50 Cheap Things For Your Home That You'll Get A Sh*t Ton Of Use Out Of

Easy upgrades that make all the difference.

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When you’re debating making a purchase — especially online — pulling the trigger can be hard to do. One question I like to ask myself before investing is: Will I use this item as many times as the dollar amount? For example, if I’m set on a blender that costs $75, will I use it at least 75 times?

For any of the items on this $40-or-under list, the answer is an easy yes. They prove that some of the best things you can buy don’t have to cost a fortune, and they’ll pay for themselves over and over by making your life measurably better.


Refrigerator Mats To Save Your Fridge From Spills

This set of refrigerator mats has multiple uses: not only do they help keep your refrigerator shelves and drawers clean, but you can also use them for color-coded organization. To install, just cut each mat to fit your shelves and then adhere them to each one. They’re conveniently waterproof, and you can simply wipe them clean.


A Hair Catcher For Your Shower Drain That Will Save You A Plumber Visit

What costs more: a $10 hair catcher for your shower drain or a plumber’s visit to unclog said drain? This rust-proof, stainless steel hair catcher is designed to fit any flat drain, and it’ll catch all those pesky hairs and other small debris that tend to cause major problems once they slip out of sight. The silicone edge ensures it’ll stay in place, and reviewers report that it’s easy to lift and clean out built-up gunk.


An Extra-Long Bathtub Mat With 20,000 Reviews On Amazon

An extra-long bathtub mat in a fun color is exactly what you need to slip-proof your tub. This 16-by-39-inch mat provides about 30% more coverage than most non-slip mats. The soft vinyl provides a nice cushion for your feet or your tush, and it comes in 14 colors to complement your bathroom decor.


Luxe Satin Pillowcases At A Less-Than-Luxury Price Point

If you’re finding yourself shelling out more money than you’d like on haircare products and treatments with little results, it may be time to make the switch to satin pillowcases. They’re gentler on your hair than other fabrics because they create less friction and absorb less moisture, so you’ll see less frizz and breakage. All hair textures can benefit from a little extra TLC at this affordable price point (plus they come in 24 colors to match the rest of your bedding!)


These Under-Door Draft Stoppers Will Save You Money On Utilities

Some homes can get drafty, but you can breeze-proof your home and save money on your utility bill by installing these draft stoppers. They’ll prevent air from escaping through your doorframe with a cotton under-door mount that slides easily on to most standard doors. As a bonus, they also keep insects and other small critters out, block out light and smoke, and can help absorb sound. They also come in several colors, so you can match the color to your door or get a fun pattern.


An Ultra-Strong Adhesive Shower Basket That Simply Won’t Budge

This shower caddy shelf fits in any bathroom since it attaches to your shower wall with extra-strong adhesive. It’s capable of holding several full-size bottles, with four additional hooks for washcloths, loofahs and a razor. It has nearly 17,000 five-star ratings, so you know this thing works.


A Tiny But Mighty Handheld Vacuum Cleaner For Even The Most Cramped Spaces

The Brigii Mini Vacuum Cleaner weighs less than a pound, but its size belies its power and features. It’s cordless, and has both a vacuum and dust blower that run for up to 20 minutes on a full charge. It comes with three interchangeable nozzles, which you can switch out and use to clean cramped, hard-to-reach areas. It works perfectly for small spaces like your car, kitchen cabinet, or desk, and it’s even small enough to use to vacuum out your keyboard.


A Shower Curtain Liner That Amazon Shoppers Rave About

This highly rated shower curtain liner is a tried-and-true favorite with nearly 100,000 five-star ratings. It fits standard showers or tubs, and the liner features rust-proof metal grommets and three heavy duty magnets at the bottom to keep it in place. This waterproof liner is also thicker than other liners and reviewers report it really does resist mold and mildew over time.


This Orthopedic Knee Pillow Is A Sleep Necessity For Chronic Pain

Side sleepers, those with chronic pain, and pregnant people can all benefit from using this orthopedic knee pillow while they sleep. The memory foam pillow rests between your legs or under one leg while sleeping, and aligns your spine to relieve back, hip and joint pain. One reviewer who struggles with sciatica wrote: “[The first night I used it] was the first night I slept through the entire night in six weeks!!! My hips are no longer sore in the morning and it’s not excruciating pain when I sit up in the morning. I have no idea how but this thing works.”


A Highly Rated Organizer For All Of Your Container’s Lids

Grab this adjustable organizer to give all the lids haphazardly stacked in your kitchen cabinets a designated storage spot. It features five compartments that can be customized in size (thanks to the included dividers) based on the lids you’re working with.


