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Sydney Sweeney’s genius beauty hack, how to get back into dating, and more.

Sydney Sweeney tells Bustle about her skin care regimen and how it's similar to Cassie Howard's on E...
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Help! I Haven’t Had Sex In Years And Want To Start Meeting People Again.

In her latest “It’s A Pleasure” column, Sophia Benoit explores how someone should get back on the proverbial dating horse after years of no sex due to depression and body image issues — and, oh yeah, a global pandemic. Her advice? Baby steps. “Sex is the culmination of a whole lot of moments and decisions that you have control over,” she writes. “Take it slowly. Go out to a place that feels comfortable, talk to one person a week on the app and see how it feels, flirt with someone in a low-key way.” Read More

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Bridgerton Boob” Helped Me Stop Being Embarrassed Of My 34G Cleavage

There’s been a lot of hubbub over the lack of steamy sex scenes in Bridgerton Season 2. One lesser talked-about upside: how the corset-heavy wardrobe on one of Netflix’s most-watched series is normalizing, and even embracing, décolletage — specifically the “shelf-life top cleavage I’m calling Bridgerton Boob,” writes Bella Gerard, herself a woman with a 34G chest. “The characters’ cleavage-heavy ensembles don’t feel oversexualized,” she adds. “These women are simply existing with breasts in tow.” With corset sales up 407% over the past two months, it seems the hit show may be onto something. Read More

At 28, Michelle Yeoh Left Acting To Become A Mom

In the new film Everything Everywhere All at Once, Michelle Yeoh plays a laundromat owner navigating the multiverse to help her husband and daughter. It’s a far cry from the real life of the 59-year-old actor, who was married briefly in the late 1980s and didn’t have children, although she wanted to at the time — and even left acting to do so. “I really, really wanted to start a family,” she says. “That was my new career move.” Here, Yeoh reflects on that period, going on to play iconic matriarchs, and the advice she’d give her 28-year-old self. Read More

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17 Hours With The Mastermind Behind E!'s Red Carpet Sets

While most of us are lounging with takeout in front of the TV on Oscars night, Wendy Schellinger is logging up to 31,000 steps over in Hollywood. That’s because the NBCUniversal exec is the mastermind behind every detail of E!’s red carpet sets, right down to the fresh florals. Schellinger takes us through her 17-hour day — from 5:15 a.m. wakeup calls to Donatella Versace sightings — before getting up the next morning to start the process all over again for this weekend’s Grammys. Read More

The Genius, $0 Beauty Hack Sydney Sweeney Turns To When She Breaks Out

Sydney Sweeney may not have much in common with her Euphoria counterpart, Cassie Howard, but one love they do share is their dedication to skin care. “My skin care routine does resemble Cassie’s 4 a.m. regimen,” says the actor in an exclusive interview with Bustle. “All those tools I brought from home.” The new face of skin care brand Laneige reveals her go-to products, biggest beauty fails, and acne-fighting secret. (Hint: It involves dunking your face in ice water.) Read More

In Broadway’s Wicked, Brittney Johnson Is Making History. Again.

“It’s hard being the first,” says Brittney Johnson, who’s assuming the role of Glinda in Broadway’s Wicked — the first Black woman to do so in the hit show’s 19-year history. “In lots of ways, I’m grateful that it’s me, because I know that I can take it.” Johnson, who uses her social media platform to address everything from mental health to racism in the theater community, tells us about her turn on the Great White Way and fills out our Bustle Booth Q&A. Read More


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