35 Cheap Ways To Make The Outside Of Your Home Look So Much Nicer With Almost No Effort

Beautification made breezy.

by Christina X. Wood
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If you’re spending more time outside now that the weather is warm, you might start noticing areas that could use some revitalizing — like that bald spot in the lawn, the tired-looking seat cushions on your outdoor furniture, or windows that have gotten cozy with cobwebs. Let it be known that there are tricks for getting all that spruced up and clean — and without working too hard. In fact, here are 35 cheap ways to make the outside of your home look so much nicer, and they involve almost no effort at all.


The Solar Lights That Are Perfect For Fences & Decks

These solar deck lights are designed to fit perfectly on a fence or the rail of a deck for automatic lighting that is subtle but also throws enough to make your space usable and safe. They are also a great option for lighting outdoor stairs. A solar panel on the top powers the lights below. This is a six-pack so you can use them to light a fence along a walkway or to gently illuminate a deck or short flight of stairs.


The Spray That Helps Make Outdoor Furniture Repel The Rain

If you have to stash the seat cushions for your outdoor furniture every time it rains or risk sitting on soggy seats, this sun & water shield will make your life much easier. Just spray the cushions to make them water-repellant. It helps protect the fabric from sun damage, too.

“Sprayed two coats on outdoor chair cushions,” said one reviewer. “The rain beads up on the surface and does not seep into the cushion.”


These Suncatcher Prisms For A Magically Entertaining Yard

Hang these suncatchers from trees, the porch beams, or anywhere in the yard and they will catch the sun and turn it into colorful light beams that decorate your lawn or deck. Cats love to play with the moving beams and they make for a more magical outdoor space. This is a two-pack and each one comes with a chain to hang it.


A Water Fountain That’s Powered By The Sun

Drop this solar water fountain into your birdbath or pond to create a decorative spray that will look pretty while it tempts the birds to come enjoy the liquid fun. You don’t have to run wires because it powers itself up with sunlight. It comes with six spray nozzles that each deliver a different spray pattern and it has suction cups that hold it to the basin you set it in.


A Magic Trick That Makes Fires Colorful

Once you have a fire burning in your fire pit, fireplace, or campsite, turn the evening enchanting by tossing a couple of Magical Flames packets into the blaze. The fire will turn all colors of the rainbow and the effect lasts as long as an hour — so you can tell scary stories or prove that you are a magician. This kit contains 12 packets.


These Chic House Numbers That Are Easy To See & Install

Make it easier for guests and delivery people to locate your house while adding a bit of classic decor to the exterior. Just mount these 5-inch tall floating house numbers somewhere prominent. The big, raised numbers are easy to see and the elegant font channels a minimalist style vibe.


These Weatherproof, Energy-Saving Outdoor String Lights

Create warm lighting in your outdoor spaces with these weatherproof string lights that throw a soft glow. They are designed to conserve energy so you can turn them on without worrying about the power bill. The shatterproof LED bulbs will withstand the elements, too, so go ahead and hang them from fences, trees, or deck rails with confidence.


A Huge Pack Of Sunflower Seeds To Help Make Your Garden Spectacular

This sunflower seed blend is an easy way to bring a big punch of color to your yard and help attract bees and birds. This collection of 15 heirloom varieties — and a few hybrid — sunflower seeds will grow easily into big, colorful plants that will get to as much as seven feet tall. This is a total of 500 seeds, all packed in tear and moisture-resistant packaging so they stay fresh.


These Solar Ground Lights For Backyard Glam

Light your flower gardens and pathways with these solar ground lights and create outdoor spaces that are safe and pretty without running any wires. Installing this eight-pack of lights will only take a few minutes. Just push them into the ground and they soak up the sun all day and use that energy to illuminate your yard all evening.

“These are absolutely gorgeous!” said one reviewer. “You can put them anywhere and they’re bright and give your yard glamour.”


A Magnetic Hack For Making Your Garage Look Fancy

Give your exterior more character by making everyone who looks at it think you paid for the fancy garage door with windows. These magnetic garage door windows are an illusion that look strikingly real. Just stick them to the door and you will be surprised by how much it transforms the look of your exterior. (And no one will be able to see into your garage.)


A Tabletop Firepit For Cozy Outdoor Gatherings

Warm up the atmosphere of your outdoor dining table or the gathering place on your porch with this concrete tabletop fire pit. You don’t have to keep propane on hand because it burns clean, cheap alcohol. And the durable concrete bowl keeps the fuel and flame safely contained. It burns for about an hour at a time to give a boost of magical flair.


