45 Cheap Little Ways To Make Your House Look Much Better

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Even if my space is fully decorated, I can’t help but search through Amazon for little home improvement projects. Honestly, I’m slightly obsessed with researching home upgrades, DIYs, trendy kitchen hardware, and all of the things that can make a quick yet affordable impact. So, I put together a list of all the cheap little ways you can make your house look even better just in case you also love a small decorating project now and then.

One zero-effort option is replacing your cheap plastic containers with the airtight glass pack I found. Your leftovers will look way nicer every time you open the fridge, and you can put these right in the microwave or oven. You might actually eat them for lunch (because, come on, we’re all guilty of wasting leftovers sometimes).

Pair those matching containers with the stackable fridge organizers I found. They’re a go-to cheap way to make your home instantly more impressive. I mean, imagine your friend opening up your fridge and seeing shatter-proof transparent bins with all of your groceries neatly organized. This list isn’t just for kitchen projects. It’s also full of organization, luxurious bedding upgrades, adorable floral curtains, and more.

If you share my love for cheap little home upgrades (or you’ve been feeling a little bored with your space), you’re going to want to look through this list.


Organizing Your Fridge With These Stackable Bins

There’s nothing more impressive than an aesthetically organized fridge, and these stackable bins can help you achieve an easier to navigate refrigerator. This set of six shatter-proof and BPA-free bins include two narrow organizers and two wide organizers, each with handles that make pulling them in and out of your fridge easier than similar bins. Unlike other sets, this one also comes with bins to neatly store your eggs and soda cans, eliminating unsightly packaging and clutter.


Making Spices, Medicine & Other Things Easier To Find With A Lazy Susan

This two-tier lazy Susan is a cheap tabletop organizing option that’s pretty genius. Simply place all of your spice jars, condiments, or other small objects on each tier, then spin this organizer 360 degrees to find the one you need. Don’t worry if you’re spinning in a rush because the rimmed edges will keep everything in place. Plus, the stylish, durable brushed stainless steel prevents fingerprints while you search for your needed spice.


Keeping Cosmetics In This Makeup Organizer With A Removable Tray

This makeup organizer has three drawers that hide all of the products that are impossible to organize — I’m looking at you, tiny individual eyeshadows. The top tray has plenty of compartments for your more aesthetic makeup and your brushes. You can even remove the tray and carry it with you to your vanity or bathroom counter. This organizer also happens to be made of lightweight plastic for easy cleanup of foundation spills or other messes.


Touching Up Furniture & Floors With Easy-To-Use Wood Repair Markers

Touch up any scratches on your wood furniture or floors with this permanent wood repairing kit. It comes with wax crayons and a sharpener to fill in deep scratches and gaps as well as markers to color in surface damage. You can get the perfect match for your furniture with the six different wood colors. This kit is also water-resistant if you have a habit of forgetting to use your coasters.


Keeping Water In An Oversized Mason Jar That’s Actually A Drink Dispenser

You’re going to want to leave this drink dispenser out on your countertop even when it’s empty because it has an adorable jar design. The thick, oversized glass mason jar holds a gallon of your go-to iced tea, infused water, or lemonade. It also comes with a decorative metal stand that makes it the perfect pouring height.


Illuminating Closets & Dark Spaces With These Wireless LED Lights

This little lighting upgrade is so easy. All you have to do is mount these battery-powered, wireless LED lights under your cabinets, inside your closets, in shadowy hallways or on your stairs for instant illumination. They come with adhesive mounting tape or screws, depending on how permanent you want this lighting solution to be. These lights can be turned on and off with a simple tap but also have a dimmer, timer settings, and a remote.


Organizing Any Drawer With These Easy-To-Install Bamboo Dividers

These bamboo organizers have a built-in spring that lets you fit them into pretty much any drawer in your house. These organizers are great for sorting undergarments, kitchen utensils, office supplies, beauty products, or so-called junk. The water-resistant bamboo comes in white, gray, or a natural bamboo shade to better suit your decor. And don’t worry about your furniture: these also have rubber-coated ends so they won’t scratch up your drawers.


