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If you're an avid online shopper like me, then you know how important customer reviews are. Sure, product descriptions are also important — but there's nothing like honest feedback that makes you say, "Yup, I'm buying this." After perusing review after review on multiple occasions, you've probably realized that there is a lot of cheap, random sh*t that Amazon reviewers are obsessed with. I've noticed, too — so I rounded up some of those strange, yet hard-to-resist items. They're right here on this list, so you can finally get in on the hype.

These are the items that customers have left sparkling four- and five-star reviews about, regardless of how out-of-ordinary they are. Take, for instance, this pan that's made specifically for stuffed pancakes. It features concave semi-circles throughout the cast aluminum surface so you can pour the batter in and add your favorite ingredients. It's random, but it's genius (and quite frankly, it's making me hungry). Another example is this shower head literally glows in different colors while the water's running through it. It essentially turns your shower into a light show, and tons of customers have praised it.

To top it all off, these "random" products are pretty affordable. Once you start adding them to your cart, you might become obsessed with them, too.


This Device That Charges Your Phone Wirelessly

Don't worry about finding a lightning cable the next time your phone runs out of batter — just place it on this wireless charger. It's compatible with all types of smartphones — and unlike other chargers, you don't even need to take your case off for it to work (depending on how thick your case is).


The Bluetooth Speaker With An Incredible Battery Life

Not only does the rechargeable battery in this Bluetooth speaker last for up to six hours, but it also works if from up to 30 feet away without any connectivity issues. It’s even portable — thanks to the carabineer hook — and comes in seven different colors.


A Pack Of Smart Plugs To Automate Your Appliances

Simply plug your lamps into these smart plugs, and you'll be able to set schedules so they're on when you come home. There's no additional smart hub required — and since they're compatible with Alexa and Google Home, you can even control any plugged-in devices using voice commands.


The Magnetic Knife Bar That Looks Like Rustic Wood

When you don't have enough room for a full knife block, this magnetic bar is an easy way to save yourself some space. It's made from walnut wood — and the strong, built-in magnets won't let go of your knives, spatulas, or any other metal utensil. Plus, it’ll give your kitchen a rustic look.


These Silicone Borders That Let You Bake Different Cake Shapes

With these customizable borders, you can bake cakes, pizzas, pancakes, and more in different shapes and sizes. They’re made of nonstick silicone and can be easily connected and filled. They’re also leak-proof, which means you shouldn’t have to worry about batter trickling out.


This Collapsible Water Bottle That Takes Up Hardly Any Space

When you're running out of room in your bag or suitcase, just squish this collapsible water bottle down to help save some space. It's leakproof as well as BPA-free, and the wide mouth makes it easy to add ice cubes.


A Tiny, Yet Durable Travel Umbrella That Can Handle The Wind

Tired of your umbrella inverting in strong gusts of wind? If so, it's time to upgrade to this mini one that can handle it. The reinforced fiberglass ribs won't flip out in bad weather, and the canopy effortlessly closes into a compact bundle that fits in your purse.


This Motion Sensor Light That Illuminates Your Bd

Tired of stumbling your way through a dark bedroom at night? Just put this motion sensor light underneath your bed. It'll automatically turn on when someone is in the room, and the adjustable timer turns it off after 30, 130, or 380 seconds.


A Coffee Maker Compatible With Grounds & K-Cups

Many coffee makers can only brew K-cups — but not this one. Just fill the included filter cup with your favorite grounds, or just pop a K-cup directly inside. Within about three minutes, your cup of Joe should be ready to go.


A Device That Froths Your Milk For Delicious Coffee

Looking for a way to add deliciously whipped milk to your coffee? Search no further than this milk frother. It's made from rust-resistant stainless steel with a durable plastic lid, and many reviewers raved about how the non-stick interior is "easy to clean."


The Colander That Collapses For Easy Storage

Many large strainers take up a ton of room in your cabinets, so why not downsize with this space-saving version? The handles extend outwards so that you can balance it over your sink, and the BPA-free silicone easily collapses down when you're done using it.


