35 Cheap Ways To Make The Outside Of Your Home Seem So Much More Impressive

Enhance your curb appeal.

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Upgrading the look of your yard doesn’t have to be expensive. Amazon makes it easy to find things that’ll amp up your front yard, backyard, and overall curb appeal without breaking the bank. Things as simple as adding a big rug to your back deck and colorful wall decor to your front patio can make the outside feel just as homey as the inside of your house. This list will inspire you to start spending more time utilizing your outdoor space, so shop on.


Keep Your Sidewalk Clean With This High-Pressure Hose Nozzle

Whether you need to wash the car, clean the sidewalk, or water your plants, you don’t want the task to take longer than it needs to. This high-pressure hose nozzle attaches to any hose to give you a powerful stream of water that varies from a soft cone spray to a powerful jet spray, and the jet setting is strong enough to blast away dirt and grime from your driveway. The leakproof O-ring seals keep you from wasting any water, and the rust-proof brass will eliminate the need to go shopping for a new nozzle anytime soon.


Capture The Sunshine With These Gorgeous Hanging Crystal Balls

These beautiful hanging crystal sun catchers will add glam to your yard. When hit with bright sunlight, they cast rainbows onto the surrounding area to give you and all your guests a beautiful look at nature. Able to be hung in trees, on porches, and by the deck, these prisms look nice even when the sun goes down.


Keep Your Windows Sparkling With This Washer That Reaches Up High

You don’t need a professional window washer to come to your home in order to get each floor sparkling in the sun. This rotating washing pole extends from 5 to 12 feet, allowing you to even reach the high parts of your house. The three streak-free squeegee blades come in various sizes and work to scrub effectively yet gently, while the soft microfiber on the other side collects the dirt, grit, and grime that’ll slide right off when using. Detach the pole to use it as a handheld device for any ground floor glass.


Give Your Garage Some Curb Appeal With These Faux Windows

These faux window magnets are a great way add some excitement to your otherwise plain garage door. The washable, reusable high grade PVC gives the look of real windows and is strong enough to stay on all year long. These magnets even have a high-gloss finish that allows more light to reflect off the surface, making them even more realistic.


Illuminate Your Pathways With These Solar-Powered Lights

Adding these solar-powered lights to your outdoor pathways or garden isn’t just a cute touch of decor — they’re also a huge help when you’re coming home late and struggling to see where you’re stepping. Each LED light is completely wireless, turns on and off by itself, and is completely weatherproof so you don’t have to run outside to grab them when it’s snowing or raining. Just stick the spiked end into the ground, and you’ll be good to go.


This Metal Stand To Wrangle Your Garden Hose

If your garden hose always seems to end up in a tangled mess, you need this freestanding hose holder; you can easily wrap any hose up to 125 feet in length around it. It’s made from rust-proof metal for durability with a stable base that can be stuck right into the ground. And it’s lightweight, should you ever want to relocate it.


Get Some Competition Going With An Easy-To-Install Ring Toss Game

Make your backyard the fun yard with this ring toss game that’s great for the whole family. Use the included screws or mounting tape to attach it to any surface (even a tree) and let the competition begin. Unlike other ring toss games, this one actually comes with a 5-foot pole, so there’s no need to find an overhang with the perfect angle. The 100% bamboo board will last you a great amount of summers, and trust me, you’ll want the time to master this game.


This Outdoor Smart Plug That Can Be Controlled With Your Voice Or A Free App

Add voice control — via Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant — to any outdoor outlet with this smart plug. Or you can use the free Kasa app to control it (including setting up timers) from anywhere. The device has two outlet slots to plug in lighting, a pool pump, appliances, and more. And it’s totally waterproof, so it won’t get damaged by rain or snow.


Invite Birds To Stick Around With A Hanging Glass Feeder That Lights Up

This solar-powered bird bath (or feeder) has an LED light that automatically turns on at dusk, so the birds can have a better view of what they’re eating or drinking — and you can have a better view of your feathered yard friends. The waterproof light is powered by six to eight hours in the sun, and the feeder is made of durable, pretty glass, making this hanging feeder double as an attractive piece of yard decor.


These Magnetic Grill Lights That Are Extra Bright For Cooking At Night

These grill lights will magnetize directly onto your grill, providing you with much better lighting (there are nine LED bulbs in each one) for your next BBQ session. The flexible gooseneck heads can easily be repositioned as needed. And this pick comes with the batteries required to power them.


Pump Up The Party With This Speaker Disguised As A Chic Flame Light

Speakers don’t have to be as boring-looking or bulky. This gorgeous LED flame speaker adds some chic decor and Bluetooth availability to your backyard. This portable, 6.5-inch tall speaker is completely wireless and can play up to eight hours of music on a single charge. Connect your phone or tablet from up to 33 feet away to enjoy a powerful bass that’ll liven up any barbecue.


