40 Clever Ideas For Making Your Home Seem More Expensive For Under $35

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Written by Veronika Kero

Imagine this: You’re having a dinner party for your closest friends and as they walk in they’re greeted by gorgeous marble countertops, spotless appliances, a perfectly set table, and even a bidet in the bathroom.

Now what if I told you all of that was possible without any contractors or visits to any expensive home goods store? All it really took was some marble contact paper, a stainless steel cleaning spray, matching candles, cloth napkins, and a bidet attachment.

Products like these are proof that making your house look fancy and expensive can actually be inexpensive. Instead of dreading hefty invoices, just scroll through Amazon and stock up on these genius things that will make your home look so luxurious and elegant — all for under $35. No matter how many of these upgrades you end up purchasing, it still won’t cost as much as it would if you were to shop elsewhere.


Change The Color Of Any Room With This LED Light Strip

These USB-powered strip lights can provide aesthetically-pleasing illumination behind your computer or TV screen, making movie nights or gaming nights so snazzy. These strip lights can be installed tool-free with the adhesive backing and are controlled via remote so that you can switch up the vibe of your living room with the click of a button.


Add Some Luxury To Your Bedding With These Satin Pillowcases

These satin pillowcases don’t just look luxe with the silky smooth material and hidden zipper that keeps your pillow from slipping out — they can also make it easy to work on your beauty regime even while you sleep because. Unfortunately, all those serums and moisturizers will not reach their full potential if you’re rolling around on a rough pillow. These smooth pillowcases protects your hair from breakage, help reduce facial creases, and keep you cool throughout the night.


Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa With This Bamboo Mat

This chic bamboo mat turns your bathroom into a beautiful spa and gives you a safe and dry place to step. The natural bamboo is finished with three protective coats to help maintain its quality and coated with a non-slip surface. The sturdy, slatted design that promotes air circulation, and the whole mat is kept in place with nine anti-slip gaskets.


Use This Bed Skirt To Hide Any Unattractive Frames Or Clutter

Hide any unattractive mattress foundation and random odds you keep under your bed with this 14-inch long bed skirt. The 100% microfiber material adds to the softness of your decor and comes in 12 different colors to match any decor. The pleated corners even add a bit of style itself, and the entire skirt is machine-washable.


Decorate The Walls With This 6-Level Towel Rack

Although this metal wall mount is probably primarily used as a cute towel rack for your bathroom, it’s also sturdy enough to act as a wine holder. The metal has a rust-resistant coating and has been shaped to either be hung directly over a door or screwed into a wall, turning functional pieces into decor while adding storage to your home. The six levels feature a small size rack at the very top, and this entire rack be split in the middle to be used separately.


Keep Your Laundry Hidden & Separated With This Bamboo Hamper

Having a hamper shouldn’t throw off your entire bedroom decor. This chic, lidded hamper is made of durable but lightweight bamboo with a beautiful espresso-brown finish that can blend into any modern design. The interior lining is easily removable and equipped with a built-in divider so you can spend less time separating clothes when it’s laundry day. If you don’t want to carry the load only in the lining, use the side handles to carry the entire thing. When not needed, collapse the bamboo so it can be stored just about anywhere.


Use These Anchor Jars To Aesthetically Display Anything

Fill these anchor jars with candy, coffee pods, laundry detergent, dry goods, or anything else that you know you and your guests will often reach for. Each jar in this set of two holds one gallon of stuff and comes with a sleek metal lid that will instantly make your kitchen, pantry, or laundry room so stylish.


Add In Some Greenery With These Lifelike Plants

Just because you don’t have the time to stick to a watering schedule doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy some beautiful greenery in your space. This three-pack of artificial eucalyptus plants will be the easiest thing to take care of, and they look so good. The life-like plastic will be a calming touch to your living room or even office.


