50 Cheap, Clever Things On Amazon You'll Get A Sh*t Ton Of Use Out Of Every Day

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It makes sense to not mind spending a bit more on a product you know you’re going to get a lot of use out of. But you know what’s even better? Buying something that you’ll use every single day but have it only cost you like $20. That’s where Amazon comes in.

It’s obvious that Amazon has saved a lot of people a lot of time by providing the luxury of having things delivered straight to your door within days (or even a few hours — thank you Prime!), but I want to remind everyone how much money the site can help you save too by selling practical yet genius things you didn’t know you needed at affordable prices.

Whether it’s the wedge pillow you use to sleep every night or the closet organizer that your clothes hang in, you can get a bunch of clever necessities for a price that won’t break the bank. I mean, where else can you get six stainless steel mixing bowls for $30?

To help you find the deals, I’ve made a list of a ton of useful products — some that you may need a restock of, some that you didn’t even know existed, and all that’ll fit your budget.


A Comfy Bed Wedge That You Can Lounge On In So Many Different Ways

This wedge pillow's 45-degree elevation does so much more than just help you fall asleep. Its firm yet plush support can be used for your legs, head, back, or on your lap as a desk. This will come in handy for just about everyone — whether you are recovering from a recent surgery, experiencing some pregnancy discomfort, or just wanting to put your legs up while you lounge around. Its breathable microfiber cover will keep you cool every night and can easily be thrown in the machine to wash when needed.


This Powerful Strip Of LED Lights That Can Be Carried Like A Lantern

Whether you need some guidance during a power outage, are trying to find something in a dark garage, or simply want to decorate your room, this LED light strip will brighten any situation. You can either hang the 5 foot rope using the noodle ties that are included, stick it to any magnetic surface, or stuff it in the included carrying pouch to turn it into a lantern. And since it’s waterproof, feel free to bring the strip anywhere without worrying about it breaking down.


This Hair Wax Stick That Gets Rid Of Flyaways & Frizz

If you want that sleek bun that nearly every influencer on Instagram has been sporting but your baby hairs won’t listen, this hair wax stick will keep them in place. Full of natural ingredients like beeswax, castor oil, and avocado oil, this product nourishes hair while also slicking down fly-aways and adding shine.


The Microfiber Bracelets That Make Washing Your Face Less Messy

If it looks like you got more water on your countertop than your face after cleansing, these microfiber wristbands will help prevent the mess. Wearing these comfy bands stops water from running down your arms and ending up all over your bathroom or on your shirt. Choose from a ton of adorable color options and add them to your nightly routine.


This Utensil Holder That Spins For Easy Access

Who says utensils have to stay hidden in a drawer? This utensil holder comes in seven different colors and is as useful as it is sleek. Made of food grade stainless steel, this durable holder is fit to hold all the tools you love to cook with, and the divider helps keep them organized. Place it anywhere on your counter and its non-skid base will make sure it stays still. And when you need something quick to stop your dinner from burning, easily rotate the holder 360 degrees to find what you’re looking for.


This Set Of Unbreakable Solid Metal Shoe Horns

Whether you need help because you don’t want to mess up your nails or because you’re breaking in that fabulous new pair, a shoe horn makes it easy to slip into any shoe. This set of is made of solid metal that won’t bend of break and includes a bonus travel size that’s just 4 inches long and can fit anywhere.


An Oil-Absorbing Facial Roller That You Can Use Over & Over Again

If you find yourself with an unwanted shine on your face, say goodbye to blotting papers and hello to this viral volcanic face roller. Simply roll this over your T-Zone, and say hello to an instantly matte appearance. The stone is easy to clean, too, just unlock the ring, pull out the stone, and wash it with your go-to cleanser.


These Drawer Organizers That Are Stackable To Maximize Space

Whether it’s lipsticks in your vanity, pens in your desk, or utensils in your kitchen, these drawer organizers will sort out all your day-to-day essentials. The clear break-resistant plastic goes with any decor and allows you to clearly see everything you have. Stack them on top of one another to maximize your space.


