65 Cheap Things That Are So Hot On Amazon Right Now
Written by Allison Bolt
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These things are so hot right now on Amazon, not just because they’re seriously cheap but also because they’re actually useful. These finds add a trendy touch to your wardrobe, some practical yet chic decor to your home, added functionality in the kitchen, and more.

Basically — you can find the fun yet useful things you’ve been looking for no matter what part of your life could use a little update. Just be sure to grab them fast because it seems like everyone is grabbing these popular Amazon finds right now.


This Super Slim Strainer That Expands To Fit Over Your Sink

You’ll use this strainer for everything because it’s big enough for drying cups or draining pasta, yet it’s slim and expandable enough to sit neatly on top of your sink. You can still use most of your sink with this heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe strainer. You can also simply slide it to make this strainer smaller to fit in your cabinet.


A Moisturizing Peppermint Oil Body Wash That Relieves Itchiness & More

This body wash gives you that classic moisturizing lather, but it also has a bunch of skin-soothing ingredients, like tea tree and peppermint oil. The anti-fungal formula with aloe helps out with eczema, annoying itchy skin, unwanted acne spots, and more. Plus, this unique body wash has hydrating oils, like olive and jojoba.


A Stylish & Lightweight Cotton Bag With A Spot For Your Yoga Mat

This cotton bag has a minimalist design that looks so trendy, yet it’s super roomy, which makes it great for work, the gym, and beyond. In addition to three compartments inside for organizing your laptop, gym shoes, and beyond, you even get two little straps to secure your yoga mat on top. Plus, this oversized bag has a water bottle pocket on the side.


This Versatile Float & Mini Pool That’s *So* Comfy

You can toss this inflatable float in your yard and fill it up with water, just like a mini pool to cool off while you tan. It also has a classic raft-style rope around it, so you lounge in it or pull it around a big pool. This colorful and super versatile float also comes with a cushioned bottom and a patch kit (just in case).


These Popular Reusable Dishcloths That Have So Many Uses

These reusable dishcloths come in a 10-pack, and I promise you’ll find a use for every single one of them around your home. The absorbent textured design makes it easy to scrub dishes, clean shower tiles, wipe up spills, dust shelves, and more. You can also put them in the dishwasher or washing machine to freshen them up.


A Best-Selling Neck Fan That Is Chic Enough To Wear Outside

This neck fan will honestly look so chic with whatever outfit you’re wearing with its sleek, matte design. The top is lined with 78 barely noticeable air outlets with three speed settings that will keep you so cool. You can also wear it for up to 16 hours, and it’s super easy to charge when you come inside from the heat.


This Expandable Car Cup Holder That Reviewers Love

Instead of trying out a ton of water bottles to fit in you car, simply grab this car cup holder expander. It’s quick to install in any cup holder, and you can adjust the top to fit whatever water bottle you already love up to 3.8 inches in diameter. Plus, the silicone lining means it won’t shake or make a bunch of noise when you drive, which is why it has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon after over 8,000 reviews.


These Cotton Heel Socks To Pull On For Some Serious Moisturizing

These little heel socks with built-in hydrating gel are the easiest swap for moisturizers that tend to rub off. They’ll help out with any painful cracking or dryness on your heels, and the stretchy cotton fabric is so comfy to pull on after a long day of walking.


These Aerating Wine Pourers That Are So Easy To Insert Into Bottles & Use

Pop these unique pourers on top of a bottle, and your go-to wine will be that much better. It’s all about the built-in aerating plate and the small air holes that aerate your wine when you pour it. It also comes with a curved spout and an air tube to prevent any annoying splashing.


This Sliding Under-Sink Organizer To Quickly Grab What You Need

This under-the-sink organizer will actually make it easier to grab cleaning supplies because you can pull out the bottom shelf to see all of the sponges or dishwasher pods at the back. It comes with adjustable hooks and built-in drainage holes to easily store dish brushes. Plus, the matte black design will look clean under kitchen and bathroom sinks.


A Wrapping Paper Cutter That’s Super Easy To Store

This wrapping paper cutter is easy and quick to use, and it won’t take up a ton of space in your basket full of gift wrap and tape. It has a small alloy steel blade, and it wraps right around the roll of paper, so you can easily cut the perfect sheet without dealing with scissors, which let’s be honest, lead to uneven cuts most of the time.


The Cult Favorite, Budget-Friendly Mascara That Gives Serious Volume

This mascara is a best-seller on Amazon right now not just because of its ridiculously low price tag, but because the fiber bristles add a bunch of volume to your lashes. Despite making it look like you’re wearing falsies, you won’t have to deal with any of those annoying globs or, even worse — clumping. The unique bristles also have a conic shape that will add glamorous length to your lashes, too.


