45 Clever, Cheap Home Upgrades That Seem A Hell Of A Lot More Expensive Than They Are

Gain tons of space without needing to rent a storage unit.

45 Clever, Cheap Home Upgrades That Seem A Hell Of A Lot More Expensive Than They Are
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Upgrading your home can be an expensive process, especially if you shell out for the nicest possible products. That’s why it’s so important to learn where it’s okay to cut costs, and which products can give you a major home upgrade for the least amount of cash. The upgrades on this list might look pricey at first glance, but they’re actually quite kind to your wallet — and they’ll make your space look amazing.


Maximize The Potential Of Your Drawers With This Pack Of Organizers

If you don't have these drawer organizers, you might be under-utilizing your storage space. With an adjustable slide and a one-click installation process, they're super easy to pop into place, and their foam rubber pads won't leave behind any sticky residue. They'll help you section out kitchen cutlery, office supplies, and all the other gadgets you use regularly.


Control The Amount Of Light In Each Room With These Curtains

These voile curtains give your space a dreamy, elegant flair while filtering out excess light. They're made of a lightweight polyester that flutters gently in the breeze, so you can let fresh air circulate without overheating. You'll also appreciate their practical grommets, which slide over your curtain rods for a quick and simple installation process.


Eradicate Your Shoe Pile With This Convenient Hanging Storage Solution

If your shoes live in a pile at the bottom of your closet, organize your collection with this hanging storage solution. With 10 roomy shelves, it'll hold sneakers, flats, and heels to help you clear out clutter and take care of your favorite footwear. Its stainless steel hook swivels up to 360 degrees and fits most standard closet rods.


Add More Storage Space Immediately With These Wallet-Friendly Corner Shelves

When you buy these wallet-friendly corner shelves, you’ll feel like you’ve conjured some much-needed storage space out of thin air. Each shelf comes with two roomy tiers to hold plants, photos, and anything else you'd like to keep on display. When you buy, you'll receive all the hardware you need for a hassle-free installation process. You can buy them in one of three wood shades.


Change Your Entire Shower Experience With This Colorful LED Shower Head

This colorful LED shower head makes your bathroom feel like a cross between your favorite nightclub and a luxurious spa. Because its bright lights are powered by running water, you'll never need to buy or replace batteries, making it a smart choice for busy homeowners. Choose between five settings, which include power rain, pulsating massage, and hydro-mist, and scrub your worries away.


Add A Prop To Your Front-Load Washer For Fresher Laundry

For fresher laundry, add this door prop to your front-load washing machine. It’ll ward off dampness by allowing air to circulate through your clean clothes, preventing bad smells from building up. It comes with three suction metal discs with serious adhesive power, which keeps it in place when you’re in between loads.


Revamp Your Gallery Walls The Right Way With This Picture Hanging Kit

This picture hanging kit helps you turn your living room into a gorgeous gallery. You'll receive enough hooks and hangers for up to 100 pictures, posters, or paintings, so you can customize your space to show off the things you love. Each piece of hardware is made of premium stainless steel that's plated with brass, so you know yours will hold up over time.


Add These Furniture Pads To Tables & Chairs To Avoid Floor Damage

Place these furniture pads under table and chair legs to keep floors free of scuffs and damage. Each pad is made of a nonslip rubber material with a solid felt core; when you place one beneath a furniture leg, it'll stay securely in place, thanks to the weight on top of it. Because they're made without nails or adhesives, they're unbelievably easy to install and use over and over again.


Touch Up Chipped Paint Immediately With These Convenient Pens

If the paint on your walls is chipping, you might not need to break out the paintbrush just yet — use these convenient paint pens to fill in the cracks. Whether you're touching up a wall, door, or ceiling, these pens keep your paint fresh for up to seven years at a time, which cuts down on the messiness of traditional paintbrushes and containers. Just fill them using the included syringes, and in no time, your walls will look as good as new.


Add Extra Lighting Wherever You Want With These Puck Lights

Illuminate cabinets and countertops with these puck lights, which you can turn on and off at the touch of a button. Their bright LED lights bathe your space in a warm glow that makes it super easy to cook, clean, or search for the products you need, especially at night. You can even set a timer that turns your lights off in 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes, which saves energy when they're not in use.


