The 3 Best Wool Pillows On Amazon

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by Yoona Wagener
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If you’re interested in sustainable bedding accessories, the best wool pillows can help you sleep better by offering natural temperature regulation, allergen reduction, and moisture-wicking benefits while still meeting your preferences for pillow size and firmness. The wool used varies in thickness and texture, but the best options for nightly use in bed stand out by allowing you to add or remove filling for a customized firmness and loft level. If you’re particularly worried about keeping dust mites and other potential irritants at bay, look for models with removable and washable covers — or even a completely machine-washable design.

Choosing a pillow with the right size and firmness is really about your personal preferences and what feels most comfortable to you, but wool pillows generally come in the same sizes as non-wool options — standard, queen, and king — though wool body pillows exist, too. The most versatile wool pillows allow you to control firmness by adding or removing filling. This feature will allow any type of sleeper to customize a pillow to suit their sleep style, but some types of wool filling might work better for different types of sleepers. Pillows filled with featherlike nibs tend to have a soft or medium firmness, making them an easy pick for stomach sleepers, as soft, featherlike filling may compress to keep their spine straight. Side sleepers might also prefer this kind of pillow, since they tend to do well with medium firmness, but both side and back sleepers might enjoy a pillow filled with denser wool batting, sometimes combined with other natural materials like millet hulls, for extra support.

Many of the top wool pillows on this list are advertised as organic or natural, but to make sure you’re getting the quality you expect, look for a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) stamp of approval.

Regardless of your sleeping posture or desired loft, the wool pillows on this list offer comfortable support for more restful sleep.

1. The Best Soft To Medium Wool Pillow

If you like the malleability of feather-filled pillows, this down-alternative wool pillow is filled with GOTS-certified organic, feather-like nibs of wool that mimic the texture of down filling. This 20-by-30-inch standard sized pillow, also available in king and queen, offers medium firmness out of the box, but it's easy to adjust the level of firmness by adding or removing filling. Holy Lamb Organics doesn't sell extra filling on Amazon, but several reviewers on the site report successfully using this Amazon-available wool for filling their pillows.

You can clean this pillow in the washing machine — just be sure to use the gentle cycle.

According to one Amazon reviewer: “Bottom line: this pillow is worth the money because the quality of the wool is very good, the wool is clean, the pillow can easily be stuffed or unstuffed, and the pillow allows the user to thermoregulate a bit better (we live in the Southeast, and cool pillows are lifesaver in summer).”

2. The Best Firm Option

Side sleepers tend to need at least 4 inches of loft to feel supported, and this wool and millet pillow checks that box by offering 4 to 6 inches. This unique pillow measures 20 by 14 inches (length by width) in size, so it's slightly smaller than the usual 20-by-26-inch standard pillow, but the dual filling is the most distinguishing feature. There are two chambers inside the pillow: The top layer (which is about 1/4 of the pillow) contains wool batting, and the bottom compartment (which about 3/4 of the pillow) is filled with organic millet hulls. With the wool side up, you'll get 4 inches of loft and more support, but if you prefer a more cradled feel, the millet side has more give. You can adjust the height and firmness based on how much millet you add or take away from the pillow (it comes with 1 pound of additional millet hulls). If you need even more loft or support, the manufacturer recommends propping the pillow up on it side with the wool side toward you. Amazon reviewers with a love for firm pillows report than they weren't disappointed by this pick. You can remove the cover in order to wash it in the machine, but users caution against washing the filling.

According to one Amazon reviewer: “I'm in love with this pillow, it's a game changer. I'm a somewhat restless side sleeper, and every conventional pillow I tried was too firm and set my neck off at a weird angle, or too soft and unsupportive. I tried pillows with just millet, buckwheat, and will wool, but I liked the millet because it was quieter and more pliant, and the wool is a nice buffer. You kind of have to mash the pillow under your head and nestle down, but then it gives you really nice support without being too soft or firm. It's easy to reshape if you wake in the middle of the night.”

3. A Supportive Body Pillow

This supportive wool body pillow could be the end to aches and pains, and the beginning of a more supported slumber. The manufacturer recommends this pillow for side sleepers or anyone that needs help keeping things aligned while sleeping. Made with a GOTS-certified cotton sateen cover and wool batting, this full size body pillow measures 17 by 53 inches (length by width) and comes filled with 3.49 pounds of wool batting. While the filling isn't adjustable, there is a separate cover available from the manufacturer that is machine washable. The pillow itself must be spot-cleaned only.

According to one Amazon reviewer: “I love this pillow. It allows me to better align myself while asleep and wake up without numb limbs.”