100 Clever Gifts For Moms Under $25 When You Have No Idea What To Get

Because you don’t have to break the bank to show your mama that you care.

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Mothers are the kind of people who will tell you that they love absolutely anything you’ll give them. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find a great gift for your mom. Like all people, moms and mother figures have varied interests, which can make it difficult to find the perfect, clever present for them, whether you’re looking to buy gifts for Mother’s Day, a birthday, the holidays, or just because.

No matter what kind of parent you have, I found the perfect gifts for mom under $25, because you absolutely do not have to break the bank to show your mama that you care. These small gifts for moms are sure to make her smile, whether she’s a wino who finally got shatterproof wine glasses, an adventurer who has received the perfect travel backpack for day trips, or a novice gardener who can jumpstart planting season with this herb starter kit.

Even if your mom is the kind of person who insists your presence is gift enough, there’s something on this list of 100 presents that will make her feel like the special person that she is. Don’t believe me? Just start scrolling, and trust me, you’ll find the best gift ever.


The Journal That Helps Loved Ones Share Their Story

With more than 200 thought-provoking questions inside, this guided journal is a fun way for a loved one to help share their experiences with you. It’s available in both hardcover as well as paperback, and one reviewer even wrote, “I wasn't sure of the questions in this book but they are fabulous!! Mom started writing the day after Christmas, and I've already learned a few things that I didn't know.”


This Weighted Blanket That Tons Of Customers Call “Soft & Comfortable”

If you find yourself tossing and turning all night long, you might want to consider trying out this weighted blanket. It can help create a feeling of comfort, as it feels similar to a light hug when you snuggle underneath it. And since the box stitching prevents the bead filling from bunching up, the pressure stays evenly distributed throughout no matter how many times you adjust throughout the night.


These Shower Steamers That Emit Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Prefer taking showers to soaking in baths? You can still enjoy the same relaxing effects you get from bath bombs with these steamer pucks. Simply toss one down on your drain, and it’ll gradually release soothing essential oils as it dissolves. Each order includes six scents: lavender, menthol and eucalyptus, vanilla, watermelon, grapefruit, and peppermint


The Herb Garden That Fits On Your Window Sill

Don’t have anywhere to plant an herb garden? Not a problem — this indoor garden kit comes with pots that are small enough to fit on a window sill. The seeds are also completely non-GMO, and there’s no green thumb needed since the easy-to-follow instructions are filled with tips to make sure they sprout. Each kit comes with four herbs: basil, cilantro, chives, and parsley.


This Foot Spa That Has Shiatsu Massagers On The Bottom

Not only is this foot spa a great way to decompress after a long day on your feet, but it also features shiatsu massage rollers on the bottom to help soothe away aches and pains. Bubble jets make it feel like you’re at the spa, and there are even loofah discs on the top to help you exfoliate away old skin.


The Pouch That Makes It Easy To Carry Water Bottles

Carrying a large water bottle can be inconvenient — especially if you’re out hiking. Instead, keep it inside of this handy pouch. It’s large enough for big, insulated bottles, and there are even a few bonus pockets where you can keep your phone, keys, wallet, and more.


This Electric Wine Opener That Does The Work For You

There’s no twisting or pulling required when you have this wine opener, as it does all the uncorking for you with the simple press of a button. It only requires four AA batteries (which aren’t included) in order to open up to 100 bottles of wine — and each order even comes with a bonus foil cutter.


An Organized Jewelry Box You Can Take With You

With space for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more, this jewelry box is perfect for traveling — or even just organizing all those loose pieces sitting out on your dresser. And if you’re looking to travel in style? You have the choice of five different colors: black, gray, green, white, or pink.


This Derma Roller That Can Help Exfoliate Skin

Complexion looking a little dull lately? Try using this derma roller. Hundreds of tiny microneedles work to exfoliate away old skin while simultaneously stimulating blood flow — both of which can help brighten your complexion. Plus, it’s significantly cheaper than heading to the salon for a professional microdermabrasion session.


The Makeup Organizer With Adjustable Shelves

Since the shelves on this makeup organizer are adjustable, you can move them around in order to fit bottles of nearly any shape or size. It rotates 360 degrees so that any items stashed in the back are easy to grab — and you even have the choice of three colors to match your vanity: white, black, or clear.