Keep Your Kitchen Mess-Free With A Sleek Automatic Soap Dispenser

Fumbling around with dirty hands and trying to get some soap is a sure way to create a wet mess all over your countertop — and make your kitchen full of germs. This automatic soap dispenser makes it easy to get cleaned up. The waterproof, wall-mountable dispenser holds up to 17 ounces of soap and comes in five different finishes including brushed nickel and gunmetal.


Brighten Any Dark Spaces With These Wireless LED Lights

Add lighting to spaces where wiring is just not possible with these LED lights. Use the included adhesive tape or screws to easily install them into your closet, kitchen cabinet, hallways, or stairs. The long-lasting bulbs project 55 lumens of a warm white glow. The wireless remote has controls to turn the set on and off, adjust the brightness, and set up the auto-off timer.


Make Your Spaces Cozier & Cuter With This Knitted Throw Blanket

A good throw blanket that actually keeps you warm can end up costing a pretty penny. Thankfully, there are still cheap options like this knitted one, with a super soft feel that will make any night in a cozy one. The throw has a textured look and tasseled edges that look beautiful when spread across a couch or chair. Choose between two different sizes and nearly 20 color options.


Experience A Luxurious Cleanse With This Bidet Attachment

After using the adjustable water pressure on this bidet attachment to cleanse once, you’ll never want to go back to your old ways. The non-electric device takes just minutes to attach and can be controlled with the easy-access control dial in addition to manually changing the angle of the retractable spray nozzle. You can also feel proud knowing that you’re opting for a more eco-friendly bathroom option.


Give Your Closet A Chic & Practical Upgrade With These Velvet Hangers

If your clothes spend more time on the floor than actually on the hanger, you definitely haven’t switched over to the luxurious world of velvet hangers. Not only does this 50-pack of slim hangers keep all your silky tops and dresses in place thanks to a superior grip, it also upgrades the overall look of your closet. The 360-degree swivel hook also makes it super easy to browse through your wardrobe and see both sides of a piece.


Serve Your Guests With These Elegant Glass Carafes

Even simple water will look like a drink served at a high-end restaurant in these glass carafes. The durable and high-quality glass will add an elegant touch to any dinner party decor and make it easier for your guests to serve themselves without constantly having to run into the kitchen for refills. Each carafe holds 1 liter and comes with a plastic cover to prevent spills and keep its contents as fresh as possible.


Upgrade Your Baths With This Bamboo Caddy Tray

This stylish bamboo bathtub caddy has designated compartments for your phone, tablet, and even a slide opening for your wine glass to make your relaxing soak in the tub even fancier. The retractable sides can extend from 27.6 inches to 41.7 inches so as to fit any size tub.


Add A Touch Of Texture To Your Windows With These Extra Long Curtains

These sheer curtains are the perfect way to add a bit of texture and style to a room without taking away any natural light or making the space feel too crowded. Available in 19 lengths from 45 to 144 inches, each panel will elegantly flow to the ground while filtering sunlight but still allowing you to enjoy your view. From a pure white to a deep red, there is a color option to match nearly any decor.


Use Your Voice To Control Your Appliances With These Smart Plugs

With these smart plugs, any appliance or device can be smart. Plug any lamp, humidifier, speaker, coffee maker, or just about anything else into one of these outlets to control it using Alexa or Google Home Assistant. In addition to voice control, you can use the app to set a schedule for your electronics while you’re away and set timers for them to go off and on automatically.


Bring Fresh Spice To Every Meal With These Sleek Salt & Pepper Grinders

This salt and pepper grinder set brings the best flavor right to your dining room table. The 8-ounce bottles are the perfect size so that you don’t have to refill them too often, even when you use them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The sleek, spill-proof, and stainless steel tops will look great when displayed and adjust to let you decide how fine or coarse you want your spices.


Organize Your Desk With This Gorgeous Marble Pen Holder

Even the parts of your desk that may seem boring can be chic with this ceramic pencil holder. It has a beautiful marble design that comes in a seven stunning colors and patterns. If you don’t have too many writing utensils to organize, consider using the gold-accented organizer as a makeup brush holder.