These Super Soft Leggings With 64,000 5-Star Reviews

These high-waisted leggings are made of stretchy spandex and have a buttery soft peach skin finish, so they’ll be even comfier than the leggings already in your closet. Plus, you’ll reach for this machine-washable and opaque option all of the time because they’re so easy to style and are even moisture-wicking for steamy summer days.

  • Available colors: 24
  • Available sizes: One size – One size plus


This Citrus Zester With A Super Helpful Cleaning Brush

This citrus zester comes with a little brush to sweep off all of the leftover zest, shredded cheese, or even grated garlic, which makes it a better option than others on Amazon. It comes with non-slip accents, so it won’t slide around on your countertop or slip out of your hand while grating cheese. This dishwasher-safe zester also comes with a cover and a hanger to easily store it after dinner.


A Circular Power Strip That You Can Tuck In Your Laptop Bag

This power strip with three classic outlets and three USBs has a super unique round shape that makes it seriously compact for countertops or seriously small desks, especially when you consider it’s less than 5 inches in diameter. It even comes with a spot to wrap the cord around it, so you can pop this mini power strip in your laptop bag or suitcase.


A Professional-Grade Callus Remover That Works In 10 Minutes

This callus remover has a gel formula for a relaxing and skin-softening softening moment before you reach for your usual exfoliating cloth or pumice stone. You get to relax for up to 10 minutes while you do other skin or haircare steps, and it will make exfoliating away corns, calluses, and dry skin so gentle and easy.


This Solar-Powered Pop-Up Solar Lantern With A Phone Charger

Pop up this solar-powered lantern on your patio table or collapse it and toss it right in your camping or beach bag. When you are using it as a lantern, you can choose from dimmable settings and flashing options, and when it’s all folded up, this USB-rechargeable lantern also works as a flashlight. This gadget also doubles as a phone charger, which makes it an ideal camping companion.


This Odor- & Chemical-Free Pumice Stone That’s Gentle On Surfaces

This durable, odor-free and chemical-free pumice stone comes with a built-in handle, so you can use it just like any of the cleaning brushes you usually reach for. The square pumice stone on top is the perfect shape for cleaning tiles, toilets, sinks, and more — without scratching anything.


A Best-Selling Notebook That You Can Use Over & Over Again

This notebook is completely reusable. That means you can handwrite notes and scan them all into the included app on your phone and the cloud — without needing to pull out your tablet and stylus. The microfiber note-erasing cloth lets you reuse the page after you’ve transferred all of the notes from your last meeting, and you can organize the notes however you need to on the internet.


These Nipple Covers With The Easiest-To-Store Case

These reusable nipple covers are going to become your bra-free go-to because they’re easy to wash, seamless, and so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. Available in two sizes and five shades of beige and brown, these pasties come with a tidy box to keep them clean and protected in your bra drawer when you’re not using them.


A Waterproof Pen That Brightens Up A Ton Of Grout

It’s obvious why this waterproof grout pen is hot right now — it’s precise enough to color right over bathroom tile and backsplash grout, no matter how intricate it is. It also lasts for up to 150 feet of 2-millimeter grout, so you can use it all over your home on white grout that definitely doesn’t look white anymore.


These Transparent Acne Patches That Work Overnight

These hydrocolloid acne patches have a completely transparent design that is so wearable, and when they turn a more opaque white, you can peel them right off and see just how efficient they are at gettign rid of unwanted blemishes. The patches come on little tearable sheets, so you can add a few in your travel makeup bag or even your work bag and be prepared for painful spots that might pop up.


This Super Fine Plant Mister That Looks Vintage

This durable glass spray bottle is honestly such an aesthetic plant care tool to decorate your home with, so you’re way more likely to remember to mist all of the plant babies you’ve collected. It’s even topped off with a trendy bronze top that’s actually rust-free plastic, which makes this lightweight and long-lasting.


These Trendy-Looking Insulated Can Holders With A Near-Perfect Rating

These super-insulated stainless steel can holders are such an easy way to make your go-to hard seltzer or canned rosé look cute and aesthetic. Not only do they give you pastel, patterned, and glittery options to cover a can in and keep your drink chilled, but these dishwasher-safe holders are completely sweat-free, which is why they have a 4.8-star rating on Amazon after 17,000 reviews.


An Aesthetic Lamp & Phone Charger For The Coziest Bedside Setup

Instead of tossing a phone charger next to a boring bedside lamp, grab this aesthetic touch-operated lamp with a wireless phone charger in the base. The inside of this square-shaped lamp is lined with a dimmable LED, so it creates a super soft glow that won’t light up too much of your room before bed.


