40 Cheap Hacks That Seriously Spruce Up Your Home From Under $35

Imagine a kitchen reno that won’t break the bank.

Written by Rachel Bar-Gadda
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If you’re desperate to update floors, make your kitchen look refreshed, or clean up that pile of shoes that keep mysteriously accumulating, you’ve come to the right place. Clearly, it doesn’t require even a small fortune to make impactful changes around the house as you browse these 40 cheap hacks that seriously spruce up your home from under $35.

So, go ahead and spring for those peel-and-stick floor tiles, modern drawer pulls, or over-the-door shoe organizers — your bank account won’t mind one bit.


Stashing A Lazy Susan In Your Fridge To Easily Access Foods

By investing a mere $23 in this lazy Susan, you’ll be saving yourself lots of money down the road just by being able to easily see and access groceries. Made of brushed stainless steel, it has a nonslip base and two tiers that rotate 360 degrees. At six inches high, it features a raised lip around the rim to prevent items from falling off. Stock up on a few and use them to store foods in your fridge, spices, and even cleaning supplies.


Using Expandable Drawer Organizers For Utensils, Tools, & Office Supplies

Give yourself lots of versatility, whether it’s in the kitchen, garage, or office, with this drawer organizer that expands from seven to nine slots depending on your needs. It’s constructed of water-resistant bamboo and features deep compartments and sturdy dividers. Wipe it down occasionally with a damp cloth to keep your drawer organizer in great shape.


Hanging Your Shoes To Optimize Closet Space

Instantly reclaim your closet floor space when you use this affordable over-the-door hanging shoe organizer. It has 24 slots to hold 12 pairs of shoes with each pocket featuring breathable mesh material. Strong hooks hang over your closet door securely and contrasting trim adds a touch of elegance. It’s available in black, brown, and white.


Freeing Up Counter Space With A Mountable Magnetic Knife Holder

Get rid of that cumbersome knife block taking up tons of space and take advantage of wall space by having your tools stored on a magnetic knife holder. The strip is made with extremely strong magnets that can hold any tool constructed of metal material. It mounts to the wall using your choice of either sturdy 3M adhesive or included screws and dowels.


Using Up Just One Outlet To Charge & Store All Of Your Devices

This charging station only utilizes one outlet to charge up to six devices which can include phones, tablets, or e-readers. Each slot has its own divider that cleverly lights up in blue to indicate that it’s charging and each port provides 2.4 amps of power for a super fast charge. The station’s USB ports work with all device models and it even comes with six iOS-compatible short cords.


Storing Seasonal Items To Free Up Space & Take Stock Of What You Have

These vacuum storage bags are the answer to shelving bulky comforters, blankets, or coats until next year. Four large bags come in every pack and work with any standard vacuum to reduce the size by 75%. The airtight valve and double-seal zipper make sure no air can get in, thereby protecting clothing and linen from moisture, mildew, and dust.


Giving Packing Cubes A Second Job While Storing Sweaters In Your Closet

Though designed for travel, you can still use these packing cubes that cost less than $25 between trips for storing bulky items like sweaters so that they take up less room. Each set comes with four cubes (one large, two medium, and one small) and are made with layered mesh material and strong, secure stitching. With over 18,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, these cubes are clearly a popular choice you’ll want to use both at home and on the road.


Protecting Ceilings & Walls From Greasy Splatters With A Splatter Screen For Pans

Spend less than $15 and watch as your walls remain grease and food-free while you cook using this splatter screen that boasts more than 35,000 reviews. It sits directly atop your pan and its fine mesh stainless steel helps to trap grease or flying food at the same time letting steam escape. Choose between four available sizes while built-in feet allow you to set it on your countertop with no fear of mess.


Adding Photos Or Decor To Rustic Farmhouse-Inspired Window Frames

Give blank walls a bit of farmhouse charm by mounting these rustic window frames that come in a set of two. Use them to display treasured photos or simply hang them on their own as added decor with the included mounting hardware. They’re available in three finishes: white, turquoise, and brown.


