70 Clever Gifts That Are 10x Better Than What You Usually Give

Gifts they’ll actually use.

by Madison Barber
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When gifting time rolls around — whether that’s for family, friends, or coworkers — it can be difficult to find a thoughtful, affordable gift that’s also something the recipient will actually use. That’s why I love using Amazon for my gifting needs. Not only does Amazon truly have it all, but the prices are unbeatable.

I found 70 gifts from the mega-retailer that anyone in your life will probably love, no matter their personality or interests. From kitchen must-haves to home decor items, this list will help you find the perfect present — and make your shopping experience stress-free.


A Sleek Charging Station For All Of Your Smart Devices

It’s the perfect addition to any home or office: This wireless charging station can not only juice up your smartphone, but your AirPods and Apple Watch, too. This device does an even better job of fast-charging your tech necessities, and it eliminates the need for tons of cords crowding up your counter space.


This Mirror That Makes You Feel Like A Hollywood Star

No matter how extensive your beautifying routine is, this vanity mirror will make you feel extra-glam. This mirror comes with nine LED bulbs with adjustable brightness levels that will let you do your routines in the best possible light. It also has a touch function for seamless light control.


This Handy Hanging Toiletry Bag That’s A Travel Necessity

If you travel a lot, this toiletry bag is for you. Not only is roomy enough to store all of your small and full-sized cosmetics and products, but it also has a hook on top that makes it easy to hang on the back of your bathroom door or on a closet rod, granting you easy access to your toiletries.


An Electric Candle Lighter That’s Rechargeable & Easy To Use

This electric candle lighter eliminates the need for pesky matches or traditional lighters made from harmful butane. Reviewers love the Rayonner lighter because it’s dependable and safe. It can be charged via USB over 300 times, with one charge lasting more than 500 uses! The power button features a double safety switch to avoid any accidents.


A Cloth That Takes Off All Your Makeup With Just Water

If you prioritize taking your makeup off each night, this makeup-erasing cloth will likely become your new best friend. The towel works to remove all makeup (even waterproof mascara!) with just the addition of water. It helps to eliminate waste, too — just throw this in the washing machine when you’re done and then reuse it when needed.


These Combs That (Temporarily) Dye Your Hair Any Color You Want

If you want a dramatic hair change that won’t last forever, these washable hair chalk combs work great. The combs — which are available in packs of six with several different color combinations — allow you to easily apply temporary dye to your locks. When you’re tired of your color, just wash it out with shampoo and water.


A Detangling Brush With An Ergonomic Handle

This detangling brush is such a gem: Whether you have naturally curly or ultra-fine hair, this brush works wonders on tangles in both wet and dry strands. With its gentle bristles and ergonomic handle (in tons of cute colors), you’ll never go back to your old brush again.


A Lamp That Brings The Galaxy To Your Kid’s Bedroom

A great gift for kids, this celestial night light will have them counting down the minutes until bedtime. This lamp projects stars and a crescent moon on the wall, giving it a glow that mimics the galaxy’s. It even comes with 17 different color projections so you can change it up each night.


A Pack Of Cooling Pillows That Are Great For Side Sleepers

These plush pillows come in a two-pack, and they’re designed to keep you cool while you sleep. Plus, they’re packed with cushiony down alternative to help benefit all sorts of sleepers, including even side and stomach sleepers. They’re available in two sizes: queen and king.


The Ultimate Charcuterie Board For Entertaining Experts

If you’re constantly hosting dinner parties or wine nights, this deluxe charcuterie board will level up your entertaining game. This wooden board has an ultra-wide surface to display all your guests’ favorite meats, cheeses, and fruits, with slots on the sides to hold crackers and nuts, and it even comes equipped with special cheese knives in a hidden drawer underneath.


This Hot Tool That Gives You The Best Beach Waves

If you dream to have effortless beach waves, this hair waver can do the trick. The easy-to-use hot tool will become a necessity in your hair styling routine, and it even comes with three different temperature settings that you can change depending on your hair type.


A Wine Aerator Pourer That Will Elevate Your Wine Night

Not only does this wine aerator pourer make serving a glass of your favorite vino easier, but it’ll also help give your wine a super smooth taste that a regular pour won’t (all due to the instantaneous oxidation the aerator provides). Not to mention, it has a 4.4-star rating on Amazon.


