40 Clever Hacks That Fix The Cheap-Looking Eyesores Around Your Home

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by Nikol Slatinska

If you’ve recently moved or if you’re simply hoping to renovate an older space, it’s worth determining which specific spots could use an upgrade. That could mean adding decor to brighten up an area or buying tools that make everyday functions easier to carry out. Thankfully, Amazon has pretty much anything you could ever need to help fix the cheap-looking eyesores around your house.

The best part is that none of these functional finds will make your place of residence look disjointed or cluttered. If anything, an infinitely more stylish and practical home awaits you. And if you have kids, pets, or just a generally busy household, the following picks will make your days run a lot smoother.

Keep reading to see 40 hacks you can do to improve the look and feel of your crib.


Giving Your Bedroom A Hotel-Like Ambiance With This Luxurious Down Comforter

With the weather cooling down a bit, it’s time to put away those light summer blankets. A thick, fluffy comforter like this one by Beckham Luxury Linens does the trick. It comes in standard sizes and seven colors. If you have a different comforter that you prefer the look of, this one can be used as a duvet insert. A synthetic goose feather filling will keep you warm throughout the fall months.


Replacing Old Kitchen Rags With This Pack Of Stylish Towels

Kitchen rags might be used to sop up messes and wipe dirty hands, but that doesn’t mean they need to look ratty. You’ll want something a bit more polished, especially for when you’re entertaining guests. These striped cotton towels, which come in a pack of six, are not only super sturdy and absorbent, but they’re also not bad to look at. Coming in six different colors, they’ll match just about any space and can be easily thrown in the washer.


Keeping Soft Surfaces Spotless With This Pet Hair Roller

You adore your pets and your living room seating that’s upholstered in various velvets, linens, and chenilles — two loves that can be hard to reconcile. With the ChomChom fur roller, however, both can live in harmony. Just swipe this helpful tool over any soft, hair-riddled surface, and it’ll collect every last piece of fluff. There are no sticky papers, so this gadget is much more eco-friendly than your traditional lint roller. When finished, just open the chamber, and throw out the hair.


Storing Your Coffee Grounds In Style With This Stainless Steel Coffee Container

The canister your coffee comes in doesn’t have to be the one you keep on your counter, especially if it sports a garish color or logo. This airtight container by Coffee Gator will simultaneously keep your beans fresh and blend in nicely with your other kitchen accessories. It also has cool features, including an expiration date setting and a CO2 release valve.


Preventing Wet Bathroom Floors With This Memory Foam Bath Mat

Sometimes, simply placing a towel on the ground in front of your shower will not suffice. This plush foam bath mat absorbs moisture and has a velvet top layer, so you’ll look forward to sinking your feet into it. The mat comes in multiple sizes and 23 colors, so you can match it to any room.


Freeing Up Closet Space With An Under-Bed Shoe Organizer That Lies Flat

If you live in a small space, then you know the hassle that a large shoe collection can yield. This is where this under-bed shoe organizer comes in. It arrives in a pack of two, with your choice of one 16-pair shoe holder and one four-pair, or two of the former. Once your footwear is neatly tucked inside the compartments, just slide the rectangular boxes under the bed. Clear vinyl covers mean easy visibility and no shoe smell, either.


Upgrading Your Bar Cart With A Polished Cocktail Shaker Set

Put away the smoothie cup — that’s strictly for fruit and protein powder. Instead, you can look like a true mixologist with this stainless steel cocktail shaker set, and your home bar will gain a more legit appearance, too. The set comes with a jigger, shaker, and strainer, a.k.a. the trio you need for perfectly mixed martinis. It also makes for a great gift.


Upping Your Charcuterie Game With This Wooden Serving Tray

Snacks are all well and good, but when you have guests or just want to feel a li'l fancy, it’s nice to present them in an organized manner. The serving platter is a key component to any pretty display, which is why you need something like this 22” Lazy Susan. Place this round wooden turntable (which rotates 360 degrees!) at the kitchen bar or dining table, and enjoy a meal that’s as visually pleasing as it is delicious.