A Tool That Helps You Massages Away Aches & Pains

With multiple knobs that help you target aching muscles, this massage tool is a must-have for days when you’re feeling particularly sore. The lightweight frame makes it easy to take with you, making it perfect for post-flight relaxation — all while its ergonomic shape helps you reach muscles in your neck, shoulders, legs, and more.


This Makeup Brush Cleaner That Does The Work For You

If your brushes are caked in foundation and pigment, this makeup brush cleaner can help get them clean like new. There’s no scrubbing required — simply insert your brush, then press the agitator button to send it spinning. And since it’s designed to work with nearly any brush, you can easily use it on everything from large brushes to smaller ones meant for eyeshadow.


This Flower Vase Made From Sleek Ceramic

You can never go wrong with displaying a few flowers in your home — and this vase is a stylish way to put them out for all to see. It’s made from sleek white ceramic, with an infinity shape that gives you space for orchids, eucalyptus, pampas grass, and more. Choose from three colors: white, blue, or pink.


A Ceramic-Barrel Curling Iron With 30 Heat Levels

With its smooth ceramic barrel, this curling iron can help tame unwanted frizz while simultaneously creating gorgeous curls — and the heat is even adjustable up to 30 levels. Dual voltage makes it great for traveling, and reviewers appreciated how it “heats up quickly.”


The Calming Candle That Smells Like Soothing Eucalyptus

Not only can the eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils inside of this aromatherapy candle help soothe stress, but it’s also made from a vegetable wax blend that’s eco-friendly when compared to paraffin. Plus, there’s enough wax inside to burn for up to 45 hours.


An Electric Kettle That Boils Water Quickly

Don’t have time to wait around for a pot of boiling water? Not a problem — this electric kettle can heat water up faster than the stove. It only takes about five minutes for it to boil water, and the stainless steel exterior gives it a stylish appearance that’ll look sophisticated on your counter.


This Seriously Soft Eye Mask Lined & Filled With 100% Mulberry Silk

Not only is this eye mask already packaged in a gift box (a total win), but it’s both lined and filled with 100% mulberry silk. The strap is even silk-lined, and the mask itself is designed to fit comfortably over your eyes to help reduce the light while you relax. It’s even available in 20 colors and patterns.


The Electric Coaster That Helps Keep Drinks Warm

If your coffee or tea is always turning cold before you’re able to finish drinking it, make sure to check out this electric coaster. It warms up fast and can heat up your drink in about two minutes, whether it’s coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Plus, the red light next to the power switch will glow when the coaster is on and working.


A Cutting Board You Can Personalize However You Like

With 11 designs and five wood styles to choose from, this cutting board is an affordable and elegant addition to any kitchen. It’s made from thick bamboo that’s eco-friendly when compared to some other types of wood — and many reviewers wrote about how it’s “well made” as well as “beautifully done.”


This Small Spray Bottle That’s Perfect For Perfume

You don’t have to pack that entire bottle of perfume on your next trip — just pour some of it into this small travel bottle. It’s made from high-quality aluminum that won’t leak or crack when dropped, and the small size means it’ll fit right into your purse without taking up much space.


A Towel That Helps Exfoliate Away Old Skin

Whether you have flakes on your back or elbows, this exfoliating towel can help scrub them all away while you’re in the shower. It’s also great for helping prevent blemishes or even keratosis pilaris. Plus, it produces a rich lather that helps you get a thorough clean in all those hard-to-reach places.


A Cheese Board To Kick Home Happy Hours Up A Notch

Having a glass of wine after work is a great way to relax after a long day, and this cheese board can help take your post-work relaxation routine to the next level. There’s space for all sorts of charcuterie, from rich cheeses to crunchy pretzels — and the board itself is even made from 100% natural bamboo. Choose from two sizes: medium or large.


A Cocktail Shaker With A Built-In Strainer

Margaritas, martinis, cosmopolitans — those are only a few of the cocktails you can make at home using this shaker. It features a built-in strainer to help mint leaves, lemon wedges, and other ingredients out of your drinks. And since it’s made from stainless steel, it’s unlikely to rust over time.