A Stylish Scarf That Feels Like Cashmere

Nothing says “chic” like a simple scarf, and this pashmina one is sure to do the trick. The accessory comes in 14 different colors and is incredibly soft, making it a cold weather essential and the perfect add-on to any outfit (both fancy and casual). It’s available in 15 colors and is made with a blend of cotton and polyester.


This Simple, Fun Card Game With Over 24,000 Five-Star Ratings

Don’t be fooled: This card game seems simple (it is!) — but it’s also so much fun, according to over 24,000 customers who’ve given it five-star ratings. The game should only last about 15 minutes each time, and many customers wrote how it’s “easy to learn.”


These Slippers That’ll Keep You Cozy Around The House

You won’t want to go anywhere in your home this winter without these moccasin slippers on your feet. These suede house slippers come in six colors and are oh-so-soft with its faux fur and wool insides. The soles are rubber, too, giving you more grip while you walk.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 12 (with wide options available)


This Cozy Wearable Blanket With Arm Sleeves

Whether you WFH every week or spend relaxing Sundays watching Netflix all day, you’ll probably appreciate this plush wearable blanket. It gives you the warmth of a cozy blanket without giving up your arms’ mobility, and it even comes in eight fun colors to choose from.


A Hilarious Spoon Rest That Will Keep Your Countertops Clean

Keep your countertops sauce-free when you’re cooking with this spoon rest that looks like a crab raising its claws. This kitchen accessory adds a whimsical twist to a traditional spoon rest with its bright red crab claws and ability to attach to the side of whichever pot or pan you’re cooking with (and it’s nonslip, so you won’t have to worry about your crustacean friend falling into your bolognese).


A Bird Feeder For Those Who Love To Watch The Cardinals In The Winter

Bird lovers, rejoice — this bird feeder lets you feed your favorite flying critters and watch them close-up from the comfort of your home. This feeder suctions to your window so you can watch your backyard birds nibble on the food from its two feeding compartments. It even comes with a little perch for visiting birds to sit in while they eat.


The Ideal WFH Lap Desk With A Built-In Cushion

If you work from home, you might want this lap desk in your life. Thanks to various features, it’s not like many others: The lap desk has designated spaces for your laptop, wireless mouse, and smartphone, all designed to suit each item perfectly. Plus, there are built-in cushions at the bottom for comfort.


This Set Of Lightsaber Chopsticks For ‘Star Wars’ Fans

These BPA-free lightsaber chopsticks glow just like the real ones, and they’re available in different colors and color combinations. With over 9,000 five-star ratings and many customers calling them a “great gift,” you’ll want to buy these for all of the Star Wars fans in your life.


This Pair Of Aviator Sunglasses That Are Available In 9 Lens Colors

These aviator glasses are polarized and offer UV-400 protection, not to mention they’re available in nine different lens colors (including bright blues and greens). You can wear them on the beach in the summer or all winter long when the snow on the ground makes everything around it super bright. Plus, the metal frames are sturdy.


The Portable Blender That Comes With A Reusable Straw

This portable, rechargeable blender is a necessity in any home, especially if you’re taking smoothies, shakes, sauces, and salsas on the go. It has a strong motor that can blend ingredients in 30 seconds, and it’s compact enough to bring wherever you go. Plus, the blender even comes with a portable lid so you can sip right from the included plastic cup.


This Popcorn Popper That Healthily Cooks Your Favorite Movie Night Snack

in my opinion, microwave popcorn is the original movie night accessory — and using this special popper is the best way to make it, hands down. This heat-resistant glass popcorn popper cooks kernels in the microwave in just three minutes. Plus, the lid doubles as a butter melter.


A Laser Pointer Toy Your Cat Will Play With All Day

Cat parents will love how often this laser pointer toy keeps their feline occupied during the day. This laser automatically shoots its red light in different, randomized directions, keeping cats stimulated and engaged when in use — just sit back, relax, and watch your cat have a blast.


A Digital Notebook That’ll Never Run Out Of Pages

Writers, artists, and note takers need this smart notebook that you can use over and over again (say goodbye to paper waste). Just write everything you need to with the included pen, let your notes sit for 15 seconds, and scan a photo of the page to upload to the online drive of your choosing. Repeat with the rest of the 35 pages, erase, and start again!


This Giant Pack Of Scrunchies For Stylish, Breakage-Free Hair

Never go without a hair tie again with this pack of 60 satin scrunchies in every color you can think of. These scrunchies are soft — meaning they shouldn’t cause breakage like most rubber bands will — and all of the different hues in this pack will guarantee you can match one with any outfit.


