50 Cheap, Clever Things That Make Your Home Look Really, Really Expensive

Super luxe (secretly budget-friendly).

Written by Cianna Garrison
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As a shopping writer, I’ll let you in on the secret that you can find a ton of functional home products that make your space look super expensive — without spending a ton of cash. So, I decided to gather them all up and put them all in one place. This list is packed with brilliant budget-friendly items that look luxe and truly add value to your home. And this stuff is genuinely brag-worthy, so don’t be surprised if you feel like showing it off whenever anyone sets foot in your place.


These Luxe Satin Pillowcases Designed To Prevent Hair Breakage

While you could spend a lot on luxe bedding, this satin pillowcase set is surprisingly budget-friendly. They’re crafted out of machine-washable fabric, so these chic cases are easy to clean. Plus, thanks to their silky texture, they may even help prevent hair breakage. This set is available in 35 colors and five sizes — including a body pillow option.


These Fan-Favorite Wireless Puck Lights To Upgrade Kitchen Cabinets

These wireless LED puck lights have earned over 27,000 five-star ratings, and they’re shockingly easy to stick underneath kitchen cabinets, below shelves, or in closets. They also have three color temperature settings, are dimmable to 50% brightness, and include a remote control so you can easily customize your new lighting.


These Elegant Glass Flameless Candles That You Can Customize

These glass flameless candles look expensive and cost much less than some bougie candle brands. This pack features three different sizes of glass candle holders filled with real wax. Plus, the fake wicks flicker and give off a soft, warm glow that you can control from up to 20 feet away using the remote. “The realism of these LED pillar candles is simply stunning. They flicker and glow just like real candles, but without any of the hazards,” One reviewer wrote. “The grey glass design (my personal favorite) adds a sophisticated touch, making them versatile for any room or occasion.”


A Stunning Wooden Decor Tray That Doubles As A Spinning Organizer

This acacia wood lazy Susan looks stunning as a decor piece, but it also adds extra function to your table, countertop, or even a kitchen cabinet. Use it to hold spices in a cabinet, a flower vase on the counter, small pantry ingredients, and more. Then, give it a swift spin to easily reach the item you need.


These Under-Sink Organizers That Make Your Space Look *So* Put Together

Don’t let the budget-friendly price of these waterproof plastic under-sink organizers fool you — they’re super durable, and their matte black design looks sleek absolutely anywhere. Each one can hold up to 40 pounds of items and tucks easily in a cabinet or under a sink to maximize your space. They also include storage baskets and hooks for extra items.


This Impressive Under-Bed Night-Light With Nearly 3,000 5-Star Ratings

This under-bed light, with almost 3,000 five-star ratings, is an easy solution to the age-old problem of stumbling through the dark — and it also looks pretty darn expensive. The strip features easy-to-install adhesive backing and turns on to movement within about 11 feet. You can also customize it to automatically turn off between 30 seconds and 10 minutes.


A Super Quick-Drying Stone Tray To Store Sink-Side Essentials

Instead of damp sponges or grimy soap dispensers, this fast-drying stone sink tray will keep your sink-side essentials organized, dry, and looking elegant. It’s made of durable, absorbent diatomaceous earth (a fancy name for quick-drying stone) to suck up water in as little as a few minutes. It’s also nonslip and rust-resistant.


These Rug Corner Grippers Tidy Up Messy-Looking Rugs

Put messy-looking rugs in their place with these budget-friendly rug corner grippers that stick to all four corners and flatten them out. The sticky gel pads also keep rugs from sliding and won’t damage your floors. Plus, you can still peel up these clever grippers to sweep, and the renewable gel will still stick to your floor.


An Essential Oil Reed Diffuser With An Elegant Dried Flower Detail

This essential oil reed diffuser features dried flowers on top, adding an elegant floral touch to any room. Stick the container on your bathroom counter and enjoy up to 90 days of scent gently diffused via the cotton reeds. It’s complete with a luxe, layered scent with clove, lemon, lily of the valley, orange blossom, and other sophisticated notes — or choose from over 25 other fragrances. One happy shopper wrote, “The Clean Linen scent smells so clean & fresh. I have it sitting in a very open room but the smell still carries throughout & isn’t overwhelming when returning home [...] The packaging was nice & felt much more high quality than the price point reflects.”


