Burger King Is Offering BOGO Whoppers Right Now

No sneaky fine print.

Michael Thomas/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Consider your next meal plans covered because Burger King has a deal for BOGO Whoppers available through their app. The BOGO offer (which stands for “buy one, get one” if you’re new here) doesn’t appear to be expiring anytime soon. So, even if you aren’t feeling like a burger today — blasphemy! It’s always burger time! — you’ll be able to redeem the offer when you’re ready to burger yourself to your heart’s content.

To redeem the deal, all you need to do is download the Burger King app and register an account. From there, head on over to the tab labeled “offers,” and you’ll see the deal to buy one Whopper and get one for no additional charge. No sneaky fine print. No need to share to Twitter and tag Burger King or hashtag something strange and campaign-specific like "#WhoppersAreMyOneTrueGod. No need to disavow all other burgers. Just sign up for the app and voila: a free Whopper with the purchase of another Whopper. Thre's no word yet whether the vegan Impossible Whopper is included in the BOGO offer.

If you scroll through the offers tab on the BK app, you’ll see dozens of other deals for free menu items. There’s an offer for BOGO Crispy Chicken Sandwiches and a deal for a free Impossible Croissanwich with any $1 purchase. Basically, if you’re planning on going to Burger King anyway, might as well download the app for some freebies.

S3studio/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Again, the BOGO Whopper deal doesn’t appear to be leaving anytime soon as confirmed by a BK representative to Thrillist. Happy Whoppering to one and all!