The Campfire You Can Bring With You Everywhere

You can bring a toasty fire with you wherever you go with this portable soy-wax campfire. It’s perfect for those chilly winter nights where you need an extra something to keep you warm when you’re hanging outside with family and friends. Just ignite the campfire with a match or lighter, and enjoy.


This Table Lamp Equipped With USB Ports For Phone Charging

This lamp will not only look fantastic on your nightstand or in your office, but it’ll charge all of your devices as well. Equipped with three USB charging ports and shelves to rest your smartphone and even a small tablet, this lamp is a must-have decor piece that truly does it all.


A Phone Mount For Your Car That Makes Navigating Easy

This phone mount is a must-have for your dashboard: It helps prevent the need to look down at your phone when you’re in the car following the GPS, and it adheres to the dashboard with a strong suction cup. It’s even adjustable, so you can create the perfect, customized view of the screen.


An Adorable Baby Yoda-Themed Planter For ‘The Mandalorian’ Fans

So many fans of The Mandalorian will obsess over watching this Baby Yoda Chia Pet grow. This kit comes with everything you need to add greenery to Baby Yoda’s bassinet, including a seed packet, a plastic drip tray, and an acrylic stand. It’s currently a #1 Best Seller with a 4.6-star rating on Amazon.


A Mini Bluetooth Car Adapter Ideal For Older Cars

No Bluetooth? No problem. This mini Bluetooth adapter for your car (or home audio systems) is absolutely ingenious! Simply plug it into an aux jack and connect your phone, tablet, or any Bluetooth device. It’s perfect for older model cars that might not have built-in Bluetooth capabilities.


A Popular Flat Iron That Straightens & Curls Your Hair

You won’t have to settle for just any flat iron again after using this one. This iron aims to straighten your hair without causing unwanted frizziness (or making your arm hurt with the amount of times you have to run the tool through your locks). As an added bonus, it can even be used to curl your hair — and with over 50,000 five-star reviews, you know this is a must-have product.


These Reusable Food Wraps That’ll Replace All Of Your Plastic Wrap

If you’re looking for ways to reduce plastic waste in your home, you can start by eliminating plastic wraps and using these beeswax food wraps instead. The reusable food wraps can keep all sorts of foods fresh — just rinse with water and soap when you’re done using them.


The Denman Brush That Helps Effortlessly Define Your Curls

Sometimes, it’s hard to shape your curls before styling. This brush, however, makes it possible to comb and twirl through damp, curly hair to help create definition, all due to its ergonomic shape and wide gap between bristles. It has over 46,000 five-star ratings, and one customer wrote, “I love this brush makes my curls soft much more defined!”


These Mushroom Night Lights That Turn Off Automatically

These mushroom night lights project a soft glow that can guide you in the middle of the night. You don’t even have to remember to set them up each night — they automatically turn on at dusk and go off at dawn.


A Sea Salt Body Scrub Made With Argan Oil

This body scrub comes in scents that smell good enough to eat like coconut vanilla and lemon. Your skin will not only smell like a dream but feel like one too after the sea salt blend exfoliates away dead skin cells, oils, dirt, and other impurities. And since it’s made with jojoba oil, argan oil, and aloe vera, you’ll feel moisturized as well.


This Pour-Over Coffee Maker With A Stainless Steel Filter

Any caffeine lover will appreciate this pour-over coffee maker. It takes up nearly no space and makes half a liter of flavorful brew. It’s made from borosilicate glass and has a durable stainless steel filter that can be washed and reused over and over.


These Simple Ceramic Vases That Add Decor To Your Space

If you ask me, nothing adds a chic, farmhouse vibe like these ceramic vases. They come in a pack of three and have a unique, worn look that’ll help add an instant upgrade to any space in your home. You can let them sit on their own or add fresh flowers to them.


An Air Fryer That’ll Make Cooking Up Any Meal So Much Easier

In my opinion, air fryers are perfect for anyone who wants delicious meals and snacks without pulling out all their kitchen tools. This one is compact and has a 200 to 400-degree Fahrenheit temperature range. It even has a cool exterior and can fry up anything you want using 98% less oil than many regular fryers.


These Sleek Mixing Bowls That Come With Lids

This shiny three-piece mixing bowl set comes in various colors, each with different-sized bowls and matching lids. They help make baking, cooking, prepping, and storing food a totally seamless experience — and they have a 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon.