A Cruelty-Free Eye Primer That Prevents Makeup From Creasing

Prevent your eye makeup from wearing away by applying this lightweight eye primer. The non-greasy formula is made of ingredients like pearl powder that help lock in your eyeshadow so that it looks more vibrant throughout the night. You can also feel good supporting the brand since the product is cruelty- and paraben-free.


A Shoe Cleaner That Scrubs Away Any Scuff With Just A Few Drops

This shoe cleaner is the be all end all, in my opinion. The non-toxic formula fights through stains on leather, vinyl, nubuck, suede, canvas, cloth, and more. Whether it’s dirt, scum, grease, or grass, because this cleaner is actually a concentrate, it can clean anything away using just a few drops. Lightly scrub with the included brush and skip a trip to the cleaners.


This Silicone Popcorn Maker That Collapses For Easy Storage

Every night can be movie night with a popcorn popper that makes snack making super easy. Trade in costly single-use popcorn bags and instead place your kernels into this heat-resistant food-grade silicone bowl that goes right into the microwave too. In minutes, you’ll have a delicious snack in a BPA-free container that’s easy to hold. When all finished, pop it (pun intended) into the drawer and collapse the bowl to just 2.2 inches tall for easy storage.


These Portable Hooks That Let You Hang Your Purse Anywhere

Stop worrying about putting your favorite bag on the floor when you’re out and about and start hanging it anywhere and everywhere with these portable purse hooks. These high-quality metal and rubber hooks are small enough to stash in any bag, but they turn into grippy hooks that latch onto a table and can hold your bag. This pack of six has enough hooks that you can keep one in every single tote, purse, and backpack you own.


This Electric Bug Swatter With A Built-In LED Light for Night Zapping

Instead of running around for what can seem like hours chasing after a tiny fly, make the job easier with this electric fly swatter. The racket uses 4,000 volts of electricity to stop any bug in their tracks. A single charge can last for up to 10,000 zaps, and its built-in LED light makes it perfect for camping trips.


A Face Scrubber That Cleans & Can Help Promote Collagen Production

Give yourself an at-home facial with this vibrating face scrubber. The hygienic silicone head massages in four different modes to remove makeup, dirt, and oil from the skin’s surface and pores. The massage mode can also stimulate circulation, increase blood flow, and help promote collagen production for a replenished complexion.


These Airtight Containers With Flip Top Lids For Easy Pouring

Don’t ruin your morning by biting into a spoonful of stale Cheerios. Keep your breakfast at its best with these cereal containers, whose airtight closure provide freshness for much longer than an ordinary box would. Their flip top lids and built-in measurements (in both liters and ounces) make it easy to pour just the right amount every time. Whether you choose to use it for cereal, pasta, or dog food, the clear design and adorable chalkboard sticker labels let you easily see what you have so you can avoid wasting money and buying more before it’s needed.


A Tinted Eyebrow Gel That Adds Hair-Like Texture With Every Stroke

Give your eyebrows a little extra oomph with this tinted eyebrow gel. It is made of a film-forming polymer that adds hair-like texture for a natural finish, and the triangular tapered brush applies the product in a 360 degree fashion onto each hair. The waterproof and sweat-proof formula adds color (in five different shades), fills in sparse spots, and will last all day while doing so.


These Silicone Oven Mitts That Can Withstand Up To 450 Degrees Fahrenheit

Accidents happen but these silicone oven mitts can protect you from a good amount of them. Their quilted lining offers comfort while their non-slip and heat-resistant silicone exterior keep you safe from anything, liquid or solid, that’s up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. They’re also extra long (at 14.7 inches) to keep more than just your hands protected. These fan-favorite gloves have over 31,000 reviews on Amazon and a remarkable 4.8-star rating overall.


A Detangling Brush That Can Be Used On Wet Or Dry Hair

Be a bit more gentle on your hair with this detangling brush that’s meant to slowly unravel knots and tangles instead of tearing right through. The flexible, cone-shaped bristles work on both dry and wet hair and are safe to use on any hair type. This is a fan-favorite hairbrush on Amazon, with over 42,000 five-star reviews.