The Face Brush That Vibrates To Help Cleanse Skin

With its soothing vibrations that can help dislodge dirt and flakes, this face brush is a must-have in any bathroom. The bristles are made from soft silicone that shouldn’t irritate skin while scrubbing — and since it’s completely waterproof, you can also use it in the shower to save time on busy mornings.


A Silky Satin Pillowcase That Can Help Reduce Unwanted Frizz

Since polyester satin creates less friction against hair than cotton, these pillowcases can help reduce unwanted frizz simply by sleeping on them. They have a hidden zipper that helps keep your pillow from sliding out — and with dozens of colors to choose from, matching them to your current bedding set shouldn’t be any problem.


This Bubble Bath That’s Fortified With Soothing Epsom Salt

Not only is this bubble bath fortified with epsom salt to help soothe aching muscles, but the added matcha green tea gives it an invigorating scent that’s oh-so relaxing while you soak in the tub. It’s also formulated so that the bubbles last longer than usual, and many reviewers raved about how it “smells great.”


A Cupholder Designed For Your Bathtub

Ever wish you could sip on a glass of wine while you’re in the tub? This cupholder is made with a super-strong suction cup that adheres to the side of your tub, giving you somewhere safe to rest a glass of wine, beer can, or even just a bottle of water. It’s so strong that it can hold up to 7 pounds, and it’s even safe to clean in the dishwasher.


These Stylish Bracelets That You Can Personalize

Looking for a unique gift that won’t be forgotten? Engrave one of these bracelets with a personalized message. They’re made from sleek stainless steel with either a gold, silver, or rose gold plating (depending on your choice), so there’s no need to worry about them turning your skin green. “Loved how elegant and small this bracelet is, it is beautifully hand made and I requested a heart at the end and they were able to do that,” wrote one reviewer. “I am mostly impressed how it shines and it does look as it will last long.”


A Pillow To Help You Soak Comfortably In The Tub

Your bathtub probably isn’t that comfortable on its own, which is why this pillow is such a great purchase — especially since it costs less than $10. Not only does it help keep your head and neck supported while you soak, but the quick-drying mesh on the outside also works to help prevent it from absorbing unwanted mildew odors over time.


An Embroidery Kit That’s Perfect For Beginners

With 100 different colors of thread included in this embroidery kit, you’ll be able to create nearly any design that pops into your head. The hoops are also made from sturdy bamboo, and you even get a small cushion to help keep track of your pins.


These Slippers That Help Clean The Floors While You Walk Around

With soft chenille fibers on the bottoms, these slippers latch onto dirt and dust while you’re walking around the house. Once dirty, the bottoms detach so that you can either shake them clean or toss them into the wash — and they even come in more than 15 different designs to suit any style.


A Filtration Stick That Can Help Remove Histamines & Sulfites From Your Wine

Pour your wine through this filter stick, and it can help remove the histamines and sulfites that leave it with a bitter aftertaste. It’s small enough to fit inside your purse, making it easy to take with you to restaurants or friends’ houses — and it’s suitable for use on all types of wines.


This Bamboo Bathtub Tray With Space For All The Essentials

Tablets, candles, glasses of wine — this bathtub tray has space for practically everything you could want within reach while you’re soaking. It’s made from sleek bamboo, with slip-resistant arms to help keep it nice and stable while resting over your tub. Plus, the waterproof coating helps prevent any deterioration.


A Diffuser That Doubles As A Cool Mist Humidifier

Not only does this diffuser run at an ultra-silent level, but it also doubles as a cool-mist humidifier for when the air in your home feels a little on the dry side. It can run for up to 10 hours when the water reservoir is full — and you even have the choice of 10 different LED colors when setting a relaxing mood.


A Stainless Steel Tumbler That Helps Keep Your Drinks Cold

With its insulated stainless steel walls, this tumbler can help keep drinks cold for up to 12 hours, while hot drinks stay toasty for up to six hours. It’s leakproof as well as shatter-resistant, and the flip-top lid helps prevent spills should it fall over inside your bag. Plus, the narrow base fits into most cupholders.