These Budget-Friendly Solar Garden Lights That Make Plants Look Magical

Add expensive-looking whimsical lighting to your potted plants or garden with these solar garden lights designed to sway in the wind. They’re designed to resemble the golden glow of fireflies, and these lights are perfect for the outdoors since they’re waterproof and heat-resistant.


This Luxurious Faux Fur Throw Blanket That’s Surprisingly Easy To Clean

Snuggling up in this affordable faux fur throw blanket will feel so luxurious because one side has soft Sherpa, and the other is buttery-soft faux fur. Use it as your go-to throw or as a bedroom accent piece (it comes in 18 colors). Caring for its expensive-looking faux fur design is also surprisingly easy since it’s machine-washable.


These Wireless Motion Sensor Lights For Custom-Looking Lighting

These wireless motion sensor lights are perfect for mounting on stairs or underneath cabinets, and they’ll look like you have super expensive custom lighting. They’re a breeze to mount via the included strong adhesive tape or easy mounting hardware. You’ll also get up to 100 hours of light from each of these sleek little lights before changing the batteries.


This Bamboo Cheese Board With An Impressive Cheese Knife Drawer

This impressive cheese board will elevate all of your gatherings or weekend cheese boards with its sleek bamboo design and built-in cheese knives. It’s complete with four stainless steel knives for easy serving. This easy-to-clean board has a cheese-slicing section and built-in grooves to hold meats, fruits, nuts, and more.


These Fan-Favorite Nonslip Hangers With A Chic Velvet Finish

These expensive-looking velvet hangers have a space-saving, slim design to add extra space for a tidy-looking closet. The nonslip velvet material is perfect for delicate fabrics, and each of these chic hangers can also hold up to 10 pounds. This closet upgrade has also earned a whopping 4.8-star average rating after 87,000 ratings.


This Absorbent Bath Rug That Always Looks Clean & Polished

This absorbent bath mat has a suede-like finish that adds an expensive-looking touch to any bathroom. It also features a top layer that starts absorbing water in seconds, so your mat will always look dry, clean, and polished. The backing is an anti-slip rubber, so you also won’t have to worry about slipping even at its wettest.


These Touch-Up Paint Pens To Make Your Walls Look Freshly Painted

Instead of ignoring small wall scuffs and scratches, reach for these easy-to-use fillable paint pens to solve the problem. A set comes with two mess-free pens and a syringe for filling them. Once filled, the paint inside a pen stays fresh for years, and the small brush tip reaches just about anywhere.


These Spinning Under-Cabinet Hooks That Save So Much Space

These rotating under-cabinet utensil hooks are chic space-savers, and the best part is that they require zero drilling. Adhere them underneath your cabinet with the adhesive mounting strips, and they’ll look perfectly built-in. These nail-free hooks are also perfect for hanging your go-to tools near the stove.


An Outlet Cover With A Built-In Night-Light

Instead of occupying precious outlet space with a bulky plug-in night-light, replace your outlet cover with this expensive-looking outlet guide light. It snaps on via easy-to-use prongs, and then you screw it in like any duplex cover. After the quick install, its sensor will detect when it’s dark and activate a glowy LED light.


This Clever In-Drawer Knife Block That Looks Super Professional

No longer feel embarrassed showing off your knife drawer while cooking for company because this in-drawer bamboo knife block will make it look professionally organized. It keeps up to 16 knives and even has a knife sharpener slot. Plus, the slotted design cradles the blades, keeping the sharp side away from your hands.


