41 Cheap Home Fitness Products That Work So Damn Well

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If you’re trying to get more exercise at home, you may find yourself searching for some kind of compact tool or device that can help you build muscle and increase your strength. Thankfully, there are a lot of home fitness products to choose from (yes, including some super pricy options). However, there are also a ton of high-quality affordable products out there, too — and they can all fit in your living room.

When you’re searching, you want to consider which muscles you want to target. For example, if you’re looking to build upper body strength, you’ll want something like these well-reviewed resistance bands. They’re effective and affordable, and reviewers have even commented on how their arms and shoulders have gotten way stronger since using them. That’s not all, though; you can find anything from core trainers to pull-up bars, plus gear that can work your body from head to toe.

If you aren’t sure where to even start looking for affordable and high-quality fitness gear, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a roundup of some excellent items you’ll be pumped to add to your home gym.


These Ankle Weights That Are Totally Adjustable

To amp up your cardio workouts, these adjustable ankle weights are an excellent investment. Each weight features five small pockets and comes with multiple sandbags so you can choose how many to place in each weight for more resistance when you walk or run. When you’re first starting out, you can add only two pounds  — or one sandbag — to each weight. As you get stronger, you can fill in all five pockets with up to 10 pounds of extra weight to really get your heart pumping.


This Pilates Ring That Comes With A Ball & Resistance Bands

This 12-inch pilates ring is great on its own, but it also comes with tons of other great equipment to add more challenge to your home workout. The ring is both flexible and durable, and it features ergonomic padded handles on each side. You can hold it between your palms to work your upper abs or between your legs to contract your lower abs. The ball can be used for a variety of core-strengthening exercises, and the four resistance bands can help you get a deep stretch when you’re finished working out.


The Strappy Sports Bras That Have 20,000 Positive Reviews

Not only are these strappy sports bras affordable, but over 20,000 reviewers insist they’re really comfortable, too. They come in a pack of three, and each one features a seamless, pullover design with no clasps that can be irritating for your skin. The open back and lightweight straps allow for airflow, and the mesh panels at the chest help to keep you cool. They’re also made from moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry during the toughest workouts.

  • Available size: Small — 3X-Large


These Wireless Bluetooth Headphones That Are Really Cheap

For less than the price of lunch, you can snag these fan favorite wireless headphones before your next trip to the gym. They hook over your ears to help keep them in place while you run, jump, or lift. They also have a wire that sits at the nape of your neck in the rare case that these headphones do fall out of your ears. On top of that, these wireless headphones connect to any Bluetooth-compatible device and are IPX7 waterproof so they can stand up to sweat or rain.


These Small Microfiber Towels That Absorb Sweat

These microfiber towels are a must-have for any and every sweaty workout. At 16 inches long, they’re the perfect size to take with you to the gym without taking up too much space in your bag. The soft, textured microfiber absorbs sweat much more effectively than most cotton towels, so they’re dry within minutes of use. Plus, they can withstand up to 500 washes before they start to get worn.


An Insulated Water Bottle That’s Designed To Drink 2 Ways

This 24-ounce reusable bottle is the only bottle you’ll ever need, whether you’re working out or hanging around the house. Just twist the lid to the wide opening for a faster flow when you’re exercising, then twist it back to the smaller opening. This bottle has a straw in the smaller opening, making it perfect for sipping to stay hydrated between workouts.


This Bottle Carrier That Has A Pocket For Your Phone

You can ditch your purse completely with this water bottle holder. It features an extra long strap that you can hook over your shoulder to carry your water bottle like a purse. The pocket stretches to accommodate bottles of various sizes, and the dual layered insulation helps to keep your beverage cool. On top of that, the attached pocket on the side is the perfect size to carry your phone, wallet, keys, and more.


This Waterproof Fitness Tracker That’s Less Than $30

This fitness tracker works just as well as some of the top name brands for less than half the price. This sleek tracker features a waterproof interface so you can sweat and swim without worrying about ruining it. It also features a wrist-based heart rate monitor, as well as a pedometer to count your steps throughout the day.


