35 Cheap Ways To Upgrade Your Backyard You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner

Your backyard oasis awaits.

Written by Bimini Wright
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Your backyard should be a haven. You may not have a 12-foot maze, a lake full of swans, or fountains rivaling the Palace of Versailles gardens. But there are plenty of realistic (and affordable) ways to upgrade it to make it your oasis.

From stylish lighting options that create an inviting ambiance at night to cooling shade solutions to alleviate the day's heat to gardening tools that empower your inner green thumb — this list has something for everyone. Whatever your backyard goals, there’s something cheap and awesome on this list.


Illuminate Walkways With These Solar-Powered Lights

Add a touch of magic to your yard with this whimsical solar-powered pathway lights set. These outdoor lights will captivate your guests with their unique light patterns. Enjoy bright evenings while saving on energy bills. These weather-resistant solar lights require no installation hassle and provide up to 12 hours of illumination. Enhance the charm of your walkway, garden, or porch with their warm and soothing decorative glow.


Hang A Comfortable & Cozy Hammock Chair

Crafted from breathable cotton, these durable and beautiful hammock chairs provide a cozy and serene retreat. With triple-stitched seams and a solid wood spreader bar, they offer both strength and style. The weather-friendly hanging chair is the perfect addition to any backyard space and it’s capable of holding up to 400 pounds. Float away in pure relaxation and transform your porch or patio into a soothing haven.


Block Harsh Rays With This Sun Sail

Throw shade in a good way: transform your outdoor space into a cool and comfortable oasis with this sun-shade sail. Made from high-quality fabric, this durable shade canopy provides 95% UV blockage and allows air and light to pass through, ensuring a pleasant and relaxing environment. With its easy-to-use design, you can effortlessly attach it to any structure using the included stainless steel D-rings and ropes. Available in stylish colors and sizes, this shade sail is perfect for patios, gardens, pools, and more.


Illuminate Your Patio Table With This Umbrella Light

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the party is over. Illuminate your evenings and elevate your patio decor with this versatile and stylish umbrella light. The built-in clamps ensure easy installation on various pole sizes. Customize your lighting with the dimmer function and optional timer for convenience and energy conservation. Featuring a wireless remote, you can effortlessly control up to 12 lights within a 50-foot range. With a remarkable run time of 75 hours and battery operation, this umbrella light is a must-have patio accessory.


Elevate Your Potted Plants With This Rustic Planter

Elevate your gardening experience with this rectangular planter. Crafted from solid acacia wood, this planter brings rustic charm to any indoor or outdoor space. Its lightweight design allows for easy maneuvering, while the built-in drainage hole ensures healthy plants. Whether you're cultivating succulents, herbs, or vibrant flowers, this versatile planter is perfect for bringing natural beauty to your home. Enhance your decor and surprise a gardening enthusiast with this stylish and functional wooden flower pot.


Attract Hummingbirds & Other Pollinators To Your Yard With This Feeder

This brilliant hummingbird feeder has vibrant red, pink, orange, and yellow color combinations to catch their attention and invite them in. It has a leakproof design and secure hooks to ensure nectar stays in place even during strong winds. It resists heat and offers multiple feeding ports and perches for hummingbirds to enjoy. With its easy-fill and easy-clean features, this feeder provides a hassle-free experience.


Protect Your Outdoor Furniture With This Cover

Don't let the weather damage your investment — protect your outdoor furniture with this durable patio furniture cover. It provides complete coverage for your patio couches, sectionals, sofas, and chairs and is made from water- and UV-resistant polyester, ensuring strong protection against the elements. The adjustable straps and drawstring hem guarantee a secure fit, while the snap buckles and padded handles make installation and removal a breeze.


Add Some Colorful Whimsy To Your Patio Space With This Glass Lantern

Enhance your outdoor space with this gorgeous solar garden decor light. Covered in handmade mosaic glass, these lights create a stunning visual experience with warm, colorful illumination. Simply place them in the sunlight to charge them during the day and enjoy the automatic lighting at night. With weather resistance and waterproof construction, they can withstand any season.


Shed Some Light On Goings-On In Your Yard

Eliminate the mystery of noises outside and experience ultra-bright illumination with these solar-powered motion-sensor lights. Featuring LED lights that provide up to 3000 lumens, they have a four-headed design that allows for flexible adjustment and broader coverage of up to 800 square feet, making them perfect for gardens, decks, and front doors. These all-weather lights are easy to install and provide dusk-to-dawn lighting.


Brighten Up Your Backyard With These Fence Lights

Are you on the fence about backyard lighting options? Then perhaps these solar fence lights are for you. With soft, bright light and two modes (warm white and RGB color changing), they create a delightful ambiance for everyday use or special occasions. These lights automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn, providing up to 12 hours of illumination. They’re easy to install, durable, and waterproof, with an attractive design and a 1-year replacement warranty.