A Set of Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls That Nest Together For Easy Storage

Feel like a pro chef with this set of six stainless steel mixing bowls. Each is sized for a different task and marked on the bottom so you’re aware of the exact capacity you’re working with. The flat base and wide brim design makes it easy for even the most amateur cook to avoid making a mess. Once you’re done showing off your cooking skills, nest the bowls in one another to save cabinet space.


The Silicone Drain Plugs That Stop Hair From Going Down The Drain

Letting a few hairs go down the drain can end up causing some big problems. Save yourself the future headache of having to call a plumber and instead just grab this two-pack of hair stoppers. Each stopper is 6 inches in diameter, and the flat design allows it to cover most drains. These tub stoppers lie on top and suction into the drain underneath to prevent anything from passing through and are easy to wipe clean.


A Lavender-Infused Eye Pillow That Helps Relieve Tension

If you can’t seem to ever fully relax when it’s time to go to sleep, this eye pillow may do the trick. Made from 100% organic cotton or satin and filled with flax seeds, the soft acupressure is meant to feel like a mini massage in order to relieve any tension. For an extra boost, the pillow is also filled with relaxing lavender to help with headaches and stress. Pro tip: Pop it in the freezer for extra soothing relief.


This Sleek Glass Teapot With A Built-In Infuser For Loose Tea

This glass teapot is versatile in its ability to match any kitchen decor and brew any tea you desire. Its stainless steel infuser has a fine mesh interior that keeps loose tea exactly where it’s supposed to be and eliminates the need to strictly use teabags. The heat-resistant borosilicate glass can withstand high heat directly on the stove top while the ergonomic handle is heat-resistant to keep you safe.


This Nail Kit With An Electric Buffing Tool

Give yourself a salon-level manicure and pedicure with this nail kit that includes a buffer and six different attachment heads. Buff, shine, shape, and file your nails with the cordless electric buffer that is lightweight enough to be taken anywhere. The built-in LED light makes it easy to catch every detail so you end up with flawless nails.


A Satin Pillowcase That Helps Reduce Split Ends

Once you start sleeping on this satin pillowcase, you’ll never want to go back to ordinary cotton again. Its silky material prevents your hair from being tugged every time you move in your sleep which can help reduce breakage and leave hair looking and feeling healthier. It can also leave skin more hydrated since the 100% polyester satin does not strip the skin’s natural oils like cotton can.


An Insulated Stainless Steel Mug That’s Perfect For Hot & Cold Drinks

Whether you’re hiking, going on a road trip, or commuting to the office, this travel mug is perfect for any beverage you want to bring along. Its insulated stainless steel interior will keep hot drinks hot for at least 6 hours and cold drinks cold for at least 20 hours. Meanwhile, the leakproof lid will keep it all from making a mess. Pour in 20 ounces of your favorite coffee, and you’ll be good to go.


These Reusable Makeup Remover Pads That Are Soft For Sensitive Skin

Do your part to be a bit more green by trading in your single-use cotton rounds for these reusable makeup remover pads. This 20-pack is made from natural bamboo cotton, which is soft enough for sensitive skin. These cotton rounds come with a round storage container and a machine washable bag, so keeping them stored and cleaned is quite convenient.


This Pretty Jewelry Holder That Rolls Up For Easy Traveling

Take your collection of necklaces, rings, earrings, and more with you everywhere you go, whether it’s the office or vacation, with this jewelry organizer roll. This functional yet pretty jewelry storage solution has five distinct zones for different accessories: a ring roll, earring panel, necklace strap, and two zippered pockets of various sizes. The entire thing easily folds up into a 9-inch rectangle so you can toss it in your purse or suitcase.


A Warm LED Light Strip That Is Motion Activated

Think of this LED light strip as an upgrade to the ordinary nightlight. Place the strip under your bed, along your bathroom floor, or above your kitchen cabinets to have a warm light guide you when you randomly wake up at 2 a.m. The light is motion activated so you don’t have to worry about looking for a switch. It’s also automatic and will save energy by shutting off once you leave.


An Adorable Mini Vacuum That Keeps Your Desk Dust-Free

If you can get past how adorable this mini vacuum is, you’ll realize that its 360 degree spiral wind blade offers strong suction power to clean up crumbs, hair, dust, paper scraps, and more. Keep this cutie in your car, on your desk, or anywhere else you constantly find yourself needing a quick clean. Just put in two AA batteries, click push, and your space will be spotless in no time.