Make Use Of Every Corner With These Floating Shelves

This corner shelf is a great way to make use of otherwise unused areas of your home and turn them into storage. The five-tier floating shelf can be used to display family photos, artwork, or even makeup or spices. Each level holds up to 11 pounds and can be used separately for spread-out decor throughout the house.


Keep Your Stainless Steel Shiny With This Natural Cleaner

This plant-based stainless steel cleaning spray makes any steel surface stay true to its name. Made with natural coconut oil, the solution gently removes smudges to leave the surface sparkling and looking as good as new. Safe to use around kids and pets, you don’t have to think twice about using this spray, which has over 13,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


Display Your Odds & Ends On This Mirrored Gold Tray

This mirrored gold tray is as pretty as all the things you can display on it. Use the unique frame to show off your beautiful perfume collection or to display your sparkly rings and earrings. The non-slip base protects any surface you place it on and keeps the tray from tumbling over by mistake.


Hang Your Utensils Like A Professional Chef With This Magnetic Knife Holder

Not only does this magnetic knife holder give you more drawer space, but it displays your kitchen tools in a sleek way that typically is only seen in chic restaurants or high-end designer kitchens. The 16-inch panel is strong enough to hold up to 4.4 pounds of cutlery, making it fit to be placed in the garage as well to hold some lightweight tools like paint brushes and scissors.


Turn Your Bathroom Into A Hollywood Dressing Room With These Vanity Lights

You’ll feel like a star every time you do your hair and makeup after placing these LED mirror lights on your vanity. The 10 bright bulbs are all connected with a 11.5-foot wire, though the length can be adjusted to fit your needs. Use the attached dimmer to adjust the brightness so that you have the perfect lighting for doing your makeup, filming a YouTube video, and so much more.


Bring Out Your Charcuterie Creation On This Bamboo Board

If putting together meats, cheeses, spreads, and nuts on a charcuterie board has become your favorite pastime, you need a quality surface to display your creations on. Made of all-natural, water-resistant bamboo, this board is meant to last through years of cutting while still being gentle on your knives. The side trays act both as handles for easy carrying and compartments for all your delicious jams, nuts, and crackers.


Store Blankets, Pillows, Toys & More In This Adorable Woven Basket

This woven storage basket will make even the most random assortment of items look organized. The natural cotton rope is available in three neutral shades that are chic yet adorable, all while seamlessly blending into the decor of any room. Place this bin in your living room to have easy access to your throw blankets, the kids room to organize their countless toys, or the bathroom to hold extra towels.


Set Your Table With Some Swanky Cloth Napkins

Paper napkins aren’t the best for our environment but the other problem is that they just aren’t very cute. To combat both issues, grab this 12-pack of reusable cloth napkins, which are available in 15 different colors. The cotton and polyester blend is quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant, and super absorbent so you can fold them any way you desire and use them to wipe up dinner messes. When done, throw them in the washing machine to have them ready for the next dinner party.


Display Your Cookbooks With This Foldable Book Stand

To keep your cookbooks from getting stained and damaged, use this bamboo book stand. Not only will you keep your books away from sticky ingredients, but you’ll also have a more convenient view of the instructions. This stand has four adjustable heights and is a great way to make your kitchen look functional yet chic.


Enjoy Purified Water Right From The Tap With This Filter Attachment

By attaching this water filter system to your faucet, you can replace 1,800 single-use water bottles per year, all while having delicious water right in your kitchen. The compact device reduces 99% of lead, chlorine, asbestos, particulates, benzene, and more for a fresh, crisp taste. Each filter lasts about four months and has an indicator light that reminds you to replace it.


Keep Your Skincare & Makeup In Order With This Makeup Organizer

This makeup organizer has everything you need to compactly and hygienically store your products. The crisp, chic design of this sturdy organizer has seven compartments and two drawers, so all your beauty favorites will have a home away from the germs that they would be exposed to when sharing a drawer or cabinet with other items. Plus, the perforated bottoms provides easy drainage for any spillage so that nothing is sitting in dirty liquid. The high-quality plastic can be washed using soap and water.