Repair Walls Without The Hassle With This Small Hole Repair Kit

With this small hole repair kit, you can patch up your walls for professional-grade maintenance. Each kit includes eight fluid ounces of a primer-enhanced spackling compound, a self-adhesive patch, a putty knife, and a sanding pad. Use it to fill holes of up to three inches in diameter, and your walls will look even better than they did when you moved in.


Make Sure Your Windows Are Sparkling With This Easy-To-Use Glass Cloth

This easy-to-use glass cloth gives your windows a gorgeous sparkle — and all you need is water. It'll save you money on paper towels, disposable sponges, and potentially irritating chemicals; just add water and wipe down any surface for a streak-free clean. It's made of composite microfibers that effectively pick up dirt, dust, and debris, so you can stargaze with the clearest possible vision.


Quickly & Easily Paint Your Doors Or Walls Brighter Colors With This All-In-One Paint

This all-in-one paint helps you upgrade your doors and walls with a pop of color to brighten your space. With a built-in primer and top coat, it's suitable for almost any surface, from wood and laminate to glass and metal. Plus, it dries within 30 minutes to reveal a chalky matte finish that you can distress for a more rustic vibe.


Add More Space Under Your Bed With These Popular Risers

These popular risers give you some extra storage space beneath your bed, so they make a great addition to dorms and apartments. They're made with nonslip foam pads that protect your floors and furniture from potential damage, so you can also use them to elevate desks, couches, and chairs. The best part? Each riser supports up to 10,000 pounds, so you know they can handle your stuffed animal collection.


Refresh Your Bathroom Grout With This Handy Power Scrubber

This handy power scrubber takes out grout fast for a cleaner bathroom. Because it delivers about 60 scrubs per second, it'll clean hard-to-reach spots quickly and efficiently; simply choose the brush head that best fits your needs and scrub away. Its ergonomic grip is gentle on wrists and hands, so you can comfortably clean the whole bathroom in no time.


Get Out-Of-Season Clothes Out Of Your Closets & Into These Storage Bags For More Space

Clear out your closet with these storage bags, which you can use to stash out-of-season clothes when the weather changes. Each bag is made of a nonwoven fabric that allows air to circulate, preventing bad odors from building up. You'll also appreciate their reinforced handles, which have two extra layers of thick fabric for easier transportation.


Replace Old Pillowcases With Ones That’ll Also Benefit Your Skin & Hair

Swap your old linens for these satin pillowcases, which promote skin and hair health while you sleep. Because it creates very minimal friction on your hair, it causes significantly less breakage than most other materials, so your locks will feel soft and tangle-free in the morning. It won't absorb moisture from your skin, so your creams and serums won't have to work overtime.


Save Your Everyday Cutlery From Bending By Investing In This Ice Cream Scoop Set

Invest in this ice cream scoop set to keep your cutlery from bending under the weight of your mint chocolate chip. When you buy, you'll receive three differently sized scoops, so you can choose the one that best fits your dessert needs. Each scoop has an ergonomic design that gives you a comfortable grip and allows ice cream to seamlessly slide out every time.


Help Muffle The Sound Of Footsteps From Your Apartment With This Fluffy Area Rug

If you live in an apartment building, muffle the sound of your footsteps with this fluffy area rug. It's made with a precise weaving process that ensures it won't shed over time, so you can vacuum it or toss it in the washing machine. Your roommates will adore its soft and cozy design, which goes with most decorative styles, and your neighbors will thank you.


Update The Look Of Your Pantry With These Cereal Containers

Level up your pantry with these cereal containers, which keep food fresh for longer. Each one is equipped with a rubber freshness seal that keeps your favorite grains in tip-top shape, so you can store oatmeal, pasta, and everything in between. When you buy, you'll also receive 16 reusable labels and a chalk pen, which make for a more organized kitchen.


Upgrade Your Kitchen Space With This Helpful Organizer Tray

This helpful organizer tray protects countertops while you do the dishes. With its high-quality silicone material, it's much sturdier than many of its competitors on the market, and it protects surfaces from temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. When it needs cleaning, simply wash it with warm, soapy water or pop it in the dishwasher.


Save Your Clothes & Kitchen Walls From Stains With This Splatter Screen

This splatter screen lets you fry up your favorite foods without staining your walls or clothes. It's made of a heavy-duty stainless steel material for maximum durability, and its extra fine mesh screen releases steam, minus the splatter. Use it to make french fries, burgers, and beignets without any painful blisters or burns.