A Set Of Airtight Olive Oil Dispensers With 2 Different Spouts

Transfer your olive oil and vinegar from their original packaging to these chic glass dispensers that’ll be a great addition to your dinner table display. This set of two bottles comes with four pouring spouts — two with a flip-top for easy controlled pouring and two with a sealed cap for sealed storage. The airtight and leak-proof tops keep your oil fresh and the labeled measurements make it easy to know just how much you have left. Label them with the included chalkboard sticker labels to avoid any confusion and add a cute touch.


A Tinted Lip Balm That Moisturizes & Protects From Harmful UV Rays

This tinted lip balm isn’t just moisturizing, it also helps protect your kisser from harmful UV rays because it has an SPF of 15. The vegan formula adds just a hint of color to your lips, giving you a little something-something without being over-the-top, which is perfect for sunny days spent outdoors.


A Toothbrush Holder That Also Dispenses The *Perfect* Dollop Of Toothpaste

Not only does this toothbrush holder keep up to six brushes stored away hygienically, it also acts as a toothpaste dispenser. Install two tubes of toothpaste, and the perfect amount will be dispensed every single time. This holder adds tons of functional storage to your bathroom. It has two magnetic gargle cups as well as two cups on top that can easily be turned upwards to hold razors, tongue scrapers, hairbrushes, and more.


A Fast-Working Meat Thermometer With A Bottle Opener In The Handle

This super accurate meat thermometer gives you a reading in as little as two seconds, which is just as fast as much, much pricier options on the market. This waterproof meat thermometer is ideal for days spent grilling out. Not only will it prevent you from overcooking your steak or undercooking your chicken, but it also has a convenient bottle opener built into the handle for popping open a cold one while you cook.


These Unbreakable Stainless Steel Glasses That’ll Keep Wine Cool

This set of four stainless steel wine tumblers will keep your beverages cooler and safer than typical glasses ever could thanks to the stainless steel design. In addition to keeping your white wine chilled, the durable stainless steel won’t shatter when drinking, dropping, or washing these glasses. Choose between 16 different colors to set the mood for any gathering, including turquoise, brushed stainless steel, and wood finishes.


A Pooper Scooper That Lets You Pick Up After Your Dog Without Bending Down

Say goodbye to the days of having to constantly bend down and kneel to pick up after your pup. This pooper scooper’s 36-inch rake makes it easy to clean from a comfortable position while its large tray will cut down the number of times you have to go back and forth to the garbage can. Made of aluminum and metal, the set will last longer than plastic models and remain rust-proof even when hanging to store in the garage.


These Vacuum Sealed Storage Bags That Provide 80% More Storage

Whether you went a little overboard while shopping on vacation or need to store a few more things in the attic, this three-pack of vacuum storage bags will be your lifesaver. Their double-zip seal and the triple-seal turbo valve are made to get every ounce of air out of your clothes or other fabric belongings so that you can fit more in a smaller space. Fill the heavy duty and puncture-resistant bags with your coats, towels, or even duvets and shrink them down using either your own vacuum or the included travel pump.


A Quick-Drying Makeup Brush Cleaner That Works On All Products

Washing your face is only half the job. In order to prevent the spreading of any bacteria or germs, use this makeup brush cleaner to keep your beauty tools sanitary. The quick-drying formula breaks down even waterproof and longwear makeup to make your brushes look new again. Just pour, dip, and wipe. It’s that simple.


A 7-Shelf Closet Organizer That’s Durable Enough To Last Years

A little extra space never hurts, and this hanging organizer can transform your closet so you can actually have every article of clothing clean at once or put all your kid’s toys in one place. The organizer has seven shelves and comes with five bins of various sizes that can be placed as you please. There are even additional mesh pockets on the sides so not one inch of space is wasted and so you have a place to keep those smaller accessories that tend to get lost. Its non-woven polyethylene material and three attached hangers at the top will keep the entire mechanism durable and sturdy.