A Pepper Grinder With Easy-To-Change Coarseness Settings

Slide the button on the front of this sleek little pepper grinder, and you can easily change how coarse the pepper is. It comes with a ceramic grinder that won’t start to smell like pepper after a few uses. Plus, it’s sturdy enough to stand up on your countertop so you can refill it with peppercorns.


This Vitamin C & Aloe Serum With A Luxurious Finish

Not only does this serum come with 20% vitamin C to give your skin a brightening and glowy finish, but it also helps out with any painful sun spots. It’s packed with aloe and plant-based hyaluronic acid to make it feel even more luxurious and hydrate your skin.


These Budget-Friendly Sunglasses With Seriously Comfy Nose Pads

These sunglasses are not only trendy, but the durable plastic frame has such a comfy nose pad design. They come with UV protection in the lenses, and they’re even topped off with a scratch-resistant finish, so toss them in your bag without a care. This budget-friendly aviator style also comes with a pouch and a cloth to keep them clean and protected.

  • Available colors: 14


A Highly-Rated Leak-Proof Pitcher With An Adorable Jar Shape

This pitcher looks like an adorable oversized jar in your fridge, and it comes with a super durable lid and pouring handle. The flip-top lid keeps this wide-mouth pitcher sealed and leak-free in your fridge, and it makes it so easy to pour your go-to iced coffee or infused water.


The Cult-Favorite Moisturizer That Helps Out Cracked Feet & Dry Heels

This moisturizer is specifically made for painfully dry and cracking feet or heels, and it’s perfect to reach for after a pumice stone or an exfoliating cloth. It adds a protective layer that will stick around on dry heels way better than a classic lotion while deeply hydrating your skin. It isn’t greasy or scented, so you can moisturize your heels before bed without messing up your sheets.


A Chic, Foldable Book Light With A Strain-Free Light Setting

You can clip this LED light right onto your book, but you can also stand it up on your desk or bedside table to illuminate your book. It has a minimalist and super small fold-up design, so you can easily toss it in your bag for on-the-go reading. It also comes with three light color settings, including an amber one to help out with eye strain while you read.


A Foldable Toiletry Bag That *Actually* Has Room For Skincare

This foldable and hangable toiletry bag will actually give you room for all of your products, thanks to four separate compartments, some of which come with handy straps to keep your bottles upright. It comes with completely transparent zipper pockets, so you won’t have to open each one to remember where you put your moisturizer or vitamin C serum.


This Adorable Game That Takes Just Minutes To Learn

You’ll reach for this card game all the time because it has seriously adorable drawings on each card, and you won’t have to spend a bunch of time going through complicated rules. It’s all about the five easy-to-remember words on the front, and this hilarious game only takes about to 15 minutes to play, making it great for parties.


This Minimalist & Tag-Less Crewneck That’s So Cheap

This Hanes sweatshirt has a classic, minimalist design that reviewers love; it has over 38,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. This cotton-blend pullover is also completely tag-less to amp up how comfy it is, and the crew neckline, wrists, and waistband are all ribbed for a cozy vibe. Best of all, you can throw the soft fleece fabric right in the washing machine after wearing it.

  • Available colors: 9
  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large


A Mini Mirror With All Of The LEDs You’ll Need For Makeup

This foldable compact mirror is so luxurious with the built-in daylight LED lights, so it will feel like you’re at your vanity with your usual makeup mirror when you’re traveling. It might be miniature, but it still packs in a magnifying mirror to help out with mascara, precise liner, or brows.


A Cast Iron Tortilla Press That’s Quick & Easy To Use

This tortilla press will honestly look so professional displayed in your kitchen, and it’s surprisingly easy to use. The durable cast iron material and sturdy handle on top creates an even tortilla every time, and you can quickly make a bunch of fresh, delicious tortillas for taco night.


These Gold-Plated Necklaces That Are Made For Layering

This gold-plated necklace pack is such an easy option to reach for every day because it comes pre-layered for you with three chic styles. It comes with a chunky snake chain, a simple curb link chain, and a super dainty paperclip-style chain to balance out this easy-to-style pack, though there are seven other styles to choose from and three metal colors.


These Quick-Drying & Lightweight Towels For Gym Or Pool Days

These quick-drying machine-washable towels come with a mesh bag and three different sizes, so you can use one for the gym and still have clean ones left for beach days or going to the pool. The odor-resistant microfiber material is also super absorbent if you want to dry off after swimming or a gym shower.