Rounding Up Your Crafting Supplies With A Cute Organizer Tote

Sewing, scrapbooking, and jewelry making are all fun hobbies, but they can quickly lead to a messy workstation. This canvas organizer tote has up to twelve separate compartments depending on how you set up its dividers, so every tool gets its own little home. When you finish a crafting session, simply put everything back in its place, and delight in an organized desk.


Giving Your Closet A More Uniform Look With This 10-Pack Of Sophisticated Wooden Hangers

Your closet might contain an unfortunate collection of mismatched hangers that you’ve accumulated from various stores over the years, but you don’t have to live this way. Instead, this pack of solid wooden hangers (which come in cherry, natural, or vintage finishes) will instantly have your wardrobe looking more luxurious. Each hanger has clips and shoulder notches, so it can hold jackets, tops, and dresses, as well as bottoms.


Keeping Fermented Foods Locked Tight With This Set Of Mason Jars

Whether you’re into pickling veggies, making your own jam, or drinking out of versatile glassware, this 4-pack of Mason jars will make your job a lot easier while giving your pantry a cottagecore vibe. The jars come in either 12- or 16-oz sizes, and you can choose between a set of four or six. The airtight lids will keep their contents from leaking.


Diversifying Your Home’s Lighting With A Set Of Wireless, Color-Changing LED Lights

If there’s anything that quickly cheapens a home, it’s harsh overhead lighting. With these stick-on wireless LED lights, you don’t even have to flip a switch in order to achieve a soft glow in any color. These attach to all hard surfaces and can be controlled via their included remotes. Adhesive tape also comes with the set, which means the lights are renter-friendly.


Making Slippery Furniture Legs Stay Put With These Round Rubber Pads

This 12-pack of furniture pad grippers is a necessity for any safe home, but especially for those with kids, pets, or elderly people. Sliding chair legs are no joke! To keep the legs on any seat, cabinet, or table from moving, simply place one of these small round pads with anti-slip rubber underneath, and voilà! You’re one step closer to having a fully accident-proof home.


Keeping Decorative Rugs Flat With These Carpet Corner Grippers

Similar to furniture legs, rug corners have no business moving about. Fortunately, these tape-like grippers attach to the undersides and stick onto the floor, helping to keep your rugs in place. Even better, tons of Amazon customers agree that they’re simple to install. At $20 for a pack of 12, they’re a steal.


Keeping Couches Free From Scratches With This 6-Pack Of Adhesive Furniture Protectors

Furniture coverings have a reputation for looking a little cheap. With these cat scratch shields, however, you won’t have to forego that stylish sofa for fear that it’ll get ruined. Just stick a pad of the plastic deterrent on any surface you want to protect, and consider your cat deterred. Because the shields are transparent, they won’t detract from your living room’s aesthetic.


Giving Your Gaming Station An Update With A Protective Desk Mat

Any surface that’s constantly subject to friction and a roaming mouse is bound to bear some light scratches. Keep your desk looking as good as new with this non-slip mat, which is essentially a really large mouse pad. Made from faux leather, this accessory is particularly useful for kids and gamers.


Keeping Your Dish Sponge Clean & Dry With A Chic Ceramic Holder

For only $9, you can be the proud owner of a pretty porcelain cup that prevents your dish sponge from getting lost amid a sea of dirty dinnerware. This sponge holder comes in a glossy ceramic finish and features a convenient cut-out just large enough for your scrubber. As an added bonus, it’s dishwasher safe.


Saving Yourself The Trouble Of Regrouting Tiles With This Paint Marker

Do you know how to grout tile? Me neither. And since this isn’t a home DIY how-to, here’s a marker made specifically for brightening those tiny spaces between your kitchen or bathroom tiles. Even if the tiles are just in need of a little refresh, you won’t have to scrub to get them looking white again. More than 13,400 five-star ratings affirm that this product is no gimmick.


Elevating Both Large & Small Furnishings With A Pack Of Heavy-Duty Risers

These 2” tall stackable risers can not only be placed under swivel legs to keep furniture from rolling, but they can also go beneath beds, hutches, and other heavy pieces without breaking. That’s because one riser can support up to 5,000 pounds of weight. These are great for creating more home storage space in seconds. “I'm very happy that the bed now has enough elevation to be able to slide plastic storage boxes under it without a struggle,” one reviewer wrote.