These Chic Sconce-Style Night-Lights With Customizable Brightness

Night-lights can sometimes be an eyesore, but these sconce-shaped night-lights will light up dark areas of your home while also looking chic. Each light features a soft white light that fans from the top and bottom, plus they are dimmable via the sliding switch. An automatic dusk-to-dawn sensor turns the lights on as soon as it gets dark. One reviewer wrote, “Affordable and look expensive. I love that you can dim the light and that they turn on automatically as they sense it getting darker.”


An Easy Wood Polish For Expensive-Looking Furniture & Cabinets

Grab this easy-to-use furniture polish with an included microfiber cloth to save tired wood furniture and cabinets from the yard sale. Its blend of nourishing oils and almond essential oil will condition older furniture, making it look like you splurged on new furniture or kitchen cabinets. It’s also formulated to cut through grease and grime, which is especially helpful for cabinets near the stove.


These Chic Linen Closet Organizers That Are *So* Easy To Access

Your closet will get a luxe makeover with these linen closet organizers that look expensive and keep clutter to a minimum. Each container fits over a foot of folded clothes or linens, and you can easily access items anytime by pulling the front flap down and resealing the velcro closure.


These Stackable Clear Bins To Give Your Space A Professionally-Organized Look

A pantry, wardrobe, or cleaning closet filled with these clear stackable bins. This pack comes with four equal-sized bins with large carrying handles, so you can easily pull out cleaning supplies, pantry ingredients, or closet items. They’re also easy to see through when you’re trying to find something and a breeze to wash.


A Stain-Hiding Coffee Mat To Make Your Coffee Station Look Professional

No matter what style of coffee maker you have, this absorbent coffee mat will add a professional look to your countertop on the cheap. It has a leakproof rubber backing and an absorbent material on the top that will hide all kinds of coffee and milk stains. It’s also designed to have a 90% porosity rate (AKA — it will dry super quickly).


An Elegant Candle Warmer Lamp For Aromatherapy With Zero Flame

This dimmable candle warmer lamp with a glass shade will instantly turn your favorite candle into a chic decor piece. Simply turn it on, and the included halogen bulb will heat the candle, slowly melt the wax, and fill your room with your candle’s luxurious scent. One reviewer wrote, “Best investment I’ve made recently, for sure. The scent of the candle is just as strong as it is when burning, but the candle warmer lets it last 10x longer!”


A Soft Duvet Cover Set That’s Shockingly Budget-Friendly

This best-selling duvet cover is made of soft microfiber fabric that’s pre-washed for extra coziness. Slip your comforter inside and zip it up before tying it all together with the two matching pillow shams. It also features eight corner ties to prevent your comforter from bunching and looking messy. Available in over 25 colors, there’s a shade for every bedroom aesthetic. One reviewer raved, “Omg I have been searching for a duvet cover for months. I spent hundreds of dollars on covers only to come across this one, and this is the best cover I’ve ever purchased. It’s lightweight... beautiful color. Great quality for the price.”


This Modern Bedside Lamp That Doubles As A Wireless Charger

This lamp with a built-in wireless charger will look so modern and expensive on your bedside table or desk (but only you will know it’s secretly budget-friendly). To use it — simply give the metal frame a tap to turn the light on or off or switch between brightness levels. Then, lay your phone on the wood-tone charging base to start charging.


A Sophisticated Oil Dispenser Set You’ll Want To Leave Out On The Counter

Store your go-to cooking oil and vinegar in style with this glass dispenser set that comes with glossy gold spouts and 36 pre-made labels. Each durable glass bottle holds up to 350 milliliters of oil, and you get a handy funnel to fill them up. Meanwhile, the pourers feature rubber stoppers to prevent spills when you drizzle oil.


These Magnetic Floating Shelves For Elegant Kitchen Storage

These magnetic storage racks stick onto the side of your refrigerator (or washing machine) for an elegant storage solution. There are zero screws required, and once they’re up, they look like expensive floating shelves. Each rack holds up to 8 pounds and is 2.5 inches deep, making them perfect for storing spices, olive oil bottles, and more.