Snuggling Up In A Chic Faux-Fur Blanket With 19,000 Five-Star Reviews

This microfiber faux-fur blanket has everything going for it. It’s super affordable, breathable, machine-washable, and it comes in seven of the best colors, including a trendy pale yellow and a chic cream. The top of this blanket has fuzzy faux fur that’s perfect for draping over your couch and giving it a chic touch, while the back has extra-cozy fleece to keep you comfy and warm. It’s no wonder why this gorgeous throw has over 19,000 five-star reviews.


Keeping Organized With A Hanging Closet Shelf That Has Pockets

With this hanging closet shelf, it doesn’t really matter if you need to organize shoes, sweaters, or extra bags. The sturdy shelves are made of durable bamboo covered in non-woven fabric, so they’ll hold just about anything. But they’re also gentle if you’re using it for clothing. Each one has six shelves and two side pockets, making this an ideal solution for setting out a week’s worth of clothing.


Organizing Your Goods In These Durable Bathroom Apothecary Jars

Don’t worry about these apothecary jars rusting on your bathroom counter. The base is durable plastic and all of the lids are rust-proof stainless steel. In addition to being an aesthetically pleasing way to store cotton swabs, makeup blenders, and flossers, these are also easy to rinse out or wipe down if they get a little dusty.


Making Your Bed With A Pack Of Cooling Pillows With An Extra-Soft Cover

This cooling two-pack of pillows might be the most luxurious upgrade on this list, and the 121,000 five-star reviews on Amazon prove it. These machine washable pillows are covered in an extra-soft 250-thread count cover that is breathable and keeps you cool while you sleep. The gel and down alternative filling also won’t flatten or move around while you sleep and bounce back with ease, which means that you can keep your bed looking brand new.


Keeping Blankets In A Sleek, Budget-Friendly Storage Ottoman

Ottomans are normally super overpriced, but this faux leather ottoman is actually budget-friendly and gives you extra storage space. The sleek, black covering is waterproof and the ottoman itself can hold up to 250 pounds, so you can set your drink on it without worrying about having to buy new furniture. This collapsible storage solution is 14 inches wide and 14 inches tall, making it perfect for storing extra blankets, clothes, games, or other random belongings.


Revamping Your Fridge With Some Stainless Steel Contact Paper

Are your appliances looking a little out of date? This adhesive contact paper will give you DIY stainless steel. It’s perfect for kitchen appliances because it has a waterproof and oil-proof finish that’s easy to clean. It even has grid lines on the back for a straight, seamless fridge cover. If you ever want to go back to your white fridge, it’s removable, and it won’t leave glue behind.


Giving A Room A Soothing Glow With This Unique Salt Lamp Bowl

Why spend money on a normal salt lamp when you can grab this affordable and super unique Himalayan salt bowl? The bowl-shaped base lights up, and it’s filled with salt crystals for a soothing, soft amber glow that will make any room look a little more bougie.


Replacing A Flimsy Paper Towel Holder With This Wall-Mounted Bamboo One

This wall-mounted paper towel holder looks way nicer than plopping a plastic holder on your countertop. You can go ahead and buy the jumbo paper towels because this durable holder fits every size. It’s made of bamboo with a trendy light wood finish that will match pretty much any of your kitchen decor. You also get all of the mounting hardware you’ll need, so installation is a breeze.


Hanging Your Clothes On These Velvet Hangers That Keep Your Stuff Secure

Flimsy and colorful plastic hangers just cannot compare to these velvet hangers. They’re still budget-friendly, but these matching hangers with will look way nicer and work way better. The grippy velvet and built-in notches keep everything in place, including slinky camisoles and heavy jackets up to 10 pounds. These hangers are also extra-slim to save space, and the swivel hooks help to make the act of hanging up clothes easier.