Make Your Patio As Comfy As Your Living Room With A Stylish Rug

Soften your patio floor with this area rug that comes in nine neutral and pastel colors to subtly add a bit of design and softness to your wooden or concrete porch. The woven material is UV- and weather-resistant, making it perfect to have out during any season. This versatile, pretty ground covering is available in seven different sizes.


Add Some Greenery With These Chic Hanging Planters

Whether you go with the black, brown, or gray option, these hanging planters will add a rustic feel to your outdoor space. With a 13.2 inch diameter, you’ll have plenty of space to pack in your favorite flowers or flowing plants. Each pot has four drainage holes and a water reservoir to assure that your plants are able to breathe and thrive. The sturdy build won’t fade, frost, or crack no matter the weather.


Create A Cozy Lounging Area With A Portable, Rip-Resistant Hammock

This super comfy hammock can easily be hung onto surrounding trees using the included heavy-duty loops and straps. The rip-resistant material comes in two sizes — a single hammock that can hold up to 400 pounds and a large hammock that can hold up to 500 pounds. If you want to take this hammock to the park or just don’t want it out 24/7, it can easily be rolled up to fit into its carrying case for compact storage.


A Pair Of Waterproof Speakers To Play Your Favorite Jams

Don’t sit in silence at your next get-together. Instead, grab this pair of outdoor speakers that put out high-quality audio. They’re totally waterproof (so you can use them pool-side without worry) and all of the elements for installation are included.


Have A Picnic In Your Own Yard With This Waterproof Blanket

Picnics don’t have to be strictly for the park or beach. Bring the fun right to your backyard with this gigantic blanket. The soft, waterproof material with PEVA backing and a foam pad is easy to clean and bring around wherever you go — especially since it neatly rolls up and turns into a tote that can be carried to and from your house. This best-selling blanket comes in 11 different sizes and 19 colors.


Keep Your Grass Green With A Sprinkler That Covers 3,600 Square Feet

This three-armed sprinkler has a 360-degree design reaches 3,600 square feet with 80 PSI water pressure. The thick ABS material is rust-proof and built with interior weights to keep it in place. Meanwhile, the 12 nozzles can be adjusted from 15 degrees to 45 degrees to suit your yard’s exact needs. Your grass will be green and glowing after adding this to your yard — just check the 1,700 five-star reviews on Amazon.


Use This Fade-Resistant Paint To Brighten Up Your Doors & Shutters

Between the strong sun and freezing winds that our entryway doors have to bear, it’s no wonder that they tend to fade over the years. This water-based paint is here to fix that. The long-lasting formula creates a smooth satin finish that was created to always look as good as the day you put it on. One bottle can cover about 100 square feet and takes just one hour to dry to the touch. This enamel-based paint comes in classic colors like gray and white as well as hues that can add some vibrancy to your doors and shutters like red, yellow, green, and blue.


Brighten Up Your Entire Patio With This 18-Foot Long String Of Lights

Who says string lights are only for Christmas? This 18-foot long string has 100 lights on it, and can be used to wrap around your patio, around trees, or along your stair railing for a warm light that adds a classic, chic touch to any outdoor space. Connect up to five strings to cover a larger area.


Invite Hummingbirds For A Meal With This Adorable Pinapple-Shaped Feeder

The food that you place inside won’t be the only things that draws birds to this hummingbird feeder. The colorful design and fun shape of the glass pineapple is sure to catch their attention. The top has wide-mouth that makes it easy to refill when the five petunia-inspired feeding ports empty. The ports are soft and flexible for a natural feel that’ll make the birds feel comfortable. For additional support, attach the included perches around the base.


Clean Off Your Dirty Shoes With A Fun Yet Sturdy Mat

Once all the fun is done outside and you’re about to head in, don’t forget to wipe your feet. Made of natural coconut coir, this doormat uses its sturdy fibers to effectively trap dirt and moisture so that you don’t bring the mess in with you. The rubber bottom keeps it from sliding around and bending. Plus, it’s not boring. Choose from 12 options with cute illustrations and sayings on them.


Cool Off With A Sun Shade That Blocks 96% Of UV Rays

If you want to move around freely without having to worry about melting in the sun, set up this sun shade that blocks out 96% of UV rays. The high-density material is made to still be flexible and permeable enough to let air and rain flow through so you don’t have to worry about feeling humid or having the world’s biggest water balloon hanging over your head. This shade is available in 11 sizes and seven colors to suit your yard’s needs and vibes.