Preventing Your Front Door From Catching Rust With This Paint That Has A Satiny Finish

It can be difficult to protect your home’s exterior, especially during periods of inclement weather. As a rule, though, your front door should remain spiffy and inviting. This Rust-Oleum paint comes in five colors perfectly suited for your front entryway and resists wear and tear brought on by the elements, including rust. Say goodbye to copper and hello to cranberry.


Revamping Boring White Outlets With A Luxe Matte-Black Wall Plate

Although you can sometimes customize a home’s paint colors, flooring, and fixtures, you’re usually stuck with the same drab white outlets throughout. Fear not — you can replace each one with a sleek black plate made from zinc alloy that screws into the wall around your outlet. The light almond version offers a nice beige alternative. Amazon customers love them, giving them a rating of 4.8 out of five.


Giving Your Cabinets A Modern Refresh With This Stunning Hardware

You might’ve thought you had to make a trip to Lowe’s or Home Depot to find modern, high-quality cabinet hardware, but these silver drawer pulls prove otherwise. Available in a pack of 15 for only $12, these are a bargain. “They have a good weight to them but aren't too heavy, look very sleek, and have a good finish,” one reviewer noted.


Taking Your Floor To The Next Level With These Decorative Peel & Stick Tiles

Tired of your conventional-looking floor but don’t have the money or time to replace it? Try out these vinyl peel-and-stick tiles, which sport a traditional, yet refreshing pattern in a light gray. Once these are on the ground, they’re there to stay, even amid moisture and heavy foot traffic. And, you don’t even need grout.


Covering Up Imperfections With This Wall Repair Kit

Accidents happen, but you shouldn’t be forced to live with the unsightly aftermath. If you have a hole in your wall that’s roughly three or so inches in diameter, this repair kit will help you achieve a professional-grade mend. The kit includes a tub of primer with spackling compound, an adhesive patch, and the tools for administering them. This is also great for renters who want to spruce up their walls before a new tenant comes in.


Achieving A Quick & Easy Window Screen Repair With This Mesh Tape

Your window screen might have a hole or tear in it, but that’s no longer a reason to replace the whole thing. This repair tape conveniently comes in black and silver, so it’ll match almost any screen. Simply stick it on, and revel in how effectively it covers up imperfections. No more spending hundreds on professional help!


Anchoring Your Posters With A Classic Black Frame

Why stop at framing pictures? Instead of plastering it on the wall with tape, elevate the look of your favorite band or movie poster with this simple black frame. It comes with its own hardware, which allows you to hang it vertically or horizontally. You can buy this frame in an array of different sizes and colors for any type of poster or artwork that deserves a bit more respect.


Giving Your Dining Room A Rustic Flair With This Wrinkle-Free Tablecloth

If you’re after a farmhouse chic aesthetic, your dining room table needs this tasseled faux-linen tablecloth, which comes in nine lovely patterns. Whether you choose one with a wheat runner or a version with chevron detailing, it’s going to provide an old-world vibe without feeling outdated. And even better, it’s wrinkle-free.


Straightening Out Your Wall Art With This Handy Laser Level

There’s no reason to have crooked wall hangings when tools like this multipurpose laser level exist. Gauge your dimensions with its built-in tape measure, then ensure that your art is even with the laser and bubble leveling elements. From there, you should have a beautifully balanced wall display. This level also happens to be an Amazon best seller.


Making Your Doors More Functional With These Self-Closing Hinges

Changing the door hinges around your house is a relatively easy and worthwhile upgrade, especially if they’re old and rusty. Not only are these spring hinges made from corrosion-resistant steel, but they also prompt doors to close on their own. “I’ve had them installed for about two months now, and they are working exactly as I had hoped,” said one Amazon customer. They come with their own installation hardware and can be purchased in silver or matte black.


