40 Cheap, Easy Hacks That Make It Look Like You Renovated Recently

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Written by Allison Bolt

If you watch as many home renovation shows as I do, you know that upgrades to your living space can be seriously expensive. If you still want that grand reveal moment without tearing out your kitchen cabinets, it’s totally possible thanks to these 40 cheap and easy hacks that make it look like you renovated recently.

Sure, it’s satisfying to watch cabinets being totally replaced, but I’ve found some realistic, affordable ways to update your space instead. Give your cabinets a facelift with a wood polish that fills in scratches a fresh coat of paint. To finish off your refreshed cabinets, you can add some modern hardware that’s super easy to put on.

This list is also full of easy fixes for dated ceiling lights, tiles that you’re tired of, a boring garage door, and more. So, pause those HGTV shows and grab the easy home renovation products on this list.


Add An Accent Wall With This Textured Wallpaper That Feels Vintage

Give one of your walls a splash of color and a touch of texture with this damage-free adhesive wallpaper. The durable material is complete with a vintage and silky texture that feels so timeless and will actually last for a long time on your walls. There’s also a grid on the back to make sure your new wall finish is absolutely perfect (until you want to remove it).


Love Your Bathroom Tile Again With This Grout Pen

Painting over your grout with this waterproof grout pen might just make you love the shape of your shower tiles again. This bright white sealant will make those tiles feel refreshed and updated without a ton of effort. This handheld pen even comes pre-filled with the water-based color, so it’s way quicker than cleaning the grout.


Get Updated Kitchen Lighting With These Under Cabinet Lights

The warm white glow from these under cabinet lights makes the entire vibe of your kitchen feel updated. Of course, the dimmer settings on the included wireless remote also help you to customize your lighting. These long-lasting LED lights come with adhesive and screws, so they’ll look and feel like built-in lighting. These tap-operated lights also work great in closets, entryways, and bookshelves.


Paint Furniture Or Cabinets You’re Tired Of With This Matte Paint

This matte furniture paint is perfect for that dresser or cabinets you’re tired of. It has a low-odor formula that has a primer and top coat built in, so you only need this one jar to get any home renovation job done. It’s available in 50 colors, but I love this deep licorice hue with a chalky matte finish that’s also an easy go-to neutral for furniture all over your home. Plus, it dries within 30 minutes if you’re trying to quickly update a piece of furniture before a big event.


Hang Up Unorganized Pans & Kitchen Utensils On This Sleek Rack

This iron kitchen rail can help you clean out a messy cabinet and turn existing kitchen necessities into decor, all while looking so sleek on your wall. It comes with the hardware you’ll need to hang this aesthetic pan and utensil hanger, and it’s complete with 15 sturdy hooks that work with any kitchen utensil that has a hanging loop. It can even hold up to 22 pounds, so it’ll even work for small cast iron pans.


Turn Your TV Into A Theatre-Like Experience With These LED Backlights

Not only do these LED backlights feel super trendy, but they also prevent eye strain during extra-long nights of watching Netflix. These USB light strips have 3M adhesive on the back, and you can trim them to fit your TV. Simply use the remote to pick which of the 15 ambient colors you want for movie night.


Smooth Out Walls With This Hole Repair Kit

Filling in holes up to 3 inches in diameter with this spackling kit makes your walls look re-finished and upgraded, because holes are a total eyesore. It even comes with a primer, so the smooth finish will look super professional. The included screen ensures that you won’t have a small dent in your wall, and this entire kit prevents shrinking or cracking.


Make An Old Ceiling Light Glam With A Budget-Friendly Chandelier

This easy-to-mount chandelier is actually made with acrylic crystals, so it’s super durable during the hanging process but ends up looking much more expensive than it is once hung. You can also add two of your favorite lightbulbs, so you’re not stuck with a light that’s too bright. It comes with mounting hardware and the silver-finish base will hide everything when you’re done.