Set Up Some Matching Decor With This Set Of Modern Flower Pots

If you want to upgrade your deck to look a bit more uniform and modern, grab this two-pack of planters that come in gorgeous marble and speckle designs. Each pot is made of natural stone powders and recycled plastics that can withstand harsh weather and resist cracks or peeling. The four drainage holes in each create a healthy living environment for your flowers.


Keep Your Tools Protected & Organized With A Storage Box

To keep everything from gardening tools to grill gadgets organized and protected from rain, place everything in this double-walled storage box. The tough leakproof rubber will keep things dry and prevent rust from forming. This sturdy box is resistant to dents and cracks, and unlike wooden storage boxes, this requires no maintenance.


Decorate The Floors With A Projection From These Lantern Lights

These solar-powered lanterns kick it up a notch by not only illuminating the holders themselves but also the area around them. After sitting in the sun all day and automatically turning on, each lantern will project a beautiful pattern on the floor or table, lighting up your yard in a very unique way. Once charged, each light can work for eight hours.


Entertain Your Family With This Inflatable Lawn Dart Game

Get everyone up out of their seats for a round of this floor dart game. Without the dangerous points of traditional darts, this game is safe for children but still a good time for adults. The double-sided mat features a classic darts graphic on one side and your choice of a monster or unicorn-themed graphic on the other. Use the four included pegs to keep it in place so all you have to focus on is getting a bullseye.


Relax To The Sound Of This Wind Chime Made Of Seashell Glass

This gorgeous wind chime is made out of seashell stained glass and a bamboo base. The eco-friendly decor works as an eye-catching piece for what may be an otherwise boring backyard and as a relaxing sound machine to help you zen out and be one with nature. Choose between a beautiful selection of colors, including rainbow, purple, turquoise, and more.


Give Birds A Spot To Bathe With This Mountable Bowl

This bird bath is unique in that it doesn’t stick in the ground or hang from a tree — instead, it attaches onto your deck, giving you a front row seat to feathered friends. The clamp can fit around any surface that is up to 1.8 inches thick and can be easily adjusted using the hand knob. The steel is coated with black powder to resist rust and the comfortable bowl is perfect for the birds to bathe and splash in.


Upgrade Your Gate With These Hanging Pots

Gates, fences, and railings can be pretty boring and a little difficult to decorate. This 10-pack of hanging pots is the perfect thing to easily accessorize a large area in one swoop. Plant your favorite flowers in the rustic-looking metal pots and let them naturally spruce up your space. Each pot has a detachable hook to attach to your fence and a drainage hole to keep the soil ventilated.


Modernize Your Entrance With These Floating Address Numbers

These floating address numbers are quite possibly the simplest thing you can grab that’ll make a world of difference. The slim design and the shadow that these numbers cast on your home add a modern touch that will make your entrance more attractive. Each number (and letter — there are A, B, and C options) comes with the screws that are needed. Once placed, the weather-resistant aluminum will look good all year long.


Bring Some Color To Your Garden With These Sunflower Seeds

If you want an array of bright colorful flowers in your yard but don’t want to go out and buy a ton of different kinds, grab these sunflower seeds. Each pack will end up sprouting sunflowers of different colors and shapes that can grow from 5 to 12 feet tall. The packet also includes easy instructions and growing tips to have your garden thriving in no time.


Create A 15-Foot Mosquito-Free Zone With This Repelling Lantern

While most mosquito repellants only cover the area immediately around you, this mosquito-repelling lantern creates a 15-foot safe zone within just 15 minutes of being turned on. Each repellent mat gives you four hours of protection and won’t emit any scent so you can fill the air with everything you do want and nothing you don’t.


Get A Fuller Looking Yard With These Aerator Shoes

Breaking up your soil and allowing it to breathe will do wonders for your grass. With these aerator shoes, you can do the job yourself simply by walking back and forth. The 13 heavy-duty 48-millimeter metal spikes penetrate the ground to increase the soil’s density and make room for newer and deeper grass roots to grow. Easily attach the straps to your own tennis shoes and slip them on and off whenever you need them.


Protect Your Space From Pesky Moths With These Traps

To moths fluttering all around your porch and irritating you when you try to relax, hang these moth traps, well, everywhere. Each trap in this pack of seven lures and captures the pests for up to three months. All you have to do is peel it open and the magic will begin.


Add Some Wall Decor With This Adorable Thermometer

This hanging butterfly (or hummingbird) thermometer acts as not only as easy tool to check the temperature but also as a fun wall decor to bring some color to your patio. The durable, indoor/outdoor device automatically calibrates in two to three hours and has both Fahrenheit and Celsius available.

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