A Toothpaste Wall Dispenser That Makes Brushing Your Teeth Totally Seamless

Simplify your mornings and evenings with the iHave Toothpaste Dispenser. It mounts to your bathroom wall with an ultra-sticky adhesive and dispenses the perfect amount of toothpaste onto your toothbrush every single time. It prevents the mess that comes with trying to squeeze the last little bit of toothpaste out of the tube, and is an accessible solution for kids and those with limited mobility in their hands.


A Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet That’s Great For Grilling

With its excellent durability and heat retention — and its ability to make perfect grill marks on meats and veggies — this cast iron grill skillet will become a staple in your kitchen. The skillet is ovenproof and safe to use on all stovetops, and you can even cook with it over a campfire. Plus, the skillet comes pre-seasoned, so you can start cooking right away.


These Extra-Soft & Absorbent Oversized Bath Towels

These absorbent and lightweight towels are made of microfiber material, which is much softer and more absorbent than your typical bathroom towel. They’re oversized for a luxurious feel but can be neatly folded or rolled up. Each one features a convenient hanging loop, and you can choose from 28 colors and patterns.


A Set Of Flexible Lids That Fit Any Food Storage Container

It’s the bane of my existence (and probably yours too) that all my container lids seem to disappear, but that’s no longer an issue with these stretchy silicone lids. They come in a pack of 12 lids of various sizes that can stretch to fit almost any container. Even square or irregularly-shaped containers can be, ahem, contained by these leakproof, stackable lids. And they’re even dishwasher- and microwave-safe.


This Organizer For All Your Brooms, Mops, & More

If your utility closet is a jumbled mess of brooms and mops, you might want to check out this organizer. There are hooks between each clamp where you can hang scrubbers, dustpans, and more. Plus, the clamps are even strong enough to hold onto bulkier items, like sports equipment.


This Stainless Steel Utensil Holder That Rotates For Effortless Access

Store your utensils in style with this rotating caddy. It’s made from brushed stainless steel that looks positively sleek, and it has a divider inside to section off spoons, ladles, spatulas, whisks, and whatever else you need while you cook. Plus, it rotates for even easier access. It’s available in several colors in the listing.


A Lid Organizer That Maximizes Your Kitchen Cabinet Space

No more awkwardly stacking your pans and digging around in your cabinet for the right one: use this pan and pot lid organizer to keep them separated and stacked neatly. It stores up two five pans and works vertically or horizontally. For an extra secure hold, you can even screw it into place using the included hardware.


A Drain Cover For Deeper, More Luxurious Baths

A bath isn’t so relaxing when you can’t get the water deep enough to properly sink into it, and in that case you need this overflow cover. Just slip it over your tub’s overflow drain, and its clever design adds a few precious inches of water to your bath. There’s a hole at the top of the cover so water will still drain out if you fill the tub too high. One reviewer raved, “It was so easy! I got an instant 5 [inches] more of water!!”


A Handy, Tiny Storage Container For Cotton Swabs

Easily dispense cotton swabs with this apothecary-style holder. The clear plastic dispenser rests neatly on your bathroom counter and provides handy storage for a hard-to-store yet necessary item. And it clocks in at just 3.5 inches wide, so it doesn’t even take up much counter space.


A Set Of Clothes Hangers That Will Maximize Storage In Small Closets

Short of remodeling your closet, these s-type clothes hangers are the only way to literally quintuple your closet space. They hold up to five items, such as linens, scarves, pants, and more, in the same width as a normal hanger. These hangers are very sturdy and can easily withstand the weight of even your heaviest items, like winter apparel and thick blankets.


These Deceptively Large Storage Ottomans

A footrest, seat, and storage all in one? These square ottomans are exactly what you need to complete your living room seating arrangements and secretly stash a few items. One reviewer reported that they stored “three thin, folded fleece blankets, two books and a large bottle of lotion” inside with room to spare. They even fold up when not in use, so you can really make the most of your floor space.


These Silicone Oven Mitts That Have A 4.8-Star Overall Rating

Slip on these oven mitts to ensure you don’t get burned as you remove pans, cookie sheets, and other cookware from your oven. Made from BPA-free silicone with a soft cotton lining, the flexible, yet sturdy oven mitts offer protection up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, they’re completely waterproof.


A Multipurpose, Expandable Drawer Organizer To Maximize Storage

The storage possibilities for this bamboo drawer organizer are endless: it works just as well for utensils as it does for desk supplies or accessories. It expands from 13 inches to up to 19.6 inches wide and features up to eight compartments. One reviewer wrote “I can actually see everything I have...It maximized every inch of the drawer and I can fit so much more in one drawer.”


A Set Of Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls With Airtight Lids

With a solid 4.5-star rating overall on Amazon after 19,000-plus reviews, this mixing bowl set is a favorite for many reasons. The five bowls (which come in sizes ranging from less than 1 quart to 5 quarts) are made from durable stainless steel that won’t get rusty even after washing them in the dishwasher. Plus, they nest inside one another for convenient storage. The BPA-free lids create an airtight seal.