The Exercise Dice That Change Up Your Workout Routine

These exercise dice are great for getting out of workout rut. One features a variety of heart-pumping workouts, including jumping jacks, push-ups, lunges, crunches, squats, and even a wild card that allows you to choose whichever exercise you want. The second lists the number of reps you have to do. Just roll them together, complete the exercise and reps, and keep rolling until you’re finished exercising.


A Resistance Band Set That’s Extremely Versatile

You can work your entire body from anywhere with this resistance band set. The set comes with five natural latex bands ranging from 10 to 50 pounds. Each one also features an ultra strong clip that you can snap onto the included handles. You can use the door anchors for added leverage while you work your biceps and upper back, or you can even use the bands alone to work your legs and glutes. Plus, all your equipment fits into an easy-to-carry bag.


This Body Composition Scale That Has Its Own App

Not only does this digital scale take your weight, but it also displays your full body composition metrics on your smartphone. All you have to do is download the app and step onto the scale. The metal pads touch all four corners of your feet to calculate all your metics, including muscle mass, bone density, and more. You can even track your progress in the app.


This Pilates Bar That Comes With An E-Book Of Exercises

When you can’t make it into the studio, reviewers insist this pilates bar makes a great substitute. The bar itself is covered in soft, foam padding so you can use it comfortably in any position. It also comes with two natural latex bands that hold up well to daily wear and tear, as well as a pair of durable loops. You can slip your feet into these loops to work your upper body, core, seat, and more.


A Punching Bag That Has A Freestanding Base

While this punching bag set is technically made for kids, it’s also great for increasing your boxing speed and hand-eye coordination. It comes with a fully adjustable, freestanding base that you can shorten and lengthen according to your height. It allows you to perfect your form and practice your punches so you can increase your speed overtime, and it even comes with a pair of boxing gloves that you can hang up right on the stand when you’re through.


The Soft Hand Weights That Are Great For Walking

Over 1,000 reviewers swear by these soft hand weights to pump up their heart rate while they’re out for a walk. You can get them in 2 or 4 pounds, and each weight is filled with soft and flexible sandbags that are easy to grip. On top of that, the neoprene strap that goes around the back of your hand can be adjusted to help keep these weights in place.


A Genius Jump Rope That Counts Your Skips

This jump rope is both adjustable and simple to use. If you want to practice jumping rope without the actual rope, you can attach the weighted balls to each handle. The weights still give you the sensation of jumping rope without getting tripped up. You can also remove the weights at anytime and replace them with the actual rope, and the digital display on the handle counts the skips you’re taking.


These Yoga Blocks That Can Help Increase Your Range Of Motion

When you want to get deeper into a posture, reach for these versatile yoga blocks. They’re made from high-density EVA foam, so they offer the perfect amount of padding while still supporting your weight. You can prop them up on any side depending on how much support you want or need. They can help you experiment with different postures, increasing your flexibility and deepening your yoga practice.


This Foam Roller That Helps Release Muscle Tension

This deep-tissue roller is a must for post-workout recovery. At 13 inches long and just over 5 inches in diameter, it’s the perfect size to target both small and large muscles groups on any part of the body. It also features deep nodules that press into tight, overused muscles to help them release, speeding up your recovery and increasing your overall comfort.


The Yoga Socks That Have Grippers On The Bottom

These yoga socks are the perfect solution to slipping and sliding during class. The silicone gel grips on the bottom offer tons of traction to prevent you from slipping while you’re in downward dog. The socks themselves are made from soft, stretchy cotton, and the criss-cross straps keep these socks in place throughout your entire flow.


This Adjustable Dumbbell That Has Over 9,000 Glowing Reviews

One reviewer wrote that this adjustable dumbbell is an “amazing amount of weights for the money.” This handle looks and functions just like any other hand weight, and it even features a textured coating to improve your grip. What makes this handle so genius, though, is that you can add any dumbbell plats to the central rod to create any weight you want. Whether you use this handle as a hand weight or a kettlebell, you’re sure to get a great workout.