These Waterproof Throw Pillow Covers For A Quick Refresh

You don’t have to drop a lot of money to create comfortable lounging spaces outdoors. This two-pack of waterproof throw pillow covers lets you make any pillow — or pillow insert — outdoor-ready. There are 15 colors and six sizes to choose from so you can cheaply and easily create a custom throw pillow collection for your outdoor furniture.


The Plant Markers That Are So Easy To Use

These plant labels make it so easy to keep track of your seedlings and plants. Write their name or a plant-care reminder on the label and wrap it around the plant. The labels grip firmly and easily with a hook and loop backing so you don’t hurt young plants. They are waterproof so they’ll keep identifying your herbs and tomatoes as they grow.


The Tool That Makes Cleaning Windows So Easy

Getting all the windows clean might seem like an impossible task — or one where you need to call in a window service — but that’s only because you don’t have the right tools. This window cleaner kit has everything you need. The four-section aluminum rod lets you create a reach of up to 62 inches. Use the four microfiber cloths to scrub the glass clean and the two squeegees to clear the cleansing solution, leaving streak-free, clean glass.


This Snap-On Light Fixture For Your Patio Umbrella

Add an overhead light to your outdoor dining table by snapping this patio umbrella light to the pole of the umbrella. The dimmable LED lights will throw a bright light so you can see your food, or you can choose a softer glow for ambiance. Just press the button to adjust the brightness to your preference.


An Outdoor Rug To Make Outside Areas Elegant

You can use rugs to define the space of your outdoor rooms the same way you use them inside. Just drop this outdoor area rug that can withstand the elements. The material is easy to clean, durable, and designed to let air and sun through so you can set it on grass without destroying it — and also won’t damage your deck. It’s easy to roll up and move if you want to store it during the winter or take it camping for a cleaner campsite. There are 11 colors and patterns and three sizes.


These Funky Shoes That Help Fix Your Lawn By Walking On It

Create a beautiful lawn, have some fun, and get a little exercise at the same time by strapping on these lawn aerator shoes and tromping around in your yard. The spikes on the bottom help loosen up the ground and compacted roots so that water and air can get down to the root system. This can make your grass greener and help get rid of bald spots.


The Grill Cover That’s Durable & Stylish

This BBQ grill cover helps keep your grill clean, protected, and tidy when you aren’t using it. Just slip on the cover and use the straps to secure it. The heavy-duty fabric will help protect the grill from wind, rain, the sun, and more, and it looks darn good doing it. There are five colors and three sizes so you can get a cover that matches your style and that fits your grill perfectly.


A Clever Trick For Hiding The Hose In Plain Sight

Hide your expandable hose, short regular hose, or garden tools while keeping them ready for use by setting this hose hider in the garden. You can feed the part of your hose that attaches to the spigot through the hole in the base, and curl the rest of your hose into the basin. This strategy makes it easy to put the hose away so it doesn’t look messy or get damaged. And you can use it right from the bowl without any extra work.


This Garden Tool Kit That’s Easy To Take With You

When you head into the garden, take this tote — pre-loaded with a complete garden tools set, gloves, and spray bottle — and save yourself from hunting around for the shovel you need or losing your hand rake. The pockets on the side hold the tools. The roomy interior stashes your gloves, hat, seeds, and whatever else you need and there’s even a big side pocket for your water bottle.


These Motion-Triggered Solar Lights For All The Dark Corners

Illuminate the porch, dark corners, and scary paths around your house with these solar outdoor lights that come on when you — or anyone — approach and turn off again a few minutes later. Since they are solar, you don’t have to run wires. Just mount them wherever you need more light. The four bright panels throw lots of light in a wide arc.


An Ultra-Affordable Sprinkler For Watering Or Play

This three-arm sprinkler makes it easy to water your lawn, turn the yard into a fun play area for the kids or the dog, or deliver the precise drink your tomato crop needs. It has 12 nozzles that can cover 3,600 square feet of the garden with water. Or adjust the spray area to water only your herbs or a flower patch. Once you set it up and turn it on, it works all by itself. Metal weights hold it securely in place and prevent it from tipping over.


The Easy Way To Clean Your Windows & Deck

Turn your hose into a house-and-window-cleaning tool by attaching this Windex outdoor cleaner to it and spraying everything down with just the right mix of water and cleanser. It’s an easy way to clean the windows on the second story or the exterior of your house.

“We live in the deep South where our windows get full of pollen, mold and mildew, along with spotting from our sprinkler system,” said one reviewer. “This product washed all that right off.”


This Deck Brush That’s Perfect For The Task

Get your deck clean with less effort by using this deck brush with stiff bristles that are designed to scrub it squeaky clean. It gets off dirt, pollen, bird droppings, and whatever else mucks up your outdoor space without damaging the finish or scratching the paint. You can choose from three levels of brush stiffness.