Fix Up A Sad Shower With This Rainfall Shower Head

If you have a sad and low-pressure shower, this 9-inch rainfall shower head will feel like a major upgrade. The top head is complete with 121 anti-clog nozzles that completely surround you during your shower. You also get a luxurious handheld shower head with three high-pressure settings — there’s even a power rain option.


Give New Life To Your Cabinets With These Modern Pulls

This stainless steel hardware set adds a modern look to your cabinets, especially when you don’t want to invest in an all-new kitchen. These brushed nickel pulls are also complete with a hidden screws and a chic, rounded design. In addition to looking so crisp and modern, their long handle design is super easy to grab onto when you need something from your cabinets.


Hang Up Scattered Shoes In This Compact Closet Organizer

Upgrading your closet can make a surprisingly big impact all throughout your home, so store your scattered shoes in this sturdy 10-shelf organizer. Your shoe-free floors will clean again. Meanwhile, your shoes will hang out in this durable canvas organizer with reinforced shelves and seams. This storage solution is also complete with two swivel hooks to hang it in whatever closet could use it the most. As a bonus, there are 10 mesh pockets for anything else that’s cluttering your floor.


Organize Decor With This Compact Corner Shelf

This slim corner shelf helps you organize your decor pieces so they don’t look cluttered, and it can hold up to 11 pounds of knickknacks. The modern zig-zag design even separates into a few individual shelves if you have multiple rooms with scattered decorations. No matter how you use this versatile shelf, it’s made of super durable MDF laminate and makes great use of otherwise under-utilized space.


Change Out A Worn-Out Door Knob With These Matte Black Knobs

If your shiny door knobs are looking a little worse for wear, grab a new knob (or more) with a modern, matte black finish. With the universal fit, you’ll only need a screwdriver to refresh the doors in your home. These door knobs also come in a variety of modern finishes, including satin nickel and antique bronze. They also come in varieties for all kinds of home needs, including privacy knobs with locks, keyed entry knobs, passage knobs, and even dummy knobs that are strictly for decor purposes.


Revive Your Kitchen Cabinets With This Wood Restorer

If you’re not into painting your cabinets, grab this wood restorer and protector for your kitchen. The polishing formula fills in all kinds of scratches to make your cabinets look shiny and new. Plus, it protects your fresh new cabinet finish from water and UV rays. This sealant even works on furniture, so feel free to use it on your dining room table too.


Make Your Entryway Functional With This Key & Mail Holder

This floating shelf will seriously make your entryway tidier and more functional. The wooden structure is complete with three storage solutions: a shelf for sunglasses or your wallet, a basket for mail, and three hooks for your keys, umbrella, purse, or cardigan. This shelf is small but mighty and can hold up to 15 pounds.


Give Your Mirror A Glow-Up With Some Dressing Room Vanity Lights

These LED, fireproof vanity lights stick right onto your bathroom mirror with included double-sided tape. They’re powered up by a USB cord, and you can even adjust how far apart each light is to get the perfect, Hollywood-ready mirror for your morning glam. These lights have adjustable brightness settings and color temperature, so you can set it for the day before you start your makeup.


Add Intricate Molding With This Adhesive Trim

This chic and intricate molding has adhesive on the back for an easy application process. Simply cut down the flexible material to fit your unique walls. You can even trim your bathroom walls with this vintage-style accent or line your bathroom mirrors with it, because it’s totally waterproof. Once it’s up, it’s dust-proof and moisture-proof.


Cover Up Scratches All Over The House With This Wood Repair Kit

This easy-to-use wood repair kit lets you permanently fill in and cover up all kinds of mishaps on your wood pieces, whether it’s furniture, floors, or that dent in your kitchen cabinet. This 13-piece set comes with six different colors of wax sticks for filling in chips and deeper scratches and six matching markers to touch-up surface damage. It’s complete with a sharpener to keep the wax sticks in tip-top shape.