Keep Nature Out With This Magnetic Screen Door

Experience the joys of fresh air and sunlight in your home while keeping insects out with this easy-to-install magnetic screen door. Kid and pet-friendly, it allows for hands-free entry and exit, and the heavy-duty magnetic mesh withstands regular use, making it perfect for households with high traffic. With a versatile fit for various doorways, it won't damage your door frames and can even help save on energy bills by improving air circulation. Never worry about reminding your family to shut the screen door again.


Grow Your Own Salad With This Fun Kit

If you think farm-to-table dining is cool, wait 'til you try backyard-to-table by growing your very own salad ingredients. Perfect for beginners or seasoned gardeners, this grow-your-own salad kit includes six colorful salad varieties to create your very own herb garden. It includes everything you need to get started: biodegradable peat pots, expanding peat discs, and plant markers, with detailed instructions that ensure successful growth.


Contain & Organize Your Garden Hose With This Decorative Hose Holder

If your garden hose constantly manages to twist itself into a tangled mess, you need this garden hose holder. Made of strong steel with a thick black coating, it has three anchor points for extra stability and can be easily set up in your yard or lawn. The attractive decorative design and detachable feature make it convenient to store when not in use. Say goodbye to messy hoses and enjoy a tidy outdoor space.


Cultivate A Relaxing Zen Atmosphere With This Bamboo Fountain

Create a serene and minimalist oasis in your backyard with this sleek and low-lying bamboo fountain. The handcrafted bamboo spout produces soothing sounds and resists splitting or cracking. It takes only five minutes to set up — including the electric pump — so you can enjoy a calming ambiance in no time. Customize the look by pairing it with your own pottery bowl or planter.


Organize Gardening Tools With This Convenient Wall Mount

Rakes, shovels, and trowels, oh my. Organize your tool shed effortlessly with this mop and broom holder wall mount. Made from durable stainless steel, it offers three position racks and four hooks, providing a clutter-free solution to your gardening implements. The anti-slip design securely holds up to 50 pounds of weight so that it can keep all your tools in place.


Keep Drinks Chilled Even In The Heat Of Summer With This Insulated Ice Bucket

Enjoy a chilled bevy on hot summer days with this double-walled stainless steel ice bucket. Its airtight lid and advanced strainer ensure your ice stays solid and meltwater is drained away. The bucket's sleek design and leather handle make it easy to carry, while the included tong adds convenience. With easy cleaning and durable construction, this ice bucket is a must-have for outdoor gatherings and events.


Get Two Water Sources Where There Was Once Only One

Upgrade your garden watering system with this two-way garden hose splitter. It allows you to connect two hoses to a single spigot, doubling the reach. The easy installation and adjustable flow control make it convenient to use. Say goodbye to hose switching and maximize water flow with this efficient, hassle-free solution.


Upgrade Your Beverage Service For Outdoor Parties

Serve lemonade or iced tea in style this summer: enhance your beverage service with this high-quality glass juice carafe set. Made of durable glass, these carafes come with plastic covers to prevent spills, maintain freshness, and keep out flying picnic crashers. The sleek design adds elegance to any occasion, while the narrow neck makes pouring easy. Ideal for serving various beverages, this set of two carafes is a great way to elevate your outdoor celebrations.


Block Prying Eyes In Style With This Decorative Privacy Fence

Thwart nosy busybodies and transform your space into a beautiful, private oasis with this easy-to-install faux ivy fence. Made from hand-selected, eco-friendly willow trees, this expandable fence with realistic artificial leaves provides privacy and shields you from strong rays. Its strong riveted connections and steel nail construction ensure durability and easy folding. Customize the size to fit your needs, and enjoy the bright, durable colors that will stay green year-round.


Kick Back & Relax On This Garden Bench

Stop and take a load off, admire your surroundings, and have a unique place to sit with this garden bench. Made of reinforced steel and powder-coated for rust resistance, this bench is durable, stable, and weather-resistant. The easy assembly process and perfect size make it a convenient addition to your garden, patio, or porch. With its stylish design and comfortable seating, this bench not only provides a place to relax but also adds a decorative touch.


Hydrate Your Lawn Effectively With This Sprinkler

Effortlessly achieve lush greenery with this garden lawn sprinkler. With its immense coverage of up to 3600 square feet, this sprinkler is stabilized by metal weights to ensure efficient watering without wastage. Its 360-degree range of motion and customizable spray area make it perfect for lawns, gardens, or outdoor activities. This affordable sprinkler guarantees long-lasting performance and is a must-have for a thriving landscape.


Give Your Outdoor Space A Pop Of Color

Transform your patio, RV camping, or boat deck with this soft, sturdy, and stylish outdoor rug. It features two sides in different colors, allowing you to choose the perfect match for any area. It is waterproof, stain-resistant, and easy to clean, making it ideal for patios. The lightweight design and included carrying bag make it portable and easy to store. With its durable materials and UV protection, this rug is perfect for all-weather use.


Dispense Drinks In Style With This Giant Mason Jar

Add a touch of charm and functionality to your outdoor space with this stylish mason jar-shaped drink dispenser. Crafted from durable glass, it features a wide-mouth design for easy filling and cleaning. The non-drip spigot provides a steady stream of your favorite beverage, making it perfect for parties, barbecues, and more. With a generous two-gallon capacity, you can easily serve refreshing drinks to a large number of party guests.


