25 Clever Things That Keep Your Cat From Acting Like A Jerk

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25 Clever Things That Keep Your Cat From Acting Like A Dick

Believe me, it’s not just your cat who’s kind of a jerk. As cute as they are, nearly every one of the furry cuties can have a bad attitude from time to time. Sure, they rub up against your leg in a way that makes you want a million more snuggles, but then just a minute later they’ll be on the kitchen counter knocking down the dish soap.

To keep your feline friends more sweet than sour, I’ve compiled a list of genius items that can be found on Amazon and easily implemented into your daily life.

Scratching is by far the biggest problem with these sly creatures. Keep in mind, however, it’s not just your couches that can be affected. For that, you can grab some of these furniture protector pads and call it a day. But you also have to protect yourself. While you may not mind the unintentional scratches your little buddy sometimes gifts you, it’s still useful to cover their paws with these nail caps to prevent incidents.

If the trouble mainly happens when you’re not home, pick up a motion-activated toy to keep them entertained or a calming collar to help with any anxiety.

With all these remedies, you may even want to surprise your cat with a nice treat after witnessing their new and improved behavior.


These Grooming Gloves That Gently De-Shed As You Pet Your Cat

Believe it or not, grooming your feline friend doesn’t have to be a fight. The gentle rubber bristles on these grooming gloves make de-shedding a breeze. Remove deep knots and loose hair or bathe and massage your pet by quickly slipping on the pair and securing the wrist straps. They’ll be left with sleek and shiny fur — and all you have to do is pet them.


These Stainless Steel Food Bowls With A Nonslip Mat That Catches Spills

Pets are as cute as babies, as cuddly as babies, and, let’s face it, as messy as babies. To avoid crumbs and spilled water from ending up on your floor, grab this mess-proof food bowl set. The raised edges on the silicone mat catch any stray food or water so your little friend’s lunch stays where it should. The two easy-to-clean stainless steel bowls will resist rust as they sit comfortably atop the mat’s non-slip bottom.


This Cat Cave Made Of Warm Natural Wool

Keep your kitty warm in the winter and cool in the summer with this uniquely shaped cat cave made of natural wool. The soft hand-crafted material will keep them feeling cozy and protected. The opening is about 20 inches wide and 9 inches high, making it an ideal hideaway for both tiny kittens and bigger cats. If they’re not too fond of sitting inside anything, collapse the cave into a bed that they can lay on top of.


A Plush Toy That Heats Up To Help Ease Anxiety

After throwing this cat pillow into the microwave for just 30 seconds, you’ll have a heated toy that’s great for your kitty to cuddle up with. Whether your cat experiences separation anxiety, stress, or troubled sleeping, the warm sensation from this snuggly pillow will be sure to help ease their worries away.


These Cat Scratchers That Let Your Kitty Groom Themselves

Turn any corner into a grooming station with this two-pack of wall cat scratchers. Use the adhesive tape to attach the pads to any wall corner or a table leg. The soft plastic bristles will massage and groom your cat’s neck and chin, all while combing their hair. Wherever you place it will quickly become your cat’s favorite spot in the house.


A Perch That Safely Gives Your Cat A Seat On Any Window

Create a cozy bed with the best view with this window perch for your cat. The strong suction cups and stainless steel wires work together to suspend up to 40 pounds in the air, so even your bigger furry friend can reap the benefits. The platform has flannel pads that’ll keep them comfy while soaking up the sun.


A Whack-A-Whole Toy That Has A Built-In Motion Sensor

Let your cat have fun all on their own (and without making a mess) with this sensor-activated toy. Any time they walk by, the whack-a-mole-like toy will turn on and begin randomly revealing feathers out of seven different holes. Instantly, your cat’s hunting skills will come out to play and their boredom will be long gone.


These Furniture Protector Guards That Keep Your Couch Safe From Scratches

Your cat can’t be stopped from scratching, but the scratches can be stopped from destroying surface in your home. These adhesive furniture protector pads can be attached to various fabrics and materials (including polyester, cotton, and acrylic) to keep your couch and chairs scratch-free. The transparent pieces can be cut to be the exact shape and size you need so that they seamlessly blend in and are undetectable. The best part? Your cat won’t have a clue.


A Hands-Free Carrier That Can Hold Up To 12 Pounds

This hands-free carrier makes it easy to hold up to 12 pounds of clingy cat while you go about your day. Slip the comfortable cotton over your shoulder and use the security clasp to prevent your pet from jumping out. The carrier is reversible so you can even pick the style that most matches your outfit that day.


These Nail Clippers With A Safety Guard To Avoid Over-Cutting

Trimming your cat’s nails is always a bit of a battle. To get the job done before they have a chance to squirm away, use these ergonomic nail clippers. With a razor-sharp blade and safety guard, they make the process quick while still protecting your pet from over-cutting. There is also a nail filer conveniently hidden in one of the handles so that your cat can get the full salon experience.


This Mat That Prevents Any Food Bowl Messes From Reaching The Floor

While I can’t stop your cat from batting the water out of the bowl or having kibble fall out of their mouth, I can tell you about this non-slip mat that you can put right under their food bowls. The raised edges stop any liquid or crumbs from making their way to your clean floor. Plus, since it’s made out of silicone, it’s easy to just fold up and clean out over the garbage after a few messy meals.