This Infuser Bottle That Helps You Spice Up Plain Water

Add your favorite fruits to the infusion core inside this bottle, and their fresh juices will gradually seep out so that your water has a little flavor to it. The nonslip grip on the side gives you somewhere to hold onto when exercising — and the leakproof top also helps prevent spills should it ever get knocked over.


A Yoga Mat That’s Easy To Take With You

Prefer to bring your own yoga mat to class? This one comes with a convenient strap that lets you sling it over your shoulder when you want to take it with you. And since it’s also moisture-resistant, there’s no need to worry about sweat gradually wearing away at its textured, nonslip surface.


A Makeup Magnification Mirror With A Helpful LED Backlight

Doing your makeup in good lighting is helpful — so if your vanity is on the darker side, make sure to check out this magnification mirror. Its 36 LED lights illuminate your face so that you can see exactly how that contour looks and it features three magnification levels: 1X, 2X, and 3X. The best part? You can recharge it using a USB cable.


This Speaker That Lets You Jam Out In The Shower

You don’t have to sing a capella in the shower when you’ve got this speaker jamming out along with you. Its water-resistant design is perfect for light splashes, and the Bluetooth connection has a range of up to 33 feet so that you aren’t glued by its side when playing music.


A Backpack Made For Transporting Wine

With enough space for up to two bottles of wine, this backpack is a perfect companion for your next picnic or backyard BBQ. Each order comes with a wine bottle opener — just in case you forget to pack your own — and the insulated walls help keep white whines at a deliciously chilled temperature.


The Yoga Wheel That Helps You Get Toned At Home

You don’t have to hit the yoga studio to get a good stretch in — especially when you have this wheel helping you out at home. It’s made from tough TPE with a strong ABS core that can support up to 220 pounds — and since it’s also sweat-resistant, there’s no need to worry about it breaking down over time.


A Set Of Weights That Are Surprisingly Versatile

Wrap these weights around your ankles the next time your legs could use a good burn, or even add them to your wrists for some lightweight bicep curls. Velcro ends make it easy to adjust how tightly or loosely they fit, and there’s even a hole for your thumb to help keep them from shifting out of place.


A Portable Clothes Steamer You Can Take On Vacation

I don’t think I’ve ever opened up my suitcase to wrinkle-free clothes after a long flight — that’s why I like to take a steamer, like this one, with me whenever I’m traveling. It’s small enough to fit in my suitcase, yet large enough that it can produce up to 10 minutes of continuous steam. Plus, you can also use it to help sanitize questionable hotel surfaces.


The Hair Towel Made From Absorbent Microfiber

Since microfiber absorbs more water than cotton, this towel can help suck more moisture out of your strands so that you spend less time underneath a hairdryer. It’s suitable for all types of hair, regardless of its length — and you even have the choice of three colors: grey, pink, or purple.


A Sunset Lamp That Helps You Set The Mood

Whether you’re staging a photoshoot or setting a relaxing mood at home, this sunset lamp can help get your surroundings looking just right. And if you aren’t into the color you see pictured above? This lamp in particular offers 16 different LED adjustable colors to choose from — no wonder reviewers raved about how it’s “worth the price.”


This Serving Tray That’s Completely Shatterproof

Looking for a chic serving tray that’ll stand the test of time? This one is made from shatterproof acrylic that looks like glass until you touch it — and its rounded edges are less likely to leave scratches on your furniture. Plus, wide handles on both sides make it easy to carry around the house.


A Lighter That Won’t Go Out In The Wind

Unlike that flame lighter you’ve likely got kicking around in a drawer, this electronic one produces a plasma arc that won’t go out when the wind blows. It’s also rechargeable via USB and takes less than an hour to fully power up. Choose from two colors: black or gold.


The Throw Blanket Made From Plush Microfiber Fleece

With more than 20 colors to choose from, this throw blanket is an easy way to add a gorgeous pop of color to your bedding or living room. It’s made from plush microfiber fleece that feels oh-so-soft against your skin — and unlike some blankets, this one won’t shed or shrink in the wash.