Steaming Drapes & Curtains To Get Wrinkles Out Fast

Wrinkled or dirty curtains can seriously bring down the vibe of a room from stunning to “s’ok”. This under-$30 handheld steamer fixes that fast by providing you with 10 minutes of powerful continuous steam. It plugs into your outlet, is lightweight for easy handling, and heats up in only two minutes. And thank goodness it’s very portable because once you start seeing the results of one simple steaming session, you’ll be taking this handheld steamer everywhere you go.


Keeping One Doormat Inside Your Home & One Outside

See floors transform from constantly dirty to always immaculate with the help of this doormat. Place one outside your door and one inside to effectively trap dirt and debris in its durable mesh material. The mat has a nonslip backing, can withstand all weather, and is easy to clean. Choose from seven colors, all in a classic plaid pattern.


Swapping Paper Towels With Absorbent Swedish Dishcloths

These straight-up magical Swedish dishcloths will have you bidding your paper towels and all wasted money farewell forever. Each machine-washable dishcloth is reusable up to 100 times and lasts longer than 15 rolls of paper towels. Every pack comes with 10 cloths in the color of your choice and features a smooth side as well as a ridged side, perfect for use on anything from countertops to dishes to furniture.


Taking Advantage Of Under-Utilized Storage Spaces Like Underneath Your Bed

Free up an amazing amount of space with these under-bed storage bags that are specially designed to maximize that oft-neglected space underneath the bed. Available in a set of two, they’re made of strong yet breathable non-woven fabric and feature transparent plastic covers so you can see exactly what’s stored where. Choose among three colors (black, gray, and java) with contrast trim lending classic style.


Illuminating Dark Spaces With Adhesive Lights

Shine a light in hard-to-see spaces with this LED light bar that turns on with a simple tap. It provides a bright yet warm glow and is powered by three AA batteries (not included) that allow it to work for up to 100 hours. Install it under cabinets, in closets, or any space that could use a little extra light using the included self-adhesive or mounting hardware.


Storing Pots, Pans, & Cooking Utensils On A Wall-Mounted Rack

If cabinets and shelves are already at bursting point, turn to this pot and pan organizer shelf that mounts directly to the wall. Constructed of sturdy powder-coated metal, it can hold up to 35 pounds and additionally includes 10 S-style hooks to hang all kinds of kitchen tools. All the necessary hanging hardware is included for easy installation.


Installing LED TV Backlights To Create An At-Home Movie Theater Experience

For less than $20 you can bring the cinema home with the easy installation of this LED TV backlight. It uses self-adhesive to mount to the back of your TV and is powered by plugging directly into the TV’s USB. The light that’s provided helps to increase your screen’s contrast, creating more vivid colors and reducing eye strain all in one go. You can even add more ambiant TV-watching atmospheres by choosing from the 15 available LED color options.


Giving Cleaning Supplies Like Mops & Brooms Their Own Out-Of-The-Way Home

Give those cleaning and gardening tools their own designated spot by mounting this mop and broom holder in an out-of-the-way place. The holder mounts using self-adhesive or hardware and has three spring-loaded slots and four hooks to hang all manner of items weighing up to 50 pounds maximum. Place it indoors or outdoors as the material is completely weatherproof.


Sprucing Up Old Appliances With Adhesive Paper That Looks Just Like Stainless Steel

If money for stainless steel appliances isn’t a possibility just now, you don’t have to wait to get that sleek and shiny exterior. This stainless steel contact paper allows you to transform ordinary surfaces into the chic-looking exterior of your dreams and will only cost you $6 per roll. Perfect for applying to smooth surfaces, it uses self-adhesive to securely stick, and the brushed metal texture is both waterproof and oil-proof.


Storing Utensils In A Stylish Container You Can Display On Your Counter

Add charming yet practical decor details easily and affordably by choosing to store kitchen-related tools in this rustic utensil holder. Made of stainless steel and painted in white, the design features an unfinished rim and a large, attractive font. Its large size makes it easy to store tons of cooking spoons, spatulas, tongs, and more, yet does so in a classic farmhouse aesthetic.


Displaying Everything From Magazines To Cutting Boards In A Sleek Metal Wire Organizer

Make organization decidedly fashionable with this metal wire organizer in a chic rose gold finish. It has 10 triangular slots in which to put magazines, papers, records, notebooks, or even cutting boards. Available in other finishes such as gold and black, this organizer will be sure to make a seriously stylish statement while tidying up your space at the same time.