These Super Sticky Wall Hooks That Rival Competitors

With these ultra-strong adhesive wall hooks on hand, you’ll be able to hang just about anything, from framed artwork to bags to string lights. They’re suitable for use on most smooth surfaces and each hook can hold up to 13 pounds. One reviewer called them “better than Command hooks,” saying “These stick on really well, are easy to handle and best of all don't show up much because the back is clear.”


These Best-Selling Cut-To-Fit Liners For Easier Oven Cleaning

If you’ve ever been stuck scrubbing burnt-on food from the bottom of your oven, you know what a struggle it can be. These oven liners completely solve this dilemma — and for less than $10. Just place one on the lowest rack (they’re heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit) and it’ll catch any drips or spills. Then, pull out the liner for easy washing.


This Fabric Defuzzer To Revive Your Old Clothes & Furniture

For that sweater or couch cushion that always gets pilled, you need this fabric defuzzer. It’s essentially an electric razor for fabric that cleanly removes pills and matted fibers to make it look new again. It’s safe to use on just about anything, from sweaters to leggings to furniture. One reviewer used it on a worn out duvet cover, which now looks “basically brand new. It does the job quickly and leaves everything looking fresh.”


This Cooling Memory Foam Pillow With Rave Reviews

Over 15,000 Amazon reviewers have given this shredded memory foam pillow a perfect five-star rating, with several fans calling it “the best pillow ever.” The memory foam filling conforms to your body, making it comfortable for all sleeping positions. Also great: The interlocking foam and breathable bamboo cover provide airflow to help you stay cool through the night. Choose from standard, queen, and king sizes.


Refrigerator Door Handle Covers That Will Save Your Appliances From Mess & Grime

To prevent grime, smudges, and fingerprints on your appliances, just add these door handle covers. The plush gray fabric will blend right in with stainless steel handles, and they’ll save you time spent cleaning. And you can just toss the covers in the washing machine as needed.


A Breathable Mattress Cover That Protects From Stains & Allergens

A mattress can be a bit of an investment, and this affordable mattress cover will protect it from stains and allergens. The cover is made from a blend of soft microfiber and breathable bamboo to help you stay cool, and it has deep pockets that help it stay in place on the mattress. It’s also machine washable, dryer safe, and easy to take on and off the bed as needed, so it’s super low maintenance.

Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King


These Innovative Fridge Liners That Extend The Life Of Your Produce

It’s so frustrating to watch produce go bad in the fridge because you simply couldn’t use it fast enough, but all you need to remedy the issue are these liners. Their foam material absorbs moisture and helps air circulate, which extends the life of fruits and vegetables. After trimming the liners to size, just place them on the shelves and drawers of your refrigerator, and remove to rinse and clean as needed. Your grocery bill will thank you for the small investment.


These Adjustable Drawer Dividers For Instant Organization

Want to instantly organize messy drawers around the house? Just pop in these adjustable drawer dividers, which you can trim and arrange to suit your needs. The sturdy dividers are washable, stackable, available in packs of two or three, and come in two colors: white or black.


This Hanging Purse Organizer That’s Perfect For Small Spaces

Store your bags in style with this hanging organizer. It has six pockets on the outside for larger bags, and four in the middle for small bags. By storing them, your bags will be kept upright, dust-free, and easy to access. The organizer itself has two hooks made for hanging in a closet, so it’s perfect for small spaces where storage is a premium.


A Seat Cushion That Makes Your Desk Chair More Comfortable & Supportive

If your desk chair is lacking support, you may not need to replace it entirely: just add this memory foam seat cushion. It uses a contoured ergonomic design to support proper posture and relieve back and tailbone pain caused by uncomfortable office chairs. After some use, the memory foam will warm up to your body heat and make even the most unsupportive chair comfortable.


A Handheld Steamer That’s Portable & Easier To Use Than An Iron

This handheld steamer and some water are all you need to keep your clothes fresh and wrinkle-free. It holds enough water for 15 minutes of continuous steaming, and it works on everything from dress shirts to bedding. Plus, it’s lightweight and portable, so you could easily pack it in a suitcase for a trip.


Reusuable Dishcloths That Help You Save Money & Skip Single-Use Alternatives

If you’re on a mission to reduce your waste, try replacing paper towels with these Swedish dishcloths. They’re a mix of all-natural cotton and biodegradable cellulose that can absorb up to 20 times their weight in liquid, and you can wash and reuse them up to 50 times. Just one cloth replaces over 15 rolls of paper towels, and you can toss them in a compost pile when they’re spent.