A Sleek Wine Decanter Made From Hand-Blown Glass

Not only is this decanter an elegant way to serve wine to guests, but it’s also made from hand-blown glass that’s completely free from any lead. The slanted top helps prevent drips after you’ve finished pouring — and its wide base helps aerate wines in order to unlock the most flavor possible.


This Bamboo Box That Has Space For All Your Tea Bags

Instead of keeping your tea bags in the boxes they came in, why not keep them all organized inside of this sleek box? It’s made from eco-friendly bamboo that’s sure to look nicer sitting out on your counters, and the clear lid makes it easy to see what’s inside without having to unpack anything.


These Affordable Polarized Sunglasses That Look Designer

You don’t have to pay designer prices to walk away with a quality pair of sunglasses — and these stylish ones are proof. The lenses are polarized to help filter out glare and sunlight, while also protecting your eyes from the sun’s UV rays. Plus, the price is more than reasonable at less than $20 for two pairs.


These Artificial Tulip Flowers That So Many Reviewers Adore

With thousands of positive four- and five-star reviews, it’s clear that reviewers are big fans when it comes to these artificial flowers. The petals are made from soft silk, making them look real until you reach out and touch one. And if you aren’t into tulips? Not a problem, as there are more than 30 other types of flowers to choose from.


The Clip-On Book Lights That Can Help Reduce Eye Strain

Reading in low lighting can put unnecessary strain on your eyes, especially when you could be using one of these book lights to brighten things up. The flexible gooseneck makes it easy to point the light in whatever direction you need, while the rechargeable battery provides hours’ worth of light. Clip it onto books, kindles, or even your bed headboard.


These Affirmation Cards That Can Help Put You Into A Positive Mindset

Sometimes a few positive words are all you need to elevate your mood — so grab these affirmation cards. Each order comes with 52 cards that are printed with positive messages to help lift you up when you’re feeling down. They’re great for helping reduce stress, and one reviewer even wrote that they’re a “perfect way to start your day!!”


The Scrunchies With A Hidden Zipper Compartment

Not only are these polyester-velvet scrunchies a fun way to hold your hair up, but each one also features a hidden pocket where you can stash money, cards, keys, and other small items. Many reviewers wrote about how they’re “well made” as well as strong enough to handle thicker heads of hair, and each order includes six in varying earth-toned shades.


A Set Of Tea Infusers Shaped Like Cute Animals

Add your favorite blend of loose leaves to these animal-shaped infusers for a fun way to brew tea. They shouldn’t allow leaves to leak into your drink — even if they’re grounded coarsely — and each order comes with five animals: one cat, hippo, owl, platypus, as well as a panda.


This Magnetic Mount That’s Compatible With Nearly Any Phone

Designed to work with nearly any smartphone, this mount makes it easy to follow GPS completely hands-free while you’re driving. Six strong magnets hold onto your phone so that it doesn’t shake or dislodge when you hit a bump in the road, and it even comes in two finishes: black and silver.


The Reusable Silicone Straws That Fit Into Tall Tumblers

These reusable straws are long enough to fit inside of larger tumblers, and they each feature a bent tip so that it’s easier to sip. Each one is made from 100% food-grade silicone that’s completely BPA-free, and you also get a pipette with every order to help you wash the insides.


These Throw Pillow Cases That Have A Farmhouse Touch

Not only do these throw pillow covers have a cute farmhouse vibe to them, but they’re also made from soft polyester that’s perfect for taking naps, or even just lounging around. The invisible zipper won’t snag on your clothes — and they even come in more than 10 colors to suit any style.


A Book That Can Help You Master The Art Of Mixing Drinks

From martinis to margaritas, this book is filled with helpful tips and recipes to turn you into a master mixologist right in the comfort of your own home. Or, if you aren’t into making cocktails, you can simply place it on your bar as a fun decoration that guests are sure to appreciate.


This Rainfall Shower Head That Brings The Spa To Your Bathroom

Ever wish your bathroom felt more like a spa? Swap out that tired shower head with this soothing rainfall one. The 100 silicone nozzles deliver high water pressure that feels oh-so relaxing after a long day — and since it’s made from stainless steel, there’s no need to worry about it becoming rusty over time.