Make Your Living Room Feel Cleaner With This TV Mount

Use this durable alloy steel mount to get your TV off of your aesthetic living room furniture and onto your wall. It’s complete with an extendable arm to pull it out and pivot it for movie night. Push it back, and it sits just 2.7 inches away from the wall for a super clean living room look. It also works with a computer monitor to fix up your desk situation.


Stick This Waterproof Backsplash Over An Outdated Kitchen Backsplash

These adhesive sheets of faux tile are way better than a dated backsplash (or none at all). Each trimmable sheet is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about it when you do dishes. These 12-inch-by-12-inch tiles won’t require glue or another adhesive when you apply them, and the combined large surface area and self adhesive makes this an easier DIY project than other peel-and-stick options.


Create A Put-Together Closet With This Versatile Hanging Organizer

This five-shelf hanging organizer makes it look like you have chic built-ins in your closet, but you can easily move it around. It has reinforced seams, trim, and shelves let you stack whatever clothing or accessory pieces need some organizational help, giving things like bulky sweaters, jeans, and hates a space in your closet. There are also double stainless steel hooks to keep it sturdy and six mesh pockets for stashing scarves and other odds and ends.


Pop A Modern House Number Next To Your Front Door

Stainless steel house numbers will make your front door look fresh and updated, especially these floating ones that create a modern shadowy effect. These attach to your exterior with included hardware. These durable and rust-resistant numbers are long-lasting and easy-to-read from the street, making them a no-brainer upgrade.


Prop Up Photos On These Floating Shelves

The design of these wooden floating shelves is complete with a lip on the front to keep all kinds of things in place — including picture frames, skincare bottles, children’s books, or spices. Each one of these lightweight shelves are easy to clean and they come with mounting hardware for their unique shape.


Upgrade Your Bathroom Hardware With This Modern Matching Set

Your bathroom hardware will look shiny, modern, and fresh with this five-piece set. It includes everything you absolutely need and a few bonuses: a hand towel ring, a toilet paper holder, two towel bars, and a hook for your robes as well as all of the wall mounting supplies you really need. They’re made of alloy steel that’s durable enough to hold your towels.


Add This Stainless Steel Contact Paper To Old Appliances

This contact paper with a stainless steel finish is a budget-friendly fix for your kitchen appliances. The peel-and-stick design covers up rust, scratches, or simply an appliance color you’re tired of. Plus, the oil-proof and waterproof design will easily hold up in your kitchen. You can even clean it after dinner, and it won’t fade or peel.


Swap Out Kitchen Lights For These Geometric Pendants

These geometric pendant lights will make your kitchen look renovated instantly. They’re made of a durable matte black metal that’s chic enough for above your kitchen counter. Simply adjust the length of each one and add in whatever type of lightbulb is your go-to for a stylish home refresh.


Swap Dated Cabinet Knobs For These Chic Pulls

These trendy cabinet pulls make it worth changing out your cabinet hardware. Their modern geometric design is stainless steel and super durable. Plus, this T-shaped design makes them easy to grab onto. They’re also fingerprint- and rust-resistant, so they’ll always look clean and new on your cabinets. These come in a modern matte black finish, but these minimalist pulls are also available in brushed brass, silver, and clear options.


Clean Off Hard Water Stains With This Shower-Refreshing Cleaner

Your shower will seriously look renovated after using this hard water stain remover. It cleans off mineral buildup, water spots, stains on your tile grout, and more. With this formula, you won’t even have to scrub your tiles and glass a bunch, and it’ll still look shiny and new. If you don’t believe me, just look at the 12,000-plus five-star reviews.


Stick These Magnetic Faux Windows On Your Garage Door

Refresh your garage door with these easy-to-apply faux windows. The magnetic design sticks right on, so there’s no need to buy a pricey new door for aesthetic purposes. This set comes with 32 separate squares, so you can perfectly space them on your unique garade door. Plus, the waterproof design means you won’t find one of your new windows on the ground.