A 3-Pack Of Calming Collars That Are Filled With Relaxing Essential Oils

You know your pet better than anyone else, so if you’ve noticed that they’ve become stressed or have had sparks of bad behavior, try bringing some relief with these calming collars. By releasing pheromones and soothing essential oils like lavender and chamomile, the collar can begin working within just one hour to combat fear or anxiety. The water-resistant, breakaway design allows it to be worn both indoors and outdoors for up to 30 days of results. Adjust the 15-inch length to perfectly fit your cat.


A Motion-Acitvated Laser Toy That Is USB Rechargable

To keep your little furball entertained while you’re busy working or away, position this motion-activated laser toy in a spot where they’re sure to pass by. Its sensors can reach up to 160 inches so that when your cat is near it’ll begin shooting out fun lasers for 15 minutes of playtime. Charge it for just over two hours for three days of play and set it to either slow or fast mode to best suit your pet.


A Water Fountain With An Adjustable Flow To Encourage Your Cat To Drink

Encourage your cat to get a healthy amount of hydration with this stainless steel water fountain. Fill the BPA-free bowl through its carbon filter to remove impurities and have clean water flowing all day. The quiet motor won’t bother you but will catch your pet’s attention and lead them to drink more which can help prevent urinary and kidney diseases. The stainless steel construction is also suitable for cats with sensitive skin, unlike cheaper, plastic water fountains, and it’s dishwasher-safe.


This Litter Trapper Mat With A Waterproof Layer For Any Bathroom Mishaps

This litter trapper mat is a necessity for any cat owner. Place the mat underneath or beside your cat’s litter box to stop any litter or urine from reaching your floor. The mess will fall through the large holes and onto the waterproof layer where you can place a puppy pad for cats who are prone to accidents. This mat is easy to clean — just dump the litter back into the box or into the trash, and then wash with soap and water.


A Scratching Board Made Of 100% Recycle Cardboard

With a look and feel that mimics tree bark, you may never have guessed that this scratching board was made of 100% recycled cardboard. So while your cat will have something strong and durable to scratch on and lay on, you can rest assured that what they’re slowly destroying is environmentally-friendly and can be used again. The reversible design offers double the fun with that tough exterior covering both sides.


These Salmon Flavored Treats That Hide Pills

Giving your cat a pill can be, well, a pain in the butt. These handy cat treats are made without artificial flavors, preservatives, or fillers, but they are made with a handy moldable pocket in which you can hide their medicine. The tasty salmon flavor will have your cat begging for these treats even when it isn’t pill time.


A 3-Pack Of Catnip Toys That Have A 4.8-Star Rating

Make playtime a bit more fun and healthy with this organic catnip toy. These bright bananas are filled with a leaf and flower-top blend that is much more potent than others that may be filled with cotton and unfiltered catnip. Some reviewers reported each banana lasting them a year so with this pack of three, you shouldn’t have to restock for quite some time.


These Nail Caps That Can Help Prevent Cat Scratches

You’re not the only one that can get your nails done up in fun colors. While these nail caps may seem like just a way to give your cat a cute manicure, their real purpose is much more important. By gently covering your pet’s nails, the caps can prevent injuries from cat scratches so that you can play with your little friend without having to worry. The comfortable caps are completely safe to use and won’t interrupt your cat’s natural behaviors.


This Brush With Rounded Bristles & A Comfort Grip For Gentle Grooming

The bristles on this pet brush have a rounded end, which ensure a comfortable, soothing grooming session for your pet while the non-slip grip of the handle and thumb rest makes it comfortable for you as well. Brush away to remove loose fur and dust, all the way down to the undercoat, or use it as a massage tool to relax your cat and stimulate blood flow for a more shiny coat.


A Fish Toy That Flops When Your Cat Comes Nearby

This motion-activated fish toy will really bring out the hunter in even the sweetest kitty. The built-in motion detector is triggered when your pet is near, causing the realistic-looking fish to flop and wiggle around. Though this toy is soft and cuddly on the outside, it comes with a rechargeable USB battery pack, so this flopping fish will last a long, long time.


A Hooded Litter Box That’s Made Of Odor & Stain Resistant Plastic

The air filter on the hood of this covered litter box absorbs odors while the high-polished finish of the plastic also repels odors and stains. The lid also features a two-way swinging down to prevent smells from getting trapped and to allow your cat to come out on their own, all without kicking litter out of their box and making a big mess.


A Fish-Shaped Feeding Mat That Can Improve Your Cat’s Dental Health

Whether it’s a tasty treat like some tuna or their everyday cat food, placing your cat’s dinner on this feeding mat can make meal time slower and more engaging. The ridges on the mat help mimic wild feeding and slow down the eating for a more enjoyable meal. The textured surface also helps generate saliva which can help protect their adorable little teeth and gums. The easy-to-clean mat can be used for raw, wet, and even chunky foods.


This Cat Tunnel That Can Double As A Pet Bed

The cozy and protective feeling brought on by this cat tunnel will have your pet wanting to fall into a deep sleep in the same place that they just spent hours playing. Made of two semi-circles and a center plush mattress, the tunnel can be used as one piece or broken down into a few, giving your kitty different ways to play. When not using, easily collapse and fold down for storage.


A Training Tape That Teaches Cats Not To Scratch

To save your couch, chairs, tables, dressers, and really anything else, apply some of this training tape on any surface. The double-sided roll gives your cat a small surprise that’ll turn them away from scratching in that spot again. The non-toxic material is not harmful to your pet or home.