Adding A Pop Of Color With These Bold, Floral Curtains

These adorable floral curtains are the bold pop of pattern your home needs — just check the rave 4.8-star rating on Amazon. They come in four trendy florals, and you get two curtain panels for this affordable price. Plus, they’re machine-washable, so go ahead and grab one of the lighter colors if it matches your vibe. The best part is these curtains are room-darkening but they still let in a little natural glow, making these ideal for living rooms.


Decluttering Corners & Cabinets With A Bamboo Corner Shelf

This three-tiered bamboo shelf fits neatly into the corner of your counter or cabinet. It helps you declutter your kitchen or bathroom, and it gives you more vertical storage space. Reviewers find this shelf useful for storing dinnerware, snacks, cosmetics, and office supplies. No matter what you store on this shelf, it’s simple to clean with a wet cloth, making it incredibly versatile.


Cleaning Up Your Kitchen With A Strong Magnetic Holder For Knives

This magnetic knife holder is a simple upgrade that will make your cooking space feel like a chef’s kitchen. It has a floating stainless steel design that’s super sleek yet complete with extra-strength magnets to keep your cutlery secure. It also comes in 10-, 17-, and 24-inch lengths, so you can hang all of your knives and free up a drawer.


Storing All Your Cleaning Products On This Under-The-Counter Shelf

Store as many cleaning products as you can fit on this under the counter shelf because it holds up to 40 pounds. It fits around sink plumbing, and you can rotate it and adjust it for the perfect setup. Yes, it’s easy to raise it depending on how big your cabinet is or how tall your favorite multi-surface spray is. You can also expand and adjust the width and depth to fit your unique storage space.


Brightening Up Your Backsplash With An Easy-To-Use Grout Pen

This little white marker is designed to brighten up the grout in your bathroom, kitchen, or any other tiled space in your home. It’s easy to use — just color in the lines — but also seriously cheap considering how big of an impact it has. The low odor, non-toxic, and water-based formula refreshes up to 150 feet of 2-millimeter grout.


Upgrading Your Bed With A Chic, Hypoallergenic Satin Pillowcase

Give your bed a chic upgrade with this 100% satin polyester pillowcase. The zipper closure prevents your pillow from sliding out of the silky pillowcase. This naturally cooling material also prevents friction while you sleep. Basically, it seriously helps out your skin (and even your hair). Grab this hypoallergenic pillowcase in 10 glossy colors and patterns.


Making Your Kitchen Drawers Cleaner With An Adjustable Organizer

Instead of buying a bunch of small organizers and trying to puzzle piece them together, grab this bamboo drawer organizer. It’s expandable and gives you plenty of neatly arranged slots for nicer-looking kitchen (or bathroom) drawers. Depending on how much you expand it, you’ll get seven to nine water-resistant storage sections.


Installing A Wall-Mounted Toothbrush Holder & Toothpaste Dispenser

If you have a habit of spilling toothpaste on the counter, this toothpaste dispenser is the answer. You can stick two toothpaste tubes in the top and hang up to five toothbrushes in this organizer, and then this device will dispense the perfect amount of toothpaste with no mess. It also comes with four magnetic cups that hang upside down for water or mouthwash, though two of them can be turned right side up and used to store more bathroom essentials.


Upgrading To A Wooden Salt & Pepper Set With A Cleaning Brush

This natural oak salt and pepper grinder set comes with tons of accessories. They have a matching tray for clean storage (to catch stray pepper) and a brush designed to clean each one. These wooden grinders are also complete with a knob on top that lets you adjust the coarseness of your freshly ground spices.


Organizing With A Pack Of Classic Fabric Storage Cubes With Handles

Swap out all of your mismatched baskets for this pack of fabric storage cubes. These non-woven go-tos come in 10 colors, including gray, navy, pink, and green, and each one has easy-to-carry handles. These are great for storing toys, crafts, clothing, and basically anything else. These bins even fold up flat if you don’t need to use all of them at once.


