The 4 Best Wool Comforters

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In addition to being all-natural, wool comforters are also hypoallergenic, temperature-regulating regardless of the season, and even moisture-wicking so you stay dry and totally comfortable all night. They’re also water-repellent and flame-resistant, making them a practical, high-quality, and durable option for your bed. The best wool comforters are made with 100% wool and come with pure cotton covers, for an all-natural bedding option you'll have for years.

Be advised, when you’re in the market for a good wool comforter, this is one instance that requires opening your wallet, especially if you prioritize going organic. Fortunately, it’s also one instance of getting what you pay for. Wool is biodegradable and sustainable but you can even find organic wool comforters to ensure a fully eco-friendly product. Look for certifications like a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) seal, a gold standard when it comes to organic bedding options.

Wool comforters also make a good alternative to down for people who can’t tolerate it due to allergies but still want non-synthetic insulation. For those allergic to lanolin, which is a byproduct of sheep wool, alpaca is the next option worth considering. In addition to the same great benefits of sheeps’ wool, alpaca wool has hollow fibers, which makes it lighter and up to seven times warmer. It’s also lanolin-free, so people who are allergic to sheep's wool can still reap the benefits of this natural material — but given its luxe feel, you might just want to splurge for it whether you have an allergy or not.

Whether you’re looking for the heritage bedding your family will have forever or a utilitarian blanket for your next camping trip, the picks below have you covered.

1. A Handmade Organic Wool Comforter

If you're looking for lifetime quality, the Holy Lamb Organics wool comforter is handmade in Washington state with pure certified-organic materials inside and out. The company is famed for its high standards in sustainability and ethics, from chemical-free practices at every stage, to sourcing their wool from small local farmers who treat their animals humanely, to striving for a zero-waste business. (They even got a nod from Oprah.) This comforter features ethically sourced wool fill that's encased in a 100% organic cotton cover that's GOTS certified, and every inch is handmade and machine washable. "The materials and the stitching are meticulous," one shopper noted. The comforters are made in three different sizes and temperature weights — along with a crib option so even the littlest ones are covered.

  • Available weights: 3
  • Available sizes: 4 (Crib, Twin, Full/Queen, King)

2. This Lanolin-Free Alpaca Wool Duvet

This alpaca wool duvet is a lanolin-free alternative that's ultra-light and warmer than sheeps' wool but still gives you all the same benefits. Ave Maria sources its alpaca wool from Peru, where 80% of the world's alpaca wool is sourced. This 400-thread-count, 100% organic cotton shell is filled with pure alpaca — for a duvet so nice, some shoppers traveled with it. "We like it so much it comes with us when we go to the cabin," one reviewer confessed. "Compare to my old wool duvet, this one is lighter, softer and even warmer. I love this duvet so much even it is a little pricey but I feel it worth every penny as it would last for a long time," another shopper noted. The only possible downside is that it isn't machine washable, but it can be spot cleaned and aired.

  • Available sizes: 3 (Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/Cal King)

3. A More Affordable Wool Duvet That's Easy To Care For

The Down Under washable wool duvet is a good all-purpose wool comforter for those looking for a low-maintenance option. It's covered in 100% cotton and filled with Australian wool, and there are eight ties to secure it inside a duvet cover (a duvet cover is not included). The whole thing is machine washable for easy care. "Wow, we definitely were not disappointed," one fan raved, adding, "It is warm without becoming too over heated. It is nice and lofty as well so gives that luxury look and feel." For the materials and the price, it's a more than worthy option, however, it's worth noting that this pick is not certified organic.

  • Available sizes: 3 (Twin, Queen, King)

4. An Iconic Pendleton Wool Blanket With Rugged Good Looks

The Pendleton wool blanket is classic Americana, made in the Pacific Northwest since 1863. These blankets come in three sizes to cover a bed (or the back of a couch) and in the best colors and prints, from practical neutrals to heritage plaids, stripes, and buffalo checks. They are made from 100% virgin wool, for superior softness and strength, and use all-natural dyes. The Oregon brand also complies with stringent regulations for sustainability, with a focus on reducing the company's environmental impact. "This is a marvellous blanket. Who raves about a blanket? Me," one reviewer confessed. "It's lightweight, but warm and not scratchy at all," they added, calling it "the best of everything." And, like any great household staple, it's easy to care for — and actually gets softer with an initial machine wash.

  • Available colors: 31
  • Available sizes: 3 (Twin, Queen, King)

Also Worth Considering: An Organic Wool Mattress Topper

An organic wool mattress topper gives you similar benefits to a comforter while letting you sleep under the weight and material that makes you most comfortable. It adds an extra layer between you and the mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep — and it can help disperse heat from memory foam. Everything from the merino wool fill to the 100% cotton case is organic, though a washable duvet cover is recommended for this comforter. For the comforter care, you can spot clean and air out, or dry clean as a last resort. The third-generation family business Sleep & Beyond raises sheep in the Kyrgyz Republic, where ultrafine merino wool is produced and stringent control can be ensured — their products are backed by legions of certifications, including GOTS, to be natural and organic. "It made a HUGE difference," one fan gushed. "So so worth the money. I only bought it for temperature, thinking my mattress was soft enough, but the extra cushion made me sleep like a baby and I no longer woke up uncomfortably hot. I never knew how much I needed this."

  • Available sizes: 5 (Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King)

Also Nice: A Budget-Friendly Merino Wool Blanket

If you're shopping on a budget, you might want to consider this wool camp blanket made from 80% virgin Merino wool that's blended with acrylic for an affordably durable option. It’s felted and dense, with whip-stitched finishing for homespun appeal. The smaller size — it measures 66 inches by 90 inches — can be stretched across the foot of your bed or draped across the back of your sofa; or keep one in the car for day trips and chilly mornings alike. "I have some washable wool blankets from a famous company in Maine, but their blankets are so expensive, this is perfect for the price," one shopper shared. "I've done a lot of knitting with various fibers, and this wool blanket smells pleasantly just like – wool. [...]The fibers do look felted, which makes a more solid blanket."

For an even more economical number that’s ultra-practical, also check out this wool-blend blanket.

  • Available colors: 3