones keep your drink cold, but they'll also help enhance the flavor of your liquor, since no melted water will get in the way. Most cubes are made from either stainless steel or natural soapstone. When making the decision of which is the best material for you, keep these things in mind:

Whether you're enjoying a glass of bourbon or kicking back with some Scotch, the best whiskey stones will chill your drink without any dilution. While most whiskey stones come with a carrying pouch of some sort, many are also sold in bundles with accessories like tongs, glasses, or even coasters. Here are my top five picks:

1. The Overall Best Soapstone Whiskey Stones

You can't go wrong with this set of whiskey stones, which are made with natural soapstone and come with nine cubes per pack. Even though these stones don't come bundled with any accessories other than a velvet carrying bag — they're only $10 which is a total bargain. Pop them into your freezer, and they'll be ready to go after about four hours. They have over 2,600 positive reviews on Amazon, which means they're extremely popular with customers.

What reviewers write: "Excellent - real soapstone so they won't scratch my good crystal whisky glasses and they hold the chill well. Very easy to clean and attractively packaged."

2. This Soapstone Set Handcrafted In Vermont

Handcrafted in Vermont at the oldest soapstone mill in America, these high-quality whiskey stones will quickly chill your liquor without making it too cold. While they don't come with any accessories like glasses and coasters, they do arrive packaged in a muslin drawstring storage bag that you can use to keep them together as they cool in your freezer — and there are nine stones in one pack. For the quality and the price, these stones can't be beat.

What reviewers write: "Doesn't dilute the whiskey or chill it beyond the point of no return. These stones work subtly but it's enough to bring out the flavor."

3. These Extra-Large Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones

Do you enjoy taking your time while sipping on whiskey? If so, these extra-large stainless steel whiskey stones are must-haves. While they're more likely to chill your whiskey past the ideal mark of 45 degrees Fahrenheit, they'll also stay colder for longer — so there's no rush to finish your drink. Each two-pack comes with a protective case that's freezer-friendly — and unlike the previous soapstone picks, there's even an option to have your stones engraved and personalized.

What reviewers write: "Loved these so much that I ordered a few more sets! Great size — I only need one in my drink. I use them for mixed drinks, wine, iced coffee, etc. I love how cold they get, and are perfect paired in stainless steel cups like my yeti low ball or hydroflask pint glass."

4. A Soapstone Set That Comes With Tongs & A Storage Box

Not only do you get a pair of tongs with this set of whiskey stones, but each order also comes packaged in a gorgeous cherrywood box. The rocks are made from pure soapstone, and the entire set is only $15. However, unlike the first two soapstone options, this set only come with eight cubes (instead of nine).

What reviewers write: "I loved that it came with a fancy case, tongs, and 8 stones! I had previously spent the same amount of money on just 2 stones from another company! These stones are great quality, keep the drink cold for a necessary amount of time, and most importantly my brother loves them and doesn’t have to water down his drinks with regular ice!"

5. A Stainless Steel Whiskey Stone Set With Tons Of Accessories

If you're looking for whiskey stones that come with everything you need to sip like a pro, search no further than this all-in-one set. Not only will you get eight stainless steel whiskey stones as well as a pair of tongs, but you'll also receive two coasters and two crystal glasses. The set comes in a high-quality wooden box and even features a velvet carrying bag for the stones. While it's the most expensive pick featured, the additional accessories more than justify the price. The coasters are even padded to help prevent tabletop scratches.

What reviewers write: "The wooden box and velvet inside is beautiful. The glasses are nice thick glass, the cubes worked nicely after keeping them in the freezer for 2 to 3 hours. Has a nice velvet bag to keep all the cubes in and a pair of small tongs."