Letting In Some Light With Ombre Curtains That Look Like Linen

These budget-friendly curtains look like seriously expensive linen sheers; the polyester fabric is lightweight and just sheer enough to still fill your space with sunlight while still giving you some privacy. These curtains are machine-washable and easy to iron on low, so they’ll stay looking crisp and clean for years. They come in 14 ombre color options, including a chic light gray.


Installing This Handy Pull-Out Spice Drawer In Your Cabinet

This budget-friendly spice drawer installs in your cabinet, so it looks like your home came with fancy built-ins. The secret is: it’s super easy to install, and it comes with the two screws you’ll need. It has a pull-out drawer design so you can see all of your spices without taking any of them out. Plus, the steel and chrome frame is extra-durable, so there’s no need to worry about yout bottles shattering


Using A Double-Sided Dishwasher Magnet With A Colorful Design

This double-sided magnet has clean printed on one side and dirty on the other. Simply flip it over anytime you start the dishwasher or empty it to let everyone (and your future self) know that the dishes are clean. Plus, each side is a different color, so you can tell if the dishes are dirty even from across the room and eliminate awkward guesswork. This handy little magnet is also waterproof, and the edges won’t peel up.


Getting Your Closet In Order With A Wall-Mounted Broom Holder

Sure, you can just hide clutter behind the closet door, but this broom holder is an easy way to tidy up in there. It has five adjustable slots to hold your brooms, mops, or even your gardening tools up to 35 pounds. Plus, there are six retractable hooks for hanging extra supplies or even your dog’s collar and leash. You’ll also get all of the installation supplies, making this a simple solution for storing awkward objects that always fall over.


Organizing Pots & Pans With A Rack That Has 3 Set-Up Options

This pot and pan organizer is basically fully customizable because you can set it up in three ways: vertical on one side, horizontal on one side, or vertical with two sides. It fits up to eight pots, pans and lids, depending on how you arrange it. The non-slip wire racks are designed to hold a bunch of pan sizes, and you can also pull out and rearrange all of the racks to fit everything.


Installing A Shower Caddy That Won’t Put Holes In Your Tile

You won’t have to drill into your tiles or hope that suction cups actually work to install these shelves in the corner of your shower. The rust-proof steel frame has a tension pole design, just like a shower curtain rod, so simply adjust the pole to fit your shower and the grippy rubber end caps make it extra-secure. You’ll get four wire shelves to store shampoo, soap, razors, and more and tidy up the ledges of your tub.


Swapping Old Doorknobs For Upgraded Ones That Comes In 4 Finishes

This lockable doorknob is a small touch that will feel like your home is totally upgraded. This simple and sleek option comes in four modern finishes: matte black, polished brass, oil-rubbed bronze, and satin nickel. It’s easy to install on your doors, and it even comes with two keys so you can keep your bedroom, office, or bathroom secure if need be.


Getting Extra Storage Space With A Magnetic Shelf That Matches Your Stove

This magnetic shelf gives you an extra spot to place those small kitchen items you reach for every time you cook. (It’s the red pepper flakes for me.) It comes in five finishes to match your stove, including stainless steel, black, and white. It can withstand rust, stains, and other corrosion, and in case this shelf gets grimy, it’s easy to remove and wash in the sink.


Upgrading Your Tub With A Rainfall Showerhead That Has A Handheld Option

You’ll get two upgraded showerheads with this rainfall showerhead combo. It comes with an oversized rainfall showerhead plus a handheld attachment, so you can get a thorough clean. The showerhead has three settings, including a luxurious waterfall feature, and you can use them individually or together. Both heads have anti-clog nozzles, so you don’t have to scrub them as often. Plus, this chic setup has a chrome finish and a leak-free design, making them suitable for any bathroom.