An Adorable Wooden Sign That You Can Customize

If you ask me, nothing says “homey” like a personalized sign — and this wooden sign is the perfect addition to any family home. It’s customizable, so you can include different fonts and phrases that represent your family or home, all while adding a chic, rustic decor element to your kitchen, living room, or entryway.


This Essential Oil Diffuser That Glows In 7 Colors

Turn your room into a relaxing oasis with this essential oil diffuser. This diffuser comes with a 300-milliliter water tank along with different mist modes — and it can even change to seven different colors, so you can pick whichever one best matches your mood. Plus, it works as a humidifier, helping to create the perfect spa-like atmosphere.


This Neck Reading Light With Over 85,000 5-Star Reviews

This neck reading light would make a great gift for the night owl who loves to read or work at night. They’ll no longer have to disrupt those around them. Instead, they can position the flexible sides to point in any direction they need and choose between different color modes and brightness levels.


The Perfect Pack Of Stemless Wine Glasses

These stemless wine glasses are great for dinner parties and movie nights. Not only are they resistant to shattering (per the brand), but they’re also dishwasher safe. Plus, they’re made to hold 15 ounces each and have over 11,000 positive Amazon ratings.


A Device That Makes It Easier To Open Your Favorite Bottle Of Vino

You won’t have to struggle with traditional wine openers after witnessing the magic of this electric wine opener. This device will both cut foil and open nearly any bottle of wine in just a matter of seconds, all at the click of a button. Plus, it can open up to 30 bottles on just one full charge.


This Space-Saving Humidifier That Can Be Brought Anywhere

No matter how little space you have on your desk or how often you’re traveling in your car, you can always have this coffee cup humidifier around. It makes hardly any noise, and it’s USB-rechargeable.


These Marble Coasters Decorated With Chic Golden Stripes

While coasters are a necessity to eliminate condensation marks on your expensive dinner table, it’s rare that they look as chic as these marble ones. These quality coasters can absorb excess condensation and their soft, foam underside shouldn’t damage your tabletops. This set also works as a fantastic housewarming gift.


An Apple AirTag With 127,000+ 5-Star Reviews

The Apple AirTag allows you to track your items via the Find My app and designate a specific sound to go off when looking for something. This is perfect for the person in your life who always seems to be misplacing their keys or phone. It’s so lightweight and small, that it can be attached or slipped into nearly any accessory.


This Set Of Party Games With 160 Challenges

This set of party games is suitable for anyone over the age of nine, making it a great gift for the friend who loves to host. It features 160 fast challenges that only take two minutes to learn. Everyone will benefit from this gift.


A Password Organizer With Tear-Resistant Tabs

Whether you have a forgetful friend or one who loves to keep everything in order, this password organizer will come in handy for someone. It has alphabetical tabs so they can easily find the website information they’re looking for and a pocket for any other notes or documents they need to store.


A Set Of Stylish Handbags So You’ll Always Have Accessory Options

Purchase this purse set and you’ll never stress about having the perfect accessory again. This set comes with four different, stylish handbags (in 43 different colors), including a tote, a wallet, a clutch, and a satchel. With this, you’ll have a bag for every outfit and every occasion.


A Colorful Wind Chime That’ll Make Your Yard Look Magical

Your backyard will look magical after hanging up this rainbow butterfly wind chime. It’s beautiful and durable, and the butterflies even glow in the dark (since they’re solar powered). These are the perfect addition to any porch or garden, and they have a 4.5-star rating.


A Set Of Smart Light Bulbs With Millions Of Color Options

You can completely upgrade your home with this set of smart light bulbs. You’ll be able to control them with voice or the app when you’re not home and switch up the brightness, color, or even put them on a schedule. They also help save energy.


These Oil Pastel Pencils With Rich Pigment

The artist in your life will certainly appreciate the vibrant hues that these oil pastel pencils will bring to their creations. They have a strong core to prevent breakage and bright pigment that won’t fade when exposed to light.


These Double-Walled Espresso Mugs That’ll Help Keep Your Coffee Warm

If you prefer espressos and cappuccinos over cold brew, then these mugs are for you. This set comes with two insulated espresso mugs that’ll help keep your morning pick-me-up piping hot and your hands a normal temperature, and they have over 11,000 glowing five-star ratings.


A Plush Pillow That Looks Like An Adorable Seal

This plush pillow looks just like a seal, complete with a 3-D nose, flippers, and a tail. The realistic-looking pillow is filled with extra-plush cotton, and over 4,900 customers have given it a five-star rating. It’s available in three sizes ranging from small to large.