A Clip-On Flashlight With 3 Different Light Modes

Clip this flashlight onto your shirt, and it’ll help keep you visible in low-light conditions. It also features three modes: white, red, and flashing red in the event of an emergency. And since it’s water-resistant, there’s no need to worry about whether or not it’ll work if you happen to get it wet.


The Lap Desk That Lets You Adjust How It’s Angled

With six angled positions to choose from, this lap desk makes it easy to work no matter where you are. Use it in the car when you’re on the move, or even keep it underneath your couch for days when you’re working from home. And since it weighs less than 4 pounds, taking it with you wherever you go is a total breeze.


A Scrubber That Helps You Clean Your Feet

Place this scrubber on the floor of your tub, and no longer will you have to bend over in order to clean your feet. The silicone bristles all over the top are soft, making them suitable for sensitive skin — and they can even help stimulate blood flow in your feet. Choose from four colors: pink, grey, blue, or clear.


This Makeup Eraser Stick That’s Infused With Vitamin E

If you can’t quite get those winged eyeliner tips looking right, this makeup eraser stick might be able to help. Simply draw your tips as well as you can, then use the eraser to shape them however you like. And since it’s fortified with vitamin E, it can even help soften skin.


A Hair Remover That Looks Like A Tube Of Lipstick

Keep this hair remover in your bag, and it’ll always be ready to trim away unwanted peach fuzz or stray hairs as they pop up. It’s plated with 18-karat gold, giving it a subtle appearance so that onlookers are more likely to think it’s a tube of lipstick — and the hypoallergenic blades are suitable for use on different types of skin.


The Rechargeable Air Purifier That You Can Move From Room To Room

With its powerful HEPA filter that removes up to 99% of indoor pollutants, this air purifier is a solid pick for home offices, bathrooms, and more. It produces hardly any noise so as not to disturb anyone nearby — and the small size makes it easy to move from room to room in your home. Plus, the rechargeable battery lasts for up to 10 hours.


A Mini Tool Kit That Comes With All The Essentials

Whether you’re putting together furniture or tackling a DIY project, you’ll be glad you grabbed this tool kit while it’s available for less than $30. It comes with all the most important tools you’ll need to make small fixes around the house, including a hammer, measuring tape, box cutter, as well as two different screwdrivers. Plus, everything comes packaged in a convenient hard case.


This Acupressure Mat That Can Help Alleviate Soreness

You only need to lie down on this acupressure mat for about 20 minutes, and the hundreds of raised points all over will dig into your muscles to help alleviate soreness. Plus, each order also comes with a pillow to help you reach aching muscles in your neck, shoulders, and head.


A Pair Of Stands That Help Keep Glasses Protected From Scratches

With their faux leather exterior and plush faux fur lining, these eyeglass holders help keep your lenses safe from scratches when you aren’t wearing them — all while looking good sitting out on your desktop. Many reviewers wrote about how they’re “well made,” with one going so far as to write that “they look much better than any other eyeglass holders I've seen.”


The Wooden Organizer That Holds All Your Hair Tools

Curling irons, straighteners, hair dryers — this organizer has space for all of them and more. The steel compartments are heat-resistant, so there’s no need to worry about a hot iron leaving scorch marks on the inside. Plus, there’s also extra space for serums, brushes, and more.


A Hair Dryer That Also Helps You Curl Your Hair

Teasing your roots will only give you so much volume, whereas this style dryer comes with two barrel attachments to help lift your hair up. The barrels are coated with sleek ceramic to help reduce any unwanted frizz as your hair dries — and the heat is adjustable up to two levels, making it suitable for nearly any head of hair.


These Blue Light-Blocking Glasses That Can Help Reduce Eye Strain

Staring at a computer screen for hours on end can leave your eyes feeling sore, which is why these glasses are such a game-changer. They block the blue light waves produced by electronic screens that can put a strain on your eyes, and the lightweight frames shouldn’t irritate your ears if you wear them for long periods of time.


A Vibrating Shampoo Brush That Massages Away Dirt

With soft silicone bristles that gently massage away dirt, this shampoo brush feels oh-so heavenly after a long day at work. It also has a soothing vibration function for those extra-hard days — and it only requires one AA battery (which isn’t included) in order to work.


