4 Cheap Blackout Curtains To Help You Sleep & Stay Cool

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Keeping your room dark allows your body to make melatonin throughout the night to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. So, if you're struggling to get a good night's sleep due to too much light in your space, a set of cheap blackout curtains can be a fantastic solution. But, before you start your search for a set of curtains, you want take a close look at your bedroom. If your windows face the sun, you definitely want to invest in high-quality blackout curtains that block at least 90% of light to keep your room dark and cool. On the other hand, if your room tends to be pretty dark to start with, you can opt for a more lightweight, or lighter-colored option.

And how about the temperature of your room? Temperature is also an important key to keep you snoozing through the night. If your room tends to be frigid or drafty, you may want to look for thermal-insulated blackout curtains. Not only do these curtains block out light, but they also help to trap in heat and snuff out sound to create a truly peaceful sleeping environment.

Ready to invest in your sleep health? Check out these super effective blackout curtains that help you rest without breaking the bank.


Best Overall, All Things Considered

Thousands of reviewers rave about these really affordable blackout curtains. For just over $30, these curtains come in a set of two panels. Each panel is made from triple-weave fabric, which effectively blocks out 90% of light without looking bulky or heavy. But one of the big reasons these top this list is that these curtains can be customized to nearly any window. They come in a ton of different colors, patterns, and lengths and widths, and you can even choose between rod pockets or grommets so you always get the perfect fit for your windows.

According to one reviewer: "Once you put these bad boys on your window, the room will turn into a black hole of darkness that will engulf both soul and body. I cannot even describe the room I was in as black, it was a much deeper, almost boundless effect. You will lose all sense of what is up and down and feel like you are floating in deep space. I cannot recommend highly enough."



Coming in a close second, there's a lot to like about these solid blackout curtains. For one, the thick, triple-weave fabric is excellent at blocking out anywhere between 85 to 99% of light, depending on the color. And at just $28 for two panels, these curtains are a smidge more affordable than our best overall pick. The only downside is that they come in all solid colors and only offer a grommet option, in comparison to the variety available in the top pick. That said, if you're going for a solid color, these curtains are an excellent pick. Over 17,000 Amazon reviewers swear by these curtains.

According to one reviewer: "[T]he quality of the curtains, and the ability to block the light coming into a room, was far superior to the curtains I had already purchased, at a higher price, from the national department store. I highly recommend."


Best Thermal-Insulated Curtains

Not only are these textured microfiber curtains great for blocking light, but they can help you save on your electricity bill, too. The thicker, heavier fabric effectively traps in heat while keeping winter chill out to keep your home warm and cozy in colder months. In warmer months, these curtains block out hot sunlight to keep your room dark and cool, so either way, your room will regulate temperature better. Like the set above, these block between 85 and 99% of light, depending on which color you choose (darker colors will block the most light). Plus, they come in tons of different solid colors and sizes so you're sure to find your perfect match.

According to one reviewer: "[These curtains] will help me out temp wise, because the sun used to shine so full and bright in [the] window, it would warm up my living room quickly. I really love these curtains, and I'm very glad I brought these instead of the other brands I was considering. I would recommend these to others."


Best Door Panel

For sliding doors and larger windows, this door panel is the best pick. For one, it's made from high-quality, yet machine-washable fabric. It's also lightweight enough to move aside easily when you're coming and going. It comes in a variety of rich colors and sizes so you can find an excellent match for your home decor. And with the antique bronze grommets, this door panel looks chic in any room. While the specific light-blocking capabilities aren't listed for this set, plenty of Amazon reviewers rave that they are fantastic at blocking out light.

According to one reviewer: "These drapes are amazing. Great quality at a great price. The hang, the feel, and the function are all 10's. They black out light perfectly when closed, yet are thin enough to gather nicely when open. Really easy to pull open or closed, which isn't always true with grommet drapes."