Organize Your Shelves With These Versatile Dividers

These transparent shelf dividers are an easy way to give your closet some structure and organization. They’re made of easy-to-clean acrylic that keeps your shelves free of scratches when you clip them on. Plus, the 12-inch deep design is also perfect for stacking clothes in your closet. Beyond closets, these are super versatile for all of the shelves in your home and can work on bookshelves, in pantries, or in offices.


Hang Up Metal Cooking Essentials On This Magnetic Bar

This stainless steel magnetic bar holds onto your knives, giving you extra counter space, and it makes your kitchen look super put together at the same time. It comes with mounting hardware, and it’s slim enough to pop under your cabinets. Plus, this extra-long knife bar is just as easy to clean as all of your stainless steel appliances.


Change Up Dated Tiles With This Peel & Stick Flooring

This vinyl peel and stick flooring with a marbled look is perfect for revamping boring tiles in your kitchen or bathroom. Each sheet is pre-cut in the shape of a square tile, and they’re complete with a semi-gloss finish that looks like real vinyl flooring at a fraction of the cost. Plus, you don’t need any grout with this water-resistant solution.


Revive Kitchen Appliances With This Stainless Steel Polish

This stainless steel polish refreshes your kitchen appliances — no matter how many fingerprints are on them. It even takes care of water spots on your sink and food stains on your oven door. It’s quick and easy to wipe on, plus you get a microfiber cloth to add to the streak-free finish this formula leaves behind.


Make Your Wine Bottles Decor With This Wall Rack

This wall mounted wine rack adds a chic decor touch to your kitchen — no matter how budget-friendly the bottles are. The durable metal design is even made to store and keep your wine super fresh. Stack up to nine bottles on your wall or use it for a luxurious towel holder in the bathroom.


Add Motion Sensor Lights For An Updated Bathroom Or Front Door

These adhesive motion sensor lights will make your home feel like a modern oasis. Pop these battery-operated LED lights above your bathroom mirror, in cabinets, in shadowy halls, or along your staircase, and they’ll turn on when they sense movement 10 feet away. These wireless lights can even hold up to condensation, so they’re a smart addition to an entryway as well.


Make All Of Your Closets Match With These Chic Storage Cubes

As long as you have clutter tucked in these foldable storage cubes, all of your closets will look chic and organized. Their non-woven design is complete with a reinforced bottom that can hold onto anything and everything in your closets. They also have handles, so your matching closets will also be super functional.


Hang Up Your Paper Towels With This Bamboo Holder

Mounting this bamboo paper towel holder is an easy way to make your kitchen feel chic and look expensive, all while adding function to your home and space to your counter. It comes with hardware to place it over your sink or wherever it looks the best in your kitchen. It’s durable enough to hold onto a huge paper towel roll, but it’s also super easy to match with any kitchen’s existing decor.


Fix Up A Bed Frame You’re Tired Of With These Bed Risers

This pack of sturdy bed risers will make you love your bed frame again. They add 3 inches to the height, which will make your bed look super luxurious or allow it to be used for storage. Each riser is complete with a thick rubber bottom to protect your floors and make them durable as well as a rubber interior to prevent cracking or breaking. Plus, there’s a grippy design on top to keep your bed frame perfectly in place.


Update An Outdated Fridge Or Wall With Chalkboard Wallpaper

You can totally apply this matte chalkboard wallpaper to the metal surface on your fridge (no matter what outdated finish it has). It gives your fridge a sleek black surface that’s ready for the five colorful chalks this kit comes with. You also won’t need any magnetic to-do lists because you can simply write on this durable vinyl paper.


Pop This Sleek Shelf On Top Of Your Stove For Small Spices

This stainless steel shelf blends right in with your stove. It has a magnetic design, which means you don’t have to use any sticky adhesive on your stove. Plus, none of your small kitchen tools or spice bottles will fall behind the oven because it’s complete with a small lip on the back that keeps your go-to seasonings secure.