Grabbing Your Already-Soapy Sponge To Save Time When Washing Dishes

Rapidly breeze through dishwashing with the help of this budget-friendly soap dispenser that delivers just the right amount of liquid for thorough cleaning. It holds 13 ounces of dishwashing liquid and has a built-in tray above for your sponge that when depressed, saturates the sponge quickly with the soap. In addition to coming in a sleek gray, silver, or white, the dispenser does the great additional task of combining all your cleaning needs into one small footprint.


Attaching Bed Sheet Holders To Your Mattress To Keep Sheets In Place

If your fitted bed sheet keeps breaking free from its corners, crumpling around your body by the morning, you need these bed sheet holders that will improve your sleep game immeasurably. They have over 44,000 reviews on Amazon and work simply: three clasps secure the sheet to its corner by providing the necessary tension due to its triangular form. The metal clamps are designed with nylon teeth that safely hold the material without tearing it and the elastic bands are adjustable to get the fit just right. Each pack comes with four holders.


Keeping Unruly Cords & Cables Out Of Sight In These Cable Management Boxes

Instantly clean up that visual mess that’s made up of cords, cables, and no-vacancy power strips with these cable management boxes. They come in white or black matte plastic with a faux wood grain lid for a decidedly modern minimalist look you won’t mind being seen. Each set comes with three boxes in three different sizes as well as various cable clips and holders that mount easily with self-adhesive.


Polishing Hard Floors Every Time You Walk To The Kitchen With These Comfy Mop Slippers

These plush mop slippers made of microfiber chenille materials are the answer to achieving sparkling floors free of streaks post-mopping. Every pack comes with five pairs in different bright colors that can be washed by hand or in the washing machine to be reused over and over. Their stretchiness allows them to be worn either over shoes or bare feet and the microfiber material is perfect for addressing other cleaning needs around the house. Not bad for an $11 investment.


Letting Reusable Microfiber Mop Pads Do Double-Duty

Address filthy floors and dusty surfaces — including hard-to-clean walls — with these reusable microfiber mop pads that trap dirt and absorb moisture equally well. The pads, which come in a pack of two, are made with self-fastening straps that wrap securely around Swiffer Sweeper mops and feature thick looped microfiber material to effectively clean. Toss them in the washing machine to be used again and feel amazing knowing you’re creating that much less waste.


Covering Imperfections In Wood Furniture & Floors With Wood Markers

There’s no need to replace scuffed-up wood furniture with part of your life savings when you have these wood markers that cost under $15 at your disposal. Along with the provided wax sticks, the markers help to fill in scratches and scuffs so that they virtually disappear. The six markers range in color from lighter finishes like maple to darker ones like walnut so as to perfectly match your furniture and render those previous eyesores invisible.


Giving An Old Sofa New Life With A Cozy Sherpa Throw Blanket

Dress up tired upholstery affordably with this extremely soft sherpa throw blanket that comes in rich colors such as aquamarine, red wine, and navy. It comes in two different sizes and features either a ribbed design or faux fur. Drape it over your sofa, armchair, or bed for added elegance, and wash it on the delicate cycle to keep it in lasting shape.


Breathing Organization Into A Messy Pantry Using Airtight Food Storage Containers

If it’s near-impossible to find anything in your overcrowded pantry, you’ll fall in love with these food storage containers that create organization and clarity. They come in a set of seven in varying sizes and are made of food-safe, BPA-free plastic. Locking lids with silicone seals make sure that ingredients stay fresh and 10 customizable chalkboard labels are provided (with an accompanying chalkboard pen) to clearly indicate what is stored in each container.


Reducing Office Clutter With Floating Cube Shelves That Put Decor On Display

Those treasured items on your desk, from pictures to mementos, might be cluttering up your workspace but they still deserve a special place. In this case, feast your eyes on these ingenious floating cube shelves that are perfect for decor yet cost only $30. They’re made in a serene gray finish and consist of four intersecting shelves that mount effortlessly with the included hardware.


Propping Washing Machine Doors Open To Prevent Mold & Mildew

An easy hack that will reap great rewards comes in the form of this washer door prop that keeps clothing coming out smelling clean. It’s built with magnets that attach to the side of the washer in order to prop open the door and allow air to circulate, thus preventing any mold or mildew from taking hold. If your washer is not made of metal, there’s a convenient metal disc provided that attaches via self-adhesive.