This Tiny Tile That Helps You Find Misplaced Items

Can’t remember where you put your keys? Loop this tile onto your lanyard. The next time they go missing, you’ll be able to use the smartphone app to have the tile let out a loud ring, making it easy to find. It also works in reverse: press the tile and your phone will let out a loud ring — even if it’s in silent mode.


A Digital Meat Thermometer That’s Easy To Use

Not only can this meat thermometer help prevent undercooked dinners, but it also has a temperature chart printed right on the handle so that you can easily reference what the proper internal temperature is for chicken, beef, and more. And since it’s waterproof, washing it off in the sink is a total breeze.


These Patterned Aprons That Won’t Let Spills Soak Through

Since these aprons are waterproof, there’s no need to fret about spills leaking through them and onto your clothes. Two large pockets in the front give you ample room to carry around everything from stirrers to spice bottles, and they even come in 10 different patterns to suit any style.


A 2-Tier Turntable That Increases Your Cabinet Storage Space

Running out of space in your kitchen? This lazy Susan features two tiers so that you can make the most out of your cabinet space — and since it rotates 360 degrees, reaching any items stashed away in the back comes with no struggle at all. Plus, it’s made from sleek bamboo — not plastic.


The Yoga Ball That Can Double As An Office Chair

Not only is this yoga ball is perfect for intense workouts, but it can also be used as a desk chair in your office. It’s also coated with nonslip material to help keep you stable, and filling it up with air only takes a few short minutes using the included pump. It’s available in 10 colors and five sizes.


A Set Of Rose Gold Pedicure Tools That Are Easy To Take With You

It’s almost too easy to lose a pair of nail clippers in your suitcase — luckily, these pedicure tools all come packaged in a convenient travel case. Each tool is made from tough steel, making them great for frequent use. And if you aren’t into the rose gold you see above? They’re also available in black or silver.


A Bird Feeder That Squirrels Can’t Steal From

Squirrels are no match for this bird feeder, as the firm buckle on the top prevents them from gaining access to the seed. It comes fully assembled so that it’s ready to go right out of the box, and the circular roof even gives your little bird visitors some shade to relax in.


These Reusable Cotton Rounds That Can Help You Save Money

I’m a big fan of these cotton rounds — and not just because reusing them can help you save money when compared to cotton balls. They’re perfect for all sorts of skincare, whether you’re washing away waterproof makeup or applying toner. Plus, each order includes a drawstring bag to keep them packaged together in the wash.


A Bag That Holds Onto All Your Knitting Essentials

Oversized needles, balls of yarn, scissors — this bag has space for all your knitting essentials and more. The drawstring top helps prevent items from spilling out if knocked over, yet the walls are so sturdy that they can remain upright without having to lean against something. Choose from three prints: ripple, grey, or floral.


A Pack Of Green Tea Eye Masks That Are Loaded With Nourishing Antioxidants

Not only are these eye masks chock-full of nourishing antioxidants, but they’ve also been fortified with moisturizing hyaluronic acid, brightening vitamin C, and more. They’re suitable for all types of skin — even if it’s on the more sensitive side — and you only need to wear them for about 15 minutes to experience the full benefits.


This Felt Insert That Helps Keep Your Purse Organized

With multiple pockets for cash, keys, checkbooks, glasses, and more, this insert is an easy way to help keep your purse from turning into a jumbled mess. It comes in more than 15 colors so that you can match it to the inside of your bag — and since it’s made from sturdy felt, it even helps your bag keep its shape when sitting on the ground.


An Electric Milk Frother That’s Surprisingly Versatile

Tired of the same cup of coffee every morning? Try whipping up some milk into a delicious froth using this electric whisk. Or, if your coffee is already pristine, you can also use it to beat egg whites into stiff peaks when baking (as well as mix up fruity smoothies).


A Bamboo Serving Tray That’s Perfect For Breakfast In Bed

Thanks to this tray table, serving breakfast in bed has never been easier. The foldable legs keep the tray itself elevated, and the handles make it simple to carry around. Plus, it’s constructed with bamboo that can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Many reviewers also wrote that it’s “well made.”