This 32-Ounce Bottle That Motivates You To Drink More Water

If you need help staying hydrated, this motivational water bottle is a game-changer. At 32 ounces, it holds enough water to keep you hydrated all day — and the fun messages on the side encourage you to drink up as the hours pass. This bottle also comes with a fruit strainer if you want to add a bit of flavor to your water, as well as an eco-friendly bottle-cleaning brush.


A Wristband That Holds Your Phone While You Work Out

Just snap your smartphone into this high-tech wristband to instantly take your device on the go. The wristband features an adjustable Velcro strap and a special connecting slot that sits on top. All you have to do is stretch the protective case around your phone, then snap the metal disk into the wristband to secure your phone. You can even rotate it 360 degrees so you can access the screen from any angle.


These Soft Yoga Pants That Have Pockets For Your Phone

Over 20,000 reviewers absolutely rave about these high-waist yoga pants. For one, they’re buttery soft and super stretchy, so much so that reviewers love to wear these leggings between workouts, too. They also feature two pockets — one on the outside and one inside. The outside pocket is the perfect size to fit your phone, while the inner pocket at the waistband is can hold your keys, card, or a small wallet.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large


The Disc Sliders That Help Strengthen Your Core

These disc sliders may look pretty simple, but reviewers insist they give you a good workout. One side of these discs feature a glossy plastic coating that slides easily over carpets and rugs, and the foam on the other side glides over hardwood floors and tile. You can place your hands or feet on the sliders to to amp up your planks, crunches, sit-ups, and more. These discs also come with an e-book of exercises so you can get the most from your workout.


These Workout Gloves That Have Extra Padding

These workout gloves help to prevent blisters and keep you comfortable during heavy-lifting routines. They cover your entire hand, and the stretchy fabric allows you to flex and move with ease. On top of that, these gloves also feature an added layer of padding in the spots of your palm that tend to develop pain and blisters. They’re even moisture-wicking to keep your hands dry during the sweatiest workouts.


A Wobble Disc That Can Increase Your Balance

You can use this wobble disc is an excellent tool for increasing stability and balance. Once inflated, this disc features a textured shell that helps you from slipping, whether you’re using this cushion for planks or standing yoga postures. Even when you aren’t actively exercising, you can place this cushion on your chair to train your abdominal muscles while you sit.


This Pull-Up Bar That Fits In Your Doorway

It’s extremely easy to install this pull-up bar in any standard doorframe. Simply hook this bar over the frame to install — no hardware required. The wide ergonomic grip allows you to access a full range of motion while you’re practicing your pull-ups. When you’re finished, just unhook the bar and tuck it away until your next session.


A Sit-Up Bar That Suctions To The Floor

If you’re looking to add more resistance to your core training, this sit-up bar is the perfect addition to your home gym. Just apply a rubber pad and then the double suction cups to a flat, dry surface to install — and then adjust the height according to your needs. The padded bars allow you to comfortably hook your legs and feet around them so you can train your core.


The Roller Wheel That Helps You Get The Most Out Of Your Reps

Not only does this roller wheel add an extra challenge to your workout, but one reviewer wrote that it’s a “great strength and muscle builder.” All you have to do is get into a plank position and roll this wheel out. To bring it back toward you, contract your abdominal muscles, then repeat. The knee pad helps to protect your lower body, and you can hook the bungie cord around your shoes to help you move the wheel until your core strength increases.


These Hanging Straps That Help Train Your Abs

If you’re looking for a way to train those hard-to-reach lower abs, these hanging straps are a simple, yet super effective tool. They hook around a pull-up bar. They also feature durable nylon straps and a sling-like holder that cradles your arms so you can exercise comfortably. Use these straps for lower ab crunches, bicycle kicks, and more.


A Running Belt That Can Hold All Your Stuff

This running belt keeps all of your personal items close while you’re out for a jog. It’s made from stretchy, sweat-wicking material and features an adjustable strap that snaps around your waist. The front pocket also has a zipper to keep your phone, wallet, and other small items safe, and the reflective seam helps to keep you visible during night runs. There’s even a small hole in the pocket so you can thread your headphones through.