Give Your Kitchen That Professional Edge With This Space-Saving Knife Strip

This space-saving knife strip gives your kitchen a seriously professional edge. To pull off its easy installation process, you won't need any drills or screws — just a self-adhesive magnetic strip, which comes with your purchase. You can mount it on all sorts of surfaces, whether your walls are made of ceramic, glass, or wood.


Save Your Counters With This Sophisticated Marble Cutting Board

This marble cutting board keeps your counters clean while you tackle that recipe you’ve been wanting to try. It's made of an elegant white marble material that looks amazing in every kitchen, and its nonslip rubber feet hold it securely in place while you slice, dice, and julienne. It's so chic that you can use it as a cheese board when you're expecting guests for the best book club ever.


Seal Your Stove Gap To Minimize Your Daily Kitchen Cleanup

Minimize your daily kitchen cleanup with these stove gap covers, which stop crumbs from falling through the cracks. Their heat-resistant silicone material will withstand even the hottest temperatures to prevent gunk and debris from building up. It's built to ward off dust and smudging, but if it needs a clean, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth.


Instantly Add Drawer Space With These Adhesive Under-Desk Drawers

These adhesive under-desk drawers instantly give you some much-needed extra storage space. Because it's designed to go beneath your desk, you won't have to mess with the setup you already have in place. It's equipped with four powerful self-adhesive tapes, so all you have to do is choose the right spot and stick it where you want it to go. They also come in a convenient two-pack.


Secure Your Fitted Sheet For Good With This Convenient Bed Strap

This convenient bed strap helps you secure your fitted sheets for good, so no matter how much you toss and turn, they won’t budge. Its adjustable buckles let you lengthen and shorten it as much as you need, and its triangular design provides maximum stability. Plus, its metal clips maintain a secure hold on your sheets without ripping or tearing, so you can use it on your most delicate linens without worry.


Create A Brand New Backsplash With These Peel & Stick Tiles

These peel-and-stick tiles help you create a brand-new backsplash at a budget-friendly price. They're made of a flexible vinyl material that resists moisture and heat, and if they're stained by culinary projects gone awry, you can just wipe them down with a damp cloth. They won't yellow or fade over time, so you can keep them up as long as you like, and they're super easy to remove when you're ready for a change.


Organize Your Home Office Cables With These Convenient & Colorful Labels

If you struggle to tell which cord is which, these cable labels might be just what you need. When you buy, you'll receive 36 labels in a variety of bright colors, which you can use to categorize and identify the cords you use every day. You can even write on them with a ballpoint pen to indicate which is which, so you can tell what to unplug at a glance, bringing more simplicity into your life.


Stop Leaky Showers In Their Tracks With This Universal Bottom Seal

Install this universal bottom seal to keep your bathroom floor from getting soaked after every shower. It's made of a heavy-duty vinyl material that grips onto glass doors for a universal fit and stays securely in place. Simply trim it to your desired length, place it below your shower door, and push it up; the seal will clip snugly onto the glass — no adhesive needed whatsoever.


Improve Staircase Safety With These Appealing Step Lights

These appealing step lights make it significantly safer to walk downstairs at night. At 35 lumens per step light, they’ll glow brightly to illuminate your path, so you can see where you’re going without turning all the lights on. Mount them with screws or heavy-duty adhesive tape — when you buy, you'll receive both, so you can choose.


Block Drafts Easily With This Adhesive Draft Blocker For Your Door

This adhesive draft blocker helps you maintain a comfortable temperature in your home without cranking the heat or AC. It's made with a super strong adhesive that sticks to your door for years to come, so you'll hardly ever have to buy a replacement. Because it prevents hot and cold air from escaping, it'll save you serious money on your energy bill.


Prevent Stains & Fingerprints With This Colorful Fridge Door Handle Cover

This colorful fridge door handle cover prevents stains and fingerprints from making their mark. When you buy, you'll receive two soft cotton covers, which wrap tightly around handles and fasten with Velcro. They're machine washable for an easy clean, and every time you reach for a snack, their bright red hue is sure to make you smile. That said, they’re also available in black and gray.


Gain Better Control Over Your Home’s Temperature With This Programmable Thermostat

Not only will this programmable thermostat help cut down on your energy bill, but the Smart technology gives you ample control to adjust the temperature to your liking. It features weekly or daily programming so you can customize the temperature to your schedule. The screen is also designed with backlit LED lights making the settings super easy to read — even in the dark.