A Sleek Toilet Paper Holder With A Spot For Tampons Or Wipes

This modern stainless steel toilet paper holder gives you a clever little spot to store wipes, tampons, or any other bathroom essentials. The basket design makes it easy to access your things, and the installation hardware is designed to be super sturdy and easy to install. Plus, the toilet paper bar can be installed in either direction, and the entire unit is rust-resistant.


A Touch-Activated Bedside Lamp With A Glowy, Modern Design

This touch-activated lamp features a modern design that looks way pricier than it actually is. It has a frosted globe and comes with a warm white LED bulb to cast a cozy glow. You can also adjust the light with easy taps on the metal base to cycle between on, off, 30%, 60%, and 100% brightness to customize the glow.


These Timeless Bamboo Drawer Dividers That Are A Breeze To Install

These adjustable drawer dividers look chic with their bamboo construction but are also super practical with their water-resistant finish. They easily fit into standard drawers, and the rubber ends will keep them perfectly in place. You can also arrange them vertically or horizontally to meet your needs, and you have instant organization.


A Chic Little Wall Sconce That Easily Sticks To Your Wall

This chic little LED wall sconce is made with faux wood and installs in just a few minutes. Simply use the base to adhere it to a clean surface and attach the lamp head to the rotatable magnetic ball. Switching between three brightness modes is as easy as a quick tap. Plus, you can pull this compact light off the wall to use it as a bedside light or flashlight.


These Electric Salt & Pepper Grinders That Grind At The Push Of A Button

Grind to the perfect coarseness (without the elbow grease) with this electric salt and pepper grinder set. They work with the push of a button (AKA — one-handed, baby) and have easily adjustable coarseness via the top knobs. They also have sleek and super helpful LED lights, so you can see what you’re grinding.


This Rustproof Shower Caddy Shelf Set For Custom-Looking Shower Storage

This shower caddy set will look like you paid for custom built-in storage in your shower. It’s made of rustproof and waterproof stainless steel to keep it looking new. Simply mount it in the shower using the adhesive strips, and within 24 hours, you can load up the basket and soap dish with your toiletries. The basket also features four hooks for loofahs or scrub brushes.


An Elegant Glass Pitcher That Keeps Your Favorite Drinks Fresh

This timeless glass pitcher has a leakproof lid that keeps your beverage of choice fresh, so you can store the whole thing in the fridge until you’re ready to pour. Plus, its wide-mouth construction is perfect for mixing up to 68 ounces directly inside the container.


An Automatic Coffee Mug Warmer That Looks Sleek

This sleek coffee warmer feels super high-tech because it automatically detects when you place or remove a mug from the base. Plug it in, put your cup of coffee on the waterproof panel to turn it on, and your go-to drink will stay at a consistent temperature between 120 and 140 degrees.


These Low-Profile Solar Deck Lights To Illuminate Your Outdoor Space

Screw these solar deck lights onto your fence, stairs, or deck railing, and you’ll have warm white light once the sun sets. The wireless lights receive a full charge in the sun after eight to 12 hours, and you never have to worry about turning them on or off.


These Durable Drinking Glasses With Stylish Bamboo Lids

These dishwasher-safe glass tumblers look like they’re straight out of a stylish café. Each glass features a kitschy can shape, making your favorite beverage look much cooler with a bamboo lid and matching glass straw. These chic glasses also work with cold or cozy, warm beverages.


This Luxe TV Backlight Strip That Helps Prevent Eye Strain

This TV backlight strip is large enough to fit 60- to 80-inch TVs, but you can also trim it to fit desktop monitors and other screens. Its white backlighting can help lessen eye strain as you watch. Plus, it looks impressive, with 10 brightness modes to suit any scenario. One reviewer raved, “the contrast is great for making the picture look richer but also reducing eyestrain from direct light. and a nice little bonus is that it makes my living room look fancy.”


These Cozy Smart Light Bulbs That Feature Millions Of Colors

These smart light bulbs offer many, many color choices for a budget-friendly home upgrade that brings a ton of ambiance to your space. To be precise, the compatible app lets you customize your lights with up to 16 million colors. And, of course, they’re compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can go hands-free.