This Handy Device That Strengthens Your Wrists

You can use this wrist strengthener anytime, anywhere. It’s super lightweight and portable, and you can even strengthen your wrists and forearms while you’re watching TV. To use, hook one end around your forearm, then grip the other end. The resistance from the tubing helps to build muscle with regular use.


The Foot Rocker That Helps You Get A Good Stretch

If you’re a runner or otherwise on your feet a lot, you need this foot rocker. Just slip your foot into the molding, allowing the inverted shape to stretch out the arch of your foot. While this device is primarily used for stretching, some reviewers also use it to improve flexibility while balancing on one foot.


This Kit That Helps Increase Your Hand Strength

This hand strengthening kit has everything you need to build muscle in your hands and wrists. the grip tool features a rubber coating to protect your fingers while you squeeze. The coil adds extra resistance to increase your endurance and flexibility over time. This kit also comes with a tool to target finger strength specifically, as well as a stress ball and foam ring to help build muscle. There’s even a tool to stretch your hand after your workout.


These Blender Bottles That Shake Up Your Smoothies

These blender bottles are excellent for taking your favorite smoothies and shakes on the go. They come in a set of two, and each one features a wide opening so you can drink even the thickest smoothies. The lid also features a leakproof cap that snaps over the opening, and the BPA-grade lid and bottle are dishwasher-safe. They also come with a stainless steel whisk ball that helps to break apart your smoothies with a quick shake.


A Twister Board That Soothes Tired Feet While Training Your Core

This twister board does everything from training your ab muscles to helping to soothe sore feet. It’s filled with small ball bearings that allow this board to twist while simultaneously supporting your weight. All you have to do is step onto the outline of the feet, then contract your obliques to make this board move. The magnets help to increase your circulation while the small plastic nodes help to relieve muscle tension.


This High-Density Yoga Mat That Has An Anti-Skid Surface

Reviewers love this high-density yoga mat because it fully supports their weight without slipping. It features a specialized textured surface on both sides, which prevents this mat from moving while also providing a textured grip for your hands and feet during your practice. And because it’s made from high-density materials, this mat has a bit of weight to it, so you can feel confident moving through your flow.


These Therapy Balls That Roll Out Sore Muscles

If you’re struggling with soreness between workouts, these therapy balls are a lifesaver. Unlike a foam roller, which is great for massaging large muscle groups, these therapy balls can get to hard-to-reach places to trigger tight, contracted muscles to release. Whenever you’re feeling sore between intense workouts, just roll these balls over your muscles and apply pressure until you feel your muscles release.


A Hand & Finger Massager That Can Increase Circulation

Thousands of reviewers swear by this hand and finger massager. Even if you aren’t dealing with soreness or arthritis, this genius device can help relieve stress and increase your circulation within just a few minutes. The roller on one end works great to glide up and down your palm to relieve tension, while the dual rollers at the other end work as a “tunnel” for your finger. Just place your finger between them and roll up and down for a micro massage that feels amazing.


This Yoga Ball Chair That Comes With An Inflatable Base

Reviewers love how versatile this yoga ball chair is. On its own, it’s excellent for amping up your core workout and increasing your stability. You can use this ball with the included exercise guide, or you can replace your desk chair with it altogether. It comes with a handy inflatable base to help keep it from rolling while you’re working, as well as two resistance bands that you can pick up for a quick workout between meetings.


This Ab Wheel That Has Tons Of Fans

This heavy-duty ab wheel delivers a challenging core workout that reviewers love. It can hold up to 440 pounds of resistance, so you can put all of your bodyweight into your planks and crunches — and the EVA foam handles help to protect your hands. It also comes with a comfortable mat to protect your knees while you’re working out.


The Exercise Cards That Create A Workout With Just Your Bodyweight

Whether you’re on the go or you’re looking to add a little spice to your daily workouts, these exercises cards are a fun alternative to your routine. There are 50 cards in a pack, and each one features an exercise that you can do with just your bodyweight alone. There’s everything from jumping jacks to push-ups to side planks. You can do them in order, mix them up, or pull a couple of cards for a quick workout when you’re traveling.

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