Investing In This Wrinkle-Free Bamboo & Microfiber Sheet Set

This luxurious bamboo and brushed microfiber blend bed sheet set resist stains, fading, and even wrinkles. That means they’ll always look perfectly pressed even after you toss them in the washing machine. These breathable, soft, and plush sheets come in sizes to fit every bed and a dozen different colors.


Reducing Clutter With An Organizer That Has Places For All Kinds Of Files

This mesh organizer has spots for all kinds of desk clutter and three levels of storage. Each level has a different organizational solution. There’s a file folder and mail sorter on the top, a wide shelf in the middle, and a bottom drawer with three compartments that’s perfect for smaller things you want to tuck away, like pens, sticky notes, and erasers. This genius use of vertical space will help keep your workspace or entryway organized.


Applying This Adhesive Chalkboard Wallpaper That Comes With Chalk

Apply this adhesive chalkboard wallpaper over your desk, in your kid’s room, or even in your in rolls of various sizes from 7/12 feet to a huge 18-foot roll, so you can try it out all over the house. It also won’t leave any residue if you take it down. Plus, this wallpaper comes with colorful chalk so you can get doodling right away.


Putting Up A Tiered Corner Shelf To Show Off Your Knickknacks

This five-tier corner shelf comes in eight wood finishes to fit every vibe, whether you want a classic brown wood finish or a trendy gray one. The tiered design climbs up your wall and is the perfect place to add those finishing-touch decor pieces. If you already have your decor figured out, use this wood shelf to give you more storage space in your kitchen or bathroom. This sturdy shelf can hold up to 11 pounds.


Installing These LED Strip Lights For The Best Movie Night Vibes

This LED light strip comes with 3M adhesive tape to attach it to the back of your TV or even your computer. The USB Plugs into your TV, so you don’t even need to grab an extension cord or outlet extender. The remote lets you choose from 15 different colors and there are brightness settings and a fading mode for the best movie night vibes.


Using These Glass Food Containers So You Actually Eat What’s In The Fridge

Reducing food waste doesn’t mean you have to clutter up your fridge with mismatched containers. This pack of airtight glass food containers is all matching, so your leftovers will actually look nice in the fridge. The dishwasher-safe glass won’t stain, even if you’re storing bright red marina sauce. The best part is: the glass is oven- and microwave-safe for reheating, motivating you to actually warm up that leftover chicken.


Covering Up A Worn Couch With A Machine-Washable Sofa Cover

This sofa slipcover can breathe new life into your couch; the spandex and polyester blend fabric stretches to fit and covers your entire seating space. It also comes with anti-slip foam inserts that keep the cover securely in place. This cover comes in 37 colors and various sizes to fit your living room chair, a loveseat, and more. The best part? This cover is machine washable in case it gets coated in your pet’s fur (or you spill your movie snack).


Organizing Your Junk Drawer With An Interlocking Organizer

Not even the smallest things in your so-called junk drawer will fall between these customizable drawer organizers because they lock together. Simply arrange them how you want them and clip them all together with the interlocking design. They’re made of easy-to-clean plastic, so they’re perfect for your bathroom or kitchen drawers. This set is also complete with extra-small cubes for tiny things like pushpins, hair clips, or screws.


Using A Non-Slip Pad That Makes Your Rug Look Better

You have an area rug that you love, so grab this non-slip rug pad to make sure it doesn’t roll up on the edges or shift in place. This extra-grip foam pad also stops it from sliding around on your floor, and prevents a constantly crooked rug. But that’s not all. It also extends the life of your rug by lifting up your rug, while the grid design encourages airflow to keep it fresh and new. It comes in two sizes, but you can also trim it to fit your exact floor covering.


Storing Condiments Or Cleaning Products In An Organizer For Your Door

Organizing your pantry isn’t all about matching storage containers and spice jars. This over-the-door organizer is a practical pantry solution that will take care of clutter. The 24 transparent slots are a good place for extra candy, unopened condiment bottles, bulk containers of spices, and more. If your pantry is pretty organized already, you can also use it in a hallway closet for cleaning products.