This Soy Candle With The Chicest Look & A Cotton Wick

You might end up with one of these soy candles on every countertop and accent table because they come in the chicest glossy black jar. Not only is this jasmine and sandalwood candle easy to style around your home, but it’s also topped off with a 100% cotton wick that will burn cleanly.


A Long Wooden Shower Brush With An Exfoliating Side

This double-sided brush has a light wood design that will look so nice in your shower or tub. One side has exfoliating bristles, while the soft nylon bristles on the other side are perfect for lathering body wash or soap. It also comes with grippy accents on the handle and, of course, a hanging loop for your shower caddy.


This Stick-On Chalkboard Paper That’s Perfect In The Kitchen

With this chalkboard stick-on contact paper, you won’t have to deal with messy and streaky chalkboard paint. The trimmable design is easy to stick right onto your fridge, pantry door, or wherever you want to add a chalkboard accent (and a spot for your grocery list). Plus, you can write notes or ingredients you need with chalk or chalkboard markers.


A Plush Makeup Eraser That Only Needs Water

Toss all of the bulky bottles of micellar water in your drawer, because this soft and easy-to-wash makeup eraser cloth just needs a bit of water to work. And yes, it even works with waterproof products. It’s totally genius, which is why it has over 21,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


A Magnetic Phone Pouch To Clip Onto Leggings

This unique magnetic pouch is way comfier than trying to jog with an annoying fanny pack strap. It simply clips over the waistband of your leggings or go-to workout shorts and gives you enough space for your phone, cards, keys, and other small essentials. Plus, the phone pocket is completely water-resistant in case it rains during your workout.


This Kitchen Bag Organizer That’s Easy To Refill

This bamboo drawer organizer gives you labeled spots for all of the plastic food bags in your kitchen, so you can toss all of their annoying boxes — yay. You can slide the top off to easily refill the snack, sandwich, quart, or gallon bag slots, and this organizer can be places in a drawer or hung on the wall.


These Sweet Heart Earrings With Barbie Vibes

These oversized heart earrings come with an adorable chunky design, and they even have a matte finish to make them feel cute and playful. They’re easy to put on with a classic stud design, and each one comes with two adorable hearts stacked on top of each other for a look that’s great for date night, concerts, or a cute everyday outfit.

  • Available colors: 17


This Brightening Powder Cleanser With Vitamin-Packed Papaya

This tropical-feeling papaya enzyme cleanser has a super unique powder formula. Simply add water to it, and this moisturizing Hawaiian botanical powder will lather and foam up into an easy-to-use and super-brightening and exfoliating cleanser. Plus, this powder formula has vitamins A and C to add hydration and nourishment to your skin.


These Durable Under-Bed Bags That Are Easy To Grab

These under-bed bags come with tear-proof handles, so you can slide them out whenever you need extra blankets without a bunch of effort. The clear lid is perfect for seeing all of the trendy tops that don’t quite fit in your dresser. These breathable bags are also foldable, so you can neatly tuck any extras in your closet.


A Best-Selling Screen Cleaning Kit That Won’t Leave Streaks

This screen cleaner kit comes with a shine-enhancing spray to spritz on laptops and other screens around your home. Grab the included microfiber cloth to finish off your clean and shiny screens to eliminate dust and smudges fully without leaving a single streak behind. Better yet, this spray leaves behind a protective layer to prevent future dirty screens.


A Trendy Stick Sunscreen That’s *So* Dewy & Hydrating

This on-trend SPF 50 sunscreen comes in an adorable little stick, so you can keep it in your bag and sweep it on whenever it’s time for a touch-up without plopping a bunch of lotion into your hand. It has a gel formula, so this sunscreen is actually an easy way to create a dewy look, and it’ll lock in hydration thanks to pracaxi oil and other nourishing ingredients.


This Quirky Food Holder That’s Surprisingly Easy To Clean

This adorable and super quirky food holder is perfect for hot dogs or even taco night. Even with its fun dinosaur shape, this food holder can actually go in the top rack of the dishwasher with your other dinner dishes. It’s also the perfect size for displaying fun candy at parties.


A Clip-On Organizer With Slots For Car Clutter

This car organizer clips right onto the visor and gives you spots for all of those annoying tiny things that end up in your cupholders or passenger seat. There’s a sunglasses hanger with a secure snap design, plenty of card slots, and a big zipper pocket with a bunch of stretchy holders for chargers and other valuables.