A Gadget That Gets Your Makeup Brushes Extra-Clean

It's easy to ignore makeup brushes that are filled with old product, but this washer that spins the bristles around in soapy water can make them clean again. Designed to fit various types of brushes, the battery-operated spinner does all the work for you so that the bristles are clean after just a few seconds.


This Ultrasonic Cleaner For Jewelry & More

Whether your jewelry or coins are dirty, this ultrasonic cleaner can help. There are five preset cleaning modes to choose from that'll get your pieces sparkling in eight minutes or less, and the ultrasonic waves shouldn't harm your delicate stones.


A UV Device That Sanitizes Your Smartphone

Sure, you wash your hands every day — but do you ever wash your phone? Able to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria, this phone sanitizer gets the job done in just one minute. The advanced safety lock helps prevent exposure to the sanitizing UV rays, and you have the choice of three colors: black, purple, or red.


The Reversible Faux Fur Blanket With A Velvety Side

If your worn-out couch throw is feeling a bit dull, you can replace it with this soft faux fur blanket. It's reversible, so the opposite side feels like velvet — and it can even be cleaned in the washing machine. It's also available in seven colors, so everyone in the house can have a different shade.


A Gel-Infused Memory Cushion For Your Worn-Out Office Chair

If you spend a lot of time working at a home desk, then your office chair might feel less plush. To revamp the cushion, you can add this memory foam pillow. It's infused with gel and features ventilation holes throughout for a breezier feel. Not to mention, the cover can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine.


The Tool That Massages Your Fingers & Hands

If you carry stress in your hands, the rollers in this massager can help stimulate blood flow to soothe away the pain. It's double-sided: One side is meant to be rolled across your palms, while the other is made to be rolled through your fingers.


This Spatula That's Gentle On Nonstick Pans

Many metal spatulas will leave scratches on nonstick pans, so make sure you're preparing meals with a cookware-friendly spatula like this plastic one. The beveled edges make it easy to slide underneath delicate eggs, and it's heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.


A Utensil Holder With Space For Lids

While most utensil holders only have room for ladles and stirrers, this one comes with extra space where you can rest a lid. It's made from durable steel, and the powder coating is resistant to rust.


The Pan That Lets You Make Stuffed Pancakes

Ever tried a stuffed pancake? Now's the chance to make your own with this specialized pan. Simply add batter to the divots, then stuff it with your favorite fruit, jam, cream cheese, or any other filling. The surface is completely nonstick, and it's made from durable cast-aluminum.


A Television Backlight Kit You Can Control From Your Sofa

With 16 different colors to choose from, this backlight kit makes it easy to add chic mood lighting to your entertainment center. Turn it on or off and adjust the brightness from the comfort of your sofa while using the included remote. Plus, the adhesive backing makes installation a breeze.


This Organizer For Your Makeup Palettes

Don't let your makeup palettes sit in a pile on your vanity; instead, keep them neat and tidy with this organizer. There's enough space for up to nine palettes, and the dividers are tiered so that you can keep larger palettes in the back with smaller ones in front.


A Dehumidifier That's Completely Wireless

You don't need an expensive dehumidifier floor unit to get rid of moisture from your home; just place compact version wherever it feels damp. There are enough silica beads inside for up to 30 days before it needs to be recharged — and it's suitable for small rooms, workspaces, boats, or even gym bags.


The Memory Foam Pillow That's Ultra-Breathable

Sometimes, dense memory foam can leave you feeling overheated at night, which is why this memory foam pillow is made with a ventilated design. Not only does the increased airflow help you stay cool, but the fibers are also infused with temperature-regulating gel that's great for extra-hot sleepers.


A Pack Of Flickering Candles That Are Flameless

You don't have to keep an open flame in your house just to set a relaxing mood, as these LED candles flicker just like the real thing. They're energy-efficient so that the AAA batteries last for up to 150 hours, and each order comes with a remote so that you can control them without having to get up.


A Long Vacuum Attachment To Help Clean Your Dryer Vent

Attach this long nozzle onto your vacuum cleaner to help remove packed-in lint from a narrow dryer vent. The attachment fits onto most vacuum hoses and has separate parts that you can customize the length of (depending on the size of the space you’re cleaning).