Laying Down Peel & Stick Floor Tiles For An Instant & Cheap Renovation

If there’s no room for new floors in your budget, but looking at the tired old linoleum makes you want to scream, don’t despair. These peel-and-stick floor tiles provide immediate transformation for the bargain price of $13. They come in a light or dark gray shade in a classic pattern with a semi-gloss finish. And being both water-resistant and washable means it’ll be easy to maintain a sparkling clean result.


Dusting Off Ceiling Fans & Hard-To-Reach Corners Using An Extendable Cleaning Solution

Don’t let rickety chairs or ladders continue to deter you from thoroughly cleaning those impossible-to-reach corners and ceiling fan blades. This ceiling and fan duster is designed specifically for this job by coming with an extendable pole that can stretch from 27 to 47 inches and a double-sided brush that employs static electricity to trap dust. Two dusters are included in every pack and the duster itself can be removed and washed.


Uncovering Invisible Pet Stains With A UV Flashlight

For under $20, this UV flashlight will help you locate old or fresh pet stains that might be haunting you day and night. It shines a powerful light due to 68 LEDs and works with the help of three AA batteries (not included). Small enough to be portable, this flashlight can also be used to detect unsavory characters such as scorpions, bed bugs, and even garden worms.


Applying Rug Tape To Keep Slippery Rugs Securely In Place

If you’re tired of worrying that slippery rugs will send you careening, this rug tape offers the solution without you having to spend more than $18. It’s made with a thick mesh fabric and strong double-sided adhesive that provides a durable grip yet won’t leave any residue if removed. Tear off your desired amount with your hands and use it on all kinds of surfaces from hardwood to vinyl to tiles.


Effortlessly Removing Pet Hair From Furniture

There’s nothing that immediately spruces up your home more than removing piled-up pet hair from chairs, sofas, and beds. This popular pet hair remover is the perfect tool for the job as it gathers up hair using static electricity and collects it into a receptacle that can be easily emptied. With over 133,000 reviews on Amazon, it’s clearly a fan favorite and additionally beloved for its efficient cleanup that requires no sticky paper refills.


Getting Countertops Spotless With A Squeegee & Countertop Brush

This ingenious yet affordable squeegee and countertop brush is the brilliant tool you never knew you needed. It hangs from the side of your sink taking up barely any room and features two sides to handle all countertop messes: a brush for dry spills and a squeegee for liquids. The silicone material is stain-resistant and the entire thing can be popped in the dishwasher for easy and regular cleaning.


Scrubbing Grout For A Cleaner-Looking Bathroom

It’s incredible how refreshed a bathroom can look just by returning grout to its former glory. This power scrubber provides an efficient way to do just that with its oscillating head that can scrub 60 times per second. It comes with four AA batteries as well as interchangeable brush heads such as a cone-shaped brush that’s perfect for cleaning grout lines.


Vacuuming Up Crumbs & Dust From Desks & Tables With This Cute Compact Tool

Easily keep surfaces debris-free with the help of this mini vacuum in the shape of an adorable ladybug. It’s powered by two AA batteries (not included) and fits perfectly in your hand to quickly clean up small messes such as crumbs, dust, hair, or lint. Because of its small size, this vacuum is incredibly portable and perfect for cleaning on the go.


Adding A Sleek Kitchen Backsplash Without Having To Hire Contractors

You, too, can have the sleek subway tile look without having to shell out thousands. This peel-and-stick tile backsplash clocks in under $30 and provides you with a completely realistic, three-dimensional design. Cut it to your desired dimensions and peel off the back to stick it to your prepared surface. The vinyl tiles are both water and heat-resistant and come in eight shades such as bright white, teal, and blue.


Swapping Old Kitchen Hardware For Modern Pulls

With just a swap in kitchen hardware, it’s amazing how rejuvenated a space can feel. These drawer pulls are the perfect example as they lend a midcentury modern, minimalist, and elegant touch to any cabinet. They’re constructed of stainless steel in a golden-hued brushed brass finish and come available in tons of different sizes and quantities. Best of all, this little update won’t cost you more than $15.