Improving Your Home Decor With This Set Of Modern Ceramic Vases

Glass vases are classic but a little been-there, done-that. Decorate your communal spaces (or really any space) with these doughnut-style ceramic vases which come in four neutral colors. Guests’ eyes will go right to them thanks to their striking design. At under $40, these beauties look much more expensive than they actually are.


Installing These Intricate Wall Sconces For A More Romantic Decor Style

Minimalism is in, but it might not be right for you. Where’s the opulence? The sparkle? Well, you can find some of it in this set of free-swinging and bedazzled white iron sconces. Unlike most typical light fixtures, these sconces can hold small candles or tea lights to give your living room a sense of old-fashioned charm. They’re major compliment getters, no doubt.


Swapping Your Shabby Hamper With This Charming Cotton Basket

Laundry is a chore, but it doesn’t have to be a struggle. Don’t waste your energy jamming heavy blankets and other thick items into a tight hamper when you can get this oversized rope basket. Although it’s soft and foldable, it can hold a surprising number of linens and garments. If you’re not lacking in the laundry department, this basket also makes for a great storage bin in general.


Renovating Countertops With This Authentic-Looking Marble Paper

This marble-printed paper is like duct tape because it can be used on virtually anything, from countertops to notebooks to dressers. Yet it’s simultaneously nothing like duct tape because it actually looks great. It’s self-adhesive and made of vinyl to accurately imitate real marble’s glossy finish. For just $7, you can give your kitchen a convincing makeover that looks like it cost you thousands. Just ask the 26,200 five-star reviewers.


Introducing Some Greenery To Your Work Space With This Set Of Living Plants

If your surroundings are feeling a bit drab, plants are an easy way to quickly brighten things up. Purchasing this set of three from Costa Farms is exciting because you don’t know exactly what you’re going to get. Based on availability, you might receive succulents, snake plants, or any host of low-maintenance botanicals. They purify your air and are pretty to look at, so what’s not to love?


Decluttering Your Entryway With This Helpful Organizer Box

Mail piles up quickly, especially in the age of Amazon Prime. Sort and separate smaller shipments into this wall-mounted basket, which also has five hooks for keys, dog leashes, and other hangable items. Plus, it’s not bulky. “Needed something small that could fit in an odd space, and this was perfect,” one reviewer highlighted.


Hiding Obtrusive Cables With These Sleek Black Boxes

As necessary as they are, cables can make an otherwise well-designed room look unpolished. This set of black boxes makes them less conspicuous. Simply place your power strips inside, and pull the cords out through the back openings. Although not completely hidden from view, those annoying strips of plastic won’t be nearly as noticeable.


Preventing Refrigerator Messes With These Easy-To-Clean Mats

It’s great to have a fridge stocked with fresh produce, but you’ll quickly find that cucumbers, berries, and other fruits and veggies can become leaky and cause sticky stains on the shelves. Plus, accidents with condiments and beverages are always prone to happen. With these protective vinyl mats, you can physically extract any spillage and clean it off without having to uncomfortably reach inside and check every crevice. Plus, the mats’ textured surface makes them anti-slip, and the fun colors will add some extra pizzazz to your fridge.


Repairing Ripped Leather With This No-Show Tape

Got a tear in your leather couch or chair? That used to be reason enough to purchase a new one, but this $15 repair tape is a much quicker and cheaper solution. It comes in 34 shades, so you’re bound to find an exact color to match your furniture. As with any tape, all you have to do is tear some off and place it onto the problem area. Your sofa will look as good as new in mere seconds.


Organizing Your Towels With These Large Adhesive Hooks

There are few things more annoying than wall hooks that are too small, causing your towel, purse, or whatever you’re trying to hang to slip off. You won’t have that problem with these oversized stick-on hooks, which can hold up to 15 pounds of weight. They come in silver or black and are also waterproof, so you can place them in the bathroom.


Replacing Outdated Light Fixtures With A Modern Ceiling Lamp

No matter how current your furniture looks, old fixtures will always make it look outdated. Replace any dowdy light with this industrial-style glass lamp, which adds a slightly edgy sensibility to your space. The included directions and hardware make installation an easy process, meaning you don’t need to call a professional to have new and improved lighting. You can get it in black, bronze, or silver.