Save Cabinet Space With These Stainless Steel Nesting Bowls

This set of stainless steel bowls (with five different sizes — .75, 1, 1.5, 3, and 5 quarts) gives you all the space you need for recipes without taking up unnecessary space from your cabinets. Just nest them into each other for easy storage when not using. Each shatter-proof bowl comes with an airtight lid to easily save leftovers or chill part of a recipe, allowing you to mix, serve, and save your food all in one bowl. The set is safe to put in both the freezer and dishwasher.


Get A Better Night’s Rest With This Super Quiet Humidifier

This humidifier quietly works to bring moisture into any room that’s up to 175 square feet. After filling the .7-liter water tank, you can run the device for up to 10 hours without refilling, making it an ideal overnight option. Turn on the auto-off feature so that it doesn’t run when empty and use the optional nightlight for a nice glow before going to bed.


Bring A Romantic Glow To Your Room With This Sunset Lamp

Bask in a beautiful warm light even on the cloudiest day with this sunset lamp. With 16 different color options and three brightness levels, the lamp gradually (or quickly) changes from one hue to another to give the effect of the sun setting right in your bedroom, giving off a total vibe. Plug the compact tripod stand in using any USB port to create the beautiful display anywhere.


Modernize Your Kitchen With This Marble Contact Paper

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your kitchen countertop or backsplash without paying a huge bill, grab a roll of this marble contact paper. The waterproof and oil-proof vinyl easily adheres to any surface to completely change the look of your space. No one will ever know that the gorgeous marble is actually just a fancy sticker that you applied yourself.


Keep Your Necklaces Knot-Free With This Beautiful Jewelry Stand

To beautifully display your jewelry and keep your necklaces knot-free, place everything on this jewelry organizer. The adorable tree shape comes in bronze, cyan, or silver — all three of which will bring an antique vibe to your dresser for a cheap price. There is enough space to hang your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings while placing your rings and studs on the plate below.


Set The Mood With These Matching, Scentless Pillar Candles

If you love the look of candles but not the smell of them, this set of pillar candles is for you. At 6 inches tall, each candle has a dripless and smokeless burn time of 70 hours, allowing you to set the mood for many, many evenings. Use them to transform your bath into a spa or to elevate the dining room on date night. The exterior rustic texture makes them perfect for any occasion.


Store Odds & Ends In This Faux Leather Ottoman

This storage ottoman can conceal throw blankets, children’s toys, pillows, and so much more all within its chic faux leather exterior. At 11.8 inches high, it sits at the perfect height for you to elevate your legs while lounging on the couch and can double as functional seating, since it holds up to 250 pounds on top.


Line Up All Your Favorites In This Bamboo Tea Organizer Box

This tea organizer makes it possible to actually keep all of your flavors in order. The airtight bamboo box will dress up your cabinets or counter and make it easy to instantly find what you’re looking for. Use the eight adjustable compartments to separate flavors and the bottom pull-out drawer to store things like sweetener packets, strainers, and infusers.


Charge Your Phone & Dim The Lights With This Sleek Lamp

The beautiful mix of linen and wood on this lamp can pull any room together with its casual elegance. Simply tap the base to switch between the three brightness levels to light up your living room or bedroom. Placing it where you sit quite often would be most convenient so you can make use of its two USB ports that can be used to charge your devices.


Clear Up Some Counter Space With This Mountable Paper Towel Holder

Why take up counter space when this paper towel holder can be mounted underneath your cabinet? The strong bamboo holder is sturdy enough to rip off a piece with one hand so you don’t have to drip all over the counter and make a mess that’s gonna have to be cleaned with yet another paper towel. All the necessary hardware is included for this stylish and functional kitchen upgrade.