“[I] live in Florida and have tons of bugs and spider webs on the ceiling of Lanai,” reported one reviewer. “This keeps them clean without damaging the paint or stucco on the house.”


A Cute Planter For Creating Fast Decor

Create a decorative row of flowers on the deck or porch by setting those unsightly plastic nursery pots right into this rectangular planter. Or plant your own seedlings directly into it. The acacia wood is a beautiful warm color. There is a drain hole in the bottom. And the planter is light enough to move around when you clean or redecorate your deck.


This Easy Firepit For Better Parties

Turn a section of your lawn or yard into the best party spot at your house by setting this wood-burning fire pit down and filling it with warm, inviting flames. A grate fits into the bowl so your fire gets plenty of air under the wood to burn beautifully. A mesh lid contains the sparks. It comes with a fire poker, and the bowl lifts right out of the stand for easy cleaning.


A Birdbath You Can Mount To The Deck

Bring the birds right to your deck with this bird bath that clamps right onto the rail. Just clamp it on, fill it with water, and watch as the birds have fun right where you live. The bowl snaps into the mount and removes easily for cleaning.

“The birds use it continuously,” said one reviewer. “I love that the top separates from the bottom for easy cleaning. It's also sloped so the birds can choose the depth they want.”


This Spray Nozzle That’s Up To Any Task

This hose spray nozzle is the real deal. It offers seven spray patterns so you can use it to wash the house or water delicate seedlings, switching spray type with a turn of the dial. Plus, it’s backed by more than 8,000 five-star reviews with shoppers writing raves like: “If you just need a simple adjustable spray nozzle that is a good value for the money, this product fits the bill. Easy to install, works well, and looks durable enough to last at least a few years.”


A Fake Rock To Hide Unsightly Tools & Appliances

Hide the ugly pipes and fixtures that mar the beauty of your landscaping under this landscape rock that looks realistic but is hollow so you can secret things away beneath it. It comes with two stakes for securing it into the ground and there are three color choices — and nine size and shape options — so you can match it to your needs or mix up the look if you use more than one.


The Hummingbird Feeder That Helps Attract Them To Your Yard

Hummingbirds are spectacular flyers and as beautiful as fairies, and this hummingbird feeder will help bring them right to your yard or deck so you can watch the show. The bright color of the nectar bottle and base signal to hungry hummingbirds that this contains something sweet. There are several feeding ports in the base with landing rests for those tiny bird feet. Just fill the bottle with nectar, screw it into the base, and hang it upside down where you will be able to watch.


These Glass Tiki Torches For Gorgeous Table Ambiance

Create beautiful place settings and gathering places on your deck, balcony, or porch with this three-pack of glass table torches. Fill them with mosquito-repelling citronella fuel and they will keep those nasty stingers away from you and your guests while looking beautiful.

“I use them to keep skeeters away and with the right oil it certainly works,” said one reviewer. “They [...] look nice [...] and are clear so you know when you need to refill them.”


The Wind Chime That Plays Calming Tones

If you plan to hang wind chimes, make it these. They are hand-tuned to E-major and play the five core notes from the pentatonic scale to create a harmonic sound. They come in two sizes — the smaller one is a soprano, and the larger one is an alto. The sound is relaxing and zen — not just the jangly noise of metal clanking together — so they create calm. They come in six colors.


A Snazzy House For The Outdoor Cats

If you have outdoor cats — or rabbits — give them a warm and cozy place to go when the weather is wet. This weatherproof pet house is sized to fit one fat cat or several smaller ones. The roof opens so you can clean the interior for your tenants and a ramp makes it easy for the resident to come and go.

“The outdoor stray felines love it,” reported one reviewer. “They sleep in it.”


This Magnetic Screen Door That’s Hands-Free & Easy

There is more than one way to keep bugs out of your house when the weather is warm. This magnetic screen door is the easy way. It’s also the way that lets you walk through the door with your hands full of drinks and snacks without leaving the door open. Installation takes minutes and the magnetic beads sewn into the center hems seek each other out, closing the curtain automatically behind you.


A Garden Wagon For Quaint Decor

Fill this wagon of a decorative planter with flowers, gnomes, plants, or lights and it will add dimension and charm to any outdoor space. The wheels turn. It comes in three colors, and it’s small enough to fit in a corner of your porch or patio.

“Found this wagon, placed a few flowers in it and it looked amazing all summer!!!!” said one reviewer. “It looks adorable with my fall decorations on a bale of hay too. I just need to find some holiday lights/decor for it and I have a year-round item!”

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