This Set Of Airtight Plastic Containers That Can Help Organize Your Leftovers

Keep your household from throwing away food (and essentially money) by making use of these plastic containers. The lids’ airtight seals keeps fruits and vegetables fresher for longer, while the clear design lets you easily take inventory of your fridge. These containers are save to use in the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer.


A Water Sprinkler That Can Cover 3,600 Square Feet

Built with three rotating arms and 12 built-in spray nozzles, this water sprinkler can keep up to 3,600 square feet evenly hydrated. If you do need more coverage, however, multiple sprinklers can be connected together. The hidden metals weight keep them stable so you don’t have you worry about leaving them unattended. Made from a high quality thick ABS material, this system is meant to last.


This Heat-Resistant Mat That Keeps Furniture Safe From Hot Styling Tools

Being in a rush and styling your hair can be a dangerous combo. To prevent yourself form placing a hot tool on anything that can be damaged, keep this heat-resistant mat nearby. It can withstand heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and is made of silicone with a grip texture to prevent any tool from slipping. This mat is also easy to roll up for portability — just wrap it around your flat iron or curling iron.


A Handmade Match Striker That’s Cute Enough To Be A Piece Of Decor

Take all your matches out of their boring box and display them in this gorgeous handmade match striker. The rough patch on the bottom easily lights every one so you can set the mood and fill your home with the scent of your favorite candle. It’s about time your matches are as aesthetically pleasing as the candle they sit next to.


This Silicone Cup Holder That Can Mold Around Any Size Sofa Arm

For the times when there’s not a coffee table nearby, you can rely on this silicone cup holder that molds to the shape of your sofa or chair’s arm. It creates a flat and sturdy surface for your drink, snack, remote, or really anything to rest in, even on curved couch edges. You you can even continue to use that favorite mug of yours thanks to the handle slot.


The Cosmetic Spatulas That Help You Apply Your Skincare In A Sanitary Way

As great as your skincare products might be, you’ll be going a bit backwards if you’re not applying them in the most hygienic way. Avoid spreading bacteria by using these cosmetic spatulas to scoop our lotion, moisturizer, or face masks instead of using your fingers. The metal is not only durable but cool to the touch, leaving your face feeling refreshed with each use.


A 4-Pack Of Hooks That Can Stick To Glass, Tile & Wood

This four-pack of suction hooks will be quickly used around your home. Use them to secure cables, hang keys, hold your razor, and so much more. The hooks work best on glass and tile but come with adhesive plastic disks to stick on the back and place anywhere.


This Goal-Focused Planner With Tons Of Productivity Tips & Tricks

This productivity planner is so much more than just a few pages to keep track of your lunch meetings. Its undated 13-week layout allows to you to pick and choose which days to focus on. In addition to having monthly, weekly, and daily pages, there are an additional 60 blank pages so you have room for all your brainstorming and journaling too. Its durable leatherette cover and compact size make it perfect to bring everywhere.


This Reusable Double-Sided Tape That Doesn’t Leave A Residue

Take the easy way out on your latest arts and craft project with this double-sided tape. It’s gentle enough to not leave behind a residue but strong and durable enough to work with fishing rods and sports equipment. Plus, unlike other tapes, this adhesive can be rinsed with water and reused, so this roll will last you quite a while.


An Easy-To-Use, Refillable Perfume Bottle That Is TSA-Approved

Buying a travel size of all your favorite perfumes can be costly, so use your full size to fill up a refillable perfume bottle instead. These TSA-approved bottles are filled by spraying directly inside so you don’t have to worry about spilling any of your favorites. The seamless transfer makes this purchase a no-brainer.


These Soap Savers That Exfoliate & Deep Clean Skin

Slip any ordinary bar of soap inside one of these soap savers to transform its abilities. The fiber pouch creates a rich lather and exfoliates skin to remove dry skin cells and make room for a smooth glow. The attached rope makes it easy to hold and hang in the shower.


A Glass Sugar Dispenser That Makes It Easy to Control Your Pour

If you often find yourself mixing in way more sugar than you actually wanted into your coffee or tea, this glass sugar dispenser can help you control exactly how much you pour. In addition to precision, the adorable honeycomb shaped glass can also be a better alternative for storage. Whether its honey, syrup, or chocolate drizzle, avoid any sticky messes by using this as your bottle.