A Stainless Steel Lash Comb To Guarantee You Have Clump-Free Mascara

It honestly doesn’t matter what mascara you grab if you keep this lash comb around. The fine stainless steel bristles will sweep off clumps if the formula is a bit globby. This easy-to-hold comb also comes with a little protective cap, so you can throw it in your makeup bag.


A Huge Set Of Clear, Non-Slip Organizers To Tidy Up Drawers

This 25-pack of plastic organizers will help you to organize and tidy up multiple drawers around your home, and they come with a four different sizes to fit them into small or quirky drawers. Each one is durable enough for your kitchen or bathroom, and they even come with stick-on non-slip dots to keep the organizers firmly in place.


These 6-Pack Of Trendy Matte Claw Clips That Look Super Elevated

These neutral claw clips come with the trendiest matte finish that makes them look more elevated than a classic clip. Each color comes in two shapes, so you can change up your clip style depending on your outfit. This budget-friendly pack is also finished off with metal springs that are so durable and help these clips grab onto hairs with various levels of thickness.


A Budget-Friendly Hyaluronic Acid Serum For Deep Moisturizing

This serum has a ton of hydrating hyaluronic acid packed in, but it feels way lighter than reaching for a heavy moisturizer all the time. It’s completely oil-free but still adds a bunch of softness and glowiness to your skin every time you reach for it without clogging your pores.


A 3-Sided Outlet Extender With A Cozy Night Light

This outlet extender adds extra charging ports (including USB ports), and the genius three-sided design means your plugs won’t bump into one another. It’s also trimmed in a warm white LED night light to add some extra coziness. Simply tap the top to dim the cozy light, or you can let it automatically turn on and off, depending on the lighting in your room.


A Protective Silicone Spoon Rest With 4 Slots

Forget that grimy old porcelin spoon rest that only fits one utensil — this genius spoon rest can hold up to four spatulas, spoons, and other cooking utensils. The BPA-free, heat resistant silicone piece has a non-slip base that makes this a secure way to keep your counters mess-free. It’s also available in over two dozen colors to match any kitchen’s vibe.


A Chic Faux-Leather Sling Bag That You Can Wear On Either Side

This sling bag with built-in card slots is a little more event-worthy than the athleisure nylon ones you see everywhere, because it has a faux-leather finish that looks really expensive. It also comes with a matching faux-leather strap that’s easy to reverse, depending on which side you like to wear sling bags.


This Chic Spinning Makeup Organizer With 2 Tiers

This spinning makeup organizer has such a chic design, and it comes in four colorways that can perfectly match the rest of the things on your vanity. The durable and easy-to-clean plastic trays have adorable ridges and a moody tint to make them look like expensive glass. Plus, these trays are connected with on-trend gold-tone hardware.


A Retro-Looking Snow Cone Maker With An Adorable Reusable Cup

This shaved ice machine will look so adorable on your countertop or at a backyard party, and it’s surprisingly compact. It comes with a reusable cone, so you won’t have to keep a ton of paper cones in your pantry. Just add in whatever ice is in your freezer, and the stainless steel will cut it into fluffy snow, ready for the syrup of your choice.


This Volumizing Texture Spray That Is Free Of Salt

This texture spray is completely free of any drying salt ingredients, while still making you look like you just came home from the beach. It will still add a bunch of waves and volume every time you spritz it on, and the aerosol spray formula means your hair won’t feel damp and gross after using it.


This Taco Lazy Susan With A Warm Pot In The Center

This unique lazy Susan will easily be your new party go-to instead of a charcuterie board because you can toss your go-to taco and nacho toppings in it. There are a six bowls in two sizes for chips, guacamole, cheese, and more, and you even get a fondue bowl at the center. This colorful set also comes with taco holders with room for toppings on the sides.


These Classic Crocs With A 4.8-Star Rating & Over 529,000 Reviews

These lightweight Crocs are still trendy, and they’re easy to style because they have a simple clog design. Keep them by the door and flip the heel strap to the front, so you can quickly pull on these breathable and water-friendly shoes for walks. They’re great for all weather, too, because they’re breathable and non-slip.

  • Available colors: 76
  • Available sizes: 4 — 19


A Mini Phone Stand & Speaker That’s Perfect For Cooking

This mini phone stand comes with a Bluetooth speaker built into the sturdy base, so you can easily set up a new recipe video you found while you cook. Even with its super small design, this rechargeable stand is also sturdy enough to hold onto your tablet.


These Fluffy Faux Eucalyptus Leaves That Keep Their Shape

These faux eucalyptus leaves are seriously fluffy, so a few of them will easily fill up the vases and decorative pots around your home. They’re also made of durable plastic, so they won’t get all bent or droopy after hanging out in a vase for a while.