This Fabulous Leather Wallet With Tons Of Compartments

If you’re on the lookout for a new wallet, look no further than this stylish leather option. This wallet comes in tons of different colors has several compartments to keep your credit cards, ID cards, and coupons secure. It’s even made with RFID-blocking material.


This Beautiful Cup & Spoon Set With A Perfect Garden-Party Aesthetic

You’ll never want to use regular old teacups or mugs again after using this beautiful mug once. This glass mug and steel spoon have a whimsical, yet elegant floral design that’ll make anyone swoon. Buy a few more, and you’ve got the perfect cups to host a tea party.


This Whiskey Stone Set That Comes With Glasses & More

This whiskey gift set has everything you need to make the perfect cocktail, including crystal glasses, chilling stones that won’t water down your drink, stone coasters, ice tongs, and a book of drink recipes. Plus, it’s all packed into a sleek pinewood box that makes the perfect present.


An At-Home Putting Green For Those Who Can’t Always Make It To The Course

Bring the course to your very own home — and give yourself a quick break from work — with this putting green. This nonslip green has a super smooth putting surface, three practice “holes,” and even faux sand traps that will catch any of your missed shots.


An Inflatable Hammock For All Sorts Of Outdoor Lounging

Say goodbye to regular ol’ beach chairs once you have this inflatable lounger. This inflatable hammock is the perfect thing to bring along with you to the beach, pool, camping, or even when you just want to lie out in your backyard. Just fill it with outside air, trap the air in the inflatable, sit back, and relax.


An Adorable Cat Coin Bank That’s Perfect Or Kids Or Adults

This money bank isn’t like the ceramic piggy bank you had growing up — it’s way cooler and way more adorable. This is perfect for kids and adults looking to save their coins; just place a coin on the round surface, push down, and watch as the little cat speaks and steals your money away for safe keeping.


This Colorful Toilet Bowl Light That’s Great For Midnight Bathroom Breaks

If you often get up to use the bathroom when it’s dark, this motion sensor toilet light is a must. The easy-to-install light will turn on whenever it detects motion near it, giving you to opportunity to walk in without turning on any overhead lights. Plus, you can change the color to any shade of the rainbow.


A Handheld Karaoke Machine With Synchronized Lights

With voice-changing effects and over 100k song options, the fun will never end with this carpool karaoke machine. The microphone is even equipped with music-synchronized lights and volume and echo controls.


This Microwaveable Heating Pad That Can Also Be Used Cold

This microwaveable heating pad delivers up to 20 minutes of relief at a time. It’s the perfect thing to gift to anyone experiencing tension and other discomfort. When activated by heat, it will even release a subtle scent of lavender to relax the senses even more. It can also be used for a cooling effect.


A Hands-Free Phone Mount That Has So Many Uses

This universal phone mount, as the name suggests, can be used almost anywhere. Hang it from a kitchen cabinet, keep it upright on your desk, or attach it to the tray table on a plane. It even rotates 360 degrees so that you have the perfect view at all times.


This Mini Donut Maker For Homemade Desserts

This donut maker is perfect for anyone who’s trying to bake their own desserts or sweet snacks at home. It comes with nonstick pans that heat up to bake seven mini donuts at a time, and it’s available in two colors: aqua and donut-print. One customer wrote, “Super nonstick plates, didn't have any issues baking/cleaning.”


An Insulated Mug That’s Dishwasher-, Microwave- & Freezer-Safe

For anyone who is constantly on the go, this insulated tumbler mug will regulate the temperature of their drink so they don’t have to worry about getting a new one. It reduces condensation and keeps things both hot and cold for longer. Plus, it’s shatter resistant.


Some Durable iPhone Charging Cables That Are 6 Feet Long

These iPhone-charging cables come in a pack of three, and they’re all 6 feet long. Plus, the cables are braided with nylon, making them extra durable. Thanks to the lightning connectors, they work with various different Apple products — and one shopper wrote, “The chord is so flexible and super long. Having a pack of 3 has been perfect, one for the car, one for home, and one for work!”


A Mess-Free Incense Holder That Catches Ashes

This chic incense holder would be a great addition to anyone’s home. The glass container adds a modern touch and acts as a mess-free barrier to keep ashes from reaching furniture. And since the stick is hung upside down, you’ll be a safer distance from the smoke.

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