A Soap Dispenser That's Completely Touchless

Instead of exposing your hands to whatever grime is on your soap pump, just use this touchless dispenser. The infrared sensor detects your hands from up to 2.75 inches away — no sporadic waving required — and it can hold up to 17 ounces of your favorite soap. Choose from three colors to match your bathroom.


The Garment Steamer You Can Use While Traveling

I don't think I've ever unpacked my suitcase to find clean, unwrinkled clothes — that's why I always travel with a fabric steamer like this one. Ready to go in less than one minute, this handheld steamer loosens even the toughest winkles, and lasts for up to 15 minutes of continuous use. No wonder it’s received over 36,000 five-star ratings and reviews to date.


A Vacuum Sealer To Keep Your Ingredients Fresh

When you want to make sure that your ingredients are fresh for later, this vacuum sealer is a must-have. It's compatible with both wet and dry foods, and it even features a built-in cutter so that you can trim your bag after it's been sealed. Each order comes with five medium bags and five large bags.


These Vintage Bulb String Lights That Are Waterproof

This set of string lights is not only waterproof, but it's also dimmable so that it's easy to adjust how bright the bulbs are. You can also use them indoors to set a romantic ambiance — but personally, I have them hanging on my patio lattice as a cute way to highlight my garden.


A Pair Of Smart Light Bulbs That Are Compatible With Alexa

If you pair these smart light bulbs with Alexa or Google Home, you'll be able to control them using voice commands without ever having to get up off your couch. The free downloadable app lets you choose from more than 15 million colors in addition to regular white, and both are made with energy-efficient LED bulbs.


The Mug Warmer That Keeps Your Coffee Toasty

Tired of drinking a cold cup of Joe halfway through the morning? Just keep your mug on this warming plate. The indicator light lets you know when it's warm, and the extra-long power cord is great for workstations where plugs are a little too far away. Use it for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or any other beverage you'd like to keep toasty.


A Roll Of Marble-Inspired Contact Paper For A Low-Cost Home Update

I've used this roll of white marble contact paper all over my past apartments. It's made with water-resistant PVC material that can hold up against water from sinks, and I've even used it as a backsplash since it easily wipes clean with a damp rag. The best part about it? The pattern at the end of the roll matches the one at the start, making it easy to connect them back-to-back.


This Handheld Shower Head With 7 Color-Changing Lights

When you don't want the party to stop (even when it's time to bathe), this LED shower head will be right up your alley. The tool-free installation is designed to fit any standard shower, and there are seven LED lights that rotate to keep the party going. Did I mention the water flow powers those lights? Because it does.


A Bidet That's Easy To Install

Installing a bidet on your own may seem daunting, but this one comes with all the accessories you need. In fact, most reviewers were able to get it done in just 15 minutes. The spray nozzle retracts to help keep it clean, and the water pressure is adjustable for added comfort.


A Tablet Stand That Can Mount Underneath Cabinets

Just mount this tablet stand underneath a cabinet or to a wall, and you'll have an easy place to rest your tablet whenever you're reading recipes or watching videos. The tablet clamp rotates a full 360 degrees so it's easy to adjust the viewing angle, and it's made from sleek aluminum that folds down for a discrete appearance.


A Soap Dispenser To Tidy Up Your Shower

When the sides of your tub are overflowing with shampoo and soap bottles, it might be time to downsize to this sectioned soap dispenser. Installation is a breeze while using the included waterproof adhesive, and it easily pops on and off the wall so that it's easy to refill.


This Fleece-Lined Ice Scraper That Keeps Your Hand Warm

Made from waterproof fabric, this ice scraper doubles as a mitten that keeps your hand warm as you work. The best part? The fleece interior feels soft and cozy against your skin, and one size is made to fit all.


An Ironing Caddy That Hangs Over your Door

Designed to hang on any standard door, this ironing caddy is an easy way to help save precious closet space. The basket is large enough for most irons, and it's also configured so that you can mount it to a wall if you prefer.

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