This Easy-To-Apply Frosted Window Film To Add Instant Privacy

Whether you apply this supremely budget-friendly frosted window film to a bathroom or bedroom window, you’ll get instant privacy. The brand also claims it blocks up to 96% of UV rays and light glare, which may help better insulate your room. The best part is — you only need water, scissors, and simple measurement tools to install it.


These Breathable Under-Bed Storage Bags That Feel Expensive

These under-bed storage containers prove that nice-looking organization solutions don’t have to break the bank. These durable bags help you pack away clutter and quickly access your stuff whenever needed. Each container has a large, transparent plastic window, breathable linen construction, and reinforced handles that won’t tear when you tug on them.


A Glass Cold Brew Coffee Maker That Makes 32 Ounces Of Java

This cold brew coffee maker has an expensive-looking glass body as well as a practical nonslip base and silicone seal that locks in freshness. Not only does it look nice on your counter, but it also makes it a breeze to make cold brew. Pop your coffee in the stainless steel filter, pour water up to the 32-ounce mark, and let it brew in the fridge for 12 to 24 hours. One reviewer wrote, “This cold brew maker is simple to use, easy to clean, and makes a very good cup of coffee! I like the glass pitcher rather than those plastic pitchers.”


A Stylish Incense Holder That Keeps The Mess Contained

If you love cozy incense but hate the mess it makes using a traditional burner, this incense stick holder is both a decorative piece and a mess-free solution. Light the bottom of your incense stick, slide the end into the holder, and enjoy the scent. The tray at the bottom also makes it easy to toss out the ash when you’re done.


A Sophisticated Wine Chilling & Serving Set That’s Shatterproof

This vacuum-insulated wine chiller set will instantly elevate your casual outdoor hangs and dinner parties. The stainless steel wine bottle and two included tumblers with leakproof lids keep wine cool for up to 12 hours, thanks to three insulation layers. Plus, you don’t have to worry about breaking glass — this set is completely shatterproof.


A Gooseneck Electric Kettle That Reviewers Say Looks “Elegant”

This electric kettle has no bougie price tag, but its eye-catching matte black with cork design makes it an instant conversation piece. It’s made of durable stainless steel with a comfortable cork handle and knob. Meanwhile, the gooseneck spout makes precision pouring a breeze. Easily switch it on or off with the push-down switch. “I can tell you that it’s a bang for my buck! Looks elegant & perfect for my little coffee bar,” wrote one reviewer.


A Wireless Picture Light For Extra-Elegant Wall Art

You’ll feel like you have a literal masterpiece in your home with this wireless picture light that’s so on-trend right now. It’s easy to hang this chic gold-tone light with the included hardware. It also has a remote control to adjust the brightness, switch between three color temperatures, and set automatic timers. One reviewer raved, “This picture light is so elegant and will elevate your space! It looks very expensive (from afar) [...] Another nice touch was the built-in leveler, which was very helpful when installing.”


A Faux Marble Bathroom Countertop Organizer That Looks Chic

Stash messy bathroom items in this faux marble bathroom countertop organizer with two large and three smaller compartments. It’s made of sturdy, easy-to-clean resin, and its nonslip rubber pads will keep it from falling off your counter. You can also use it as a desk-side or kitchen counter caddy.


This Book-Shaped Vase For A Budget-Friendly Conversation Piece

This book-shaped vase for flowers is such a chic (and budget-friendly) conversation piece. Its acrylic construction makes it shatterproof and easy to clean, while its transparency showcases your floral arrangement. Not only does it look like a book, but it’s also slim enough to actually tuck it between your decorative books. “You can’t beat the price for a conversation starter,” wrote one reviewer. “This is a cute vase for the office or home library. Very clear, heavy plastic, so you get the look of glass without the worry of the cat knocking it over and having a million little pieces of glass to clean up.”