Aquire Your License To Grill With This Stainless Steel Basket

Here’s something to get “fired up” about: this stainless steel grilling basket that is a must-have for any grill enthusiast. With small perforations for optimal heat and smoke distribution, you can achieve perfect grilling results every time. The convenient size is ideal for small meals or crowded grills, and it comes with a basting brush, grilling gloves, and 12 bamboo skewers.


Bird-Watch From Your Couch With This Bird Feeder

Experience the joy of birdwatching from the comfort of your own home with this window feeder. It attaches easily to any plain glass window, bringing colorful wild birds right to your home. It stays securely in place with four strong suction cups and has a squirrel-safe design and air circulation system to ensure that seeds stay dry.


Enhance The Natural Beauty Of Your Landscape With These Decorative River Rocks

These eco-friendly, non-toxic river stones are perfect for various applications such as flowerbeds, ground cover, walkways, aquariums, and more. Their smooth and round shape ensures good drainage and adds an attractive touch to any setting, plus they’re gentle on your feet. Whether you're accenting your garden or creating stunning indoor displays, these river rocks are a naturally beautiful, cost-effective, and long-lasting alternative to mulch.


Elevate Your Potted Plants With A Chic Modern Planter

This sleek, handmade modern planter features a slate-gray finish, adding an elegant touch to any space. It has a smooth round shape and is crafted from lightweight concrete and weather-resistant fiberglass, offering durability, strength, and long-lasting color. With a drainage hole and UV resistance, this planter is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions.


Upgrade Your Gardening Experience With A New Set Of Tools

Made with anti-rust stainless steel and ergonomic rubberized handles, these heavy-duty gardening tools are built to last. The 10-in-one set comes complete with a gardening shovel, mini rake, trowel, cultivator, hand weeder, transplanting spade, heavy-duty gloves, and a premium garden tote bag. It even includes a kneeling pad, so you’ll be more comfortable as you root around in your garden bed.


Enjoy All The Fun Of An Open Fire Without Any Of The Usual Hassle

Create a cozy atmosphere outdoors with this portable and versatile tabletop fire pit. Imagine: making s’mores without getting smoke in your eyes. The graphite-colored concrete design adds elegance to any setting, while the marble-effect base ensures heat dissipation, protecting your surfaces. Safety is paramount — a stainless steel burn cup and extinguisher tool are included.


Add Some Whimsy To Your Outdoor Space With These Charming Lanterns

Enhance your outdoor ambiance with this set of four hanging candle lantern lights. The copper wire ball holders and 12-inch hanging chains allow for easy placement anywhere. Each lantern includes a solar-powered LED tea light candle that illuminates for up to five hours on a full charge with a realistic, flameless flickering effect. Their waterproof rating makes them perfect for outdoor use, and their delicate design adds a touch of elegance to any space. Hang them in your garden, patio, or from trees for a captivating lighting display.


Brighten Up Your Space With These Low-Maintenance Faux Flower Baskets

Even if you’re not a green thumb, these flower baskets bloom in all seasons without any maintenance or watering. The self-assemble kit includes faux flowers, a grass liner, and a basket, creating a beautiful pot of flowers in just minutes. Assembling the hanging basket is a breeze, and the result is a full and fresh display that can be wiped clean easily. The artificial flowers look like the real thing but won’t fade, wilt, or droop.


Create A Cozy Candlelit Ambiance With These Flameless Candles

Enjoy worry-free celebrations and events with these flickering flameless candles. Available in a pack of 12 and coming in three sizes, these battery-operated candles include two remote controls and offer various brightness levels, flickering modes, and a convenient timer function. Designed to be resistant to water and are perfect for outdoor use. The powerful LEDs provide a warm and romantic light.


Serve Tasty Outdoor Snacks On A Stylish & Modern Side Table

Need somewhere to place your iced tea or lemonade this summer? Enhance your outdoor space with this patio side table. Crafted with a powder-coated iron frame, UV-resistant all-weather rattan, and a tempered glass top, this stylish and modern table is rust-resistant and perfect for any outdoor decor. The bottom storage shelf provides extra space for magazines or decorative items. Easy to assemble and lightweight, it's ideal for serving beverages and snacks.


Amp Up The Romance In Your Yard With This Lunar Lantern

Create a romantic atmosphere in your garden with this beautiful solar-powered garden light. The romantic crescent moon design features warm white LED lights that automatically turn on at night for up to eight hours. Made of antique-style metal and stunning crackle glass, it throws intricate shadows that add a charming touch to your pathway, garden, or patio. The durable construction and weather-resistant features ensure long-lasting performance.


Listen To Your Favorite Tunes With This Bluetooth Speaker

Take the party outside with this portable Bluetooth speaker. With 10 hours of playtime on a single charge, you can rock your favorite tunes all day long. It has an adjustable stake that installs into the dirt or grass for customizable height, and its multiple LED light modes create the perfect atmosphere. Plus, it's waterproof and dustproof, making it ideal for outdoor use.