These Corner Grippers That’ll Stop Your Rug From Curling

Stick these V-shaped grippers on the corners of any rug inside or out (since they’re completely waterproof) to prevent it from annoyingly curling up. They won’t damage the flooring below either. “I had one corner of a rug that kept curling over and couldn't get it to stay down despite trying various rug tape, etc. This worked like a charm,” explained one fan.


This Cult-Fave Tool That Actually Gets Rid Of Pet Hair

Roll this pet hair remover back and forth on any surface (including furniture, carpet, clothing, and more) to pick up fur and trap it in the chamber. No sticky tape is required, allowing you to reuse it as often as needed. It’s a best-seller on Amazon, boasting a 4.5-star rating overall after a whopping 146,000-plus reviews, so you can rest assured it works as promised.


Shields That’ll Protect Your Furniture From Your Furry Friends

It’s a joy to have a cat, but cats and furniture often don’t mix. Stay ahead of the problem with these adhesive clear shields. These shields will help preserve your couch so that it doesn’t morph into your cat’s favorite new scratching post. Plus, they won’t block the overall look of your furniture. They’re easy to install, strong, and a great way to protect your fabric upholstery.


This Over-The-Sink Colander With A Myriad Of Uses

This modern colander extends in length from 14 to 19 inches in order to securely fit over most kitchen sinks — use it to rinse produce, drain pasta, thaw frozen food, dry utensils, and much more. The evenly-spaced holes on the bottom allow for good drainage. This pick is dishwasher safe.


A Digital Alarm Clock That Doubles As A Wireless Phone Charger

Sure, we all have phones with built-in alarms now, but nothing can replace the feeling of using a digital alarm clock on your bedside table. And this one doubles as a wireless phone charger (that’s compatible with most smartphones). You can set up to three alarms on it, and the adjustable LED display also shows the humidity and temperature.


This Handy Turntable With A 4.9-Star Overall Rating

This lazy susan is an organizing must — use it to neatly store spices, canned food, condiments, baking supplies, and so much more. Then, give it a quick spin when you need to access your stuff. It’s made from shatter-resistant plastic and has removable dividers to create four compartments. A non-slip lining ensures your items stay in place as it rotates.


These Steel Racks To Organize Items In Your Kitchen Cabinets

Use these two steel racks to organize pot lids, cutting boards, cookie sheets, bakeware, and other items in your kitchen cabinets. They’re incredibly sturdy with rubber feet to ensure they don’t slide around as you pull items in and out. They have an impressive 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon.


This $14 Organizer For Your Closet That Can Support 15 Pounds

Hang this five-shelf organizer in your closet to give yourself more space for folded clothes, shoes, purses, and other accessories. It even has mesh pockets on the side for smaller items like jewelry or belts. The organizer combines a metal frame with thick cardboard for sturdiness — it can actually support up to 15 pounds.


This Calming Pillow Spray With Notes Of Lavender, Cypress, & Sage

Spritz this calming mist directly on your pillow to help you unwind and relax after a long day. It features a blend of essential oils — it primarily smells like lavender — and it’s vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free. Besides a pillow, you can also use it on your clothes, towels, furniture, and more.


This 6-Pack Food Storage Container Set For Less Than $30

Better organize your pantry with this container set. Included are six containers that are see-through, allowing you to easily view the contents inside. They’re made from BPA-free plastic with snap-on, air-tight lids that are universal by design — no more rummaging through to try and find the right match.


These Blackout Shades That Stick To The Top Of Your Window Frame

Sleep in total darkness with the help of these blackout window shades that couldn’t be easier to install. No need to worry about a curtain rod — these shades have a 3M adhesive on the back that sticks to the top of your window frame. These adjustable 69-inch long shades also have a trimmable design that you can customize to fit your room’s exact needs.


These Pants Hangers That Are Made Of High-Quality Wood

Made of quality natural wood, these pants hangers just look so sleek and organized in your closet. Beyond aesthetics, these hangers are a practical home organizing addition with a soft felt lining between the clamps that won’t damage your slacks or skirts and a 360-degree swivel design that allows you to fully look at your garments as they hang.


This Set Of Plastic Organizers For Less Than $1 Each

Grab this 25-pack of clear organizers, and you’ll surely find useful spots for them all around your home — for less than $20, they’re a complete steal. All of the bins are made from sturdy plastic, and the set includes four different sizes of them to hold various items like makeup in your bathroom, pens and pencils in the office, utensils in your kitchen, and more.


This Sleek Draft Stopper That Is So Easy To Install On Doors

Drafts in your home can not only make you uncomfortable but also run up your heating bill — and this draft stopper for doors is such a thrifty (and simple) fix. With strong 3M adhesive backing, it requires zero tools to install and it can work for door gaps up to 1 inch high. At 39 inches long, it can be trimmed down to the exact size you need, and it comes in five colors for a near perfect match with any door.

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