Line Your Drawers With These Non-Adhesive Scented Sheets For A Fresh Pick-Me-Up

Give your drawers an elevated refresh with these scented shelf liners. Available in an array of elegant prints, each sheet measures 14 by 19.5 inches and comes in a pack of six. You can also easily cut it to your desired size for a custom fit. The gorgeous scents range from lavender to fresh linen and lavender.


Add A Pop Of Color To Your Living Room With These Popular Throw Pillow Covers

Incorporating throw pillows on your bed or sofa is an easy and budget-friendly way to change the appearance of a room. Available in a set of two, these velvet pillow covers come in an array of rich colors like red and gold. You can snag them in an assortment of sizes ranging from 12 to 26 inches. The material is machine washable, so you won’t have to worry about accidental stains.


Install These Peel-And-Stick Floor Tiles That’ll Change Up The Look Of Any Room

Skip expensive renovations and try these peel-and-stick floor tiles instead. They come in two gorgeous mosaic prints that will instantly elevate your home and create a warm vibe. The installation process is incredibly simple thanks to the adhesive backing and doesn't require any grout or tools. Each pack comes with 10 water-resistant tiles.


Add These Lights That’ll Easily Illuminate & Upgrade Your Deck

There are so many reasons why thousands of reviewers love these outdoor solar deck lights. Not only will they brighten up your backyard, but they can easily be installed on your patio, deck, or fence. They are designed from waterproof ABS plastic to withstand harsh weather conditions. If you’re worried about preserving energy, don’t worry — the lights have an automatic on-off button.


Use This Clever Attachment To Add A Bidet Feature To Any Toilet

This bidet attachment will add a touch of luxury to your bathroom experience. It features an adjustable jet spray water pressure that will leave you feeling cleaner than ever. Thousands of reviewers revealed that it cut down on the cost of toilet paper. And if you’re not convinced yet, the installation process is super simple and doesn’t require any plumbing.


Remove The Sloppy Cartons In The Fridge & Invest In This Chic Holder For Your Eggs

This egg holder neatly stores up to 32 eggs in your refrigerator. The stackable design is crucial for maximizing space. It’s designed with handles, so you can easily open the drawer, and it’s transparent, so you’ll have no trouble figuring out when it’s time to restock. “Overall, I highly recommend this egg organizer to anyone looking for a practical and efficient solution for fridge organization,” said one reviewer. “It not only keeps your eggs safe and secure but also offers the added convenience of easy access.”


Use This Moldable Glue To Repair Your Favorite Items Without Turning Them Into Eyesores

Thousands of reviewers love this moldable glue thanks to its endless versatility. It easily molds to the exact shape that you need and works wonders for repairing or bonding any broken items, making it somewhat of a home essential. It can hold up to four pounds and is totally waterproof. Since this glue has been crafted with nontoxic silicone, it’s safe to use for all different types of projects.


Never Lose Your Remote Again With This Magnetic Holder That You Can Mount

Mount this magnetic remote holder on your fridge, and you’ll always know where to go before turning on your favorite shows. Its two powerful magnets ensure it'll stay securely in place — no drilling required whatsoever. It'll fit remote controls of all shapes and sizes, whether they have flat or curved backs, and its minimalist design looks great in your kitchen or living room.


Add These Lights Under Your Bed To Make Midnight Snack Runs Safer

These under-bed lights are motion-activated, so when you’re craving a midnight snack or have to go to the bathroom, you’ll have a clear path. The installation process is super easy thanks to the adhesive backing. Not only can you adjust the brightness, but you can easily trim the size for a customizable fit.


Get Everyone On The Same Schedule With This Magnetic Calendar

Keep the whole family on track with this magnetic calendar. It includes a grocery list and a weekly planner that is a game-changer for staying on top of events, chores, daily tasks, and tackling your to-do list. It also comes with an assortment of colored markers that won’t smudge or leave a stain behind.


Give Any Room Soothing Vibes With This Gorgeous Hand-Crafted Salt Lamp

Made with natural Himalayan salt crystal, this gorgeous lamp will instantly bring an aesthetically pleasing vibe to any room. It sits pretty in a rustic wire basket and has an on-and-off switch with a dimmer setting to set the mood.