These Makeup Brushes That Come With Cleanser

If you’re still using the cheap makeup brushes that came with your compacts, now’s your chance to upgrade to this stylish set. Each order includes a bottle of cleanser to help you wash away all that caked-on foundation from the bristles — and since the bristles are synthetic, the entire set is also cruelty-free.


A Set Of Stainless Steel Wine Glasses That Won’t Shatter

Not only are these wine glasses made from shatterproof stainless steel, but their insulated walls also help keep your whites at a deliciously chilled temperature. And if you aren’t into teal, you also have the choice of more than 15 fun shades — including a trendy black marble option.


This Coffee Maker That Lets You Make Cold Brew At Home

With its reusable stainless steel filter and pour-over design, this coffee maker can be used to whip up a satisfying batch of cold brew right at home. The glass is also heat-resistant, and the cool-touch collar gives you somewhere safe to grip onto when pouring.


A Keratin Conditioning Mask That Can Help Repair Damaged Hair

If your hair is looking a little dry or damaged, you might want to consider letting this deep-conditioning mask soak into your strands. Omega 3 and 9 work to improve elasticity, while vitamin E helps leave it looking shiny and smooth. Plus, it’s completely free from any sulfates or parabens.


These Soft Slippers With Extra-Thick Footbeds

Some slippers can feel like they’re as thin as paper, whereas this pair is made with an extra-thick footbed to help keep your feet comfortable as you strut around the house. The non-skid soles help keep you sturdy — and they even come in seven different shades to suit any style.

Available sizes: Small — Large, 5 — 10


A Lightweight Backpack That’s Perfect For Day Trips

Whether you’re hiking for the day or taking a long weekend trip, this lightweight backpack gives you tons of space to pack all your must-have items. It’s also water-resistant — just in case you get caught in the rain — and the breathable mesh shoulder straps help keep you cool when you’re running hot.


The Fashion-Forward Tote Bag That’s Available In 150+ Colors

With over 150 colors to choose from, there’s no reason not to grab this stylish tote bag. It’s made from sleek faux leather which makes it look way more expensive than $11. Plus, there’s also reinforced stitching between the strap and body, making it suitable for carrying heavier loads.


A Decorative Wine Rack That Fits On Your Countertop

Don’t have enough space in your home for a giant wine rack? Not a problem — this one is still big enough to store up to seven bottles, yet small enough that it’ll fit on your counters. It’s made from sturdy metal with a stylish powder-coated finish, while the circular shape gives it a unique appearance that’s sure to impress.


These Portable Chargers That Take Up Hardly Any Space

Not only are these portable chargers incredibly slim, but they’re also so powerful that they can each power up an iPhone 8 more than three times. Two USB ports, as well as two type-C ports, give you ample space to charge multiple devices at the same time — and they only take about five hours to fully recharge.


An Eyelash Curler That’s Made From Stainless Steel

This eyelash curler is made from sleek stainless steel that’s unlikely to rust over time. Each order includes two replacement pads so that you aren’t left scrambling for a clean one when you’re getting ready, and the ergonomic frame provides even pressure so that your lashes look voluminous after just a light squeeze.


The Vitamin E Oil That’s Fortified With Avocado & Jojoba

Give your skin a few drops of this vitamin E oil after you’ve finished cleansing, and it can help brighten your complexion while also hydrating any dry spots. It’s fortified with jojoba and avocado oil to help keep your skin looking supple, and many reviewers appreciated how “a little goes a long way.”


A Glistening Lip Gloss That Doesn’t Feel Sticky

Some lip glosses can leave your pout feeling sticky, whereas this one is lightweight and moisturizing. The glittery shades are also vegan as well as cruelty-free, and the high-gloss shine is perfect for standing out during a night out on the town.


This Bamboo Plant Stand That Helps Keep Floors Scuff-Free

Putting planters and pots directly on your hard-style floors can leave them looking scratched or scuffed — so pop them into this stand instead. It’s made from stylish bamboo that can handle pots up to 10 inches, and you even have the option of two different heights depending on which way you flip it.

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